Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 15

The Round 15 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.





  • Firs.. oh shit

    • please answer him

      • i’ll be taking you in my fantrasy football team this year marc albrighton.

        • Poor Choice, Aston Villa will get relegated this season with all their players leaving…..

          • easy early fixtures! no young….possible no downing.. albrigton to start well at low price and ill cash in!

          • Chelsea!!! all the way :)

          • ive said too much…. you better not be reading this Steve the plagiarist.

          • i’m a chelsea man too zan!

            p.s i’ll give it 2 minutes before we get the “shut up and talk about real football”

          • ELP is real football worldwide

            the first 4 games we will kill it!!!! goals from my boy Lamps (with the C) ;)

          • EPL THIS GUY!!!! :P

          • Lampard is past it. Gerrard will be a good buy this season, back to fitness and Liverpool to start winning again! ;)

          • Gerrard has a glass groin

            and your new kit ‘s all 3 of them look GAY AS

          • True that, but Chelsea’s kit isnt much better. I wont be putting Torres in my team this year! lol

          • Lampard is definelty not past it. he scored 11 goals last season while missng half of the season and playing injured half the time when he actually was playing. He gets a full seaon this year and he will rape again

        • torres has got his old fitness guy back.. and the new manager is going to tweak the formation around him…. could be rewards for the ballsy pick!!! i wouldnt pay more than 9.0

          torres hasnt really had an off season for a few years – this could be the rest he needed (hopeful chelsea fan or sense?)

  • Coad is listed as ‘test’, thought he wouldn’t play again this year, been sitting on my bench all year. Could be a handy pickup if named :)

    • Me too! Surely he wont come straight back into the seniors though, after being out so long.

  • Lobe is a must this week I would have thought – Ave 94 over two games, will go up 40k after this week
    Good cash gain for: – Ryder, Krak, Darling

  • I am Megatron ruler of all Decepticons

  • 6 Trades left and copping a nugget for Knights, Callinan, Tappscott or Cyril.

    1. Knights to Lecras
    2 Cyril to Petrie Sandi to Lobbe

    Gibbs, Enright, Goddard, Fisher, Adcock, Heppel, Shaw – Stanley, Poo, Duigan.

    Swan, Peldlebury, A Swallow, Bartel, Hodge, Boyd – Muzngu, Hibberd, Isles

    Cox, Bailey – Smith Sandi

    Johnson, Chapman, Franklin, N Voldt, Krakouer, Prestia, Knights – Tappscott, Callinan, Rioli

    Lecras home games are mostly 100+ scores so I see him as a good chioce and I am a WCE fan and go the stinky LE PHEW.

    • You must be pretty confident of winning week one of the finals with Swallow and Petrie on the pine. You have 4 Cats and if you use those three trades you’re up sh*t creek!

      • League wins!!! MEH pointless waste of time, it is all about overall points in my betting circle.

        I was gunning for the car 4 weeks ago sitting in the top 400, asal how 3 weeks under 1900 can FMDT.

        I am not going option 2, I think trade less this year and I might be able to trade for points in the last two rounds.

        • Oh ok, fair enough then. Le Cras is definitely a goer in my opinion. West Coast have a great run home!

  • whats the chances of winning a league with only 1 trade for finals