Busy Chappy? Round 11 Discussion


  • Franklin is playing, so however said he is a late withdrawal are stupid

  • 17/1615 – doughnut for Franklin coming though with no cover!!

    Cox with the big C has helped – as well as dal santo and goddard having good games
    getting GAJ in this week was a winner as well..

    but a horrible effort by some..

    Sylvia, Montagna, T Lynch – no good.

    • montagna was playing with a left knee sprain you fool, give him a break.

      lyon nearly subbed him so be lucky he got you 50 points more than what could have been

  • Mzungu or Lower not starting sub… Palmer and Breust are.
    Just need Harper to get through aswell…

    • Palmer starting as sub will most definately mean lower will get subbed

      • Don’t say that! Don’t give idea to the DT gods to screw up my score anymore then ut already is!

  • 1459/15 ever since i said cavins captains was awaste of time swan has killed me. Will now read and absorb vins article from now on.

  • 10 to play currently on 1391. Will cop lynch’s 31 for buddy today tho hoping for 2100+

  • How I was looking forward to this round a few weeks ago. No Richmond players, no bye impact – boy was I going to rip it up.

    So what happens – Chappy, Rocky and Franky decide to go out on strike in sympathy with the tigers, and the others implement a go slow / minimum effort only – e.g Sylvia, Swan, Adcock.

    My rucks – Cox(c) + Smith, who obviously didn’t get the union memo, scored 397 points between them – so at least I’ll get above 1,500.

    But my other 13 players have only averaged 65 points a player to date. WTF is that!

    Goodbye Eliminator. Goodbye Overall standing, I am only interested in salvaging something in Leagues now.

    Fyfe Mandatory Dream Teamer.

    • Ouch… But I hear you, I’ve only had 4 players crack 100+, Worst. Round. Eva

  • Mine: Petrie, curnow, S. Thompson


    His: Pav, Scotland, 12 points

    Surely I got this, but knowing this round I’m not betting on it

  • just logged in to find out that i accidently left mzungu on the bench instead of t lynch and i also missed the deadline on friday to change my captain. was left with selwood and completely intended on going cox :(

  • bet those that got Hodge in thos week are spewing at the mo…

  • can somebody tell me the expected prices for stanley and harris and the break even for fyfe thanks

  • Is knights injured or something? Has been on -3 for the whole quarter

  • This is why you don’t pick hodge he can’t handle a tag..

  • Going to be an absolute shocker for me this week, currently sitting on 1895 with Gibbs still to play.. Anyone else in the same position?

    • Your doing just a bit better than me mate.

      • Ahhh unlucky mate. I could’ve cracked 2100, but chose stanley over hibberd, mzungu over darling, had sylvia’s 21 and went selwood over big cox

        • I think you’ve all had it easy to be honest
          i’ve been going ok Ave of about 2040 a round, which is ok, this week
          Adcock 47
          Monty 51
          Colin 21
          +plus others all going at about mid 80’s
          looks like i’ll just make 1825 if i’m lucky

  • Mundy 75, Mzungu 59, Sylvia 21, Didak 77, Buddy getting 43 because of Emergency, Swallow 53 is what let me downt his week. I have to make 250 with Rawlings, Knights and Gibbs to go. I highly doubt it. Whats everyone else on?

  • Mitchell 63 point last quarter whoa, glad i got him in now

  • About to rage quit DT, did Anthony > S. Thompson this week. DMDT

  • Knights looking shabby – thank God I didn’t bring Thompson in this week!

  • fwd line scores 382/7 shocking
    Franklin (prestias 43), fyfe 88, pav 66, sylvia 21, gu 59, lynch 31, volt 74
    injuries in fwd line killing me

    • feel your pain mate, it’ll all come good in the end just wait and see!

  • Who would have thought I could lose because of S Hern!!! Predicting 60s got 130s! For the love of god!

  • Is it me or has TKOK gone a little quiet since his team has been exposed as pretenders?

  • does anyone know where i might be able to find a live stream for the carlton port game?

  • will need a big one from gibbsy to top the 2200+

  • me 220 points
    him scotland and murphy

    think i might be in trouble

  • currently on 1938 with gibbs and judd to play hopefully both ton up. Petrie and rawlings got a few very nice junk time pts for me

  • what do you guys reckon par will be this week?

    im on about 2030 with jacobs and gibbs in game, hopefully i can crack 2200 if they both have great games

    • i think par will be 2050??

      • YEAH mid 2000’s this week most would settle for….most sides have taken a hit with key players underperforming

      • I’ll probaley get 2040-2060 depending on Gibbs. I reckon early to mid 2000s is about par this week

        • Wow, mid 2000s par? Possibly. I feel a bit better getting 2160 – Which I thought would be par or just below as my side had several under perfoming premiums – Thompson, Adcock, Boyd, Selwood (c) Fyfe. My bench cover guys Stanley and Mzungu hardly set the world on fire either. On top of that Buddy and Chappy missed too.

          Maybe I’ll do ok with my score then, if what you guys say is on the money.

  • curnow havin a shocker so far, youd be spewin if u held him

    • haha i did he’ll come good soon i hope, he’ll take a couple of weeks to play well

      • Curnow would want to come good now
        Need 27 off him to win my eliminator and his on bloody 13 at half time
        Better not get subbed!

  • Z smith could almost be a keeper. Im now seriously considering trading out sandi to free up 300k and use for an upgrade in each of the fwds and backs. Maybe heath shaw in and stevie j

    • yeah he is becoming consistant and that downgrade $$$$$ from sandi is very appealing

    • Zmith is a keeper IMO. Current rucks atm are Cox, Zmith (Lobbe, Cheap 80K Ruck). Got Petrie in the forward line and able to cover Cox when he has his bye thanks to DPP with Lobbe. Wouldnt suprise me if Lobbe got a game or 2 soon. Port need to play the youth.

      • i just jotted down a few trade ideas if i traded sandi for an 80k ruc. i would be able to upgrade matera>didak, Darling>stevie J and Stanley> shaw which to me looks pretty good and would leave me with 10 trades and didak as my 8th fwd which would be a luxury

        • or you could downgrade sandi to bailey or browne so you get cash and back up in case smith gets rested

  • wsa feeling pretty confident after friday night but Adcock, Pav and Frankiln (no emergency cover :() mean at half time in Pt v Blues im 48 up I have Yarran and he has Scotland!!! Touch n go if I can hold out

  • nick maxwell thanks for comin…about go a game clear in my lge 8-0.
    J bart (c) u da man…A swallow monster game
    2012-1932 and he has duigan/gibbs i have gibbs woop, woop!

    • Bartel as the big C? Nice move. Very ballsy considering his recent form. Had I read on Friday you were putting the C on Bartel I’d have called you a moron. Perhaps you’re just a DT genius.

  • Im thinking of trading swan for andrew swallow, then upgrading an average player to a star. I need some more star power but not sure who to get help me!

  • Who is a good forward under 250k?

  • Last!