Chook’s Rooks – Round 9

When Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter aligned in mid-May, there was plenty of talk about the planetary formation causing people to adopt “film-star mannerisms”, show “considerable artistic and creative ability” and enjoy “strong sexual magnetism”. What the astrologists criminally overlooked, however, was the effect it would have on our Dream Teams. The planets align and next thing you know, the best DTers on earth take their scoring into another galaxy. The premiums and mid-pricers were stellar, but the rookies weren’t about to miss out, either. Last week I reported that 10 rookies scored 80 or more in a massive scoring week for our young guns. That increased to 11 in round 9, with four guys cracking a century, including a first-gamer. Making this particularly remarkable, of course, was the fact that a bevy of youngsters were sat on the sidelines courtesy of Gold Coast’s second bye of the season. Nuts.

Three-or-more gamers

The big decision last week was whether to offload Fremantle DT defender (actual midfielder) Nick Lower or Melbourne DT forward (actual defender) Luke Tapscott, who both looked to have peaked. Those who ditched Tapscott will be delighted with the decision after he was stranded on 16 points when he was struck down with a hamstring injury in the Dees’ loss to St Kilda. Those who dumped Lower won’t be as happy after the former Port player ripped his old team a new one, chalking up 119 points. It’s new Bes of 101 for Tapscott and 9 for Lower, then. Essendon’s Dyson Heppell became the first rookie this season to crack the $300,000-mark with another big score, this time a 109 against the Tigers. Just missing out on triple figures in the same game was Richmond’s Reece Conca, who looks set to reach the same price point as Heppell now that he’s being used more frequently through the midfield. Like Lower, Blues defender Nick Duigan continues to reward coaches who kept the faith, churning out a 97 that reinvigorates his rolling average. Adelaide’s Brodie Smith could well do the same, backing up his sub-affected 11 last week with an 81-point performance, despite scoring just three points in the final quarter (dominated by Collingwood, of course).

Other than Tapscott, there aren’t any rookies desperately needing the boot from your team this week. Even underperforming North Melbourne midfielder Shaun Atley could wait another week without leaking too much cash, if you need him to. He’s averaging a touch over 50 and has a BE of 80 this week, but shouldn’t drop more than about $10k. West Coast forward Jack Darling (BE 60)will be sacrificed by coaches wanting to go down to Gold Coast forward Tom Lynch or up to Geelong’s Paul Chapman, but I’m sticking with the big-bodied Eagle. He looks a decent eighth forward, for mine.

Two gamers

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and slip Port Adelaide def-mid Ben Jacobs into your team this week. Jacobs started his second AFL game at a similar pace to his first: pedestrian. However, a move into the midfield after half-time gave Jacobs the chance to deliver on his potential and, 22 possessions, later, he’d put together a tidy 91-point game. The Power still have both of their byes to go, but that’s the only fact not in Jacobs’ favour. Decent job security, high scoring potential and dual-positionality to boot, you’d be mad to pass this one up. If he was a choice on Most Awesomest Thing Ever, he’d win every time. Gold Coast forward Tom Lynch is a slightly trickier proposition. While there’s no doubting his scoring potential after amassing 187 points in his two games to date, Lynch starts his DT life at an inflated $120k. That’s quite a bit of coin to shell out for a downgrade target. While the Gold Coast are in the opposite position to Port in terms of byes, having served both of theirs now, the risk of a rest is still a reality for Lynch in a team that has no qualms about making four or five changes each week. After Jacobs and Lynch, the rest of the two-game bracket is a bit meh, to be honest. Hawthorn’s Isaac Smith is an option if he returns from “general soreness”, but Tendai Mzungu is the better bet if you want to add another mid-fwd to your squad. Smith’s teammate Luke Bruest isn’t a terrible option, having scored 70 in the Hawks’ big round eight win and then a 30 off the substitute’s bench in round nine. Job security’d be a concern. Gold Coast forwards Steven May and Sam Day, Sydney midfielder Luke Parker and Suns defender Joseph Daye have failed to show much scoring potential in their two outings thus far, and Day costs a sh*teload – coming in at $150k.

