The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 10

After some lean weeks in the past weeks, Dream Team showed us all why we love it, with most scoring 2200+. Big stars such as Riewoldt and Goddard returned to form and the Buddy show continued to roll. If you took my advice and put Heath Shaw in your team, then I’m sorry but he that is only a one off thing.

Get Him IN!

Top of the list this week goes to Demons debutant, Michael Evans after his stunning 112 debut. Evans looked at home in the Red & Blue and will hold his spot for quite some time. His $80,400 price tag makes him all the more appealing. If he can produce this form again this week, he is going straight into my team.

Liam Shiels starred for the Hawks on Sunday, posting an impressive 131. A DT surprise packet this year, Shiels has taken his game to another level with an average of just over 103. His last three weeks have produced scores of 108,122 and 131 just recently. At about $375,000, he is a worthy buy.

Another Demon makes the list mainly for the fact Sandilands is injured. Stefan Martin is in wonderful touch posting two 100+ performances in his last 2 outings. This is mainly due to the Big Russian being injured, but Martin is capable of going forward and kicking a couple. If you need some decent coverage for Sandi in the coming weeks, Stefan is your man!


If you’re playing for a league win and are looking likely to make the finals you will need to work out how many you are going to need. If you reckon Top 4 is within reach, you’re looking at 6 or 7 trades needed come finals time. So when trading we need to keep in mind our finals strategy and long term game plan. I suggest that you need to start making some upgrades/downgrades in the coming weeks, then sit back and only trade if you need to i.e. LTI’s, Long term suspension. Most teams are starting to take shape after 10 rounds and you would be looking to have the bulk of your side finalised in the next month to 6 weeks.

Fyfe vs. Ablett

A big decision on who to upgrade to out of Fyfe and Ablett has puzzled coaches. Well here are some stats to help you out.

Ablett Fyfe
2011 Average: 

102.5 103
Byes Left: 

0 1

$404,900 $378,600

76 61
Next 3 opponents: 

10 Average

119 68.1

No Yes (FWD,MID)

Score: Ablett 3, Fyfe 4.

Fyfe takes the points but the glaring fact is that Gazza averaged over 50 more points than Nat last year. We all know what Gazza can produce and seem to be getting more match fitness. I’m going Ablett

Down the track

Some of our favourite Dream Team players have produced some fairly poor scores due to injuries and being the sub. Prices have dropped and BE’s have risen, this can only mean one thing. Wait a few weeks and they will be ripe for the picking. Higgins and Didak are at the top of this list at the moment. Didak ($300,900) has a BE of 155 and Higgins (358,900) has a BE of 174. Both these players are DPP’s and are capable of some very good footy. I would target Didak after Collingwood’s second bye in Round 13 and wait until Higgins returns to a price somewhere around $300,000. Others to think about down the track:

Nick Dal Santo ($351,400, BE/ 174)- Could be a unique upgrade target and if the Saints get going so will Nicky Dal. Not going all that bad this season with an average 91 this year.

Jonathan Brown ($361,000, BE/ 146) – The Lions captain made a stellar comeback, leading the Lion’s to their first victory in 2011. He hasn’t experienced a price rise/fall yet but will most likely fall and keep falling, we hope. Browny kicked 4 and will only get better. Hopefully he can fall to around $310,000- $320,000 in the next month. If he does then get him IN!

Cyril Rioli ($332,100, BE/ 133) – Cyril made a return last week and did not set the world on fire with a poor score of 55. Wait for two more weeks then think about throwing Cyril into your forward line.

Finally, Dion is back!

He hasn’t been sighted since Round 4, and is in most of our teams. Some have already pulled the trigger but the ones who haven’t will be richly rewarded this week when he comes in for his fourth game. He is capable of a big score, posting 100 against the Dogs in Round 3. Expect a healthy price rise as his breakeven is -11 and a score somewhere around the 70 mark. Don’t place him on the field as he could be used as sub.

