Trade Talk Tuesday


It was a good, high-scoring week for most of the competition so thankfully, things are back to normal. The highest score this week was 2467, which is an awesome benchmark for the rest of us to dream/strive for. The final stages of our upgrading should be coming to an end, but there’s one thing that stands in our way – injuries. Sandilands is a big one (pardon the pun) that got injured again this week (the weak-arse piece of shit) which is devastating news for those that kept him. When one of your guns cops and LTI, try to do a straight swap. This saves you a trade and it’s a quick fix. At this stage of the season a long term injury is arguably as low as 2 weeks if the player has not completed their bye.

This week, I’ll keep it simple. 3 players you want to get rid of or upgrade and 3 players you want to get into your side. A lot easier for you guys. So here it is:

Get rid of/upgrade:

Nick Lower – time to upgrade him to premium, because he’s going down in price and when a rookie goes down, you don’t have much to look up to (see what I did there?)

Chris Knights – I, as many, thought this guy would be a keeper, but if you actually look at his scores (especially the past 5 weeks) he’s mostly getting unsatisfactory 60’s and 70’s. I can’t really see him scoring the required 90+ average to hold his spot on the ground, unless he is moved to a more permanent role in the midfield (like the last quarter vs Geelong, thank the DT Gods). Probably wait a week, but otherwise, get rid of him.

Jack Riewoldt – Doing shit, hang your head in shame if you have him and fix it ASAP.

Get in:

Liam Shiels – Before the season, I hardly knew who this guy was or his premium scoring potential. Now he’s ranked 4th overall in the competition. He has had an unbelievable season and despite this, is not a member of many teams. It just goes to show that the best DT players aren’t always the All Australians EG Alan Didak and Nick Riewoldt the losers.

Jack Redden – Please see above (exact same description and is a tackling machine).

Colin Sylvia – Melbourne’s best player is one of the most underpriced premiums in the game. He’s averaging 92, and at $316,000 he should be a very popular pick in the next few weeks. Make sure you check your list carefully as he is a member of the next multi bye.

OK guys, that’s it for this week. P.S For all those who traded Swan, unlucky.


  • hey guys this is my team with 3 trades to go and 80k in the bank.

    Gibbs, Delidio, Enright, Shaw, Heppel, Lower, Puopolo……….. A.Johnson, Mcgovern, Webster

    Ablett, Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Murphey, Mzungo………. Jacobs, Weller, Mullet

    Goldy, Bailey…….. Sandilands, Mcauley

    Fyfe, O’Keefe, Goodes, Franklin, Petrie, Watts, Howe………. Dixon, Richo, VonB

    should i keep sandi or do the trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also what are your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey all my team name is SouthBeachTalents.
    Sitting 3rd in my league with the best percentage by 8% and currently 2266.
    I have 5 trades and $138,900 left.

    Backs: Gibbs, Lidio, Enright, Goddard, Heppell, Lower, Puopolo (Adcock, Duigan, Toy)
    Mids: Swan, Boyd, Ablett, Thompson, Dal Santo, Hodge (Didak, Hibberd, Gu)
    Rucks: Cox, Sandi (Smith, McCulloch)
    Fwds: Fyfe, Pav, Franklin, Goodes, Petrie, Sylvia, I Smith (Howe, Lynch, Knights)

    This week going to go sandi to lobbe, toy to fisher.
    Then in the coming weeks drop knights for callinan after his 2nd game and add to more premos probs both in backline i.e. shaw and suckling closer to finals if not in the finals. Going for a league win but also likes a high overall ranking.

    • Leaving you with exactly 0 trades?

      Hmmm do you have a name for this compelling strategy?

    • Yeah you’ll ne sweet. The extra 4 trades you’ll get for finishing inside the top 4 will cover any LTIs you may have.

      • *post flagged for nonsense*

        • What! That’s not true! haha lol jokes. having 0 trades left isn’t a good idea

          • Controversial theorem there

          • The 2 trades for suckling and shaw i was talking about will most likely be finals. My run home from here is the easiest in my league my defense is easily my weakest field and having fisher there and adcock when he gets back will help heaps and i will probs upgrade to 2 premo guns during finals. Im more asking about sandi to lobbe and toy to fisher and knights to callinan in 2 weeks?

