Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 9

The Round 9 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.




  • Is it worth buying a St kilda Gernsey for $10 all sizes and types. I passed and purchased an eagles polo.
    It is like they are giving them away.

    Perth Jim Kidd

    • a wise decision !! GO THE EAGLES

      • this is why it sucks to live in 1 town 2 team city perth ‘all u hear is wce freo’

        least it made me have fyfe mundy cox from the start

        • I will have to go down to jim kidd and buy a few hold onto them for a while and then sell them on ebay when they look like winning a premiership.

          On second thought i would be waiting a good 30 years or so I will have to pass on that one better off putting the money in the bank and getting nominal interest.

  • Wouldn’t be Wednesday without “Freako”. Look forward to reading “Freako’s Rave” each week.
    Matthew Boyd for Captain this week! Wonder what the Pirate thinks of that?

    • Has him 3rd for captain choices this week.. I’m choosing selwood this week to tear the suns up!

  • Does anyone rekon it’s about time for a 100+ score from Jimmy Bartel?
    How many other coaches opted for Bartel over Selwood like I did?

    • I went Bartel last year and I remember him disappointing me on many occaisions with 70s and 80s and getting very jealous of Selwood pumping out the big 120+ on many occaisions.

      Pleased to say I learned from my mistake :)