Trade Talk Tuesday

It was a week of extreme scores at both ends of the scale for similar ranked teams which will leave some coaches with a frustrated finger on the trade button. There were players that rewarded coaches for showing a bit of faith and persistence while others seemed to throw it back in our faces making reactivate trading seem like a common sense move, rather than the act of insanity we know it is.

Repaying the faith/ possible bargain inclusion:

Greg Broughton: We selected this man at the start of the year as a premium more than capable of scoring 100 at least 2 out of every 5 weeks. Unfortunately he did not manage, or look like managing that feat in the first 6 weeks however in the last 2 weeks he has scored 90 and 120, potentially signalling his return to the DT elite. He is priced at 291,900 and has a BE of only 15 so if he is even close to returning to his potential, he looms as a massive bargain.

Running hot:

Marc Murphy: Often getting under the opposition radar due to the focus on dangerous teammate Chris Judd, Murphy is a star in his own right and he is converting that into DT domination. In the last 5 weeks he has a lowest score of 98 and is averaging 121 in the last 3. He is priced at 427,300 and has a BE of only 67. Given the fact he has an Assistant Coach projected score of 125, he won’t be this price for long and the fact he is reasonably unique, only featuring in 7% of teams is added incentive.

Premium bottoming out:

Alan Didak: Due to some horrible form and even a subbing, owners of Didak have been through hell. If you don’t have him, he needs to be on the radar if he can turn his form around. On the weekend he scored 90, which I hope is a sign of things to come (as an owner) and if it is, 280,700 is a steal and almost rookie straight swap. If I was lucky enough to not have him, I would watch for another week as his BE is still 98 so there is no rush.

Reactive trade:

Daniel Harris: I didn’t think twice about utilising my DPP this week that would have meant Poupolo (99) was on my ground in the backline instead of Harris in the mids because I was happy to take his projected 70. Well, what a disgraceful performance he put in that has left me fuming and wanting to trade him. At the price of 234,700 he is primed for either an upgrade or downgrade.

What might save Harris for me is the fact I still scored 2201 and hopefully I get Rockliff back this week. If that happens I might just make a big deal of benching Harris and not give him the emergency so I feel better and he learns his lesson. This is the forum to discuss all your trade thoughts and help each other out with ideas etc.

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  • hey guys what about
    harris —>> in Mzungu
    Tapscott —>>> in Pavlich or chappy?
    then the week after possiblly out darling or matera for either chapman (has the bye i finals) or o’keefe or didak?

    • I bet you were super excited when you saw someone had replied to your post. yeah?

  • Hey having some trouble picking who to upgrade to from harris out of Thompson, swan or murphy

    I dont care about byes and shit like that i just want the player that will score the most points for the rest of the year

    Any Ideas

    • Swan at his current price

      • just about everyone already has Swan and he is obviously struggling to achieve his usual brilliance. I’d say if you don’t have him yet then back yourself with another premium in better form.

  • Who do people reckon will be best out of Chappy (392k), Sylvia (405k) and Stevie J (417k)? I know chappy is tantalizingly cheap for his potential. Just need to get a fwd that is consistently scoring well, not necessarily scoring those massive one off scores then dropping off again.

    • May be a degree of recency bias but I would go SJ.

      • Didn’t SJ’s game against GC have a touch of Reimers about it???
        I would say Chap or Sylvia b4 SJ…….

        • not really considering stevie j has been hitting 100s or near it every week where reimers was just a one hit wonder

          • I did say his game……..not his year!!!!
            What i was getting at is he won’t get easy goals like that again this year…………oh until round 20 anyway!!!!
            The other 2 have more mid time so should score more consistently IMO.

          • oh yer i see what u were getting at now, sorry

          • +1 million

            SJ is dominating this season.

  • This week im downgrading harris to mzungu and upgrading libba… i will have enough cash in the bank to get any midfielder, my main options are boyd, pendles, s. thompson and marc murphy, the thing is with pendles i already have swan, and i dont really need another player like murphy and thompson that no1 has bcoz i already have mundy, it seems like a given to go boyd but im still not sure. any help would me must appreciated guys :)

  • is there any GOOD unique forward upgrades??

  • What do you boys think of these trades.

    Matera -> Mzungu
    Krak -> Didak or Stanley -> Suckling

    I’ve still got Dan Harris but I am happy to keep him another week and I reckon he couldn’t do any worse then what he did.

    I currently have $41,000 remaining so even after my Matera to Mzungu trade I still don’t really have enough to do anything with Harris just yet so I am toying with going Krak to Didak which will keep by budget above $100,000 which will be brilliant for when I try and pull off the Cotchin to Swan trade that I have been planning all year.

