Chook’s Rooks – Round 12

My family, footy team and Dream Team all ran into a bit of trouble in Melbourne this week. Like Roy, Warnie and Calvin, the kids, the missus and I are stranded in Melbourne after coming over for the Queen’s Birthday clash at the G. My Dees were demoralisingly smashed in that game, of course, and my Dream Team – Merv Gray Autos – suffered a smiliar fate in most of my leagues, including a particularly hard-to-swallow loss to m0nty in the DT Talk All-Stars league.

In hard times like these, I like to turn to my favourite punk-rock singer, Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath, and his words of solace: “Help Is On The Way“. For my family, that’s coming in the form of a flight by an airline prepared to fly below the Chilean ash cloud. For the Dees, that’ll be the return of Mark Jamar. And for the Autos, with a midfield “boasting” Joel Selwood, Dane Swan, Scott Pendlebury, Sam Mitchell, Scott Thompson and Matty Boyd, the help on the way is likely to be a fellow Tasmanian in the form of dual-position midfield-forward Ian Callinan. (Finally he gets to the bit that’s rookie-related!)

The introduction this year of a new AFL team, byes, four extra trades and three more bench spots has seen me break all sorts of tried-and-true DT rules, including picking mid-pricers, trading keepers and bringing in rookies after their first price rise. Despite the fact that I’ve paid dearly for each of those decisions, I’m considering going against another Golden Rule of DT this week (depending on the what happens to some of my fringe players at the selection table tomorrow afternoon), and bringing in a player before he’s even played a game at AFL level, let alone two. Callinan looks to be at least another couple of weeks away from a debut game with the Adelaide Crows after his encouraging return from a bicep injury through the SANFL on the weekend. It’s a huge risk, as a couple of less-than-scintilating performances could well mean that Callinan misses out on AFL action this year altogether (Those who know the Rise Against song well will be aware that, in the end, the help never came). However, a bargain-basement price, dual-positioning and the likelihood of games down the track in a team whose season is cooked is a pretty tempting cocktail.

Anyway, my lap-top filled with relevant rookie stats is a large body of water away, so I’ll skip the three-or-more gamers and the one gamers this week and just highlight the all-important two gamers before asking for your mid-season review of rookies. Get involved.

Two gamers

While the Pies-Dees game was a bit of a write-off from a Melbourne supporter’s point of view, it did give me the chance to get a good look at some of the young Red And Blue coming through. Forward Jerermy Howe was one of very few Demons having a real crack on Monday, working hard across half-forward to give his midfielders a marking option. A score of 75 from a forward in a well-beaten side was a good result and, after his first-up 86 against Essendon, I’d be backing Howe to continue to produce scores around the 60-70 mark with some consistency, given his endeavour. The other Demon playing his second game was Max Gawn, a 207cm ruckman who was never really in DT consideration, but even less so with Mark Jamar set to return this week or next. Melbourne defender James Strauss is not technically on the bubble, having played twice last season, but he’s on the verge of his first price rise this year. I’d steer clear, given his lack of job security and high price. A defender worth considering could be Carlton’s Zach Tuohy, who played well and scored well in the Blues’ big win against Brisbane. The problem was, just about everyone in dark blue was in the same boat on Saturday, making Tuohy’s 75-point performance less remarkable. Given the improved depth at Carlton this year, I’d be concerned about his js, too. I could bang on about St Kilda’s Tom-Toms (Ledger and Simpkin) and while they were good, they once again shared the substitutes vests in a worrying trend. Essendon’s Alex Browne is a risk for the same reason – he copped the green vest for the second consecutive week (scoring just 21 points in a half of footy after replacing Dustin Fletcher). As I said, I’d rather pick an $80k fwd-mid who hasn’t played yet.

Mid-Season Rookie Review

Okay, copy and paste this in the comments to let us know who your Rook-stars have been this year.

Best rookie cashcow:

Best rookie defender:

Best rookie midfielder:

Best rookie ruck:

Best rookie forward:

Any rookies who’ll be keepers:

Biggest rookie disappointment:


  • Best rookie cashcow: curnow

    Best rookie defender: heppell

    Best rookie midfielder: curnow

    Best rookie ruck: smith

    Best rookie forward: darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: smith, heppell maybe lower &stanley

    Biggest rookie disappointment: c richardson maybe t lynch

    Is sandilands to J Tippett forcing me to play darling/prestia a stupid move
    10 trades left. Will leave me with enough money to complete my team.

