Rioli v Didak

Here, we have two mid-priced “premiums” that many DT coaches are considering trading in this week. One, a premiership player, performing below the standard of which we know he is capable of. The other was riddled earlier this season with a minor injury but is now starting to show some promise after scoring 98 last round. Below is a comparison of the two players, followed by an analysis of some key points.

Based on a few of the key points in the table, I have analysed both Didak and Rioli and given a verdict based on that individual point alone.


Rioli is only a forward, where as Didak has a DPP status, being a forward and a midfielder.  So which one is better? It really depends on your individual team and the number of DPP players and links you have. Most people will be looking to bring Didak into their forward line, but with his final bye next week (Round 13) it’s good to know that you can play him in your midfield to cover any buys that other players might have.

Verdict: Didak


While both players are relatively cheap, Didak is $35,800 less then Rioli. Didak is priced at $271,000 and Rioli is priced at $306,800. Based on last years form, Didak would be a steal, however, so far this season he has not continued the same form we saw last year. The big question is, can Didak recover from his form slump towards the later half of the season?

Verdict: Didak

Percentage of Teams Owned by:

Bother players are owned by a similar percentage of teams. Rioli is owned by 15.62% of teams, which is slightly lower then Didak, who is owned by 17.6% of teams. Note: These percentages will change as we progress through the week and coaches make their trades.

Verdict: Draw

Average Per Round:

In the 7 games Rioli has played he has managed to average 85, which includes scores of 100, 110, 98 in rounds 1,2 and 11. But, can he maintain these scores when Buddy is back in the side?  His scores in round 1 and 2 indicate that he does have the scoring potential, but the truth is we don’t know yet. Didak has played 10 games this season and has averaged 75.3. He has only cracked the ton once this season with a 118 in round 4, but he has managed to get 2 scores in the low 90’s. The big question here is can he start consistently pumping out bigger scores or is he going to be a massive roller coaster ride?

Verdict: Rioli

Break Even:

Rioli has a break even of 65, where as Didak has a breakeven of 44. Both are low, and these players are sure to rise in price after this round (Providing Didak doesn’t fall victim to the dreaded green vest, and Rioli doesn’t do a Buddy and injure himself).

Verdict: Didak


Collingwoods bye is next week, Round 13. The bad news is, with Swan off to Arizona this week and the likes of Pendlebury, Shaw, and Dawes all absent from our teams next week, can we afford to bring in Didak this week? This will depend on how many pies you have in your team and also the cover you have (Note: Trading Krakouer to Didak won’t change the number of pies you have in your team, as you would still have to cover Krakouer if you didn’t get Didak). Those that can afford to bring in Didak this week will get him at his lowest, while some may pay that little bit extra to bring him in after his bye. Waiting a week will also give you another week to see what score he achieves before his bye. For Rioli, the good news is that his bye is 6 weeks away and not in a multi-bye round, the bad, is that the likes of Buddy, Mitchell, Hodge, Shiels and Suckling will also be missing. Bringing in Cyril will once again depend on the number of hawks you have and whether you are thinking of offloading any between now and round 13 (The one I have in mind is Puopolo).

Verdict: Undecided

The Final Verdict:

Both players have their positives and negatives. Didak has a DPP status (Fwd/Mid), is $35k cheaper then Rioli and has a lower BE. However, he has not been scoring that great this season. Rioli on the other hand, while a little bit pricier is averaging around 10 points higher then Didak and has shown us that he has the scoring potential to pump out some relatively big scores. Personally, I am leading towards Rioli, but who knows what I will decide by Friday.

By SlightHawk.


  • aren’t they both premiership players?

  • i’m trading sandi to vardy.
    Then i can finish team in 3-4 weeks.
    try to trade smith back to sandi and have vardy and tippett as subs with petrie as emergency cover.

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        • We can’t answer when it’s not a question you spazz.

    • I was thinking of doing the exact same thing… but havent got Petrie but instead Max Bailey… I’ll have Cox & Smith with Vardy & Bailey as back ups. Surely that will spare me a donut for the rest of the season.

  • Surely form would play the major part.
    I will be going for Lecca this week he is a gun I tell ya and his new midfield role will make Rioli look like a BLIND MULLET

  • *insert off topic post about which backman rookie to get this week*

  • I’d go the premiership hero Cyril Rioli.