    Are there any other viable midfield options under the 380K mark that are you guys reckon I should be jumping out and taking.

    Basically at the end of all that should I be looking at Didak or Suckling this week keeping in mind that I still feel I am a couple of upgrades short

    • Sam Mitchell at 370k…………(or Embley at 365k).

      • Good call, haven’t rally considered Mitchell to be honest.

        Would he be a better option then say a Didak or a Suckling this week considering I still have a few trades up my sleeve and still need to make a couple of upgrades before I am content?

        • wat about jimmy bartel, very cheap for a champ with scoring potential

          • Don’t get on Jimmy, i have him and am wishing i didn’t…..but won’t be trading him as tight on trades.

          • Already have him.

            Team looks like this at the moment

            Backs: Deledio, Gibbs, Goddard, Duffield, Adcock, Heppell, Stanley (Jacobs, Puopolo, Otten)

            Mids: Pendles, Boyd, Ablett, Bartel, Cotchin, Harris (Bewick, Hibberd, Prestia)

            Rucks: Cox, Sandi (Smith, McCauley)

            Fwds: Sylvia, Chapman, Franklin, Riewoldt (N), Knights, Higgins, Krak (Matera, Lynch, Richardson)

            16 trades still left as well

        • Mitchell should score better than both of them and considering suckling is much the same price Mitchell would be better value.
          Also not convinced Hawks will be allowed to continue with kicking to each other in the defence against better sides (so far they have only done it against the Saints and Dogs………..2 sides travelling pretty shit at the moment and giving up big scores to most teams IMO!!!!)

          Didak is still a bit unknown cause if he score the way he has is past he is a bargain, but if he continues to score the way he has so far this year he’s not worth having even at that price!!!

          • My only major concern with Mitchell is that he can get tagged out of a game quite easily. I am leaning towards the Didak trade in order to save me some money and then be able to upgrade Harris to one of the true elite category that I don’t already have

          • Not sure it the tag that is Mitchell’s problem as opposed to his teammates kick to kick!!!! Mitchell wins contested ball and midfield ball, so when his teammates maintain possession for so long means less opportunities for him to win his own ball or ball thru the midfield!!!
            Anyway, you know your team and what it needs and Dids may just be that bargain. Good luck!!! :-)

    • Again i say to another one DONT FRIGGIN GO NEAR DIDAK THIS YEAR. WASTE OF A TRADE AND $$. Again i say Suckling is the better choice by far. You will regret trading in Didak!! No consistency of form. massive drop in value. May not drop further but he wont produce form all of a sudden and start scoring big. Best decision i may all year was getting him out after r6. He was hurting my team and causing me to loose games by that small margin you would expect Didak to be able to score easiy and get me over the line. F-ck A. Didak hes past his use by date.

      • Bit harsh mate, hardly had a pre-season and probably not the best idea to have injured player at start of the year.
        For info though, i am not planning to get him. Trying to steer away from players carrying injuries or having finals byes.

  • With Swan Boyd Watson Bartel and Mundy looking to the fill the last spot

    Pendlebury v Hodge v Thompson ??????????

    • I’d be looking to get Pendlebury after Collingwood’s second bye.

      You can’t really go wrong with any of them though, Hodge will get a heavy tag this week I would assume but it is against Freo so how hard that tag is I am not sure

    • If $$ are a concern, then Hodge.

      I dont like the idea of Thompson at all based on previous inconsistencies.

      Pendlebury for me is the best pick but have to consider waiting till after their 2nd bye in a couple of weeks.

  • Im am upgrading Libba this week to a premium and I want to know what people think of bringing in Rischitelli.

    I am unconcerned with overall ranking and care ONLY about winning the GF. Im in tough league and cant assume I will make finals.

    My reasoning for bring in Risky is that he has a low score of 72 in the suns second game but other than that his next lowest is 97 in the other seven games he has played. He has already had his two byes. He shouldnt get tagged cos Ablett is always going to get tagged first and I doubt many teams will tag 2 GCS players. The Gold Coast play Brisbane (away), Adelaide (home), Melbourne (away and Hawks (home) in the finals. Thats a pretty good run in.

    The downside is … he is Michael Rischitelli and Im not sure Ive ever considered him a premium before.’


    • Amazing how History comes into it but I don’t see how you could chose Risky of Garry with so little separating them.

      • Gablett is a definite no for me …. his scores this year include an 81, 84, 83, 92, 96 and 2 tons
        Risky has 5 tons a 72, 97 and 98.

        The reason you would pick Garry over Risky is his history at Geelong but based on what he has done at the suns I think Risky is the better pick.

