Get Off The Bench: Round 9

So for the second time this year we are without our stars from the Gold Coast whilst our stars from Essendon, Richmond and Port Adelaide are yet to have a breather.  But given their price, most of us would have far more GC players than the other teams combined so this week is going to be another challenging week to find the right mix of players to put on the field and not on the bench!  Along with that there are injuries and suspensions to worry about, so if you can get 22 fit guys on the park you are doing well.


Nick Smith is one guy that I must say I didn’t know alot about but his scores this year have been nothing short of impressive.  He has a pair of 87’s in the last two weeks and is averaging 75 on the season.  With the way Sydney are playing I can’t see this changing so play this guy.  With the Eagles up and running Mark Nicoski has backed up his pair of 90’s with a 75 in the Derby last week.  Another solid choice.  One guy who I said I wouldn’t mention was Heppell because he was so consistent.  He did have a downer at 59 last week, but he is still a lock until his form drops to this level consistently.  Hibberd is someone that just seems to be having trouble getting a game for some reason.  He has had a 72 and 68 and a lot of promise!  With the injuries and suspensions that Essendon have at the moment he should get a game every week if you ask me, but Hirdy must have lost my number.  So I wouldn’t hesitate playing this guy either.

Stefan Martin had a great game last week as he had to come in and take over some of the big man duties and he smashed out a 108.  His form before that was ok but inconsistent.  The Dees are up against the Saints who lack in the big man area so he should be a safe bet to score fairly well this week.  Simon Buckley has had an indifferent start to the year and then comes out with a 98 last week.  I don’t expect this to continue, but with the Pies against the Crows this week he may get some more cheap posessions this week.   Another of my inconsistent crew is Jesse O’Brien he has been fairly average since the Lions bye, and even won the not-so-coveted green vest two weeks ago.  He had 67 against the Bombers but I am still not convinced. 

DTTalk favourite Brodie Smith was doing well for DT coaches until he must have not cleaned Craigy’s gutters or forgot to bring his bin back in for him last week because he also suffered the Green vest curse and got 11 pts which also brought with it a $10k drop in price!!  I think he will have a solid game (the ball will be in the Crows backline for a while this week I think) if he avoids the vest so Brodie, be nice to Craigy this week.  His teammates McKernan and L Thompson scored in the 40’s which is about on par for them.  I think we have seen that Thompson‘s 96 was a one off occurence with his other 4 scores in the 40 – 59 range.

Nick Duigan comes back this week after the bye and is up against the Cats on Friday night, this will see the ball down his end a bit I reckon and he should score well.  He started to ease off before the break with a 53 and 43 before a 77 to end the run before the bye.  So I think his scoring should be up around the 65 mark again this week, but his BE is up around that area too so perhaps check out Chooks Rooks to see if you can downgrade him.  Paul Puopolo backed up his good first game with an 85 that I believe was literally on one leg.  So he should be another good bet if he gets a run.  It is a Sunday game so check the team lists on Friday night to see if he gets a gig.  Speaking of Rookies, Ben Jacobs had a 53 in his first outing for the Power and looked ok to me.  A lot of people (me included) brought this guy in last week so we could downgrade Grimes to upgrade Curnow.  I think he certaily looks like a good player and scorer but I would bench him unless you need him on the park to cover a donut.  In that game we will have Nick Lower who got red-vested last week.  I would still play him.  Against his old side this week he should run a muck and score fairly freely.

Jake Batchelor did ok for the Tigers with 52 after 83 the week previous. But this guys scores read like a yo-yo demonstration 39 26 52 69 31 83 52, he is up and down but mostly down, so leave him out.  Lastly Lukas Markovic is a guy that is popular amongst coaches but I wouldn’t play him.  He has a pair of 31’s now and that ain’t enough for me.  Sam Reid from the Swans had a good score last week, but that was his best by a long shot.


Matty Wright from the Crows belted out a 116 against the Suns, but beware he has a 60 and a 54 in the previous two and has been known to wear a green vest for 27 although that was his first game, but that may mean it is his turn again.  He has been pumped up in the papers in Adelaide this week, but that doesn’t mean much.  Rohan Bewick didn’t inspire upon his return with 48 this week.  It was his second lowest score with his best being a 73 in round 2.  I am concerned about this guy and his ability to score big.  If you have other options, use them.