One gamers

It’s a reminder of what a weird game DT can be that the lowest scoring debutant of the seven who made their first AFL appearance in round nine is also the most enticing. Fremantle fwd-mid Tendai Mzungu had to wait until almost three-quarter time to see some action, having started as the sub, but the fact that he debuted in round nine at all is still a good result, having bypassed the WAFL completely. Mzungu didn’t waste any time regaining the pre-season form that made him one of the most popular rookie picks prior to his injury, picking up 21 points in the final quarter. Like Jacobs, Mzungu is one you could justify trading in before he’s reached the regulation two-game mark, although the fact he hasn’t played any lower-level footy makes him a sub candidate for at least another week, you’d think.

The round’s other debutants all scored more than Mzungu, although it’s not like Hawks ruck Max Bailey, Brisbane mid Josh Green, North back Luke Delaney, St Kilda mid-fwd Nick Winmar and Geelong ruck Nathan Vardy went berserk, with all failing to score above 50. The same can’t be said for Melbourne mid Michael Evans who, after a string of good performances in the VFL did score above 50… twice. His 112 combined with a $80k price tag sent pulses racing, although it pays to remember that the Dees have Tom Scully and Jack Trengove to come back into the side soon. Let’s see how he fares in his second game.


  • he will be a keeper imo, up untill around round 16 anyway

  • Does anyone rekon it’s about time for a 100+ score from Jimmy Bartel?

    • Sure do, I’ve had him from start instead of selwood but he has been a little quiet recently hopefully he steps up!

    • He should get a ton against GC but I’m going to sideways him soon unless he is used in the thick of it.

  • I’m going Darling to Chappy this week. I know a lot of people will think this is stupid but I’ve still got Krak’s and I think he will be just as good a 8th fwd as Darling. I also know Darling has a be of 40-55 or something but will that 10k-15k price rise be worth the extra 30-40 points i’ll get with chappy?

  • interesting dilemma , do i go

    Ablett (No DPP) or Fyfe with (DPP) for my mids …

    i have Sylia and Goodes in my FWD Line to do the DPP

    thoughts people …

    • im not getting Fyfe or Pav due to the round 16 MBRs with Adelaide (Knights) and Melbourne (Sylvia)

  • it’s interesting on peoples stratagies when trading cash cows out ? do you trade out darling, swallow, libba, krak, duigan, stanley, harris etc. these guys have made more money but also have alot greater js.. do you try and keep bewick richo etc on your bench as they have made stuff all cash and probably won’t ? i think it’s going to be very important to have very good cover so i don’t wan’t to be carrying anyone so i will be keeping darling, krak, stanley and duigan.. however i will trade out libba, swallow and harris as i want my 3 mid bench players to all be dpp.. jacobs, krak and muzungu all have really good js..

  • so i would be thinking that Jacobs is a more vital selection in my team than Lynch…..

  • Don’t know what to do with some rooks.

    I have Jacobs, Libba, Harris and Irons in the mids. Should I bite the bullet with Irons and trade him for Montagna or Ablett? I have the cash to do it, I just see more growth in the other 3, and worry about losing good scoring mids with byes happening.

    What does everyone think about getting rid of Irons? I bloody kept Banner (another port player) last year all year, but byes weren’t a consideration last year.


    round 10 – bewick to jacobs, richo to lynch

    round 11 – libba to evans, matera to muzungu

    round 12 – swallow to chappy, harris to ablett

    round 14 – evans to pendles, puopulo to shaw

    giving me a close to final side with 7 trades left of

    back: god, gibbs, lids, adcock, shaw, rawlings, heppel, hibberd, duigan, stanley

    mid: swan, pendles, boyd, selwood, ablett, bartel, jacobs, krak, muzungu

    ruck: sandi, cox, smith, keffe

    fwd: chappy, sylvia, goodes, buddy, volt, petrie, knights, darling, lynch, prestia

    after this other possible trades are knights and petrie out if there form drops of but if they keep averaging above 85 will keep them and save my trades..

    and adding an extra premium back if heppel’s form drops off..

    what do people think ????

    • looks good barring any injuries and the DT finals if you care about leagues have byes for NM GEE CAR ESS

  • I know this is rookie talk but who does everyone rate higher out of GAJ, monty and mundy?

  • I need to get Jacobs in but don’t know who to trade him for. I would like to get Ablett in the midfield after I do a downgrade but not sure who to downgrade.

    At the moment my midfield is – Swan, Pendlebury, Selwood, Boyd, Liber, Iles — Curnow, Hibberd and Irons

    People I am considering to trade are Duigan, Stanley and lower in

    and Higgins, Matera and Tapscott. I don’t really mid if I don’t trade tapscott out this round as would rather get ablett in.

