The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 9

Everything in the DT world was restored last weekend with most teams posting 2000+. Gold coast have the bye this week and this is more of an opportunity for us to wait a week before making decisions on Downgrade/Upgrade options in Ablett, Lynch, Matera etc. But more on that later, hope you enjoy this week’s edition and hopefully we continue to stay above the 2000 mark.

8th Defender?

The topic lately has been trading out all these so called cash cows and taking the money to use on premiums we planned to get pre-season. I for one am a believer in this strategy but this year with the byes I think we may need to re do our plans. You need at least one back up player on your bench that will play almost every game i.e. Duigan. You can call it your 8th defender, 7th midfielder, 3rd ruck or 8th forward but you still need a consistent performer who you can call on the offer coverage. I made the mistake in trading out Duigan to make some cash. Nick will play almost every game for Carlton this season and is a lock as an 8th defender. Zac Smith is an obvious in the ruck department, so hold him. But the forwards and midfielders are a worry. The other day I worked out my trading plan for the next few weeks and this involved cutting Libba and Dan Harris to get the likes of Hodge and Ablett. Then I realised I need to keep one of this pair as my 7th midfielder. This has made me more confused on what I should do, what are your plans and who is your spare in each position?

Mzungu anyone?

Scrolling through the injury lists earlier this week I discovered that popular pre-season picks Ian Callinan and Tendai Mzungu are on the comeback trail. Callinan wasn’t listed on Adelaide’s injured list and Mzungu was listed as having a test, which can only mean they aren’t too far away. I’m not saying get them in this week it’s urgent, all I’m saying is watch out for them and maybe work them into your trading plans somehow. This got me thinking, out of the no-gamers who do I need to work into my plans and put on my ‘watch list’? Here are some names you should think about.

Josh Green (BRIS, $92,500) – Tasmanian who has dominated at QAFL level already this year, provides dash from half back and was named emergency last week. With an injury to Polkinghorne, Green could debut this week.

Lachlan Keefe (COLL, $92,500) – Seems to be on the fringe after a promising NAB Cup display, named emergency last week and with Maxwell, Brown and Jolly under an injury cloud, Keefey could get his chance

Lewis Johnston (SYD, $97,600) – Has been named emergency in the past few weeks after being a high draft pick in recent years. Yet to make an appearance in the Red & White, but this will soon change.

Get Him IN!

Nat Fyfe continues his good form with a solid score of 114against the Weagles. Nat was a mid pricer heading into season 2011 but is now a genuine premium. With an average of 100, you should be getting this second year gem in your side. Don’t let the BE of 112 scare you off. This kid is the real deal.

At the cheap price of $327,000 you can get Hawthorn captain and DT proven point’s scorer, Luke Hodge. Hodgey has had a slow start to season 2011, he is well and truly back after his score of 134 against the Saints. His BE is 42 so if you’re going to get him it’s either this week or next because this Hawk is about to take off.

Gazza returned to his brilliant best at the weekend with a massive 156 points against Adelaide. With 41 touches and 5 goals, Gary Ablett is one player you need to get in your team for a reasonably cheap price of $404,900. With Gold Coast’s second bye this weekend, all the more reason to get him in!

Heath Shaw has surprised many this year with an average of just fewer than 100 in the first 8 rounds. His last three games have brought scores of 110,117 and 124, on current form he should get 131 this week! 

Tom Lynch. The kid is a DT jet after scores of 95 and 92 in his first two games, and a healthy BE of -92 to go with it, Lynch is definitely a player you should be getting in your team. An added bonus of playing with the Gold Coast means he could have sewed up a spot in the 22 for the rest of the year. Could be your 8th forward, I’m locking him in!

The Big Ins and Outs

Ins: Leigh Montagna, Nicky Winmar, Jasper Pittard, Rhys Palmer, Tendai Mzungu, Jono Brown, Josh Green, Luke Delaney, Brent Stanton, Lachlan Keefe, Aidan Riley, Lewis Johnston, Nick Malceski, Max Bailey, Cyril Rioli, Jordan Lisle, Andrew Embley, Daniel Kerr, Shaun Higgins, Mitch Wallis.