Andrew Krakouer dropped back to 66 after his 113 before the bye.  So I just don’t know what to make of him.  If you asked me before the season I would have said that 66 would be a good score from a guy at his price so we should be happy with that, but when you know they can knock a big score out it is frustrating!  Whilst we are on big scores, Stewart Crameri has been doing that but he only got 80 last week (with 35 or so of them in the last quarter last week as I was watching his scores closely due to my opponent having him and I don’t so I was keen for his bad game to continue!).  He has 3 hundreds to his name but also a 55 and a 67 in full games and a red vest 50 so beware he won’t score fantastically each week, but he has a lot of potential and I would play him if I had him.

Shane Savage was this weeks rising star nominee and could have won the more coveted Golden Stubby too after his 144 point effort on Sunday against the Saints.  Prior to that his average was 57.  As with many others, I don’t know if he can back it up as they are playing the Swans this week so be careful.  Shaun Atley had his lowest score of 33 this week, but he is at the other end from Savage as they are playing the Lions this week so he should rebound with a nice score.  Reece Conca was great with another 80 this week and he is now gaining some consistency in the 70’s and 80’s.  He is another good bet for a reasonable score this week against a depleted Bombers unit.

Thomas Liberatore racked up a a tidy 100pts last week and this was off the back of his worst which was a 62.  This guy is solid and play him if you need to as he will get somewhere above 70 if you ask me.  His mate Mitch Wallis just doesn’t seem to be coming along like all had hoped.  His scores of 10, 70 and 39 haven’t inspired like Libba’s have.  Both of these guys are on the extended bench so check them on Fri night.

Isaac Smith has put in two nice games with an 89 and 59.  However, he is OUT with General Soreness!!!

Other guys of note, but they don’t seem to have the consistency are  Dylan Addison from the Dogs whith 78 to follow his only other score of 57 and our perennial Green Vester (he has 5 of them in the trophy room now) UPDATE: He has now pulled out of the side.  Andrew Gaff who had 29 in the last quarter and a bit.  However, he is on the extended bench AGAIN, but I don’t think he will play.


Guys that we have already discussed above that are eligible here include Shaun McKernan, Jesse O’Brien, Lukas Markovic, Andrew Krakouer and Isaac Smith.

Luke Breust made a stunning debut for the Hawks, but then again everyone scored well for the Hawks.  He had 70pts with a green vest, however, he was on within the first minute after Gilham went down.  I want to see another game from hm before I would trust him.  Luke Tapscott who was one of our favourite rookies this year, and he has been letting us down of late with a poor 36 last week.  This was his worst score of the season and he has pretty much peaked so he will be on the chopping block of every team this week!  I will be trading him, but if I kept him I would be benching him if I had the choice.

Keiran Harper has had a stunning debut with 61 but a 40 and 54 following that.  He is a fairly safe bet but not your best bet.  Another new guy is Arryn Siposs at the Sainters, he has a tidy 31 and 55, but not enough to be fantasy relevant.  Alex Johnson from the Swans isn’t that fantasy relevant, but he had a 66 a couple of weeks ago.  Last week he came back to earth with a 35.

Brennan Stack went back to his normal form this week after his 96 of the previous week.  Personally I don’t have this guy and even if I did I wouldn’t be playing him, too much of a risk.

Our Stud is making his last appearance on this list as I rate him as a must play each week now and he is going to remain in my lineup now for the rest of the year as far as I can tell.  The only player I can be talking about is Jack Darling.  He had 77 in the Derby and is moving along very nicely.

As you can see, the choices in the forward line are once again fairly thin!

I got a couple of questions on Twitter this week @pkd73.  @Shintage had a question that I think alot will have this week, who to play out of Tapscott, Darling, Petrie and Krakouer.  For me it is Darling every day of the week then probably Krakouer this week as he is up against Adelaide with Petrie playing the Lions and will be up against Merrett up forward and Leuenberger and Clark in the ruck so I don’t know that he will score as freely as Krak might. 

 Here are my recommendations for this week.  I hope that they bring you luck.   Remember Heppell is now ineligible for this list.