          • Quick question, What’s your name?

          • Not funny SH

  • is sandi to lobbe, then darling to petrie too crazy a trade if it leaves me with 5 trades and completes my fwd line? going for a league win

    • Frankly, I think it’s not quite crazy enough.

      • Youre in good form tonight albert. Did you say earlier that you have been sick today or was that someone else?

        • I would officially like to congratulate “Motto” for mastering the use of the reply button. Well done!

          • Girls want skills

          • Thanks SlightHawk (cool name and symbol), I have learnt something useful tonight and any time you learn something useful it is a good thing. You probably have no idea how long it used to take me to set up my dream team using dial up. Did not have any other option until last year. Yes I live in the sticks!

        • nah mate wassen me

          why does you ask?

          • Someone was commenting heeps earlier who saif they had nothing else to do as had been ill all day. Comments seemed to have similar sound. Just thinking if it was the same person they have been bashing the keyboard for a long time.

          • Yeah my boss is away this week :s

    • Not if the rest of your team is solid and you have bench mpp cover for the rest of the season and not too many players with byes in the finals.

  • Im trying to find out a way of bringing in ablett in the mids……

    any strategy on how to obtain him????

    Gibbs, Carrazzo, Otten, Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Pederson (Jacobs,Puopolo,Andreoli)
    Boyd, Pendlebury, Montagna, Foley, Hodge, Swan. (Bewick,Hibberd,Irons)
    Leuenberger, Petrie. (Smith,Derickx)
    Fyfe, Franklin, Sylvia, OKeefe, Goodes, Pavlich, Riewoldt. (Prestia,Smith,Harper)
    7 trades left – $83100 cash left.

    • Someone down to Callinan then Foley up up up to GAJ

      Would say Irons but I think he’s only worth about 2 cents

    • Personally I would trade up montagna or foley but not this week. Would look to consolidate your backline first. Do you have to trade this week? Hold off man.

      • yes i dont trade till end of week……… my back is weaker than the rest…. but alot of the bcak dont intrest me… i stuffed up last week trading out scotland to swan(should of kept him for a few more weeks, and scotland gave me the option to use DPP…… now I dont…….

    • Nathan or Gary?

    • I got Sammy in 2 weeks ago and he was heaps cheaper than Gaz then (not sure the diff now) but point is in those 2 weeks I’ve had him he’s outscored Gazz. Its like the selwood hype a while back. there were cheaper guns all around firing just as many bullets. Consider Sammy IMO

  • looking for league wins and my back line is as follows when at full strength

    DEF: gibbs, suckling, delidio
    goddard, adcock, heppel lower

    and i have pretty good bench cover with otten, poppy and hibberd

    bringin in fish this week for poppy and the week after not sure whether to go birchall or scotland?

    what do you guys think with about $200k in the bank for next week

    • Do you have that 200K in some sort of high interest savings account or just everyday account?

      Make your money work FOR you, not against you.

  • Ok…. so maybe I’ve missed something. People can pull the piss out of me for asking if they want.

    Whats this talk of an extra 4 trades if you make the Top 4?

    I do find it a bit hard to believe, cant see why we would get more then the 24 already given.

    If this is supposedly true where is the link from Virtualsports or even the DT Talk boys to verify.

    Cheers… Take the piss all you want…

  • Albert,
    not sure I got your comment re: Richie Vandenberg earlier. Wasnt he from the eighties and spent more time suspended that actually playing. From memeory he was one of the squirrell grippers.

  • SlightHawk needs to try and be funny to make up for the things that he is lacking. Such as teeth.

    (Collingwood supporter joke. I’ve made 126 of those)

  • Cam Richardson played last week. Only know this b/c he has been accumulating cobwebs on my bench most of the year then suddenly produces a score. Obviously did not look at the teams very closely, did I.
    Is he a likely repeat offender this week? Why hasn’t he been getting a gig as he has been killing it in the VFL from all reports.

