Listen to us Live on SEN today with Harf

We will be joining Daniel Harford and Glenn Luff for the Talkin’ Dream Team segment on the Harf Time show on SEN today between 1:00 and 1:30pm.

You can listen in via the net via the following link:

If you have the free  iPhone app, you’ll be able to listen in there. If you have any Dream Team questions, send them though.

PHONE: 03 9429 1116
SMS: 0433 98 1116
TWITTER: @harftimesen

Should be some fun! Hope to hear some of you guys calling in… we promise we’ll try to give some good advice!


  • hahaha… that guy is a nutter. Please teach him something :P

    • Please teacher him

      • You know what they say…

        Those who can: do
        Those who can’t: teach
        Those who can’t teach: teach PE!

        My old PE teacher Ricky Nixon taught me that one!

        • Does PE abbreviate to Premature Ejaculation? I betcha ole’ Ricky Nixon taught you a lot about that.

  • Stop f**kin around with media commitments and put out Fantasy freako’s weekly rave.
    Thats what the punters are waiting for

    • “I’ll f**kin skull drag you back to mexico by your f**king stupid mullet and fill your arse with nachos!”

    • Came out yesterday you would have probably sigened up if u gave a shit.

    • Why bother when they post it on here. Unless I trade on a Wednesday like a muppet I don’t give a shit until Thursday.
      That being said I want it now

  • Does this make them sellouts?

    • I would say it makes them leaders in their field.
      Better than Doctor drug addict dream team.
      He is as useless an Quentin Lynch’s glove

      • Yes I agree. I was simply proposing the question to see what response I got. I think they do an excellent job and if you had to pay a small fee ($20 or so) to subscribe to DT talk next year, I would definately pay. This is something they should consider next year. They do an excellent job unlike DR dt who gives dud advice on a regular basis. One thing they could do next year to improve the site is improve the experience for the user. E.g put a list of page numbers in order so you can scroll back, as often the “older comments” button can only reveal half the comments. Also to improve the experience for the users I would like to see them apply temporary bans for trouble makers and “trollers”. More often then not I come on here to read through comments only to have people like the colonel post rude and innapropriate things not to mention there constant false advice they give to newer player like me (only been playing 2 and a half years). Other then that the site is awesome and I will continue to use it for years to come despite the small flaws. The boys at DT TALK do an excellent job

        The raven

        • Charging 20 bucks would make them sellouts.
          But I will pass your comments on

          • Yes, but a $20 investment is like paying 1 dollar a round which is pretty much nothing. Besides, we would be paying them for the hard work they put into running this site. If we paid them 20 bucks they would be able to make the website better as listed above and could clean out the people like colonel who bring down the standards of this site.
            the raven

          • -100

            I <3 the Curnel and he hearts me bak

        • That’s what DT’s Assistant Coach and SC’s whatever does!
          The boys write the reviews / articles for the two (including that DTTalk gem, Calvin’s Captains) – apparently its a paid gig. Plus perhaps they’ve got an ‘inkind’ deal going with Boags? ;)

  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • hahah RAY!

  • It’s dream team not super coach you nuffa. get of the radio caller

  • Boys are sounding tight

  • Not this week, but after Collingwood have the bye… whilst Didak is cheap…. Is Dawes –> Didak a good trade or not?
    I need a few responses

    • dawes avg. 82 this year with a breakeven of 63 according to fanfooty, i would hold onto him for now. Isn’t there a rookie you could upgrade to didak instead? such as darling or matera or tapscott.. if you have the cash

  • great stuff boys! had a bit of a laugh when i heard “the boys from DT talk: warnie, calvin and ray!” aha. classic ray!

  • Get her phone no., Warnie :P.

  • People keep asking the same questions… ie Krakouer… Sandilands.. Richardson… ask different questions like mine above for a change everyone!

  • Checkin Schnitzel… Who’s Chicken Schnitzel? lol

  • Is Jonathan Brown a worthy upgrade target? Terrific record against the bluebaggers or wait until he bottoms out

  • Great job boys! Killed it! Fox Sports will soon come knocking on your door for a show. Although roy might have to change is name to Ray, and his team name to “The StingRAYS” haha


    Anyone else pondering Nick Malceski? 101 after 3 weeks back and was gun last year.

    • It’s not the worst idea.. But he scored that 101 in a very abnormally high scoring game for the swans (9 tons I think), playing the lions who were awful. I think he’ll be mostly around the 85 mark and will be the main possession getter in the swans backline, so not a bad option.

  • Hi guys,
    enjoyed hearing you on the radio today.
    I hope you are pitching around for a TV show while you are here?
    I think the time is ripe right now.
    You should try SBS, ABC and Fox. :-)

    Does anyone know when Jason Gram is coming back?
    Hopefully it is this week…he is wasting space and money on my team right now.

  • Harford’s got a good league going called Harf Serious. Doing fairly well too.

    • You can here it in his voice, Harf LOVES his Dreamteam now.
      I bet Mrs Harf is thrilled with that. Another good man lost to the sweet sweet mistress that is Dreamteam…

  • feathertopDT

    Warnie i missed it any podcasts?

  • Good stuff lads.
    Thats my choice of radio, 24-7 sport and almost always footy ahhh SEN.

  • Will the boys be able to post this shit up live. Power cut out a few mins in.

  • Any word on how Buddy went at training today?

  • oi..Saints fans….

    Jason freakin’ Gram????

    back this week??

    also..North fans…
    when dya think Cam Richardson will be back?

    • don’t answer him

      • Why not?

        • Excessive use of fullstops, excessive use of question marks, poor grammatcal errors, excessive use of abbreviations, lack of manners (Ta, what’s that mean), use of the word oi in a family friendly website is just unacceptable, excessive use of the word excessive, poor sentence structure. Re-write your question in a more appropriate format for a decent answer.

  • Billz

    Doubt richo will come in, bastinac is a definate in for the roos according to scott

    • OK…yay!!!! Gram is in.
      No Richo….again..even though he’s playing well in the 2’s.
      Should I wait..or upgrade him?

  • feathertopDT

    lol Ray hahahahahaaha