  1. Nicoski
  2. Buckley (because they are playing Adelaide)
  3. Lower (because they are playing Port)
  4. Hibberd
  5. Stefan Martin
  6. Duigan
  7. Puopolo
  8. B Smith
  9. Jacobs
  10. L Thompson
  11. Reid (swans)
  12. O’Brien


  1. Conca
  2. Crameri
  3. Savage
  4. Krakouer
  5. Liberatore
  6. Hibberd
  7. Wright
  8. Jacobs
  9. Atley


  1. Darling 
  2. Krakouer
  3. Harper
  4. Tapscott
  5. McKernan
  6. O’Brien

The choices are a little thin this week, particularly with the Gold Coast guys out and we have lost a few guys to injury and poor form.  But there is a fair bit of fresh meat this week so we will have a few more guys to talk about next week particularly with Tendai Mzungu getting a game.  Personally I think he will win a game as well as a Green Vest.  I will be seeing him in the flesh so will report back next week.  I will tweet about him on Sat avo (if I can get a network connection at AAMI for a change) so follow me at @pkd73.


  • Good stuff, especially like the “run a muck” bit. :)

    Bloody I Smith’s soreness has screwed my trade plans. I could ditch Tapscott instead but there’s noone I can really think to downgrade to. I have Darling, McKernan and Pitt (big mistake) but noone else really tickles my fancy. Thoughts? I could bring Smith in regardless but I’d have no cover for my mids…

  • i was concerned about lower on the ground, but didnt realise he was playing port till i read this… :)

  • My trades this week:



    I sorta didnt want to pick mzungu in his first game – hes my emergencie.

    • been loving mundys form, and only in 4 % of teams

      • i’ve been watching mundy and want to bring him in soon, but one question remains. Do you think a Barlow return will reduce his scoring?

        • IMO i dont think so. Looking at the sides that have a few quality midfielders eg cats pies carlton hawks bulldogs etc they all have 2 3 or 4 that score well. Im thinking the inclusion of barlow will better the team which seems to better the scores. A long bow i know but im backing mundy in he’s a gun

          • I think you’ll also find that guys coming back off serious leg injuries dont exactly start smashing it straight up. I’d be very suprised if Barlow, even though he is Barlow… comes out with high possessions straight up. Mundy is a pretty safe pick if you dont already have Sandi, Fyfe & Pav

  • Great article. I had the choice of Hibberd, Poo, Lower or McKernan for the last Defender spot. I had given the nod to HIBBERD, but your “run a muck” comment on LOWER has me re-thinking that decision. ANYONE ELSE HAVE A BIT OF ADVICE?

    I also have to choose between KRAK or PETRIE for the last Forward slot. Leaning towards KRAK.

    • I read this article after trading Lower out for Puopolo but no biggie.

      In my mind he was always a cash cow and I needed to free up cash so I could bring Boyd into my midfield.

      I forgot Lower had spent some time with Port before moving over to the west. It may be a good idea to play him. Listed in the midfield may just mean he’ll run a muck, especially with Port’s form at the moment.

    • I read this stuff for tips, so hell i might as well take the punt on Lower (over Hibberd).

      • I tend to disagree with the flattery that this article receives. While it is easy for me to knock it sitting on the computer I feel that he just writes crap for the sake of going through the motions with out much knowledge to back it up

        eg “Keiran Harper has had a stunning debut with 61 but a 40 and 54 following that”

        Not very stunning if you ask me! And who in their right mind would have Nicoski?

        Immature article – are you still in high school?

        • harsh!

        • 61 in your first game is a bloody good effort if you ask me, what sort of score are you looking for? Do you want all first gamers to score a 100 or they are no good? In my opinion a 61 in your first outing isn’t easy to get, particularly with the sub rule these days and most first gamers getting a vest first up.

          You didn’t quote my next comment where I stated that he was a safe bet but not your best bet.

          I could go into a hell of a lot of detail on all of these guys but that would mean that it would be far too long. The other option would be to focus on two or three guys in each line, but with the large number of options I doubt that our coaches on here would all have only those two or three and I wouldn’t cover players that they are interested in.

          As for Nicoski, there are currently 12,467 teams that have him, that is 4.49% of all teams. He was initially priced at $191k and has increased by $74k and is averaging 71. I would be more than happy with that from a guy I payed less than $200k for who hasn’t missed a game and is pretty much a certain starter for the WC each week. Bloody good bench cover if you ask me.