What this means for your team? 3 favourite premium midfielders in Montagna, Stanton and Embley return to boost a wide range of Dream Teams. 8 players are set to make their debut this weekend in Mzungu, Riley, Lisle, Keefe, Winmar, Johnston, Delaney and Green. Riley, Lisle, Keefe and Johnston are no certainties but I would be jumping on Mzungu and Green. Jono Brown returns for his first game since round 1, Nick Malceski could boost defences in the coming weeks and the long awaited return of Higgins is finally upon eager DT coaches. Max Bailey could become a ruck option, fingers crossed he doesn’t injury his knee again. Good luck Max!

Outs: Jason Gram, Jayden Pitt, Jobe Watson, David Hale, Isaac Smith.

What this means for your team? Gram was a popular replacement for Grimes last week but finds himself on the outer, if you have him then hold him because a run in the 2’s might be the best thing for him. A hamstring injury will keep Captain Jobe out for up to 3 weeks, don’t get rid of him, he’s just too good. Hawks pair David Hale and Isaac Smith go out due to injury. Trade out Hale, he’s useless anyway. Wait on Isaac Smith, still think he has more to offer.

Final Word

Sorry in advance for saying Mzungu, Johnston, Green and Keefe were on the fringe and then they were announced as ins. Did the first half earlier in the week and only did the teams when they came out. Good Luck this week and watch out for those 8 rookies mentioned earlier. Don’t go crazy with trades and wait until final teams are done later today before making decisions. My prediction this week is that Matt Boyd will post a score of 140+, so pen him in as captain.


  • Joshua Green is an intersting one. Up there with Wallis, Heppell and co in the TAC Cup and U18 Championships stats. His non DPP link may turn a few off. Here’s hoping he fires and becomes a regular fixture in the Brisbane side.

  • Need to double trade thinking

    Duff to Puopolo/Hibberd?

    Curnow to Mundy/Selwood

    Thoughts? going for a league win so Selwood would miss one final for me if i play that week

  • Don’t know why you say Hale is useless.

    He is a DPP, can swap him and Petrie around if needed to cover FWD/RUC! He has been very handy for me this season :) (even injured the DPP is still valuable imo..)

    • He’s useless sitting there doing nothing with a price of 180k.

      If you trade him down to Joel Tippet (another DPP), you can pocket 70k. If you’re only using him to swap in Petrie you might as well free up some extra cash, as minimal as it is.

      • Don’t know if Tippet is likely to ever play… Hale should be back later in the season though.

        • Keep an eye out for Matthew Lobbe from Port. He’s a $120k R/F DPP who should get a game or two in the upcoming weeks.

  • Thanks W. Dawg.

    8th Defender – Duigan (for reasons you outline)

    7h Mid – Harris (was cheap, is reliable)

    8th Forward – Darling (no brainer)

    3d Ruck – after Rd 16 both Cox and Big Sandy will finished their byes and I plan to cash in Zac Smith for possibly Nathan Vardy or another cheap smoky, as I will need the proceeds from the Smith sale to complete upgrades elsewhere on the park. Just a thought for other punters.

    • Ps. And the reason I need proceeds from the Smith sale is precisely because I can’t cash in Duigan or Darling!

  • My options:

    1) Make 2 trades and get Otten out for Puoppolo and use that money to upgrade tapscott to sylvia.


    2) Use 1 trade to get Swan in for D.Swallow( got no bench this week with Watson out and harris a bye) ill be able to move Isaaac Smith up front and bring Goodes into mid and have Tapscott playing.

    what you think guys? 1 or 2?

    • How bout do a bit of both? otten 4 poo then swallow to swan? if u can spare the trades. Melb have heaps of injuries and tappy has been named on the wing, might get a few out there? food for thought

  • 8th Defender : D.Stanley, should play every week for the GCS – B.Jacobs for DPP bench cover with S.Buckley

    7th Midfielder : D. Harris, another mature age body, eagerly awaiting if he will be in next week considering he had time off for a suspect injury – D.Prestia DPP bench cover with any number of players in the forward line Fyfe, Pavlich, Higgins, Goodes

    8th Forward : J.Darling – no surprises here, everyone will most likely keep him for that job, although having that extra 9th Forward either Tapscott or Matera will also help with bench coverage having two Freo Keepers in the fwds.

  • Nice article Warnie, love your work as always! I don’t know if anyone else caught ‘the game plan’ on ONEHD last night but Sam Mitchell made some interesting comments regarding the sub and how it’s affecting players re their fatigue levels…. He was saying that it’s basically taking the players an extra day to recover after a match compared to the same time last year, due to the fact that less rotations are possible with only 3 bench players.

