Women’s Week: Round 12 Discussion

We are in Melbourne this weekend. Pretty much the AFL wanted to bring us over for all the ladies in Melbourne to get to hang out with us. You know, because we are so good looking and stuff!

Round 12 sees Port Adelaide having the bye and quite a few players out for one reason or another. Make sure you check final teams before locking your teams away. We won’t know final Collingwood or Melbourne teams before lockout due to them playing on Monday (long weekend).

Friday we’re having a hit on the golf course… probably sucking and the Friday night we’re off to the SAINTS v BULLDOGS game at Etihad.

Come and have a beer with us Saturday arvo from 2pm, up until we head to the MCG for the Hawks v Geelong game. We’ll be at Transport in Federation Square. Should be heaps of fun.

Chat about the round here in the comments.


  • 1708 + Shaw, Kraks and M. Evans V 1563 + Pendles, N Martin, Buckley and Gysberts

    Im not sure how this one is gonna go. If i lose, it will be my first :(

    Big FU to Hodge, Adcock, Mundy, Gibbs and Goodes!

    • If you lose this one, you are gonna get sledged big time from the Minions…Hope you win!

    • Goodes can’t play in the wet. Im looking at weather forecasts from now on

      • Goodes struggles at the SCG, small ground so less opportunity to go 1-on-1. Wet game just makes it a bit worse.

        • Much the same reason why Swans keep most sides to lower DT scores at SCG, but still give out “normal” number of 100+ scores in their away games.

  • 1682 with pendles(c) shaw kraks and Sylvia to go.

  • 2164/23 good with with some average scores in the team. Could have had 2250 if chose right bench players but I’ll take that. What’s this about no selwood for next week?

    • Didnt look pretty, but theres no good footage which might save him a bit…

    • gave guerra (I think) a backhander behind play – not sure if on camera – Ch 10 didnt show a replay

    • I saw it he kicked Guerra in the ear with a roundhouse Bruce Lee would be proud of.
      Actually spewing the cameras missed it.
      But he would of got 15 weeks instead he may only get 1

  • ALL HAIL GABLETT – pick him up this week and had him as Capt – 292.

    Relaxed feeling when you have 4 players still to play and you have won all your leagues

  • What is the magic number and formula for working out prices?

  • I am winning my good league match (229th ranked) by 114.

    We both have Pendles and Krakouer to play.

    One problem…

    He has the C on Pendles.

    I predict Scott will score precisely 115 (last night I had Freo by 34.5 at $5.10 for 10 bucks and of course they won by 34. That kind of weekend I reckon)

    • I had Dustin Martin to kick the first goal each quarter at $21 a 20 dollar outlay for a $200 return.Cos the little champ did it twice

  • With Sylvia having a BE of 168 what is his likely price drop if he scores around the hundred mark?

    Not after an exact answer but a rough range would be handy.

    • According to Assistant Coach if he gets his projected score of 89 he’ll drop another $26,300

    • Assistant coach has him as follows…

      B/E 167,projected score 89 = -$26300
      Following week…B/E 155,projected score 95= -$20300

      Hope this helps!

  • My main game comes down to me 74 points and dawes v shaw and krak. I’m screwed :(

  • 1936 with sylvia and shaw to come. Absolutely spewing about mundy. was looking at a possible 2250+ if he didnt go down which would probably put me in the top 200. that injury could cost me the FJ!


  • 300 + shaw Vs Pendles x2, sylvia and B.Green??

  • Does anyone know why Nicholson is out? Injury or what?


  • Someone please telll me montags is back next weeek?

    • he said he thinks he will be

      • I seen him interviewed on Friday night and he said he didnt think he would get up for next week.

        I hope he does as he is in my team but its not looking good.

        It is only Monday though.


        The Unemployed

  • If Didak cracks 107 for me today, he will win a position in the 2011 DTAA Squad, Coxy is the only other man in the team, after the 130 in round 1 to win me my leagues.

    Didak will also get the honourary title of 107+. If he fails, he sits on the pine for a while.