  • Im thinking this wk downgrading matera to howe and then upgrading lynch to stevie j. i have the money to do this, but i could go some cheaper options and save cash such as rioli, okeefe, chappy, syliva, and pavilich. Should i go all out and get stevie j or go someone cheaper?


  • Who should I get rid of to get in Howe:
    Matera or Lynch????

  • hey guys who should I upgrade knights to?
    the best players i can afford are:

  • DEF: Scotland, Gibbs, Deledio, Rawlings, Goddard, Heppell, Puopolo (Hibberd, Toy, Nicholson)
    MID: Boyd, Thompson, Bartel, Ablett, Goodes, Mzungu (Swan, Pendles, Jacobs)
    RUC: Cox, Smith (Sandi, Derickx)
    FWD: Johnson, Franklin, ROK, Sylvia, Riewoldt, Knights, Howe (Prestia, Richardson, Smith)

    I am looking alright for this week apart from the Smith 0. I switched Goodes to midfield for Smith so I could play Howe instead of Jacobs.

    I will give captaincy to Boyd.

    I am bringing Suckling in next week to finish off the team. YAY!!!!!!!!

  • Best rookie cashcow: Zac Smith

    Best rookie defender: Dyson Heppell

    Best rookie midfielder: Ed Curnow

    Best rookie ruck: Zac Smith

    Best rookie forward: Tendai Mzungu

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Ed Curnow, Michael Hibberd, Tendai Mzungu, Zac Smith and Jeremy Howe

    Biggest rookie disappointment: Reece Conca, Cam Richardson and Shaun McKernan

  • I’ve tried to put a longish term plan together. I’m after league games only, so MBR’s aren’t a concern & I’m trying to avoid as many finals byes as I can.

    My team is rubbish, but so are my leagues, so it’s all good :)

    The players I’m looking to bring in over the next 3 weeks are:

    Who will replace

    This will put me at about round 15 with 6 trades left and more then enough cover.


    1) My final mids will look like – Boyd, Swan, Pendles, Rischitelli, A. Swallow, Dal Santo (Krak (whoever, whoever)) – Is this strong enough?

    2) Is Shaw the only real option for the backs if I don’t want any finals bye players? Already have Delidio, Goddard, Gibbs, Suckling, Adcock.

    I really, really, really need to upgrade another forward, but I’m going wait another 4 weeks or so to make sure I don’t get fricked over with LTE’s or suspensions.

  • Hey lads
    First team dream teamer from Ireland was going along pretty well, still in eliminator and doing well in my league
    but now everything has gone belly
    This was my team last week
    Was hoping to finish off my forward but now it’s all f**ked!
    Gibbs Goddard Suckling Stanley
    Enright Shaw Adcock
    (L.Thompson, Puopolo,Jacobs)
    Curnow Heppell Boyd
    Mundy Selwood Pendlebury
    (Swan, Mzungu, Montagna)
    Cox , Smith
    ( Sandilands, M.Curnow)
    N Riewoldt, Johnson Goodes Franklin, Knights, Petrie, krak
    ( Howe, Lynch, C,Richardson)
    Midfield is a disaster zone
    So could be copping few donuts!
    Have only 5k in the bank so was thinking
    L Thompson to Zach tuohy
    And then mundy to Mitchell/G.Ablett
    Can only afford to get rid of one of my mods this week
    Defo don’t have the luck of the Irish
    Any ideas on how to fix this or am I just screwed

    • You’ll likely need to write this week off….with Smith out of the ruck you’ll be taking at least two zero’s, so just relax and cop it.

      You could try to patch your mids up by going something like Selwood -> Hodge (frees up $39k), then Mundy to whoever you can afford. It will keep you a bit competitive.

      Scope your opponents and see if it’s worth a short term punt, otherwise accept a bad week and think long term.

    • Billz

      If you trade both Mundy and Selwood the only donut youll be looking at is one in the ruck, unless Heppell is rested which could happen. Put Howe on for Krak and Puopolo and Jacobs on for Shaw and Adcock.