    This has me worried that we may see a return of the ‘last round rest’ for guns in teams who have secured their position in the top 8 (or worse, top 4).

    I am only a 2nd year DT player but I would be unimaginably pissed off if I made the final in my league, only to have Swan, Pendlebury, Bartel, Chapman, Franklin, Sandilands and Fyfe missing from my starting lineup.

    Looking at the rnd 24 fixture – what I’ve mentioned above would be a worse case scenario. Collingwood play Geelong at the G and it’s unlikely IMHO that either team would rest more than 1 gun, given the expected crowd and the anticipated spectacle of a rematch between these 2 teams.

    BUT Freo are set to play the dogs at Etihad – remember what Harvey did last year when he rested Sandi and Pav (among others) for the rnd 21 clash against Hawthorn at Aurora??… If Freo have locked down a position in the 8 (and moreso if they’ve locked in a home final for week 1), don’t be surprised if a few guns don’t make the flight across from WA!

    The other major concern is the Hawks playing GC @ GC. I had personally been thinking how smart it would be to stack my team with Hawks for this game (bring Mitchell in as my 6th mid and possibly Suckling to my backline to complement Buddy and Cyril up front), and watch the points pile up against my potential grand final opponent (assuming I make it there)… but now I have reason to doubt whether any of those guys would make it on the plane, let alone the field. As a Hawks fan, if I’m Clarko and the Hawks are safely in the top 4-5 coming into that match, would I risk Cyril’s hamstring and Hodge’s achilles against the GC boys?? Not friggen likely! It presents the perfect opportunity to rest some niggling injuries before finals IF (and at this stage, it’s a massive if), their ladder position is safe.

    There goes my master plan for my first league premiership!

    • Yeah the possibilities are there but im guessing 95 % of people will be in the same boat. Just gotta mke sure u got the best bench cover

      • Exactly right…. get the runs on the board early, get to the GF and then hope your bench cover is better then the other persons

    • Sorry the point of all that was I think DPP’s will be golden in the 2nd half of the year!

      My 8th Defender – Stanley, with Jacobs as DPP cover

      7th Mid – Will actually be a gun as I’m playing a 2 FWD/MID DPP strategy. So my final midfield lineup will look something like:

      Swan, Boyd, Pendlebury, Bartel, Chapman, then 2 of either Mitchell/J.Selwood/Ablett, with Hibberd and Mzungu as DPP cover

      8th Fwd – Darling with Lynch as backup and I.Smith as DPP cover.

      • Krak not going the journey?

        • Had to sacrifice him in rnd 5 to jump on the Libba bandwagon after his first price rise, I had already missed on Curnow and was planning to bring in I.Smith and Mzungu down the line, so figured it was worth the punt… Young Tom has thankfully repaid the faith!

          Was also thinking I’d probably bring in Didak at that stage and didn’t want to have 4 pies in my team. I hope for Didak’s sake he turns his form around, no one wants the label of being this years Leon Davis!

    • If the Hawks are in a decent finals position, I’d think someone between Round 21-23 would be the time to rest the stars.

      Would be of ballsy of Clarkson to rest the sides leaders a week before finals. You run the risk of them being 2-3% off in the first week of finals by not playing the previous week.

      My guess would be Round 21 v Port for resting players.

      • Fair call Smithy, I reckon a lot will hinge on how dominant the Hawks are in their rnd 13 clash.

        If it’s a bloodbath, then you could understand the coaching staff questioning the merits of taking a full strength squad interstate – i.e. are they at risk of losing 2-3% anyway because they’re playing Gold Coast?

        It’s all speculation at this point, as Salty and Wardo said, everyone else will be in the same boat if that sort of BS does go on, so you’ve just gotta back your instincts and pick the best players you can now, hoping that they’ll do the job down the track.

        • True that Gonzo.

          If it happens to be Round 24 then we’re all up s*^t creek, as we’ll also have the Carlton bye, so no Gibbs, Scotland, Judd, Murphy, Yarran etc etc.

  • Ok lads I’ve got 282k and 18 trades. Looking at otten to suckling or tapscott to Sylvia. I suspect suckling may struggle at the scg. Can anybody shed some light on how defenders go at this ground? Looking into stats now but its an arduous task. Keeping an eye on big mal too for the record!

  • This week I’m cashing in Lower > Puopolo to upgrade a midfielder to both avoid a zero and boost my stocks.

    I can either trade out Harris or Prestia. I’d obviously prefer Prestia as there is still some money to be made with Harris, but Harris’ higher price gives me nicer options.