        I know people will jump up and down about Garry’ s underperformance being due to lack of match fitness but I just think that, although this has some merit, the reality is people find it hard to accept that he may not be the DT god he has been in the past playing with a better team and playing a different style of game.

        • I have both Gablett and Rischitelli … Gablett because he is Gablett and is bound to ton up most weeks and Rischi will do the same and he is relatively unique … My Mids are Swan, Selwood, Chapman, Ablett, Rischitelli and Hodge … Over the past 3 weeks Swan has been the worst performing, but we all know when he recovers from injury he will be pumping out 130’s again like nobody’s business. I may not have Pendle’s, Boyd, Thommo or Mitchell, but most weeks that Midfield will pump out 800+ with the Captain. I would certainly back getting Rischitelli, he is unique and he might be that Point of Difference that wins you the grand final … not to mention he has had both byes and will play in your midfield every week. I also have DPP links to Scotland, Gibbs, Pavlich and Fyfe as cover and I am thinking about bringing in Goddard and Goodes in coming weeks as extra cover.

  • This week I am going to trade
    Duigan >Murphy
    Mckernan > Adcock
    Prestia > Ablett
    Libba > Sylvia
    and Dixon > Johnson.

    Next week I am going to trade
    Heppell> Boyd
    and Riewoldt > Nahas
    Hale > Harvey

    I am really looking forward to a new look team but really I just wanted to put a boring and seemingly impossible post up to inspire further conversation. Its what I do.

    • Mate your side would be pretty good then i reckon, not sure about riewoldt to nahas (is it N or J??).
      How much cash do you have in the bank???

    • And yes I do know that this cannot be done, but I like to be sarcastic when people are being sarcastic as well to confuse them..

      Because it’s what I do…

    • LOL

  • looking to finish my team over the next few weeks, final decision comes down too

    Dids & Shaw


    Sylvia & Stanley

    what do you guys think?

  • What does everyone think of Vardy from Geelong? Looking for a cheap ruckman to downgrade Vickery, and seems a safer bet to me with Renouf and Hale likely to return and take Max Bailey’s spot. After a subbed 29, he got a 70 last week against GC. Anyone else thinking of getting him in?

  • What are your thoughts on G.Broughton, Is he a good buy, considering hes ony at 291k

  • I’m new to DT this year so there’s a few teething problems that i’ll fix by next season hopefully, but here’s my team this week, whatta ya reckon ?
    Backs: Gibbs, Adcock, Suckling,Heppell, D. Stanley, Lower,Puopolo
    Mid: Pendlebury, Swan, M.Murphy,Fyfe, Mzungu, Kerr
    Ruck: Cox, Z.Smith
    Forwards: Darling, Krakouer,Pavlich, Chapman, N.Riewoldt,Lecras, D.Prestia
    Blew a lot of trades early that i’m paying for now but u get that !!

  • .Currcnt team

    Backs – Gibbs goddard Duigan broughton lower rance and puopolo (stanley otten and jacobs)

    Mids – pendel boyd ablett montags bartel hepell ( libba harris prestia)

    Rucks – cox petrie (smith sandi)

    Forwards – Franklin fyfe goodes nvoldt darling yarren krackwhore (dawes lynch richardson)

    18 trades left and 103800 in the bank.

    seriously considering tthis week
    libba——> mzungu (net 265800 in the bank)
    duigan/lower ——->suckling birchall (net 149100) duigan to suckling trade. leaning for this one as carlton have bye in league granny and im currently in top 2 of my leagues.

    next round will look at my fwds as i think my mids are complete
    Darling ——-> chappy (currently cost ~125000 but hoping for darling to smash suns this week and increase more than chappy)
    yarren——–> didak (at this stage will cost about 13000 but will see how didak plays this round (may even wait till after their next bye) may even go dawes as i dont really want three pies players in fwd line.

    Have lots of dpp players linking back/mids and mids/fwds so will have anple cover for byes and injury.

    next money spinner will be getting rid of one of my rucks. At this point all rucks are valued at 278300 or more and that is a waste on the bench.

    Heading to eorope 2or three weeks soon so am happy to trade atm as I wont get a chance over there (plus i have a few up my sleeve)

    any thoughts appriciated

    have lots off dpp players linking backs/mids and mids/fwds

    • Get Joel Tippett in your forward line so you can put Petrie out of your rucks.