The Big INS

In: Daniel Nicholson Liam Anthony, Lewis Johnston, Daniel Harris, Maverick Weller, Dion Prestia, Josh Cowan, Aidan Riley, Taylor Walker, Lachlan Keeffe, Alex Fasolo, Andrew Gaff, Jacob Brennan, Christian Howard, Mitch Wallis, Jordan Lisle

What this means for your team? 9 players are set to make their debut this weekend in Nicholson, Johnston, Cowan, Riley, Keeffe, Fasolo, Brennan, Howard and Lisle. Nicholson, Johnston and Cowan are certain starters, but wait on the others until Friday. Lewis Johnston has been on my radar all year and will come into my team if he fires. Lachlan Keeffe could provide cover for some teams with Sandi out. Dion Prestia in, as mentioned, will put a huge smile on the faces of some coaches. Dan Harris returns for the Suns and could be a handy 7th mid if you still have him. Wallis and Gaff could provide cover for the injured Watson and potentially Swan, but let’s worry about that when it happens! Watch the 9 debutants especially Johnston.

The Big OUTS

Out: Luke Tapscott, Aaron Davey, Kieran Harper, Shane Mumford, Andrejs Everitt, Aaron Sandilands, Jamie Cripps, Joseph Daye, Seb Tape, Corey Enright, Allen Christensen, Tom Rockliff, Lindsay Gilbee

What this means for your team? Tapscott should be on the chopping block this week anyway after a $10,000 drop in price. Harper was a popular downgrade option in recent weeks; hopefully this opens the door for C-Rich. Big Mummy and Big Sandi will hurt nearly every Ruck line up. Zac Smith is your best bet and should carve up the Cats in the ruck with Ottens out. Most have gotten rid of Everitt but if you haven’t get him out! Gold Coast defenders Tape and Daye go out, but keep them as they will certainly get another go. Enright was a popular replacement for Grimes a fortnight ago, but don’t stress he will be back next week. Rockliff was a somewhat unique midfield pick at the start of the year. He’s out for up to 2 weeks apparently, so keep him. Some looked at Gilbee after his 6 goal performance, well he’s out so don’t even think about it.

Final Word

Approaching the mid point of the season, teams are starting to take shape. Tom Lynch needs to be thought about as a downgrade option. Fyfe or Ablett? Who would you go with? My prediction is that Franklin will kick 8, and top score DT this week. Chappy will carve up the Suns and score 130 to 140 points. Good Luck!


  • Fyfe for sure

    • Will fyfe get less time in the mids when barlow returns? Is Barlow superhuman? We all know how good he is. Thats my concern.

      • Good point but Fyfe has been that good, I’d say he’d stay around the mids most of the season. He just seems to pop up everywhere and had a massive tank

        • but without sandilands we will not get any ruck taps and might struggle to get as much ball as usual

    • With no sandi there to palm him the ball?? I think not my friend.

      • It will be interesting but I think he will still crack the ton…Ive had him from the start so I’m a tad bias maybe

    • Fyfe v Ablett? Who is making that choice? Neither are in the top 15 scoring Mids – surely you have better choices. If you must pick either as mid – Ablett based on nostalgia for glories past.

      However, Fyfe is one of only 4 forwards averaging over 100, and he is over $25k cheaper than the other 3. What’s not to like about the Na’vi prince? Plus the word is that Sandi’s replacement Griffin is more than serviceable as a tap ruck.

      As everyone has been saying FMDT (= Fyfe Mandatory Dream Teamer).

    • Fyfe v Ablett ???? Why are these two being compared?
      Even though Fyfe is a dpp he would go in your forwards.Only be in mids as cover.

  • In the planner at the start of the year I put Ablett in for trade up at round 10. Will I lie to Shane of DT past? Hard thing is I don’t want to get rid any of my mid rooks. Harris, Bewick, Prestia or Jacobs. Shane of DT past suggested Harris, but he will make great bench cover for the byes. Decisions, decisions!

    • I think Jacobs will be good enough bench cover, port have individual byes and he looks like getting a run through the midfield most of the season. Probably wont be as good as Harris but he wont be nearly as good as Ablett.