  • Hahaha nice work slight. See you on dream-stats this weekend.

  • nice article, but i would choose neither….. they are cheap for a reason. upgrades should be upgrades at this stage of the year and neither are true premiums. great players but average dters.

    • Very good point. None of these players have been on my radar at all this year either.

      • they have been gun DTers in the past tho, hence why they are on the radar

        • Yes, but in hindsight, not choosing either has been an excellent decision.

    • I’m thinking of trading Matera for have as my 8th forward/7th mid.

    • I also agree. I considered upgrading to one of these 2 so I didn’t have to start Mzungu. But I thought about it and realised that Mzungu may fulfill expectations and himself average around 80. 2 trades (downgrade to get the cash then upgrade) to get in someone that could very well not score extra points for me would be a waste.

      I’m not trading this week for that reason, I reckon If i’m going to burn two trades I want it to significantly improve my team instead of potentially only gettting 5-10 points extra

    • none will be in my team

  • Didak for me. He’ll surely return to an average of 90 after the next few weeks. Dpp is handy and at 270k he is a bargain!

    • Ps i’m trading the money leaking harris to didak for dpp cover only. Everywhere else is complete bar backline.

  • Cyril has a way cuter smile….so that pretty much settles it for me

  • As was suggested earlier in the year by someone, am looking at playing Didak as a 7th mid who can then be used to cover byes in the forwards and backs. He has a history of finishing seasons strong. If he does could be a great cover that gets you an extra 30 points a week.

  • Don’t think there will be a live show tonight, given the fact they are in Melbourne.

  • didak for me, more potential upside. and lets face it, trading one of these guys is all about potential.

    rioli kicked 5 goals last week and only got 98 points. not that great either

  • IMO, I’m thinking of Swallow > Didak next week and using Didak as a M7 or F7 to cover up the byes when it comes to DT Finals, then I’ll do Darling > Sylvia when Sylvia’s price bottoms out in a couple of weeks time. What are your thoughts on this plan and is getting in Didak a good move after Collingwood’s bye in round 13?

  • Easy answer…Didak.

    Better question: Broughton or Fisher?

  • Problem solved…I have them both….from the start unfortunately :(

  • FYI –

    $/average – Rioli (3609), Didak (3599)
    $/3R average – Rioli (4002), Didak (4106)

    Taking into account both stats, tells you that Rioli is most cost effective player so far this season… but not by much.

  • Good move to go??:

  • Rioli is 10 times best player than didak, just a shame he doesnt get dt points for forward pressure

    • Rioli is an average Dreamer so far, unproven after his initial boom year which I agree was exceptional.
      However… Didak is an absolute champion of DT. In my opinion he would be in the DT team of the decade as a forward!
      In saying this, I think coaches should choose Rioli!

  • DT Forward Line of the decade.

    Chapman Reiwoldt Didak B Johnson J Brown Richardson J Brown

  • Personally, i won’t be going with either, Darling will be my 8th forward not going to waste a trade on this one. Mzungu will be used as a mid/fwd if needed.

  • If Rockliff and Buddy can pull up this week there can be free KFC for all.

  • hey guys this is my current team with 11 trades left, and only 1 remaining for this round:

    def: goddard, gibbs, delidio, adcock, enright, heppell, lower (puopulo, stanley, jacobs)

    mid: swan, montagna, boyd, hodge, bartel, chapman (hibberd, wallis, bewick)

    rucks: cox smith (vardy, jippet)

    fwd: fyfe, franklin, pavlich, n riewoldt, petrie, higgins, darling (mzungu, smith, gamble)

    Im looking at my team and thinking there really isnt much left to do at this stage, any1 got any suggestions or should i just sit tight for now??

    thanks in advance :)

  • trade matera > dawes/cloke
    trade knights/darling > rioli

    thoughts i need help :P

  • matera to cloke looks a winner, very unique and can pump out sum decent scores if he has enough glue on the glove and can kick straight on the day

  • I think rioli will be better when franklin returns he will play more
    Midfield more touches still sneak a few goals I think

    • yeah but didnt rioli’s hammies play up coz he was having a run in the midfield, and clarkson was going to manage that by keeping him more in the fwd line now??

  • Looks exciting for Callinan. lets all hope he does well in the sanfl. havent seen him before, what a massive unit!