          To answer your last question, no I am not still in High School. The DT guys asked me to put this article together this year as it is an area that most people struggle with each week and if I can provide some research for them then great, if you don’t like it, simple answer, don’t read it, certainly no loss to me mate. As I have stated in the past, this article isn’t supposed to give all the answers, just enough info to make an educated decision on who to play and who not to. There often isn’t a lot of history with these guys in terms of having played their opponents before as the vast majority of them are rookies. As the season goes on and they play teams for a second time I can start to add that info in. Other than that I am not sure what else you want me to say about them. All I can do is look at what they have done and who their opponent is.

          So if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and suggestions for improvement I am all ears, but if you think that my analysis isn’t good enough for your team and I provide no real information to you, then no problems and you are clearly better at DT than me and you will enjoy driving your new FJ Cruiser around next year.

          • Dunny – I hang out for these articles mate – you’re doing a great job and it’s making a big difference to my team selections!

            Keep up the great work!

          • I certainly much prefer constructive attempts to inform us and give us some helpful direction rather than worthless potshots from dickheads like Black Klaw who are true keyboard warriors. Thanks for the efforts Dunny.

          • These articles are a good revision, especially for those who have’nt had a chance to analyse their players and teams. So dont worry mate, haters gotta hate

          • Ok… maybe I was a bit harsh so apologies, I do read every article on DT talk and some are better than others.

            But, I will stick by my statement that Harpers debut was far from ‘stunning’, for me, a ‘stunning’ debut would be 100+

          • top artice each week mate, i find it really useful. the work you put in writing it is hugely appreciated!

          • Good to get a perspective on “stunning” yes I was prob a bit easy with that. Perhaps Very Good may have been a better term to use.


          • sung to the sydney’s furniture ad (nice one dunny – you’re articles are great) – I personally wouldn’t have given that waste of space such a thoughtful and concise reply… a simple get &^#$@! would have sufficed :)

      • and were all friends again :)

  • Team so far is:

    B.Deledio, B.Gibbs, J.Adcock, D.Heppell, G.Goddard, N.Lower, M.Hibberd, D.Stanley, P.Puopolo, B.Jacobs

    D.Swan (3 Votes), S.Pendlebury, D.Mundy, M.Murphy, D.Cross, T.Liberatore, D.Harris, S.Buckley, D.Prestia

    D.Cox, A.Sandilands, Z.Smith, J.Tippett

    N.Fyfe, L.Franklin, M.Pavlich, A.Goodes, N.Riewoldt, J.Riewoldt, S.Higgins, J.Darling, L.Tapscott, B.Matera

    If all players make their average scores looking at over 2,200 this week.

    Choices for defenders : Lower, Hibberd, Puopolo, Jacobs

    Midfield : not too many choices there, Liberatore to start over Buckley any day of the week

    Forwards : pretty much locked with Higgins back in, leaving me darling and tapscott as bench warmers to come on when needed.

    Having Prestia as DPP for forward line and Buckley for DPP in the back line should help me ride out byes over the coming weeks.

    Trades I made this week : J.Toy – P.Puopolo and D.Petrie – N.Fyfe (don’t think this is a sideways option as Petrie is just way too inconsistent for my liking)

    • Trades Left ?
      Ranking ?

      • After today I will be down 11 Trades current ranking is 3,426 Total Score 16,020

        I know, I’ve used up quite a few trades, had to rectify a few bad choices from initial squad, such as

        Dixon to Tapscott
        Derickx to Z.Smith
        C.Richardson to J.Riewoldt

        Injury Trades

        L.Hayes to Curnow
        Grimes to Jacobs

        My theory is get as many guns into the squad as quickly as possible

        • mundy, sandilands, fyfe and pavlich?
          you will be in all sorts of shit during the freo bye, even if it is a multi bye round

          • If you haven’t already noticed each team has byes…. how exactly does it matter which players you have in your team unless you are concerned about winning the finals..

  • Great article! Always a good read with great information.

    I’m playing Buckley this week with Bewick on the bench as my emergency in the Mid’s.

    Puopolo, who scored well will feature on my bench as an emergency in the Def’s as I couldn’t find an excuse to put either Duigan, Heppell or Hibberd there instead… Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations about this chioce I’m making?