      • Billz

        I take that back, even if Heppell is out you can switch him back and field thompson. You have to ge rid of selwood and mundy because not only are they out for extended periods, but they are taking up spots which can easily get 100+. some combos for Selwood and Mundy are:
        Mitchell and one of Bartel/Rockliff
        Bartel and one of Thompson/Judd

        • Thanks lads for the help
          Think I have easy league opponent but reckon could be the end of my eliminator run

    • @fingers

      I’d be setting up like this

      Gibbs, Goddard, Suckling, Enright, Stanley, Puopolo, Jacobs
      b – Shaw, Adcock, Thompson
      Boyd, Curnow, Heppell, Mzungu, Goodes, GAJ/MITCHELL
      b – Swan, Monty, Pendles
      Cox, 0
      Sandi, M.Curnow
      Stevie J, N.Roo, Franklin, Knights, Petrie, Howe, Lynch
      b – Krak, I.SMITH, Richo

      Mundy > I.Smith – He will play, it’s just a matter of time (next couple of weeks), he went well on the weekend in the VFL, plus it frees up $255,600 for future upgrades and gives you another FWD/MID link.

      Selwood > Premium (Ablett or Mitchell or whoever?)

      This all being said, wait for the teams to be announced first before making any trades, Monty may get a gig so see if he’s named. Otherwise net some cash, and look to upgrade Lynch to Sylvia next week when he bottoms out.

      My two cents.

  • Best rookie cashcow: Libba

    Best rookie defender: Heppell

    Best rookie midfielder: Curnow

    Best rookie ruck: Zmith

    Best rookie forward: Darling, but could be Mzungu by year’s end

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Lower, Heppell, Zmith

    Biggest rookie disappointment: Richardson, but could be Lynch by year’s end

  • What do we do with everyones favourite rook, Zmith???

    I have Cox, Sandi, Zmith and Broc.

    400 points approx from top 10, so really don’t want to cop a donut – especially considering I only have one Pie in the side….

    Options are, Sandi or Zmith to Tippett, using DPP to bring in Petrie, or,

    Trading Sandi to Goldstien, Ryder or Clark.

    Or, Zmith to Ryder, giving me serious backup.

    What is option is best?

    • Actually, anyone like the look of David Hille at his price?

    • Keep him? Only ‘rest’. Was going to happen. cop the donut.

      • Really don’t want to cop a donut though, although that would be the sane option, this round could be the one where I move through the top rankings – no donuts in the mids somehow…

        • Lots of teams are going to have a donut somewhere, just hope the 21 scores heavily. Smith is outscoring most of those ruckmen you mentioned anyway by 20-30 pts. Trades are crucial right now. Maybe downgrade sandi? Bit too late for that now though.

          • Yeah, sort of kicking myself with what I did with rucks this year. Went Hale to Broc, Broc didn’t play again and missing DPP now.
            Wish I’d gotten rid of Sandi, if he isn’t back til round 16, thats still 3 games away. Just wish there were more downgrade options, they are useless this year in the rucks!!

  • Best rookie cashcow: As much as it’s a bit of an insult, Curnow would have to get the gig. Ended up cashing him in when he got injured, qhich qualifies as a cash cow, but would have been more than happy to finish the season with him, if other rookies were’nt the runt of the litter.

    Best rookie defender: Lower

    Best rookie midfielder: Curnow, who I traded in for Goddard r2. Harris screwed me over, when I traded someone else out with less money making potential, only to score a 28 or some tripe. Illes, who I was prepared to carry for the first month, pulls some shit scores right before he’s ready to be cashed in. Those two cost me an extra premium in my forward line.

    Best rookie ruck: Smith

    Best rookie forward: Darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Darling, Lower, Smith, Krakoeur. Will probably end up upgrading the forwards this week, or when a good deal pops up.

    Biggest rookie disappointment: As much as I’d like to blame Coad for the season ending Hammy, I’d probably have to go with his replacement, Toy. This guy was talked up as a worthy rookie pre season, and has only managed to play 4 games in a mug side. Actually, as I type this, Richardson comes to mind. Put up pretty good PS numbers, and then gets aced after 4, never to be seen again. Failure

  • link for fantasy freako?