    • Because Drew Petrie has been holding down 22 spots in the side, isn’t much room for anyone else.

      • Good call. He is one big gun. Had him in my ruck last year. I was not a happy camper.
        His contested marking is supreme. Thought Dick was more of a half forward flanker though.
        Not that positions seems to exist any more.

  • On trading, I have both Bartel and Montagna and strongly feel both will continue to spud it up for the rest of the year, but I dont have enough trades to do anything about it.

    I wouldn’t blame people for upgrading either of these two if they had heaps of trades left.

    I learnt a lesson last years premos don not equal this years premos all the time, eg. bartel, monty, goddard, voldt etc.

    • I have Monty and I’m not worried, he’ll come good. Bartel will be back this week and as long as he doesn’t play forward he’ll be fine.

      • Yeah with selwood out he should hopefully get more midfield time too :)

      • Maybe, I’ve watched just about every game live on dtstats and they have huge quiet patches, especially Bartel, strong 1st quarters and 4th quarters. His low scores came when his 4th quarters were also quiet.

        • This is true, we will have to wait and see. I hoped the concussion knocked some big DT scoring sense into him (i mean that in the nicest way possible).

        • They keep moving him around the ground that’s the problem. They need to let him do his own thing.

          • Definately, its just that I reckon its wishful thinking if they have lost their mojo for 14/24 rounds or is it 22, and hoping it comes back for the last 10 seems a bit ify?

          • It is but I’m not trading Monty now unless he gets injured for 3+ weeks

          • What about suspended for 3+ weeks?

            Tempted to keep him then?

    • +1. I am stuck in the 2000’s and can’t get my head around the fact that last decades studs are this decades spuds.

  • Righto, going to bed as can’t handle work without at least 7 hours sleep.
    Thanks Slighthawk for teaching me how to reply – fucking obvious now I know.
    Albert is an encylcopaedia (not sure about my spelling).
    And sully called it as it was.
    Hope you all crank out a 2200+ this weekend.

  • halp i dropped my ipod tuch on da concret at my house. the srceen cracked how do i fix it? plz help asap. shuld i ‘trade’ it out 4 a nuu 1?
    plz o plz answer me it is a relevant q.


    fritsyy where are you? are you friends with dilmah?

    • Please?




    • Fritzy bashing was a classic.

      Come at me Fritzy.

      • Bloody Joseph Fritzl the dirty, dirty man.

      • Fritsyy = god. He OWNS the 126th spot on dreamteam. NEVER mess with fritsyy. (unless your ronaldo)

        • How come I don’t get this joke :(

          • on a Friday night and you’ll know.

          • I’ve been there once or twice, didn’t like it.

            I prefer to hang out at the Cambridge University of live DT scoring sites ie Fanfooty

          • Are you one of those people that ask m0nty to give a player the ‘spud’ or the ‘seagull’ icon like their lives depend on it?
            Also do you get very distressed if m0nty gave a player the X factor that you don’t believe he should’ve?

          • Nah I don’t actually have an account thing there. But I love the scoring and icon player descriptions etc

            And when people get shitty that Sylvia is hacking it up again.

            OH wait, that’s me now too :(

        • Tactic No. 126. Have 4 Premo rucks. Brought to you by none other then “Frtisyyy”

  • Aiming for league win. Trade in Suckling or FIsher?

  • hey guyz can u plz answer the q 2 above?

  • cum to dream-stats instead of fanfooty. youll make sum friends like fritzyy and ronaldo. Ignore their threats like “come at me”

  • Hey slight you sound pretty desperate for cash, according to your twitter(asking barak obama is a little weird).
    i will vote for toilet if you say “brisbane, owning collingwood since 2002”.

  • Alright I’m doing these trades this week

    Selwood to Boyd (playing top ranked team this week really need him)

    Lower to Broughton


    • wtf are you doing. going back on topic?? looks like the system wins again FML

      • Yeah sorry I de-railed the de-railment.

        But please answer me

        • Boyd, yes. Broughten, hmmm 50/50. As long as Silvagni doesn’t get injured, should slut it up gigitty

          • Cheers mate.