    I hope Goddard lifts this week, he was on the chopping block but once again dodged the knife…

  • Who to bring in? Swan or Boyd? or someone else…

    I had Swan until the bye but brought in Selwood which has paid dividends since.

    Current Midfield this week is: Pendles, Thompson, Murphy, J Selwood, Curnow, Buckley.
    Emergencies: Bewick, Irons, Prestia

    Naturally I will be upgrading Curnow, so who should I bring in? Open to suggestions.

    • Swan all the way

    • swan wont get much cheaper that this, maybe a couple of grand cheaper next week, be of 140.

      • I’m thinking of holding off on Swan until after the bye.

        Swan all the way rings true though…
        But the two are hard to split when you consider the pie’s bye is closer (much closer).

        The Swan & Pendles combo worked a treat for me earlier this year but with Shaw and Buckley also in my squad it’s tough covering them all…

        I’m sure whoever I pick the other will score more – it’s just how the DT gods work haha!

        • i was about to say the same thing. Swan is very close to a bye and that’s a big investment sitting idle so early.

          • Yup! I’ve picked Boyd, now the dilema of who to captain…

            Pendles, Boyd or Selwood….

            Selwood’s in good form, Boyd is also but WCE have good pressure at the moment and without Cooney, Pendles’ form hasn’t been great but he’s at ES…

  • thoughts on who to give my last spot to in defence – lower, puopolo or hibberd

  • Help Please!!

    Who has better Job Security

    Puopolo or Hibberd?

    • would have thought poo IMO but hibberd will be there as long as watson and hocking are out

    • Puopolo probably because of hawks injuries + he is mature aged

      • They are both mature aged birdbrain !!! Hibberd out of VFL and Poo out of SANFL…

        Not sure what age has to do with it anyway, you get picked on form, ability and team role not what yor birth certificate says !!!

        • I can’t back this up with any stats, but I would say that mature aged players’ bodies are better at coping with the rigours of AFL than the younger blokes, who tend to get struck down by the General (Smith, Libba, Duncan etc)

        • The Poo will play the rest of the year – Hibberd will be inter, once others come back form injury

    • Well, I’ve got both in my team…. I would say Puopolo at this stage is likely to play more games.

    • I’ll probably be bringing both into my side this week. Unfortunately they will both be on the field too but we’ll see how that goes!

  • Which two out of Lower, Puopolo, Hibberd?

  • I have both A Otten and B Smith and want to downgrade one, probably to Puopolo.

    I know Otten isn’t named this week but he averages more than Smith, and the remainder of the 2 will still just be on my bench, not even as emergency.

    Trading out Otten would be playing it safe and the other option is a bit of a risk. Does anyone have any information that would help my decision?

  • what two

    Buckley S . Brown L . Duigan ?

    what two

    Dawes C . Dangerfield . Darling J ?

  • whats a good amount of trades to have at this stage ?
    I have 16 and I am about 1,300ish overall

    I have 3 gold coast mids this week… should I trade duigan to jacobs… his be is 58 against geelong and then upgrade harris to a premium.. then I would have 6 premium mids.

  • Hi guys:

    Which of the following to suckling:

    B smith

    Worry about Lower in that Harvs doesnt have great wraps on him I don’t think….not sure if he’s just getting a game because of all their injuries!


  • Is Duigan to Hibberd a good trade this week?
    The rest of my Defenders are Deledio, Goddard, Gibbs, Enright, Heppell….. Lower, Batchelor, Puopolo and L.Thompson, plus S.Buckley as a MPP in Midfield.
    I already have 5 premo mids and will be looking at Swallow/Harris to Ablett next week and Krak to a premo forward in a few weeks. I’ll just save the Duignan cash to upgrade Batchelor/Thompson once they peak. I’m still waiting on a decent rookie forward to emerge to get rid of Richardson (maybe T.Lynch next week). I really wish Prestia would get his game so I can trade him out soon.

    • Yeah nothing wrong with that trade. I got rid of Duigan to Puopolo last week so I think it is solid. You have 5 keeper backs there (if you keep Heppell and I would) then you could upgrade Lower and Buckley later on to get your 7. I would look at Batchelor going to a downgrade, but not sure if he has maxed out yet (haven’t got him so don’t know without having a look).

