DT TALK Live: Round 15

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  • Play adcock or pederson…

    • Who to play?





      Dpp Mzungu for Smith so smith plays and mzungus on pine…

  • G rating now to MA+15 for sexual acts Warnie…haha

    • I think tomorrow I will go out and buy myself a Hyundai i20. @ WTF Man – Mzungu is named in the centre and will kill it at Sub against Goldcoast IMO.

  • cheers fellas, funny sh*t as usual!

  • Piss funny send off to the non g-rated show boys…

    Warney: “Eat a di………..”

  • Just like to say, you guys are champions. Love the DT Talk Live. :)

    Makes me jealous, seeing you guys Boaging it up, whilst I am at work….I am in the wrong profession.

    Ever decide to make a trip to Adelaide, let us know. Sure you might get a good turn out to have a few drinks.

    • Also like to mention that I totally agree with Warnie. If not for bloody Neil Craig sticking people in positions they don’t suit, Knights would be smashing it up for us.

      Thanks Neil, I blame you for any demise of my DT squad.

      Though I am happy that there are a abundance of hot Crows fans, unlike Port Power…..scary going to one of their games.