  • Got 101 700 in the bank and ready to upgrade Knights, wait one week on Darling and hope Syvlia drops and Darling holds alittle. 13 trades left
    Forward line is: Franklin, Pav, S Johnson, Riewoldt, Petrie, Knights, Darling (howe, lynch, richardson)

    Thinking Knights to O Keefe, as he has bye in round 19 and can help with DPP link plus I have no Sydney players in so will help. Got too many Hawks and Dockers players so holding off on Rioli and Fyfe.

    Or Knights to Le Cras. Unique but no DPP however got Port Adelaide and could rise even more, just conerned that up against Carlton, St Kilda and Geelong in the month they play them that he will go missing.


    • Go with lecras he is starting to get a run through the midfield, and his groin has come good… also puts in massive scores at subi

  • Guys my mids are: Selwood,Boyd,Murphy,Bartel,GAJ and Watson.

    I’m going to trade Selwood for obvious reasons and I’m tossing up between Swan and Mitchell…Mitchell because he’s been in good touch,plays GC twice and I think this round could be the round to catch up on the leading teams as there’s so many players out (I’m 251st) and Swan because he should be injury free, has his byes out the way and will be refreshed and raring to go- only con with Swan is he may get rested just before finals- same could be said for Mitchell…THOUGHTS???

    • Can’t go past Swanny mate but Mitchell could get you closer to the Toyota as he has a great draw. I know you have them both but i really need some help on deciding between Gazza and Murphy

      • It’s a tough one….but I’d go Ablett- no more byes.

        • gotta go someone different i reckon….the 250 people in front most likely have mitchell/gablett too so how are you gonna chase them down when you all score the same…be unique….Rischetelli is mister consistent, Shiels is only in 5% of teams and guys like Rockliff and Redden are pretty unique too. thats just my opinion :)

        • interesting call between Gaj and Mitchell , as somebody wrote earlier (can’t remember who) …

          i’m a bit worried about Ablett being put out to pasture early nearing the end of the season in preperation for 2012 …

          they’ll be dead last with nothing to play for and it will make sense to get some extra games in to the kids …

          these are my thorts in agreeance and that of somebdy else’s earlier today …

          just so people know i’m not a plagiarising thief .


    • I recon you should be looking at the car. If so, I think Mitchell is a better option.

      Im a pies fan and a keen swanny watcher. He just isn’t going about it the same way he did last year. He just isn’t himself, not tackling at all, his scores are being saved because of goals, but he is well down in marks and tackles which is worrying. When he comes back it will probably still take a few weeks before those 120-140 scores. (hopefully)

      It might sound silly and look a little weird and be a little too left field for some1 in your position, but Dale Thomas could be a good choice. Plenty of marks, tackles can kick a goal and is getting more and more of the footy as the year goes on.

      I dont normally reply on this, but i always consider your advice as it runs similar to my thoughts. Good Luck, hope you make the right choice.

      Help me out, looking to trade Adcock.

      Thinking, Shaw/Birchall/Suckling/Broughts/Duffman (League win) no cats or blues

      Goddard, Gibbs, Lids, Fisher, ?????, Heppell, Lower, Stanley, Hibberd, Toy

      • Thanks for your opinion and regarding Adcock>???, I have him,Shaw and Suckling myself. I’d stay away from the Freo duo as nobody seems to know where they’re going to play on a week to week basis. Shaw has proved to be inconsistent the last few weeks (going back to 2010 form) and Suckling is all over the shop. Birchall is the only one who has scored over 90 the last 6 weeks. If I could turn back the clock I would rather have got Birchall over my chosen players. Verdict=Birchall, not as high a ceiling but consistent.

  • Best rookie cashcow:Tom Liberatore

    Best rookie defender:Dyson Heppell

    Best rookie midfielder:David Swallow

    Best rookie ruck:Nathan Vardy

    Best rookie forward:Jack Darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers:David Swallow

    Biggest rookie disappointment:Josh Toy

  • Best rookie cashcow: Duigan

    Best rookie defender: Heppell

    Best rookie midfielder: Curnow

    Best rookie ruck: Z. Smith

    Best rookie forward: Darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Curnow, Heppell

    Biggest rookie disappointment: Bewick

  • Best rookie cashcow: Ed Curnow

    Best rookie defender: Micheal Hibberd

    Best rookie midfielder: Ed Curnow

    Best rookie ruck: Zac Smith

    Best rookie forward: Jack Darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Zac Smith

    Biggest rookie disappointment: David Swallow

  • I feel it’s time for me to pounce in me league and overall and cash in this week.
    Considering downgrading z smith to tippet, if Bailey is not named. I then swap Petrie into the rucks and bring Howe or I smith onto the ground. I trade mundy out for ablett. It means playing puopolo for advock and mzungu and Evans/ lies for swan pendlebury. I have sandy so losing smith is not that important as once sandi is back Petrie can go back.
    Am I being silly??