      • Cheers, ya Batchelor has a BE of 13 and an average of 50 so he is close enough to the chopping block but I would like to squeeze another few $$$ out of him.

  • On my dreamteam page stevie.j has no green dot next to him however he is named in the geelong team?? thoughts?

  • Thanks for the article and I am sure it helps every week.

    However, this week there are a few errors:
    – Sam Reid of Sydney is a Defender. Sam Reid of Bulldogs is a Mid, but he isn’t playing this week and hasn’t all year.
    – Both Hibberd and Jacobs can play as mids and would rank above Atley or the non-existent Reid.

    Further, selection for the last field positions and emergency positions is not just about scoring history which is all you seem to cover. It is also about how much game time the player will get. Take Krakouer for example. He is last named on an extended bench that includes Dick, Wellingham, Beams and Blair. If he survives the cut he might not avoid the vest. Given this I don’t think he should be ranked so high on your list of forwards.

    Finally you probably should have Mzungu with on your priority lists – he is selected this week and some people will need to trade him in and use him with all the Suns being out.

    • A suggestion

      * Set up a DT website and write your own articles :)

    • Thanks for that mate, good call on Reid, bloody error in my tracking spreadsheet. Wish teams wouldn’t have guys with the same name, it stuffs my lookups!

      Also good on Hib and Jacobs in the mids, you are right they should be above Reid, I apologise on that one, it was late last night when I did the rankings as I like to wait until after teams are named before I finalise everything. I have edited the above now and put them in. The MPP guys make it hard sometimes as I only mention them in one section of the text and forget about them when I do the rankings.

      I reckon Krak will get a full game this week, I don’t take much notice of order on extended benches these days as they are often not right. But I can certainly see your point. I just think it is another good opportunity for Mick to give some of the other guys a bit of a rest with a vest against a lower team like Adelaide and he can get some more game time into guys like Krak and give them a go in different positions.

      As for Mzungu, I don’t like ranking the guys that haven’t played yet. Who knows what they will dish up and personally I will be extremely surprised if he doesn’t get the Green this week and if not he will certainly get the Red. He is far too underdone to be fantasy relevant this week. People may need to trade him in and use him to cover a donut, but if you have a choice I probably wouldn’t. However, I will be getting him in in two weeks if he gets a good amount of game time.

      But I will take your point and try to add a bit more on game time and stuff like that. But rest assured I do take it into account when I am giving my rankings as I am looking at what I think they will score and that has to take into account vests.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Which of the 2 would you do?

    1) Duigan – Poo
    2) Grimes – Gilbee
    3) Heppell – Jacobs (Heppel BE 91 and two byes to follow inc one in the finals) – free up cash
    4) Bennell – Jacobs

    Thank you

    • 1 & 2 IMO. Heppell is a keeper.

      • Thx Big Feller – the Heppell trade will enable me to go (in two weeks) Liba – Swan & Swallow – Ablett can see a gain in this???

  • guys need stats help if any.

    vickery or petrie in ruck?. im thinking vickery only cause i think the tigers will lift , and graham is out,so might be called on to help in ruck.

    what do you reckon

    • Petrie – added bonus if you have Tippett in the fwd line – you are covered for the bye if your 3rd / 4th ruck is not playing

      • if you’re talking about Joel Tippett then he should be in the Ruck line only.

        If you have him in the forward line you are robbing yourself of a cash cow since there aren’t any cash cow rucks.

      • not a trade its who to start

  • Can ff genie show you how much $ you’d have left after doing a double trade?

    • Can’t you work it out yourself with a pen and paper?

      Kids these days..

      • even easier, use an excel spreadsheet, I got weeks and weeks planned lol

        • First time I did an excel spreadsheet to forward plan my trades Curnow & Grimes got injured.

          I don’t use spread sheets anymore!

    • Your iphone may have an application that could do it for you… (they seem to have apps for everything now days).

      OR you could use a good old fashioned calculator :-P

      I write my forward planning in the notes section of my DT page, it’s very handy and helps heaps.

  • Hibberd or Puopolo. Who has greater job security and is likely to play more games from the rest of this season. I dont really care about the DPP coz I already have that figured out so im not really taking it into consideration seen as hibberd would be predominately in the backline.

    • If you don’t care about DPP, then definitely go the Poo – needing a DPP link would be the only reason I could recommend Hibberd over him (personally I’ve had Hibberd as DPP since rnd 1 so am cheering he’s acutally getting game time now).

