Coxy’s Big Break: Round 15 Discussion

It’s time for Dean Cox to have a rest, but it has come at a bad time for those still with Sandi. In most cases it means pull the trigger, or take a donut. Round 15 signals 10 rounds left of DT for 2011! Post in here how your team is going over this round and discuss any news from the round here.


  • Fuckk Fisher need 110 to win come onnnnn

    • Oh u were the guy with the 378 v Mitchell, Hodge and Fisher aye? Mitchell and Hodge did their part for ya but 110 aint looking likely atm froM Fisher. U will need a bit of serious junk :)

      • yeahh im playing a good mate and i really wanna win so its pretty important haha
        fish needs to get many dirty touches when the games over

  • If McEvoy and Riewoldt score 9 more than Petrie and Harvey I win

    heartbreak probably…

  • Still in the Eliminator.
    Half time. ME 148, Him Riewoldt & Rawlings.

  • 2342 with a qtr left from Goddard n voldt and fisher.
    Cmon 2400

  • What happens if you draw with your opponent in the league game? 2 points each?