The Long Road Home: Rucks

The Long Road Home: Rucks



OK, no rhyming jokes about Rucks in this article, just a ruck-load of juicy stats to look over. Sorry, the temptation was too great. Anyway, I’ve checked out 8 ruckmen that people either have or might be considering getting into their side.


The guys who come home strong.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


D Jolly




M Leuenberger




These two guys are the only Rucks who significantly increase their averages in the second half of the year. I’ve only used 2010 stats for the Berger as he only played three games in 2009. I remember Jolly starting the year off poorly, before finding his feet in the Collingwood team and pumping out some good scores. This year, he’s had injury problems, so whether he can continue his late season form is questionable.

Lay Down Sallies

The guys who drop off when the going gets tough.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


D Cox




Dean Cox is the Lone Ruck Ranger when it comes to giving up the ghost in the second half of the year. He’s been a gun for a long time, and it appears that he starts to struggle in the last half of the year. Over the past two seasons, he’s played all 22 games in the first half of the year. In the second half, he’s only managed 13 games out of a possible 22. Not only does he struggle to get on the park, but he struggles to score as well. Having said that, he’s staying as my number 1 ruck. I’m pretty sure he’s shaken off the struggles he’s had over the last two seasons and is back to his best.

Steve Moneghettis

The guys who keep it steady from start to finish.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


S Mumford




T Goldstein




A Sandilands




D Petrie




P Ryder




Ruckmen are pretty consistent creatures, and it shows by having most of the payers reviewed falling in the Steve Moneghetti category. Goldstein has improved alot this year, and for those of you sick of Sandilands and his broken toenail (which would be the size of a car bonnet), he may be worth the pickup, showing he can continue his form for the whole year. Please note, Petrie’s figures are for 2009 only, while Mumford’s are 2010 only, since Geelong never gave him a run the year before.

To finish off, it is worth noting the number of games played in the second half of the year for these guys. While they may be pretty consistent, being big seems to mean getting injured is a frequent occurrence. Only Jolly and Ryder have played anywhere near a full amount of games in the second half of the season, with 22 and 21 respectively over the past two years. After that, it’s a dog’s breakfast! Goldstein = 18, Sandilands = 17, and Cox = 13.

I think I’ve covered all the ruckmen worth looking at, but if you have any others, let me know.

TOMORROW: Forwards.


  • So from this info we should Trade Cox to Sandi

    • Hello did you read it?

      S’matter Buddy? You look a little – what’s the word I’m looking for here – Stupid.

      “he’s staying as my number 1 ruck. I’m pretty sure he’s shaken off the struggles he’s had over the last two seasons and is back to his best.”

    • surely you wouldnt even be thinking about trading cox out, the bloke is averaging 116 for ruck sake!

    • Dusty Cotch n Conks

      From this info Marcus, you can see a few things.
      For one, rucks are pretty consistent in their scoring.
      For two, while Cox’s average wasn’t as good for the second half of the 2009-10 seasons, it was most likely due to injury problems, but looks like he is back to his best this year.
      Three, ruckmen generally seem to have the odd game or two off in the second half of the season.
      Four, Jolly’s lift in average may be affected by the fact that he took a while last season to get used to playing a different team game at Collingwood.

      So what you should do, is see if the info is of any interest to you or not. Either way, its up to each coach to make their own decision with their team and trades. Articles like this are mainly to promote discussion on various dream team topics and tactics.

  • Nice Dusty. Looking forward to the forwards tomorrow!

    • Dusty Cotch n Conks

      The rucks aren’t so interesting, although some ppl may get something out of it if they’re looking to sideways trade Sandi.
      Forwards are pretty interesting though. Will be up tomorrow.

      • Yeah exactly. Those that are trading sandi will use this most. I’m personally keeping him, i got him in for jolly in round 7 and smith is great backup while he recovers. Once again, great series of articles. SH

  • Dusty Cotch n Conks

    Cox is an absolute lock for the rest of the season for me. I’ve decided to hold on to Sandi, as I’ve got Petrie filling in while he’s off and he’s doing a good job of it so far.
    When Sandi is back, I’ll switch Petrie back to the forwards as a keeper. He can be switched back to rucks to cover byes when needed. The only thing that worries me is if Sandi still isn’t back when Cox has his bye. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    • Cox for captain again for me this week. He’s gonna destroy Adelaide!