    • I used this round as a great opportuity for a number reasons:
      a) Started to phase out 1st player that will affect me in finals. Cashed in Heppel and brought in Jacobs. Possibly gettign ahead of myself shooting for DT GF’s, but have done so the past 3 years, so why not.
      b) Ablett in for Harris. Ablett @ $89k reduction is too hard to ignore.

      Leaves my midifled now Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Gibbs, Goodes & Ablett. Bench cover is Libba, Bewick & Polec. Libba awesome cover and they other two just in case.

      Already had Fyfe, so the Ablett decision was made easier.

    • Shane_0

      You can’t get too attached to your cows mate. Obviously you won’t get rid of Jacobs at this point, however something has to give if you wanna upgrade.

      Bewick is a bit of a project of mine and he’s named in the starting 18 this week. I had to cull a cow this week and Mzungu was no good to me unless I put him in the mids as otherwise I would have no mid/fwd DPP link.

      So, although I had earmarked Harris as my 7th mid, he had to go. If you’ve waited this long on Prestia you may as well stick with him for a few weeks.

      I’d trade Harris for Ablett anyday, and then hope Bewick or Jacobs might become your 7th mid.

      Similarly, as much as it pained me to let Lower go (especially after his 119 a day after I ditched him) you can’t stop progress!

      • Fair call. Hey your in the earlybirds league 4 yeah? Im sitting bottom in that one(I have a team), but it’s been good seeing the really strong teams in there. Doing good in my mates leagues though. Im thinkin Harris, got the cash to so do a straight swap. I got Tappy in the fwds, but have cover ATM so may hold off until Mzungu/ Smith are on the bubble and can make a good educated choice on which one. Mzungu is the choice for league win. Both look the goods!

        • Yeah I’m in Earlybirds. Ranked 5th and playing the ladder leader Reynold’s Rampage this week.

      • What “progress” is there is trading out a proven scorer and moneymaker like Lower?
        They called the Middle Ages progressive too.

  • Just need an opinion on a trade.

    S. Higgins > Fyfe
    Higgins has just been so frustrating but do I give him another chance?


    Libba > J. Selwood

    Any feedback would be great

    • Libba to Selwood, Dogs will need Higgins to be firing for the rest of the season and barring injury I reckon he will. Selwood will be the number 1 DTer this year so get on him.

    • @ amazeballs – what’s that got to do with Higgins??

      • @Dock

        I think Amaze means he’s got Higgins and Higgins pisses him off but he’s sticking with Higgins because he doesnt’ like trading out premiums.

        + 1

  • Hey guys, just wanting some feedback, i Trading in Either one of Pendlebury, Montagna or S.Thompson. What do you recon? Im leaning towards Montag…..

    • How many mid spots do you have left in your team? If only 1 I would be getting Pendlebury. If more than 1 wait on Pendles and get him after the bye, he’ll be cheaper then too. I think Monty will be the better pick of him and Thompson, but either way you can’t really lose, depends on your structure and how many players you will have out for their respective byes.

    • Thompson has a pretty easy month ahead of him, but can post scores of 70. However though he has scored over 125 3 times this year. If you really want Pendles in this week then get him but I say wait till after his buy and will probably get the tag of the Selwood brothers this week. Montag havem’t really seen much of his game, looks to of improved from his not so interested start to the year.

      Depends if your looking for an upgrade next week though and if you are will you have enough money? If not then go Thompson as he is just as good as the other 2. If you don’t need the money go Montag.

    • Cheers Boys

  • quick question!! should i play higgins on my field this weekend? will he bounce back against the hawks??

    • Who have you got to choose from?

      • ive got matera on my bench as cover and mzungu who will probably be a sub!

        • Yeah play him, I was asking in case you were choosing between someone like Darling or Krakouer, because although Higgins is a gun, I can’t see him posting much more than 70 odd. But that’ll be more than matera and the sub affected Mzungu.

          • yeh i knw what you mean…..but you never know, a week is a long time in footy and with big barry back itl put the pressure off of guys like him!

    • It doesn’t matter who he has to choose, Higgins is a proven gun with some injury. He got a little banged up against the Eagles last week ( as did the rest of the team) and I wouldn’t really base his performance on that. Put him on.