    Prestia will get me Bolton, Fyfe, Higgins, Goodes, Carrazzo, Scotland (both of which I can later sub to defence)

    Harris will allow me to get Mundy, Selwood, Mitchell, Rockliff, Murphy, Montagna.

    Current mids: Pendlebury, Boyd, Bartel, Redden, Libba [D.Swallow, Harris, Prestia, Irons]

    I’m leaning towards getting Mundy in (Selwood would be ideal but I already have 4 other Cats players on the field which will be tough come DT finals).

    • hmmm tough i was gonna use harris as my 7th mid but now i think he will turn into GAJ next week, so yeah im cuttin him loose. I got prestia aswell and am REALLY hoping he starts to bob up in the second half of the year for a cash injection

  • i have 17 trades left and in no real need to do anything this week, however i am thinking harris > mzungu so i can double trade next week to bring in ablett for libba thoughts? that would leave my mids being swan, judd, redden, selwood, ablett or anyone else (d.swallow, mzungu, bewick)

    • mate if ya need the cash to get who U want then ur gonna need to trade. Its likely the MUZ will play a fair bit, but u knows whats round the corner

      • yeah well i pulled the trigger on mzungu and as long as libba makes be $10,500 then i wont have to use another trade to get gaz but may make a trade anyway and get lynch when he is on the bubble

  • Duigan, Harris and ?? will be my rock solid backup players this year.

    Time for some trading now :) I’ve been disciplined and have 20 trades left, so two double trades coming up over the next couple of weeks.

    I’m calling this week hawks week and next week will be suns week.

    This week:
    OUT: B Smith & R Bewick
    IN: Puopolo & Hodge

    Next week (barring any unforseen issues):
    OUT: Foley & C Rich
    IN: Ablett & Lynch


    • Just looked at what that will leave my midfield looking like:

      Swan, Boyd, Pendles, Bartel, Ablett, Hodge (Harris, Prestia, Jacobs)

      mmmm, tasty :P

  • Does anyone think D Swallow might be a better 7th mid than Harris? Despite the extra dollars you’ll get from Swallow, he will also play every game and probably outscore Harris for the rest of the season.

    • Yeah thats what I’m thinking as well, but you never know as Swallow will need a rest or two eventually.

      • Definitely my thoughts. Although their averages are very similar, Harris started better and is declining, while Swallow is increasing every week.

  • A horrible check last week left me holding on to the reigns whcih I have!
    Settled nicely though 3 back and one off the pegs 400ish overall.
    This week OUT Gram Harris – In Enright Selwood. With Watson resting on the bench for a few its just a nice easy run down the back straight!
    14 Trades left and so close to completion, its all smiles @ The Kings of Leon

    • Thought you were dead.

    • whats your predicted this week? its going to be a big scoring week with only GC players out

    • tkol – it was a horrible week last week and I too traded Grimes to Gram. Not sure why the more I think about it. I had convinced myself to go to Enright all week and changed because I needed the extra cash to get Mundy. Anyway also had to deal with Brodie Smith being the sub, so managed a magnificent backline score. The good news is I actually moved up in the rankings. The bad news is I had Gram in my team Monday morning.Gram has to go! I’m classing it as an “injury” trade.

    • Blah Blah Blah TKOL your dream is over mate – The Kings Of Leon are finished for this season….

      Can you please explain how you can have 14 trdes left… Montagna, Buckley, Vickery, Otten, Lower, Liberatore, Bruce, Tapscott, Toy, Curnow were all previously members of your squad.. Gram & Harris go this week.. Add them all up and that is 12 my friend = 12 trades left….

      Question: Come RD 13 How do you propose with a midfield of Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Watson, Selwood, Mitchell, Smith, Irons & Atley propose to cover the Collingwood bye – Atley averages 40, Irons is off the list back in the SANFL and Isaac Smith has very questionable JS !!!

      TKOL you are goneski my friend there are holes everywhere in your squad and you are fast running out of trades to bandaid over the cracks… Still carrying deadwood non fattening cows such as Irons and Richardson you have backed yourslef into a corner with some very ordinary trading…

      You culled Liber well before he had matured, got Toy in and then couple of weeks later traded him out for minimal profit, culled Lower before he maxed out.. It has been shambolic management of your trades and team.. Not to metion the non-selection of Heppel and the selection of Bruce at the start of the year….