      Neither have great job security but with Hawthorn’s current injuries and Puopolo’s performances so far, he looks more likely to at least hold his spot until Cam Bruce returns. If he can maintain his 74 point average over that period, you’re looking at a $137,000 return on your investment (according to assistant coach)…. He’s your man.

      • Cheers. already got 1 dpp link between def and mid and that is jacobs in mid heppell down back etc… might just go puopolo and even if he makes some cash.

  • Love this article but have a few small disagreements this week. Firstly rating little Libba below Krak and Savage. Libbas been ultra reliable with 70-80 most weeks with the odd ton thrown in and lowest of 62. Where as Krak has many more lower scores (3x 40s) and Savage has been averaging around 60 with 2x 30s (sub affected?) if you exclude last weeks outlier where St Kilda were handing out possies like candy at a kids party, Hawks are also playing Sydney at SCG this week = goddbye cheap kicks.

    Secondly I don’t think Bewick has bad scoring ‘potential’ he’s just been a little unlucky and inconsistent, with a sub affected 49 in a half, an injury after a qtr giving 21, his 48 coming the game he returned from injury and the other two scores of 68 and 73 I think hes just around the corner from a few 90s or maybe even that maiden ton. I know its risky playing him but I want him on the field when those big scores come, only problem is with ablett coming in for me next wk this is his last opportunity on the field. Apart from when he is required due to byes/injuries.

    Anyone agree/disagree?

    • I have Bewick and I hope you’re right! However I think you’re a brave coach to start him. Emg for me this week.

    • Thanks for reading

      Just a couple of things from my thinking.

      Savage, I reckon he is starting to break out a bit and is playing well at the moment so that is why I rated him a bit higher. But fair call on playing at the SCG. I reckon he might still do ok though as from what Port did to Sydney for a half and a bit, I think the Hawks can do it for the whole game.

      I have Krak above Libba only because the Pies are playing the Crows at home and Libba is playing in Perth against the Eagles. If the Dogs were playing the Eagles in Melb I would have had Libba higher for sure.

      I think you answered my point with Bewick, he has been a little unlucky and a bit inconsistent so that is why I don’t rate his chances at the moment.

      Good analysis though, glad to see I have provoked some thought and good discussion.


  • Thinking Grimes –> Enright/Suckling OR Puop (for cash)

    Also, deciding on whom to bench: Liber, Darling or Knights, with the later at this stage since he is playing the pies.

    My team as it stands (16TL & 56k)

    Def: Dels, Gods, **GRIMES**, Gibbs, Heps, Ads, Lower, (Stanley, Jacobs , Duig)
    Mids: Red, GOODES, Boyd, Rock, Bartel, Pendles, (Harris, Liber, Bewick)
    Ruck: Cox, Petrie, (Smith, McC)
    Fwds: Fyfe, Volt J, Volt N, Frank, Knights, Sylvia, Darl, (Krak, Taps, Matera)

    • I’d have to agree with Knights, who knows what he’ll score against collingwood when the crows and him spudded it so bad against melbourne

    • I’m getting Suckling in before his price gets too far out of reach!

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  • Who’s more likely to be a sub, Bewick or Jacobs?

  • leaning towards fuckcunt at the moment

    • I wonder why such a self-proclaimed bad ass would need to sensor themselves. Perhaps this person is in fact a 12 year old keyboard warrior in need of attention.

      Well here is your much needed dose of attention, now please go spam another site. That is all.

  • Need to double trade thinking

    Duff to Puopolo/Hibberd?

    Curnow to Mundy/Selwood

    Thoughts? going for a league win so Selwood would miss one final for me if i play that week

    • Id go Puopolo and Selwood if your confident of finishing top 4 and winning the first final, if not Mundy is almost as good. Can’t go wrong with either really

  • Great article mate don’t listen to the fuckwits out there.

    Does anyone know why the stoke market article isn’t out yet?

    • I haven’t seen the stock market article for awhile and now’s the perfect time to get it out!

      C’mon guys – give me some candy!

    • Did Warnie say that Aki was crook last week? Maybe he’s still in quarantine? Get well soon Aki (not just to write your next article)!