  • toenail the size of a car bonnet. lmao

  • Can anybody comment on Vardy’s JS? Sandi is too much money sitting on the bench so I want to cash in to Vardy, and then have Cox and Z Smith as the primary rucks with Vardy as the back up.

    • Dusty Cotch n Conks

      I reckon he’ll play the rest of the year if he doesn’t drop out of form or get tired. Blake and Dawson Simpson haven’t played a game this year, and he has been playing in the same side as Ottens.
      I’m don’t know too much about Geelong though, so maybe someone else can help out a bit more.

    • Job Security is building lots over his last 2 games. Plays like a useful version of Tom Hawkins, seems to be very mobile and pretty build. Would be safe getting him I reckon, I am.

    • Thanks guys. It’s either Vardy or Tippett, but the extra cash from Vardy would be nice.

  • Bloody hell I hope sandi plays round 15 otherwise I will have 2 options cop a zero trade keffe to Tippett which I really don’t want to do.. But it’s better than coping a doughnut I guess..

  • What about Brad Ottens??

    Im planning on using Cox & Ottens with Petrie in the forward line for the run home.. Is that a strong enough combo?

    • Dusty Cotch n Conks

      Ottens only played three games in 2009 and 12 in 2010, so not enough games for this article. I think he’s averaging 80 odd this year, but can produce some pretty small numbers sometimes. I’d look for someone else as a second ruck if it were me. Maybe even Z Smith?

      • Yeah good point.. will produce a 5 goal game one week & then be lucky to get 60 dt points the next week

  • leigh monatgna out? @AFL_LHolmesby

  • crikey…ryder is a monegetti!..that means he will be as shit at the end of the year as he is now!

    • If Hirdy does drop one tall for this week’s trip to Perth, it would also likely be Paddy, going purely on form.

      • Thing with Paddy is he aint getting enough time on the ball. This could change this week with the inclusion of Hurley. He’s a gun in the centre. If Ball chamber stays though, im gonna dump Ryder for Vardy, and use the funds to finish off my backs and forwards.

      • i reckon ryder will play this week…its in perth – his home town infront of his family, id reckon they drop bellchambers for this week and see what hgappens.

        if paddy dosent fire up infront of his home town it could be a problem.

        • Maybe i’ll give the Ride-on one more chance. Would rather use my trades in the backline and forward line. Leave the Rucks (Cox, Ryder….Vicks and Moron……22 WTF!?!) As is.

  • Anything on natanui?

    Im new to dreamteam.. and started the year with a team of players i liked, rather than a team of DT champs. so my team is fairly horrid. coming into the last few weeks ive improved the team a fair bit, with the cost of a lot of trades… My team so far is

    Gibbs, Scotland, H.SHaw, Carrazo, Adcock, N.Lower, M Hibberd. (A.Johnson/M.Coad/McNamara)
    Pendles, Redden, Watson, Houli, Curnow, M.Evans (I.Smith, S.Isles, R.Hicks)
    Cox. Natanui (A.Browne, T.Hickey)
    Fyfe, Goodes, Chapman, Krakouer, Mcglynn, Zaharakis, Darling (T Lynch, N.Ablett, Griffiths.

    So you can see some decent players but mostly no big score hitters…

    ive got 8 trades left… with Hibberd, Johnson, I Smith, M.Evans, T Lynch, and A Browne, as players to feed money to improve players…

    ive got 212K in the bank…

    If this was your team, where would you concentrate the trades, ive got a hard run home in my leauge and want to do fairly well…

    • if it was my team i’d delete…. just jokes, you need some premium mids if your to up your scores.

    • First thing, don’t worry about getting the wrong team at the start, you got to make mistakes to get better.
      Guarantee you that learning to choose players who will win you league games and smash up the league after one year of DT will be something many others don’t after 2 or 3 years, so well done on picking up on that message.

      I think you are stuck with the following assuming no injuries,


      You don’t have enough trades to do anything with them. But they will be serviceable and can all get 80+ points at least.

      In terms of your trades, I would think the following players need upgrading to Premiums..


