Thanks Boag’s: Round 10 Discussion

Let us know how your round is going! Stay up to date with all of the sub, late withdrawal and other news in here.


  • zac dawsons mum should have swallowed. end of story!!

  • swanny!!! GET AROUND 100. YOUR NOT MY CAPTAIN.

    • i don’t mind ya colonel keep on annoying everyone on here, cos they all seem to think you care what they think when the more they dis you the more you write keep it up buddy !!!!

  • 1155/12 one of the better scores on here so far hope my players dont spud it up today

  • Can someone help me?
    I understand Lake and Gilbee are in but I seemed to have missed who got the chop!
    Does anyone know?

  • My eliminator is gonna be close I think. I’m 14 points behind.

    I have 8 players and he has 7. But 3 of mine have only 3 quarters left which is equivalent of about one player.

  • SEN coverage of the footy is disgraceful!!! they sound like they are commentating after a few too many bong hits they dont give a F&$#

  • to early to say but is this going to be Didaks breakout game…

  • Pull your finger out Adcock and go BANG!!

  • Cmon Lift Swan + Knights! Didak going quite too

  • Swan statless in the second quarter so far….christ

  • What is wrong with Swan guys? Is he going to get subbed or just playing injured today

  • eat $#!T adelade!!

  • Swan will be lucky to be starting on my field this week! Surley he has to be considered to be traded out with current form/injuries? Midfield is looking shocking with Bartel, Swan and Montagna :(

    • Swan will pose a dilema if this keeps up, how injured is he?? Good thing is most teams have him, hope not too many put the big C on him this week

    • it’s swan.. he is just playing injured well done to anyone who decided to wait on him untill after their 2nd bye playing of very nicely now..

      • Not really.. he’s still scored more points than almost every other mid fielder. Who cares if he’s heaps cheaper then that’s a fair load of points missed out on.

    • Surely you’re not serious? Trade Swan out. You never trade out our guns. He’ll come good again

  • OMG my bad week just keeps getting worse be very lucky to score over 1900 this week need boydy, buddy and libba to have huge ones to save me dropping to much in the rankings ATM looking like dropping back to 2000.. oh well on a brighter note my “wifes” team looks good for 2200 plus hopefully will move it up into top 100..

  • 1656 with Boyd (c), Franklin, Higgins to come. 2050 would be nice. 2100 very unlikely. But hey I can dream

  • 333, Murphy, Puopolo


    Boyd x2, Higgins, Suckling, Liberatore

    need a big one from Boyd

  • Anyone know if Dangerfield is injured or whether he’s just playing crap footy? What’s the thought’s should i hold on to him and see if he comes good or trade him????

  • F**king lift Boyd. i need a massive game from him or im gonna lose my eliminator to someone who is nowhere near me in the rankings

  • oh god Boyd. Disgusting. Why the f**k did I keep Higgins again?


  • im on 1957 with buddy, boyd and puopolo to go. hoping for 2100+ maybe if boydy and buddy fire up

  • Suckling – 39 points in 6 minutes…wow

  • suckling you crazy bitch!!

  • goddard nothing serious, should play next week. good news!!!!!!!!!

    channel 7 news

  • Going to win eliminator against someone ranked around 9000 (i’m ranked about 22000)

    Am stoked!

  • s mithcell gone to sleep majorly…

  • guerra 158 points