    • i wouldnt be getting rid of lower this week mate he has a BE of -17 and the player i would get rid of is rance.

      i would go rance ->>> suckling
      def get in mzungu

      id also swap heppell to the backline and get in another premium mid because they will score 10-20 more points than heps

      then go to town on your forwards with all your left over trades you lucky dog

      • move hepell to backs and jacobs to mids

        now backs are

        gibbs goddard hepell broughton lower rance (suckling if i do this trade) poupolo (otten stanley duigan)

        mids boyd montag pendel bartel ablett liba (will be mzungu come friday) (harris prestia jacobs)

        rucks cox petrie (sandi smith)

        fwds buddy fyfe goodes reiwoldt darling yarren krakwhore (dawes lynch richardson)

        then maybe following week dawes to j tippet and move petrie to fwds. then darling to sylvia or chappy

  • Which two of Boyd, Thompson and Hodge?

  • Ablett, Hodge or Scotty Thompson for my 6th mid?

    • On the count of three you answer me and I’ll answer you, k?

      1… 2… 3!


      • I would go Boyd and Hodge … I am a Crows supporter and I still refuse to have Thommo in my team … He may be pumping out DT tons but he pisses me off the way he burns the footy … He gives the ball to the opposition more often than his own players …

    • Mate I have the same dilemma , how come no one is keen on ablett??

    Scotland, Adcock, Shaw, Heppell, Goddard, Lower, Pratt, (Duigan, Puopolo, Hibberd, )

    Boyd, Swan, Judd, Redden, Selwood, Liberatore, (Harris, Jacobs, Smith, )

    Cox, Smith, (Sandilands, Curnow, )

    Franklin, Pavlich, Goodes, Chapman,P Darling, Krakouer, Matera, (Prestia, Harper, Gamble, )

    Either Krak/matera or libba —-> mzungu
    Then Harris ——–> Thompson/Ablett/ montagna/murphy/pendles

    what do you guys think, i know my forward line is in dire need of performing players but i need to milk the cow

    • matera to mzungu for sure and then out of those premium mids id get murphy (keep in mind his finals bye) or if not then thompson (unique)

  • hey guys this week i will be going:
    prestia > mzungu and toy > suckling
    then my team will look like: (with 10 trades and 60k)

    goddard, gibbs, adcock, shaw, suckling, delidio, heppell (puopolo, hibberd, lower)

    boyd, ablett, pendles, bartel, redden, d.swallow (mzungu, jacobs, d.harris)

    cox, petrie (sandilands, mccauley)

    chappy, fyfe, franklin, goodes, n.voldt, knights, darling (i.smith, harper, j.tippett)

    then after collingwood’s second bye ill go d.harris > swan and darling > callinan
    thoughts would be appreciated :)

  • Team after the “Gu” trade this week will be….

    Goddard, Gibbs, Adcock, Rawlings, Deledio, Gram, Heppell (Puopolo, Stanley, Lower)
    Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Watson, Hodge, Selwood (Jacobs, Mzungu, Hibberd)
    Cox, Petrie (Smith, McCauley)
    Franklin, Sylvia, Fyfe.ROK, Chapman, Goodes, N Voldt (Darling, Matera, Richardson)

    Will leave me with 9 trades and about 90,000 in cash.

    Gram is the obvious worry, but otherwise all good i think.. would probably turn him into Scotland or Suckling in the near future if he doesnt get a game.

    Ranked pretty high, so car is the goal.


    Anything I’ve missed?

  • move hepell to backs and jacobs to mids

    now backs are

    gibbs goddard hepell broughton lower rance (suckling if i do this trade) poupolo (otten stanley duigan)

    mids boyd montag pendel bartel ablett liba (will be mzungu come friday) (harris prestia jacobs)

    rucks cox petrie (sandi smith)

    fwds buddy fyfe goodes reiwoldt darling yarren krakwhore (dawes lynch richardson)

    then maybe following week dawes to j tippet and move petrie to fwds. then darling to sylvia or chappy


  • Team’s a mess boys…

    DEF – B.Gibbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, J.Adcock, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, L.Thompson (P.Puopolo, N.Lower, J.Toy)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, S.Crameri, T.Liberatore (D.Swallow, S.Atley, D.Harris)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Who i want to get rid of: T.Liberatore (think its time to cash this cow), J.Toy, S.Atley, C.Richardson (all 3 are useless), D.Swallow and D.Harris are reaching the end too, J.Darling, J.Riewoldt are borderline.

    Who i want in:
    A.Otten/J.Toy –> Deledio/G.Broughton?

    S.Atley/T.Liberatore/D.Swallow/D.Harris –> Pendles/Boyd/Selwood/Barlow/Watson/Montagna/L.Hodge/T.Mzungu

    C.Richardson/J.Darling/J.Riewoldt –> Fyfe/Knights/Chapman/Pavlich/Green

    Isaac Smith/D.Hale??? (to DPP Petrie into fwds as a keeper, for when sandi comes back?)

    Cash in the bank: 183,500

    12 Trades left…. When to trade who?? Jeebus!

    Help me DT nuts! Any Suggestions??