      • i knw and ive hung onto him cause i knw hes a gun but i was at the game last week…….he did NOTHING! he jogged around telling people were to be and never leading for a mark just a couple of handballs.

        • Meh the Eagles are that good thats why ;). But I say still start him,before that game he averaged 100.

  • hey guys i would just like to say people who jumped on the Gary Ablett band wagon are dream team hacks. he has only played one or two good games and now everyone is saying he is the premium pick up for the year.

    • Plus Lingy is going to tag him and the rest of the team will target him.

      • Lingy will not be able to run with Ablett.

        • He wont be able to run with him but around the contest he will do a great job harrassing him. Although once it’s out of the conjested area Ablett will probably get it enough, I don’t think he will pull another 120 out though, I am thinking between 85-100.

          • yeh i think 85-100 just cause hes pumped but you have to keep in mind people like chap and ling wont let him do his thing!

          • They are going to rotate players on him so some will do alright on him, others won’t. It’ll be anyones guess how he goes.

    • See, thats what I was thinking!

      So with the cash, do you upgrade to either Ablett or Rischitelli??

      • Gazza is still one of the best dreamteamers to grace the land and will pump out atleast another 5 120+ scores in the year. But if your really worried about him this week like I am then wait a week on him.

      • ablett! just cause its ablett dont get me wrong i would pick up ris just cause hes a bit cheaper but id go gaz!

      • Tempted to wait a week, but in reality, Ris doesnt cop a tag like Ablett, though Jr. can actually handle a tag well…

        • Also if your going for overall and your not in the top 500 you could go unique to try and get there. So Ris is a good choice if your doing that.

    • is my top 100 ranking a hack?

    • Hmmm, G Ablett (or SMJ as others know him), this would be the same G Ablett that has been the DT must have player for serious DT’ers for the past 3 years, with an injury interupted pre season. Joining a totally new AFL team filled with inexperienced AFL players, and just managed to play six of a possible seven games to date, however, still managed to average 102+ to date for those silly enough to draft him into their Dream Teams from day one.

      This would be the same G Ablett playing in an improving side that will be lining up against Bris, Adelaide, Melb, and Hawthorn for the DT finals (rounds 21-24), and the same team won’t be playing AFL finals, (no resting of players) and their last game for the year, round 24 is to be played at home at their new ground where the club will be anxious to have their captain and number one player on show for their supporters and corporate sponsers.

      And of course all those learned DT’ers who boldly proclaimed pre season to wait untill round ten, when same G Ablett would have completed both byes and gained some semblance of match fitness together with a new AFL team midfield gaining experience of playing games together, have obviously seen the error of their ways.

      Those DT hack coaches with DT teams averaging 2200 – 2400, What are they thinking?

  • @Nishy who do you reckon will finish the year better Monty or Gaz?

    • Or anybody? This is the hardest trade I’ve ever done!

    • Mate that’s a tough one.. I think saints are in a spiral downwards but the fact Monty can still pull out a 150 (against melbourne granted) shows he’s not going to give up too easily. Personally I would bring in Monty, but that’s mostly due to the fact Ablett will get the number 1 tag week in week out and he plays with 1 of the bottom 3 sides. But it’s hard.. because he’s GARY EFFING ABLETT. If he was anyone else with the same stats for the year you’d be picking Monty any day of the week.

      • Thank you very much! I’m sold. The thought of having Gaz in my side is exciting but Monty does seem to the logical way to go

    • Sully, It has to be Gaz … He has already had his 2 byes … He is getting back to match fitness and he is starting to gel with the young guns in the making … He would have to be odds on to average 110 over the rest of the year … 110 x 15 = 1650 points … Monty averaging 115 x 14 = 1610 … close call, and I might be biased towards Ablett, but on balance of probability I dare say Ablett will score you more points. Just in my opinion of course …

      • With Monty having 1 less game than GAJ, you’re mid cover for the saints bye only has to pump out 40 and your even, any more than that and your actually ahead. I’d still go GAJ though.

  • How can S Martin be cover for Sandi? Martin is defender eligible only, am I missing somthing?

    • Yeah, your missing the fact that anyone who knows how to use email can post articles these days.