    What should I do? Or should I just do two downgrades this week?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks :)

    • Why don’t you go Stanley or Duigan to Jacobs for DPP and cash, then use the money to go Libba or Curnow – Ablett. This still leaves you decent cover on both lines and you get both players you want

    • IMO ablett won’t go up much this week BE 110 vs the cats….

  • What’s the word on Keefe from Collingwood? He has been my dead weight rookie ruckman since the beginning of the season. However he was named emergency last week, is he any closer now?

    It would mean I could have the option of keeping Petrie Dish in my forward line.

  • THIS IS FOR NEXT ROUND… OR NOW i want to get someone out to cover sandilands… i have smith and vickory but then richmond have a bye next round and i will be left with a no scorer on the field… a option i have is to trade vickory for joel tippet then sub petrie for tippet/lobbe… in the procees i will make 140k

    all thoughts and other suggestions welcome

    • i am in a similar but worse situation, you have two choices.

      what you said get tippett for dpp to petrie basically a wasted sideways trade once sandi back but you have cover then from petrie for season


      downgrade a rookie somewhere else for cash to upgrade vickery to cox

      im undecided on the dpp solution or the cox solution

      • yeh but thats 2 trades not 1 both will work and after sandilands comes back smith does’nt hav a place on the field

    • You need Cox anyway, so why not do Sandi to Cox?

  • The thing with Evans is that even though Scully and Trengrove are coming back into the side and he plays a similar role to them, his possessions were mostly quality and his 1%er’s were excellent so he may force someone else out who is not as commited over the coming weeks. Lynden Dunn coming back soon also hurts his prospects (not direct replace obviously)

    • whats your ranking grand old flag ???

      • Top 10% without checking exactly. Not great but getting better every year :)

        Just my opinion. I am a Demons member and really want the kid to get games. Keeps pressure on spots and forces better play.

        My likely trades this week would be tappy to lynch and would like to get SMJ in but have no cows worth culling, so may have to hold off for a week

  • With the departure of Gary Ablett, i don’t think anybody predicted less time in the middle for Jimmy Bartel….

  • having a bit of a meltdown trying to think of someone for my last Mid spot… I had my mind set on Scotty Thompson but now im having second thoughts on Ablett (the no more byes helps). anyone else in the same boat?

    • *second thoughts on picking Ablett

      • actually I’m starting to get convinced on GAJ now, hes getting match fit, and now some of those Suns are getting some experience Abletts scores should get better…decisions decisions

        • For me, i think Gazza is the next best midfielder (including considering byes) after my midfield of: swan, pendels, boyd, bartel, selwood.
          I think he will be better than Mitchell, Monty and Thompson. I’m not considering Murphy for personal reasons. And please, don’t mention Mundy in the same sentence of MY midfield.

      • As tempting as Ablett is Thompson has been more consistent this year. The crows midfield are starting to gel better in the last 2 rounds and they’re looking more to offload to Thommo when they can. Ablett will keep dropping in value whereas Thommo won’t loose alot

        • Oh yeah Ablett will keep dropping in value with a B/E of 76 this week and a projected B/E of 55 the week after…add his 156 from Rd 8 and it’s all doom and gloom for him……

          • again well said me ol’ mate Brapp , what drugs are these people on …

            do your homework people before shooting from the hip !

          • Yeah Bangerman don’t know what these newbies are on, hows your team and rank going champ?

  • Was thinking of going
    matera/ would I be crazy to go Dawes?)-lynch
    prestia (if not named)/ maybe harris/ maybe krak (would prefer not to) – hodge or any other premium mid
    is trading in hodge mad because I already have mitchell
    Which rookie should I upgrade
    money in bank: 226k
    Mids: Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Goodes (plan to move into forwards after midfield upgrade), mitchell, libba (harris, prestia, Hibberd)

  • who should i trade out of my backs to get in Jacobs?
    i need him for midfield upgrades and i have hibberd to swap with jacobs.

    Should i trade him for:

    Nick Lower?
    Nick Duigan?
    Dyson Heppel?
    Danny Stanely?

    any thoughts would be great

    PS: would dpp’ing petrie into the rucks be a bad idea if it leaves darling and krakouer on field?
    i have zac smith btw

  • who is the best premium mid to get in this week??

    i already have boyd,bartel,rockcliff,mittchel,libba,d swallow krak (prestia,bewick)

    Need help!