            Also, do you know how quickly the system updates to reflect trades in other teams?

            I’m damn sure it’s not instantaneous and would love to know how much lag there really is.

          • lag = 6.022E23 giga hurts.

          • Thanks jerk

  • Hey guys, I have 5 trades left and 23k in the bank.

    my team is as follows:

    DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Heppel, Lower, Adcock, Puopolo (Nicholson, Duigan, B. Smith)

    MID: Boyd, Pendles, Redden, Judd, Mitchell, Swan (Prestia, Jacobs, Wallis)

    RUC: Sandi, Cox (Smith, Gawn)

    FWD: Fyfe, Pavlich, Sylvia, Franklin, Riewoldt, Chapman, Knights (I.Smith, Mzungu, Matera)

    should I trade Sandi > Lobbe then B.Smith > Suckling and hold my last 3 trades or just go Sandi > Goldstein and hold my last 4 trades?

  • Option 1.
    As Adidas’ punchline once said; “just do it”

  • Fyfe or O’Keefe for the final spot in my foward line?

  • i wonder if Justin Sherman will be cheaper in dt next year. After all it was a ‘cheap’ shot on that young gold coastian.
    Just give SlightHawk a tweet if you want more lame jokes.

  • hey everyone, out of these options which would you prefer?

    option 1 (3 trades remaining and 60k in the bank):
    goddard, gibbs, delidio, shaw, adcock, fisher, scotland (hibberd, golby, puopolo)
    swan, pendles, ablett, boyd, bartel, redden (jacobs, mzungu, i.smith)
    cox, mcevoy (j.tipp, mccauley)
    chappy, buddy, fyfe, n.voldt, goodes, petrie, sylvia (didak, prestia, howe)

    option 2 (2 trades remaining and 10k in the bank):
    goddard, gibbs, delidio, shaw, adcock, fisher, scotland (hibberd, golby, puopolo)
    swan, pendles, ablett, boyd, griffen, redden (jacobs, mzungu, i.smith)
    cox, mcevoy (j.tipp, mccauley)
    chappy, buddy, fyfe, n.voldt, goodes, petrie, sylvia (didak, prestia, howe)

    *the only difference (beside the trade number and cash in hand) is that bartel is in option 1 and griffen is in option 2

    cheers guys :D

    • griffen, his been more consistent no injuries either also if you make finals geelong have bye

      id wait to make the trade though, griffen has a be of 160 something and could face a tag this week vs melb, he will go down by 20 odd thousand.

    • i’d wait a week or two because bartel’s B/E is something like 190 and griffen’s is pretty high too so when they hit their lowest price then get the one who is doing better at the time.

  • `Which one of these options does everyone prefer –

    Goldstein & S.Thompson


    Mcevoy & R.Griffen


    S.Jacobs & Ablett


  • ANy ideas where I can improve this team
    cap – 11,200
    trades left – 9

    Defenders – Goddard, deledio, shaw, gibbs, heppell, puopolo, jacobs, lower, stanley

    mids – boyd, swan, griffen, murphy, ablett, stanton, foley, d swallow, kerr

    ruck – cox, smith, browne, tippet (gc one)

    forwards – franklin, pav, rioli, l davis, krakouer, zaharakis, chapman, howe, mzungu, k harper

    Thinking of rioli to sylvia (depending on this injury). Mid field cant be improved much imo, defence needs some work.

    • definately need to free some cash and upgrade in your backline is all i can say. plus your missing one name from your backmen.

  • thinking of going atley-callinan then bartel-rockliff and next week (after heath shaw goes down in price) duigan-shaw. thoughts on that? or should i be getting someone like scully or silvia? and birchall or suckling in the backline?

    • theres no need to trade out bartel, hell be right to go this week i believe.

      • keep him until final bye then? then i could easily go: atley-callinan this week and duigan-deledio and adcock-shaw next week. just wondering if adcock is out until round 17 now then it is best to get rid of him next week? (doing those trades next week is better because both deledio and shaw’s B/E is 120+)

  • Someone has probably said this already but in the section about Gawn, Miller isn’t sharing the ruck load, Martin is. Miller doesn’t even play at Melbourne any more, he plays at Richmond.