      Your squad has no depth and no trades to cover.. Who do you see as your 7th mid ???

      I can’t see you finishing n the Top 1,000…..

      • How is your team doing blow-bag? Easy to knock others huh? Put up or shut up!

        • TKOL comes on being super confident, we’re not allowed to be super critical? All in good fun I think.

          Also I’m a first year DTer, and I’m beating the best coach in the land :D

  • Your trading Gram tkol big call.

    Which scenario is best???

    Tapscott-Mzungu Duigan-Suckling 90K left

    Tapscott-Mzungu Duigan-Shaw 20K left

    Tapscott-Lynch Duigan-Suckling 60K

    Richardson-Mzungu Duigan-Suckling 1K

    • I dont personally like any of those trades.
      I dont know how anyone can consider Mzunga yet, he will be sub or subbed and well underdone!
      As for Gram, he’s gone. I think everyone is expendable, all little pieces of the puzzle helping us reach that check mate!

      • Mzungu is going to be a sub, was mentioned last night on news in Perth

      • Fair enough

        What do you think about

        Tapscott-Lynch – Duigan-Scotland

        Then if Mzungu performs, after next week


        • Your Tapscott – Lynch Duigan – Suckling is a good trade. Lynch will play his 3rd next week and Suckling will become too expensive if left for another week or so. I think they are good trades if you have good 8th back cover. If not i consider holding Duigan for that job.

      • TKOL, did you ply your DT trade on the crumbling wickets of the subcontinent?

        Because you’re an AWFULLY good spin-doctor.

  • Interchange – Who will be subed??????

    – Jacobs
    – Higgins
    – Liba
    – Krak

    These are players (above) who I want in my 22 opposed to those listed to start:

    – Lower
    – Smith (Crows)
    – Duigan
    – Gysberts

    • None of the above will be sub except for possibly Krak who might not even play.

      • Play Lower over Jacobs as well.

        Lower should smash this week and Jacobs is still slowly getting better from glandular fever

        • I would play Jacobs at home. That’s what I’m doing at this stage anyway.

  • Downgrade Lower -> Hibberd (this week)

    Then either:
    1. Curnow -> Selwood (this week)
    2. Curnow -> Pendles (next week)

    Option 1 or 2?

  • hey guys what do you think is better

    hurley>> s.fisher

    your thoughts??

    • Normally need to list your team when you ask for advice in trades helps people know what you’ve got and how it can work together

      • i asked which trade is better, didnt wanna go into alot of detail over all my team. just a simple answer is wanted

    • Fisher could be a good point of difference for you. Adcock has been great but people still question his body.
      I really dont think you will loose out either way a very 50-50 trade in my opinion. Personal preference is probably all you need to worry about also who would fit your team structure better.

    • Go Fisher (I am!). His price just keeps going up, whereas adcock appears to have levelled off (you can get him later). Fisher has also proven to be much more durable, so the longer you hold off on getting adcock, the less chance you will get burned when he injures himself the week you bring him in. Having said that, I’m going for league win, so not concerned about having the extra scoring power in the home and away rounds if I’m still winning games, which I am).

  • Im still holding onto Duffman, is it too late to trade or should the deadwood be cast aside?

    • Mate I’m in the same boat with his mate Greg. I’m looking at holding him as bench cover for the year now, because he’ll get a game every week and there is no value trading him out. If he comes good through a change of role then that’s a bonus. Same logic applies to Duffman

    • You’d be raking in nearly 200k to go to a rookie or alternatively you could upgrade to a performer this year for under 100k and gain around 30 points a week (current averages of course)

    • Pulled the trigger on him. Of course he tons up, but im hoping that was just an anomoly due to the fact he was playing the “We’ll give you two quarters but that’s it” Port power side. Really wanted Puop in but couldn’t justify trading Stanley, Toy or Otten (who had a run in the SANFL this weekend, not too far away) Lower was close, thank goodness he stayed!

  • I feel my backs are weaker than my forwards so am looking to say goodbye to 2 of:
    Otten, Lower, Thompson

    Otten’s going for sure, but I’m still tossing up Lower or Thompson.
    Who would you cut and why?

    • I would be inclined to give lower a run as he is against port and named on ball. Where as, Thompson is only named back pocket. Greater scoring potential for Lower, so would give Thompson the chop.

      • lower was on the ball last week and did FA – got subed????

        • Yeh, but port is a bunch of spastics atm. But if you want JS then trade out lower.

