Mmmm… donuts: Round 13 Discussion

Here it is… Carnage Round, or the round where some coaches are eating multiple donuts. With the midfield without Swanny and Pendles because of the bye, coaches are scrambling to find replacements for Mundy, Selwood and Swallow. Add to this Zac Smith and Jed Adcock and we have issues. How are you shaping for Unlucky Rd 13?

Enjoy this Hitler video from Adzman…

There will be more Hitler’s to come… watch this space!!


  • The last few weeks has put question marks over players I thought to be keepers for last spot on their line for the season – Heppel, Knights, Swallow and maybe even Darling….can most prob throw Nick Riewoldt and Adcock into that mix now also. Tough decisions on who to keep and who to punt which will make a big difference to how one goes for the rest of the year.
    Pretty obvious point really but it is Sunday morning I have a Karmichael Hunt of a hangover and that is all I have to give.

  • Cracking 2000 easily and back in the top 500 for sure! The true great champ of this game is tearing his way to his Toyota!

  • Im on 1163m with Gibbs, Broughton, Judd, Hartlett, Cox, Fyfe, Goodes, Darling, A.Johnson to go
    What score do you think i’ll get ?

  • 1472 from 17. Shiels as C with 228 has helped.

    Like most others, Knights, Heppell and Goddard have stunk and had to play Prestia too who got a mighty 28 from a full game.

    Please don’t have Gibbs tag Goodes again like earlier in the season. that would just top off a crap round.

    • Could be worse – you could have paid for a premo (though not sure N Roo is in that category this year) who pumped out one extra price! Thankgod I refrained earlier in the year!

  • 1345 with 6 left to play, fairly pleased seeing as Knights, Riewoldt and captain Boyd let me down.

    Next week going Knights to Pavlich, Chappy or Didak and then I’ll have 5 trades for LTI’s :)

  • 1181 after 15.

    1. Boyd captain shocking score of 70
    2. Bartel going down and getting 2
    3. Nick Riewoldt disgusting performance of 29

  • Well another below par performance!

    1390/14 (captain played).

    Knights, Goddard, Lids and Boyd all letting me down! Thankgod I went Mitch as Captain. And special thanks to GAJ and also Chappy for junking it up in the last Q.

  • murph has a high chance of not getting 100 today, playing stingy sydney after all

  • gibbs will tag goodes. i have both, so that should mean about 120 between them, should secure me an 1800 score this week

  • 1246/14 with Boyd as captain. Not as bad as some, but 2,000 looks a long way off.

  • I know most of you, or maybe some of you, would have been sick of me banging on about I Smith when he comes back but if his light frame holds up he is going to be a star for the rest of this season!

    I have his 99 sitting on the bench collecting dust, while Knights (20), JVoldt (71) and NVoldt (29) embarrassing me on the field. Nick hasn’t been the same since he did his hammy, not sure what to do with the three of them – actually, Chappy in the mids covering Swan will come in, then Knights is gone for Sylvia and one of the Voldts will have a spell on the bench for Smith I’m thinking….

    Also, anyone else getting smashed in the defence? Lids, BJ, Hepp, Adcock, Enright, all playing below what they should be. I guess Hepp is first year so can cut slack, but the rest of them are really killing me of late!

    • Deledio has a 5 round average or 95 and a 3 round average of 98, not exactly killing you mate.

  • Duck eggs for Mzungu in the first term…

  • 5 players combining for 79 points. This will be the end of me.

  • So I guess Gibbs is tagging O’Keefe.

  • that’s right goodesy – you kicked the first goal so now you can just sit back and do JACK SHIT for the rest of the day… hey why don’t you even give away a couple of free kicks so that you can make your score go negative…. FMDT!!!

    • What the hell is he doing?

      I’ve avoided most of the carnage this round, but didn’t need him to spud it up.

  • Go Howe!

    I was a bit pissed I got him over Smith after he got 99 yesterday….but Howe is flying at 92.

    Goodes and Sylvia failing will cost me the 2k score, but I think it’ll be a solid score this week all the same.

    • If your on track for 2 k your killing it I think 1800 will be par this week unless you were lucky enough to miss the dodge the land mines and hit the gold mines..

      • 2k is probably not happening. I’ll need about 200 from Cox, Darling and Jacobs…..doubtful.

        • esp when Jacobs is the sub

          • gotta be F$%King kidding me.

            Got the ‘Gu’s 74 sitting on the bench which would have assured it.

            Can only hope one of the power players gets a headache in the first quarter :)

  • Worst week of DT to date, currently on 1728 with Coxy and Jacobs (Bloody sub) to play

  • Need 114 from Cox to get 1800……..when does 2012 start?

  • 1848 with cox to play, need him to score less than 138 to win my league match (opponent has him as captain)
    Looking at around 1950 which seems alright seeing how the rest of this round has gone

  • Anyone else got Howe and Smith on the bench?

  • 1830 with Cox and Darling…..decent score this week?

    • Same here (but I have Jacobs sitting around with a vest on too).

      I’d love 2k…..

  • the Kings of Leon to take out highest round score, well a decent effort anyway. nice work

  • Far out, what is par this week. I’m on 1669 with Cox left at qtr time in Eagles match, I will struggle for 1750. My worst score by 200 this season. I am ranked at 2518 at the moment, I will probably fall out of top 5000.

    Goddard, Heppell, Bartel, Riewoldt, Knights, Johnson and a ruck zero the list goes on and on, while I have 80, 90 and 99 on my bench from Hibberd, Nicholson and Smith.

    One good thing I am hoping for is for Kreuzer to be available as a RUC/FWD next year.

    • Boyd as captain was the worst ever. 140 from him when everyone who chose Ablett are rewarded with a juicy 270

      • Why are you replying to yourself?

        And someone on here earlier had Bartel as captain….so no, Boyd as captain wasn’t the ‘worst ever’ at all.

    • I broke the 2k for the first time this year, and you’ll never guess who my captain was…. sam isles!!! when i put pendles on the bench for sam he got captaincy, and i forgot to change it before the round started.. but still cracked 2k!

  • My league opponent needs 124 from Darling to roll me.

    Tell me it can’t happen…

  • need cox to score less than 113 to win my eliminator. one can only hope.

  • 2 of 4 leagues in the bag. One I need Darling to score 27 in the 2nd half, for a total of 72, the other i need Cox to score 38 in the second half, to finish on 84.

    Should have all 4 in the bag, and will probably finish on 1850 or so.

    Terrible scored, but 4 league wins, so I’ll take it.

    • you may be in a bit of trouble with darling subbed. will now need 60+ from cox

  • Darling subbed….good weekend to trade him out for Howe..

  • Darling Subbed…Benching him for Howe next week :P

  • Anyone know the chance of Bartel been OK for next week?

    • He’ll be fine. He got knocked out so they had to sub him to be safe. Play next week for sure………I think:)

      • good to hear….pity he couldnt get his knock late in the 4th quarter once he had some points under his belt

  • 1956, Cox and Jacobs still in play.

    bummer the 2k isn’t going to happen, but hopefully a better-than-par score.

  • any more points from cox and i lose…

  • Need 11 points from Embley and Cox in the last 11 minutes to score 2100. Surely they will get me there. Everyone can thank me for Gibbs 127 I put him on the pine this week to teach him a lesson looks like he beat me!

  • 2071, happy with that.