    A. Matera to Lynch


    B. Pav to Fyfe (have a rather large case of Fyfe envy and Pav’s regular 80s really shit me)


    • You can’t get envy if it’s just Fyfe, only see green if it’s, like, eight or nine!

      Don’t drop off the battered Pav, he’s getting ready to add the cream and cherries.

      I do agree with your kthxbi comment though. Then again, everything sounds more sensible in Klingon!

    • Definately Pavlich to Fyfe. Your team will go from strength to strength.

  • man can’t make up my mind monty or gablett, it’s doing my head in haha

  • I understand where your coming from albert as i too dont have fyfe and would like to get him, but i wouldnt trade out one of my premiums for him, didak maybe but pav? cmon buddy you know better than that!

    On the topic of sideways trading, I am very tempted to trade out J.Watson out this week to Jelwood. what do you guys reckon?

    • I would take the risk. Who knows how long he might be out. You will feel so much better once another gun represents your starting team this weekend.

    • If you’re going for league win consider someone who doesnt have a bye during finals (which is the only reason I would be trading Jobe out at any point). If you’re not, then why sideways trade, Jobe isnt out for that long.

      • That’s what is so shit with Sandi. If you want to trade him for a premium you really can’t go with anyone from the Roos, Dons, Blues or Cats. The only real option is Mumford – and he’s gone and got himself injured too!

    • Burn, baby, burn

  • Puopolo or Jacbos on the field?

    • Jacobs coz his avg is higher…simple!

    • Dont tell me you’re starting 1 of them against me this weekend.

      • BTW peeps Im playing Lukes Losers in a league match this week, and he’s been talking up his team all year(asking me for help 24-7) and now his day of judgement is finally here!

        • TKOL – be careful what you wish for.

          We have some friendsl chat over email.. i ask your opinion.. not your advice. I usually go the opposite of what you say because you are the biggest shit talker on this website. Most probably the biggest shit talker out of everyone who has a registered Dream Team.

          you are the “DT GOD” – i am just a pitiful top 2000 sort of guy.

          You are expceted to win, that is why i am not worried.

          PS – i’m text steph to tell her about Video One

          • PPS – Have Heppell on the bench… do you have him? ohhh thats right, you missed the “heppell” train.. bad luck mate.

  • is heppell to deledio sideways?

    • why do that this week – delideo has the bye bext week.

      $65k upgrade for an 8 point gain

      Not only sideways but waste of money

    • Trading Heppell for anyone, anywhere is the more stupiderest thing I’s ever heard.

      • I would trade him for half an hour in a comfortable room with Jessica Alba!

        Other than that, I’d doubt you’d get too much value out of moving him on.

      • Michael Barlow is the only cash cow to ever turn into a keeper.

        He was a mature age rookie.

        Heppell has only just turned 19. Zero preseasons, physically immature.

        Will fade. Sell while peaked.

    • If you were going to trade him, id do it this week, considering he has the bye during DT Grand Final week.

    • 1. It depends whether one of them is a teenager and the other isn’t.
      2. You are going to be disappointed by Deledio’s score next week
      3. Maybe upgrade Heppell to someone who has had a bye, and isn’t a teenager with 8 games to his name

  • Thoughts on this week and next weeks trades:

    1.Krak > Mzungu
    2. Dal Santo > Monty or Gaz?

    Next Week
    1.Harris > Chappy
    2.Swallow > Mitchell

    Or should I be trading out others?

    Team is as follows.
    B – Goddard, H.Shaw, Enright, Deledio, Adcock, Heppell, Duigan, Lower, Puopolo, Toy
    M – Swan, Boyd, Pendels, Dal Santo, Gibbs, Swallow, Harris, Wallis, Jacobs
    R – Cox, Sandi, Z.Smith, Bailey
    F – Franklin, Goodes, N.Roo, Stevie J, Knights, Darling, Petrie, Krak, Matera, Prestia

    • Mitchell stinks

      • Mitchell only stinks because Lynx just won’t stand up to the demands of 35 touches, 11 tackles and a couple of stray elbows!