  • hmm so i just need 157 from pendles as captain to win eliminator… Stranger things have happened, right?

  • Me: Pendles and 217 point lead

    Eliminator guy: Pendles (c), Shaw and Howe

    Am I screwed?

    • Catch 22. You dont want pendles scoring at all. the other 2 have to have stinkers.

      so yeah, you’re screwed.

      • Thought so :(

        Playing Darling away over Mugatu at home is probably going to cost me.

        That and Cox (c)

      • They’re all having stinkers yayyyyy

  • Me: 1786 with Pendles (C) and Shaw

    Eliminator: 1589 with Nicholson (doughnut), Shaw, Sylvia and Pendlebury

    I am through :D

  • Pendles off to a horrible start yay

  • Damn I’m going to be out if the elimiator after this week:
    I need shaw to score 53 more than Sylvia and krakouer :/

  • Is there a resource that explains how player stats work a bit more in depth?

    For example: I believe out of bounds kick- in don’t count as a kick?

    What exactly counts as a tackle? If the ball spills does it still count?

    Do smothered kicks still count?

    And so on…….

    I tried googling champion data etc, didn’t get me far..

    • I would like to know the exact definitions too… I am pretty sure an out of bounds kick counts cause if you kick a goal it has to be a kick… It is just the after a point kick in that doesn’t count.

      Does a tackle have to end in a stoppage or free to be counted?

    • If you kick the ball out I think its 3 points for a kick and -3 for a free against


    I brought in adcock 3 weeks ago as I wanted premium defender.
    I was tossing up between him and Scotland but because Scotland had a bye during the finals and adcock was coming off 118, I chose adcock.
    In return adcock has got me 57, 47 and 50 while Scotland has scored 102, 102 and 107!
    Yes that’s a combined difference of 157!!!

    Comment below if you have had ant knee jerks like this!

    • Exactly the same thing from me.
      It was a flip between adcock, shaw and scotland.
      154 for 3 weeks.
      Thats too hectic.

  • 80 in a half from Duddak. No chance

    3W and an L this week D:

  • Catch 22. If Shaw ends up with a really low score, his price will go down and I could pick him up. However, do I want him if he is getting really low scores…

  • it’s official – fuuck you dreamteam!!!

    Saturday night comfortable & happy with a predicted 200 point win – spud central yesterday, but still looked like a slight victory to me with pendles as captain today and opponent pendles & cloke…. Pendles spuds it up and Cloke plays like he’s on coke…

    Now going to lose another week by a small margin to some cocksnot who I’ve beaten every other week but one…

    I’m over this year (deleting team) and throwing my toys out of the pram

    anyone else feeling like deleting team after narrow losses this weekend?

    • on a brighter note – jumping jeremy howe looks like a good forward downgrade target – wondering what his JS is like?

  • I know this is not the right place for this but I had to let every one know.

    J.SELWOOD out suspended for the next 3 weeks.



    The Unemployed

  • Jelwood out helps me a lot. I chose Bartel in my DT and for the B low.

    The next two week will be fun for you lot with Jelwood.

    • Jelwood has outscored Bartel though.

      Although I guess that will swing back in Bartel’s favour in the next 3 weeks.


      The Unemployed

  • Some respite for those regretting choosing Bartel over Selwood. Next week could really hurt with Selwood, Swan, Pendles and possibly Montagna out.

  • Are you guys gonna trade jelwood out with his 3 week suspension or keep him?
    Normally I wouldn’t consider trading him but with his bye during the finals I might look at another premium?

    All you guys with jelwood in your teams let me know what you’re doing

    • traded in 2 weeks ago, but kept Bartel as well, next week will hurt with Swan and Pendles out….going to be some tough decisions this week

  • out of bounds counts as a kick but then it is minus 3 for a free against so in reality it doesnt count

    • nope. kicking out on the full does not count as a FA. you still get the 3 points for the kick.

      • Glad some people know what they are talking bout Wallcob……….forever seeing people say that on fanfooty. Obviously they pay no attention to the score as it updates with a +3!!!