  • Thompson has pumped out some massive scores this year. That 61 he got against melbourne was injury affected (went off just before 3rd quarter ended). so his average would be much higher. But who knows with ablett, hes getting match fitness but can he get back to his old self?….its doing my head in…haha.

  • Thinking the unthinkable! (currently 14 trades remaining).

    Option 1:

    Sandi – Smith (leaves rucks Cox, Smith and Petrie for coverage)
    And never get Sandi back.

    Libba – GAJ ….this one is doing my head in. Or any suggestions of others under 429k more worth?
    Leaves me with 6 mid field premos.

    Option 2:
    Cover Sandi with Petrie

    Trade Cam Richardson to either I i smith or Lynch
    Trade Pederson to Jacobs (yes I know….f*#k up on that one

    Then next week Sandi to Smith and get the premo mid for libba. This is so I dont miss the cash cows increases. (but then GJ and Z SMith will both go up as well!)

    This is doing my head in…..thoughts appreciated. :)

    Leaning toward option 1. And is desperate can aways get sandi back in 4-5 weeks.

    • Or perhaps S Thompson instead of GAJ?

    • Depends on the teams. If Lynch and Jacobs are named then Option 2. Gonna be guns by the looks of things. Ablett is never gonna be this cheap again though, has a BE of 76.

      • Damn…and there is the dilemma! (thanks for your thoughts though :))

        • yeah but if Ablett scores 109 like predicted he only goes up $11000, no biggy

          • Fair call.

            Lynch or I Smith do you think?

          • lynch if your trading to make money, and possibly a keeper, i smith is only good for DPP otherwise lynch would be my pick, problem with all the suns is they only seem to play every other game rotating players in and out like , like , well like no team i’ve ever seen

          • Cheers gents. Option 2 it is.

            That only leaves the Sandi problem now. May end up holding on to him. :(

  • I might be wrong but I thought Ablett has had two 100s from 7 games this year, is that correct? If so its not screaming pick me at over $400,000. Not a bad option by any means, but I wouldn’t be betting the house on him being in the best 6 averaging premos for the year in the mids.

  • BEs listed in DreamTeam site different to Fantasy Freako. Why the diff?

    • not sure why but DT site is what matters, Fantasy Freako uses a formula and does a great job but if you have DT assistant coach BE, you go off those as DT goes off those

    • All BEs are only an estimate as the magic number changes each week depending on how many points are scored and the resulting price changes (rookies effect this more as they obviously increase in price much more). The analyser is probably the most accurately calculated but is still only a guess. Hope this clears it up

  • Anyone seriously looking at Hodge ? For 350k seems like a bargain and coming off 2 hundreds.

    Even with a BE of 76 I don’t think Ablett will do much this week. Especially against Geelong who will target him.

    Also with a choice of Lynch or Jacobs which is a better bye do you guys think ? Really need to do an upgrade in my MID so can’t really get both.

    • If he was a dpp like last year be good for the backs, but as a pure mid there are plenty of better options.

  • I want to bring in Jacobs but who do I get rid of from LOWER or STANLEY?


    I could get rid of Otten but not make half as much money.

    What to DO?

    • If you have someone else to provide cover for your back byes for the rest of the year (like Duigan) then get rid of Stanley.

      If you don’t, then hold Stanley as cover and get rid of Lower

      • Cheers yeah I have Puopolo and I’ll normally have Heppell on and I’ll be bringing in Jacobs so yeah I’ll ditch Stanley

  • hey i have swan pendles boyd cross A swallow and d harris but getting rid off harris for either godes or Dusty martin. i have rohan bewick claye beams and jared irons on bench, when coll and dogs bye comes along im Fcked, what should i do with bewick? ineed answers.

  • whats the better option

    1) Gram – Delidio & McCauley – JTippett (DPP Petrie in ruck)

    2) Gram – Puopolo & McCauley – Cox

    DEF has a donut and RUC has a donut – so 2 trades needed for cover.

  • Anyone else have Dawes? I want to ditch him for Lynch this week but I don’t know how he will go. Brought him in after his first 2 round where he killed it assuming he would do really well with COllingwood targetting him up forward but he has been dissapointing to say the least. Time to get rid of him?