        • or 2 last rounds of 61 and 79… mmmm some premium.

          • AVOID MITCHELL

            although Round 22 against GC is tasty.

            He won’t fit into my midfield though:

            Swan, Pendles, Selwood, Gablett, Pav (ugh), Curnow (Libba, Hibberd, Krak/Prestia)

          • Sammy is just settling down to make sure he’s primed for the pointy end of the season. He’ll get RSI and leather poisoning this week.

            What’s the bet he doesn’t play round 24, the Hawks will rest a few like Freo did last year – a trip to QLD is not the ideal preparation for a final!

      • So who else instead then? At his price point next week and the following he’s an option, but who else for around $370-400k considering byes etc?

  • Jacobs, Stanley or the Pup on the field as B7
    Lynch, Matera or Darling as F7

    Did the following trades:

    Tapscott > Lynch
    Libba > Ablett

    What do you think of the above trades and bring on round 10 :)

  • hi, im nabeel

  • i need some help i have 440k in bank (made a lot of downgrades)
    and 12 trades
    I need to upgrade conca, libba, swallow,harris and curnow to (boyd, selwood, montagna, chappie and goodes) and might get evans so i will need to trade lynch later up.
    I will also need another downgrade of z.smith.
    so if i do those i will have 5 trades and fully set team and 180k about for injury to upgrade
    DEF: Goddard, Lids, Shaw, Carots, Adcock, heppel, duigan (Stanley, Lower, poo)
    MID: Swan, Pendles, Judd, Conca, Libba, Swallow (Harris, Curnow, Jacobs)
    Ruck; Cox Sandi(not trading out) (zsmith, curnow)
    FWD: Sylvia, Franklin, fyfe, nvolt, pav, lynch, matera (Prestia, Richo, Mzungu)
    when should i trade out mids they will make at least 30-40k more each, but i got heaps in bank

  • Gaz or Monty boys? Hodge is a possibility but think he’ll get a heavy tag with good form now.

    Either has to be for Dal Santo upgrade


    Swallow Upgrade…


    • Heavy tag? I don’t think so. He plays off the half back line, and so he may get a forward tag, but they won’t effect Hodge. Mitchell or Shiels will get the heavy tags. Even Rioli sometimes. Hodge is safe. Get him for Swallow.

  • Ok I’ve got a tough field dilemma now.. Usually do this myself but this one is unique so I’ve no idea where to go with it. Who to play on the field out of Harris, Darling or Z.Smith, have to play 2 of the 3. DPPs give me the flexibility.

    • Darling and Smith for mine. Even with Darling having the pies. I won’t be surprised at all if Smith tons up again given he will be up against Vardy & Hawkins

      • Thank goodness, same logic as me. Harris is BENCHED

      • Smith and Harris for mine. SMith as Geelong ruck weak without Ottens and I think there is more chance Darling will be restricted against the Pies and higher scoring potential of harris. Just my thoughts…really could go any of those options and wouldn’t be too disappointed.

        • Yeah smith and harris for mine. Harris will still see plenty of it. They’ll be fired up.

  • Hi guys:

    Need some guidance:

    2 of the following on the field
    Krak, Petrie, Cyril (i know it sounds strange but he was terrible last week)

    And trade one of toy or pederson for jacobs?

    Cheers in advnce

    • Petrie & Toss a coin for the other. Chances of tonning up and stinking are probably even for both. Krak slightly higher chance for sub maybe?

      • Cheers…thinking you might be right. Goodluck for the weekend!

        • Thanks, going to need it. No-one on my bench is playing, Enright is still on the ground (1 trade left) and I have a top of the table clash against my best mate in my main league.

  • So Enright getting ‘rested’ has blown my trade plans this week. Need to upgrade to Adcock. Who to get rid of out of Toy & Otten? Anyone know how far off Otten is? Don’t know that I can expect regular games from either of them at this point.

    Current Backline is:
    Deledio Gibbs Goddard Enright Heppell Duigan Stanley Toy Otten. Also have Hibberd in Mids as DPP.

  • Which 3 should I start in my backs this week – Puopolo, Lower, Duigan and Buckley?