    • I’m in the exact same boat, looking to get in Puopolo for Otten, but not sure whether to go Adcock, Shaw, Fisher or Suckling from Thompson or Lower.. I think both of them have a bit more money to be made, and Lower has a greater ceiling in my opinion as he plays through the midfield at times whereas Thompson plays mainly as a defender. But Thompson has better JS now that some of the Freo players are coming back from injury. Also Thompson will never get a sub vest due to playing key position, but Lower has had 2 vests now (I think it’s 2). I reckon Lower will get around 80 this week (avoiding a vest) and Thompson around 50, but really what do I know ha. I’m trading Thompson but I would prefer to trade neither just yet. I’m half hoping Puopolo is a withdrawal tonight so I can trade Pittard to Hibberd and keep both Lower and Thompson.

      • im leaning towards fisher looks like he will hit form

        • I’m leaning towards Suckling for value, Fisher is close though.

          • sucklings also a good choice. even adcock could be on the cards you think?

          • Adcock is consistently 90 and above and he doesn’t even have to smash it to reach those scores

          • All 3 have their positives… I’ve decided Shaw will come in after the bye with Pendles as a double upgrade, assuming Shaw keeps 90+ average. gosh I hate backmen this season.

        • fisher or adcock?

  • Average score / position

    Def – 65+
    Mid – 85+
    Fwds – 75+
    Rucks – 80+ (Premium)

    Interesting comment by legend – a lot of us feel our def is our weakness however is this because they generally score the lowest????

    The above would give weekly ave 2100

    • How would this be a weekly average of 2100? I’m getting 1735 from that…

    • I get about 85 average from backs

      95 average from mids + 100 odd captain

      95 average from fwds

      This gives me an average of 1930 I don’t see that yours would be anywhere near right.

  • Who has a bigger chance of staying in their respective teams 22

    Vardy (Cats) or Bailey (Hawk)

    • Bailey by a mile and a half

      • Ok so I just did a compulsive crazy thing….

        I traded out jolly for Bailey.

        I now have Cox, Bailey and Zac smith in the Ruc.

        I traded in Goodes for Pitt to cover a dohnut.

        no emergency with Matera, Richardson and Horlan-Smith on the bench.

        Funny thing is I feel good about it.

        my team is now.

        Lids, Gibbs, Enright, Goddard, russel, poo, hibberd, B Smith, Toy, pederson

        Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Stanton, heppell, Libba, Swallow, Harris, Mazunga

        COX, Smith, Bailey, Derickx

        Sylvia, Fyfe, Franklin, Goodes, Chapman, Volt, Krak, Matera, Richardson, Horlin-Smith

        17 trades left

        I need to wait a couple of weeks to cash in the cows and bring in Ablette and Selwood.
        I will have a look at the backs in a few probably get shaw

    • Bailey, but he’d be behind renouf and hale in the pecking order wouldn’t he? Well maybe not hale as he’s been a fwd more

  • Was going to do some trading, but then realised that maybe I should save the trades.


    • If you are going for overall you should be trading to try and get team settled and leauge people should try and plan their trades so they can allow for injury and finals.

      Not enough info though on team for any response though.

    • mate you have to tell us how many trades you have left

    • For sure… however if you can make some trades this week that will improve your team in the long run why not

  • give a starting position to lower or puopolo?

  • Should i get fisher or enright in this week?

  • enright but only because fisher is from the saints.

  • s.fisher or adcock?

  • I still think there should be a permanant CHAT button on this site… instead of getting to it through the previous weeks Chat discussion page

  • Round 8 score: 2179
    trades left :16
    o/all rank:7012

    Def: Deledio,Gibbs,Adcock,Enright,Suckling,Goddard (Heppel,Lower,Thompson, JACK! Stanley)
    Mid: Boyd,Pendlebury,Selwood,Foley (Liberatore,Krakouer,Curnow,Harris,Buckley)
    Ruc: Cox (Smith,Fraser,McCauley)
    Fwd: Fyfe,Franklin,Goodes,Harvey,Knights,Riewoldt, (Darling,Tappy,Prestia,Patrick)

    I need a ruck this week, so the obvious would be upgrade frazer to sandi, and leave smith to cover cox and sandi in thier bye rounds.

    who is the most important rookie to bring in this week, and for who?

    also which two on the field Heppel, Krak, Buckley?

  • should i get in heath shaw or mark nicoski?

  • just to let you know, i wrote this article