  • sorry, I thought I was on the “a line in the sandi” article, wrong spot.

  • Hey guys looking for some advice and thoughts.

    My strongest team is as follows with 6 trades left and 116k in the bank:
    Def: Gibbs, Deledio, Shaw, Adcock, Goddard, Broughton, Lower (Hibberd, Jacobs, Golby)
    Mid: Pendles, Boyd, Swan, Dal Santo, Bartel, Hodge (Mzungu, Prestia, Callinan)
    Ruck: Cox, Petrie (Smith, Derickx)
    Forward: Johnson, Chapman, Buddy, Fyfe, Sylvia, Goodes, Didak (I.Smith, Richardson, J.Tipp)

    Have been reluctant to trade Didak for a while now as I got him in when he was 380 but am thinking that now the time may have come as I’m not sure if even when he returns he can start performing like the premium he supposedly was. So I am thinking of one of two options which leave me with what I think is a pretty good team and 4 trades for LTI’s or whatever.

    Option 1:
    (This leaves Didak as a 7th mid/8th fwd and Lower 8th back.

    Option 2:
    (This also restores my def/mid dpp and leaves Lower, Mzungu, I.Smith as cover)

    Do people think I should do one of these options or is there something better I should do??

    • Smith-Mcevoy over Goldstein for the bye and for the fact that Mcintosh will be back in the next 2 weeks. Hibberd-Gram is a decent trade too, obviously there are better backs but if it works into what money you have then Gram is good enough for a 7th back that will also allow you to keep ya dpp.

  • Hey guys just need some help with trades this week. currently have 12 trades with 215 400.

    Im able to do a double upgrade so im thinking

    Stanley – Suckling/Birchall
    Krakoeur – Fyfe/Pavlich

    This would complete my team and leave me with 10 trades for the rest of the season.

    • Sounds good to me, out of suckling/birchall id go Birchall for uniqueness and fyfe/Pavlich id go Fyfe

      • I was thinking the same as i’d like to go unique with birchall. Just worried with fyfes body comin into the latter end of the season. Cheers mate

        • yeah, Pav should outscore Fyfe by the end of the season.

          29>19yo durability

  • thinking of getting in suckling or h shaw.
    suckling will keep going up so if i get him i will do it this week even with the hawks bye coming up.
    should i trade hibberd or puoploooouuooulo??
    hibberd has the bye in finals but i rekn he has a higher scoring chance.
    what do u rekn??

    • the way suckling is going you’d have to chose him. and as for hibberd and puopolo, well who knows how puopolo is going to go in a team that racks up the ball big time! and hibberd is dpp so that’s kind of a 50/50.

  • hey guys,

    already goin Watson – Mitchell this week but with only 4 trades left i have decisions to be made regarding sandi.

    Team looks like

    Gibbs Deledio Goddard Suckling Shaw Adcock Heppell ( Puopolo, Jacobs, Toy)

    Swan Pendles Boyd Gazza Redden {Mitchell} ( Hibberd, Mzungu, Didak)

    Sandi Zmith ( Cox JTippett )

    Sylvia Chappy Buddy NVoldt Goodes Knights ISmith ( Darling Richo Callinan)

    fwd line needs some work but need to get rid of sandi. less than 5K left after watson trade and am thinking of going Goldstein/Mcevoy. leaning towards Mcevoy but would this be the right move/any other options.

    Thanks :)

  • Hey Guys,

    Long time viewer, first time poster.

    I’m looking at picking up another premium defender (7 trades, 350k in bank):
    Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Enright, Heppell, Adcock, Stanley, Poo, Jacobs, Toy (useless space…)

    I was thinking about a few options:
    – Scotland: Clearly in best form, but has a bye with Gibbs in finals (though I could probably cover it well)
    – Fisher: No byes, but is he worth it?
    – Hawthorn player: They are DT possession pimps at the moment, but which would be your picks?

    My other issues, is I still have Smith, Cox and Sandi as my rucks, so need to replace sandi this week. thoughts?