  • Simple one – I can trade out one of either Heppell, Hibberd, Stanley, Puopolo or Adcock to bring in Deledio to strengthen my backline…..who goes?!

    • Adcock , broken finger unless you’re prepared to wait ?

      Hibberd , unless you need him for DPP ?

      Puopolo , playing solid footy .

      Heppell , likely to be rested this week according to Hird .

      Stanley , personally i’d keep him as you’re 8th defender , bigger more mature body that GC don’t have many of .


      • Cheers G-Bangers.

        I still have Sandilands on the bench so not sure if I can afford/have the patience to wait both him and Adcock out!

        Otherwise I was looking at Hibberd. Not using his DPP either….and maybe a good time to get one of the two Bombers out of my backlines in prep for the finals.

        The only issue will be if I get rid of Hibberd, and Heppell is rested, then either Retzlaff or Nicholson will have to play on the field which is not ideal.

        • Actually, I could sub Robert Murphy into my backs and play Mzungu on the field in my forwards as the other option.

  • DEF – B.Gibbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, J.Adcock, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, C.Pedersen (P.Puopolo, N.Lower, J.Toy)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, N.Fyfe, L.Hodge, (D.Swallow, S.Atley, T.Mzungu)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Thinkin tradin out Lynch for Howe or I.Smith?? cant decide who tho?
    Then J.Riewoldt or Darling to Rioli? As above….

    Then next week Darling/Riewoldt to Sylvia and Pederson/Poo or maybe even Adcock to Deledio?

    Thoughts?? 8 trades left. Gettin in Boyd etc. in a few weeks…

    • Howe over Smith. Smith has great potential but he’s not even in the team at the moment.

      Trade Darling this week cos Roo will probably get closer to his BE.

      Trade a rook to Deledio instead of Adcock.

      I hope thats 8 trades AFTER the ones you mentioned.
      If that isn’t the case I can’t tell where you used them if i’m honest

  • What does everyone think about Darling??

    Keep or trade??

    • keep him as an 8th forward as long as it doesnt compromise what you do for your last forward upgrade. its a nice luxury to have but not one worth compromising premiums over

  • Best rookie cashcow: Harris, Liba

    Best rookie defender :Heppell

    Best rookie midfielder: Curnow

    Best rookie ruck: Zac Smith

    Best rookie forward: Darling

    Any rookies who’ll be keepers: Darling,Heppell,Smith,Lower

    Biggest rookie disappointment: Jesse O’Brien

  • due to zac smith being rested this week, im forced to trade out sandilands and im looking to downgrade. Who has better Job security out of Nathan Vardy and Andrew Browne? Who is more likely to score better aswell? Both same price btw. Anyone know much of these two?

    • zac smith rested this week? where did you hear that?

      • found out early cos mckenna said it in an interview hes definitely not playing. thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Everyone seems to be getting or already has vardy if downgrading, but andrew browne has been scoring better. Im considering him.

  • should i cop a donut with zac smith out and trade selwood out for GAJ


    trade vardy for sandilands

    please note that i have quite an important league game this week so i dont really want a donut
    however gazza at this price is irresistable… :/

    • do what ever you think will get you the most points for this week then, it may bite you in the butt later, but there is a high chance you wont win the car anyway. GO FOR IT!

  • Team name: The Monkeys

    B.Goddard,B.Deledio,B.Gibbs,D.Heppel,J.Adcock,N.Duigan,N.Lower (A.Johnson, S.McKernan, A.Otten)


    S.Pendlebury,J.Bartell,D.Swan,H.Scotland,D.Cross,M.Hibberd (D.Swallow,I.Smith,D.Prestia)

    D.Cox,Z.Smith (M.Bailey,J.Tippet)


    P.Chapman,M.Pavlich,B.Harvey,N.Fyfe,A.Goodes,D.Petrie,T.Mzungu (J.Howe,L.Breust,C.Richardson)