      With 212 in the bank, you should be able to up find direct upgrade options options for Curnow @270k and Houli @310K. Rather than tell you who you should get, treat the rest of the season as a test of your new outlook on DT. Who can you get that you think will get you the most points? It’s that simple. Work out what your team will look like in each of the next 10 rounds as a good indicator to how you might change things next season.

      Krak and McGlynn are harder to fix, but in a few weeks you might have some cash to play with from
      Smith or Lynch, but in reality they are going to be your cover for byes.

      The rest of your team are either Premiums or just dirty, dirty choices lol.

      The only other option is to look out for players on the rise for similar prices as those two and do a swap.
      It’s usually a bad option as the cost of that trade over a season is negligible, but you need to shore up a few key positions, namely in your mids.

      Finally, you might as well go for some more unique players where you can to give a differential against your league. Check out the Assistant Coach or find out the figures for players who score well but are in a low amount of teams, look at players like Rischitelli for example. You might win a league game or two from having some less travelled choices.

      All in all, don’t beat yourself up over a bad starting team, a) you can’t change it now, b) it’s you’re first year.
      So use it as a springboard for next year. Good luck mate.

      • One other thing, you can probably burn 2 trades to get a serviceable 1 or 2 game rookie in both Forwards and Mids when one appears you think can do a job. Dan Nichoson from Melbourne is a possible.
        Look to get rid of NAblett @ 126k. If Callinan turns up any time soon, thats 46k right there. Check out the Chooks Rooks for more information.

        • Nice advice Super – well appreciated from another DT rook

        • thanks for a great reply! always nice for someone to spend that amount of time to give someone some advice!

    • I love your rucks too but what do you do when the eagles have a bye?

  • “I… wanna ruck and rove all night…”

    • And Vardy everyday

      • Nice one!

      • hehehe, good work!

      • You say you wanna go for league wins
        And Vardy just come in to let you in
        You drive us wild we’ll drive you crazy
        We tell you Sandi’s out for a while
        And you tell us you like Goldstein’s style
        You drive us wild we’ll drive you crazy
        You can keep on shouting but we’re keeping Sandi
        Let me here ya!


  • Do you guys reckon Sandi will be back before the West Coast. If not now would be the time to trade him

  • GRRRR!!!!! Sandilands is out for one extra week!!!

    A couple weeks ago i made this trade so I could cover him…

    So my Current rucks are:


    So im not going to side trade him as of yet… if hes out for one more, and Coxy performs, I will rethink…

    What are we all doing with Sandilands???

    • I have Sandi, Petrie, Smith and McCauley.

      I’m thinking of:
      – downgrading a fat cow in my FWD line to Lobbe and swapping Petrie to the FWDs
      – sideways trading Sandi for Cox and playing Cox/Smith as my ruck combo with Petrie as DPP backup

      Then down the track, I can upgrade Smith to Sandi when the 211 is back. Problem is that this will burn 3 trades and I only have 10 left with an easy 4-5 game run in my league… Hmm. Not sure!

  • WTF???? Montagna, Franklin and Chapman, Subject to fitness!!!!!!! All in my team… and used my trades yesterday…




    • Why would you trade on Tuesday?

    • That’s the problem with trading before Friday night. Surely you wouldn’t have traded any of those premos out of your team if they miss one, unless you have absolutely no cover or DPP flexibility?

      Monty is a definite out (on, Buddy a probable out, reckon Chappy will play. We’ll find out tomorrow night. :)

      • GRRR!!! I’m going to have a 0 on my field if franklin or chapman dont play:(

  • Who do I play out of… Hibberd or Pauloplo or Pederson??

  • who would u trade out of higgens & Knights?

  • I’ve sandi on the bench with derrickx(will he ever get a game) and then I’ve got smith and bloody Ryder on the ground. Ryder is bringing my team down big time and I’m sure soon he’ll be averaging 50 a game. Like everyone has said I’m willing to stick it out with him for another week but if he f&cks it up again I’m lost for what to do, got bugger all cash. Got Petrie so was considering getting in j.tippet but then it’ll prob bring down my fwd line….any thoughts?

    • oh, and only got 11 trades so not too keen on doing a heap of trades

  • Paddy Ryder is breaking my heart, but not enough to trade him out…yet!

    • Who else have you got in your rucks?

    • On the team sheets for rnd 12 Ryder is named in the middle with Ballchamber on extended bench. Could finally see some decent scoring from Paddy-wagon!