  • ROCKLIFF, BUDDY, CHAPPY IN!!…im a happy man :)

    • and Barlow???? surely not

      • Ed Barlow? Yes. THE Barlow? Extended bench.

        • i know….he wont be playing, played a half of footy for peel reserves…..thats why i wrote ‘surely not’

          • They’ve been talking it up in the media but who knows what the hell they’re doing out west. Clutching at straws it looks like!

    • Yep Freo are so desperate if you play half a game in the Peel reserves then obviously your fit enough to play a game of AFL.
      Freos team management is a joke at the moment. They are doing more harm than good to the players.
      Poor Fyfe has the body of a 17 year old and can’t get a week off to heal

      • Lowers not on ball anymore either. On extended bench

      • I think i read somewhere that the peel thunder have a bye this week then there is no wafl next week or something along those lines, so he wont see any action for 2 weeks anyway, might as well ease him back in with the sub vest, albeit the risks it carries. Personally, im a huge barlow fan and would love to see him out there picking up where he left off.

  • Rockliff, Watson, Chappy, Watson, Franklin all IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now hurry up Sandi and get back.

  • Hibberd and Lower last on extended banch. Im worried.

  • Can’t believe the Dogs dropped Mitch Wallis, he was playing well in a team that is doing crap. doesnt make sense

    • And they brought Liberatore back in instead? No wonder they’re playing so badly if their selection committee’s making poor decisions like those.

  • Stanley -> Nicolson is a certainty

  • a word of warning for all of those who are going for a league win. DO NOT GET RIOLI he is one of the most inconsistant players ever. I took a look at his score from last year and he had 9 scores under 70, only 6 scores over 100 and did not score in the 90’s ONCE despite averaging 94.7. He is capable of pumping out a 140 but expect it to be followed with a 47 and a 56. Remember when jack reiwoldt was a bargain earlier on this season? Pretty sure those who traded him in are regretting it now. I’m not too keen on didak either as he is yet to prove himslef this year. The best thing to do would be wait 2 weeks until sylvia is around about 325k and get him in like i am.

    • If you’re going for league wins you should only be looking at Syliva, Goodes/Rok and Pavlich/Fyfe as forward upgrades, with Sylvia in 2 weeks as your main target. You’d be mad to not get Sylvia if he scores decently these next 2 weeks and you’re going for league wins.

  • Im doing this next week…

    Downgrade out of:

    Paulopolo, Lynch, Hibberd, Dixon, Pederson, Kraukeour (Just naming some in mind)



    Thoughts on who i shoud downgrade and up grade

    • Do you have lower? if so go downgrade lower upgrade kraks for didak/rioli. If not id downgrade poops and upgrade kraks

  • Hello all dt talkers, I have a pretty big problem and need some help please. I currently have 9,600 in the bank which is just enough to trade darling for didak before his price rises (BE 44), however collingwood have the bye next week so not sure. Will most likely have to downgrade then upgrade if I wait two weeks as didaks price will go up where darling is unlikely to change much. Assuming didak goes up and darling stays the same, should i use one trade and get didak before the bye or use two trades and wait till after the bye???

    • If you will have adequate cover for Didak next week then best using just the 1 trade and get him this week for his bottomed out price.

      • hm would have lynch on the field with no emergency

        • Gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Trades are gold, if you are planning to get didak I would do it this week costing you 1 trade while saving you money. Like you said lynch will cover the bye.

  • who to start on the field, mzungu or lynch????

  • I just traded out:
    D. Swallow -> N. Dal Santo
    D. Harris -> Didak
    hopefully get Rioli next week from darling

  • Too late I have already just taken Didak, cant afford them both.

  • On the whole fallen premo price topic, what are peoples thoughts on Gilbert? Had a pretty solid year last season, had a bit of a shite start, but is coming good now. Pretty cheap for a guy who can pump out 100s

    • I picked up Gilbert up 3 weeks ago and he’s scored pretty well since. Having said that he’s scored bugger all today.

      The previous 3 weeks Gilbert has been named in the defence and that’s where he’s a DT scorer. Bloody Ross Lyon seems to have put Sammy back up forward this week.

      I figured he’d be a good smokey and one of the few unique picks I had against the rest but he seems to be letting me down this week… Hopefully Ross moves him in the defence after half time.

      The kid can play and score well when he’s in defence.

  • Durability should’ve been covered as well.