  • I rarely ask for advice, but I have a bit of a dilemma this week and would like people’s input as to the best person to have warming my bench.

    My forward line is currently:

    Franklin, Goodes, Stevie J, Knights, N Voldt, Darling, Krakouer, Petrie, Matera, C Rich.

    Obviously Matera and C Rich will be on the pine, but I need to choose one more (most likely from Petrie, Knights and Krak).

    Krak is Mr Inconsistent but up against an average team and one week back from a rest so I think he’ll get a place on the ground.
    Knights was great last week but I’m not convinced the ball will be in his area too much this week.
    Petrie is also really inconsistent and who knows what could happen at the Gabba.

    If anyone has any pearls of wisdom they would like to share I would appreciate it. Thanks :D

    • Flip a coin between those two, considering the crows are playing the pies, if I was you I would be having Krak on the field with Petrie as the emg.

      No brainer really.

    • Ive got Krak and Knights on my bench. Krak because im sick of getting burnt by subs. Knights becoz he recently had a 40 against Melbourne and is now up against the Pie’s who will destroy them.
      Ive gone with Petrie and Tapscott. Petrie becoz if he is left without a hard tag he will kill it. Tapscott becoz he is playing mid against Saints who leaked a huge amount of tons last week.

      • Seems pretty good thinking. Pretty harsh to bench Knights after a 100+ score, but supply plays a massive part in his scoring.

  • Who to play in defence, need 2 on the field out of Duigan, Hibberd, Puopolo (Retzlaff can stay on the bench after his 16 last week killed me!)

    So who joins Stanley and Retzlaff on the bench out of those 3?! Dunny would suggest Hibberd and Duigan over Puopolo.

    • I have a similar decision to make i need to pick two out of Puopolo, Hibberd and Lower

      Do i pick
      a)Lower as he is playing port and named on ball and hope that he isn’t subbed out this week
      b) Puopolo seems to be the goods although its Sydney in Sydney
      c) Hibberd a hard pick after only playing against brisbane and gold coast and averaging 70

      despite what others have said i’m leaning towards Lower and Puopolo at this stage.


  • Going with puopolo as my 7th Defender this week (over thompson) and i am forced to play krakour in the midfield with the hope that wallis comes in to provide some cover as emergency. starting tapscott and darling as my rookie forwards, mzungu to come in and fill the emergency forward position (would have been issac smith but for being general’d.)

    i have identified danny stantley and tapscott as my 8th keepers in my backline and forwardline respectively. hoping david swallow will be my 7ths keeper in the midfield but he might remain more of a 6th keeper until i am able to upgrade someone else having by that point already traded out harris and kraks.

    team looks like this!

    Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Shaw, Suckling, Heppell, puopolo (stantley, thompson(E), toy)

    Swan, Boyd, Bartel, A swallow, goodes, Krak (D swallow, harris, wallis (E)

    Cox, Sandi (Smith, mCcauley

    Chapman, Stevie J, Franklin, b Harvey, Riewoldt, Darlng, tapscott (Mzungu (E), richarson, prestia)

    im aware of the dangers of having 3 geelong players but apart from that looking ok (despite not having as many trades as i would have liked).

    • Does that mean your keeping Darling as 7th forward because Darling is better

      • well if tapscott can reach the price that darling is (approax 270k) then i’ll keep darling as a 8th keeper. but il most likely bring in didak for around 330k in round 14 and out darling.

  • Krak or Petrie on the field?

    • I would go Krak

      • Brisbane have a lot of smallish defenders so Petrie might do alright this week. who knows with Drew though

        • I cant decided…..and my league game will count on it probably!

          He’s projecting 2180 and me 2160!


  • Can anyone point me in the direction for info on Nathan Vardy – new inclusion for Geelong (RUC).

    I am thinking of downgrading Jolly to Vardy and upgrading pitt to goodes

    I will have to play Zac as my second ruck but I am short a player in the FWDS

  • Who to play out of Krak and Jacobs for 6th midfielder? I think Krak has a HUGE chance of getting the vest this week because he is named on the bench with wellingham, beams and blair. I doubt he will be picked over any of them.. Jacobs has a reasonable chance of missing the vest because moore and phillips are also on the bench.

    Leaning towards Jacobs atm… unless someone can convince me otherwise.

  • Great read and should I start Pup or Lower?