DT TALK Live: Round 9

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  • Good show boys.

  • One day we will get it right (as in working) first take! God damn our dial up internets.

    • Can you pass on my congrats to Calvin for managing to sit through the whole Twitter Q&A without disappearing to the toilet? Good effort Vin!

  • I haven’t been able to access the Dream Team site for a week now. The page doesn’t load properly (only a white screen without images, icons and everything in text form). I am accessing from the U.K and have used different computers at different times so was wondering if anyone in DT land had come across this problem. I emailed the AFL sites Tech people but have had no response. Aaaarrrggghhh with Gibbs on the bench and three Gold Coast players in the ground I have no means of sorting my team out ATM and the clock is ticking.


    • i haven’t had a problem with that site but with others. the problem was a program called peer block. do you have that going?

    • Get the iphone app, it is great if you just want to make your trades. not much good for anything else IMO.

    • give me your login and ill set your team up

    • I’ll change it for you if you want. Always the risk that if you give your details to someone they may just f**k your team but realistically if you don’t let someone fix it for you with all those donuts your team is going to be f**ked anyway.
      Or another idea, try to get in contact with one of the DT Talk boys… If you don’t trust the guys commenting here I’m sure you’d trust Warnie or someone to change it for you.
      But yeah I’d be happy to if you want.

  • whose this colonel fella everyones talking about all of a sudden?

  • Oh my lord… watching the footy and listening to you blokes commentate would be unreal. Best idea I’ve heard in a while. Need a way to delay the stream though for SA and other states like the FanFooty scores. Does Ustream let you start watching a stream from the start while it’s still in progress or do you have to wait for the whole thing to complete before you can watch it from the start?

    Bugger it, to get commentary from you blokes I would wait for the Ustream upload once it had finished, record the game and watch it the next day with the commentary. It would be worth it.

    P.S. Aren’t Subi and Paterson’s the same place? Or is that what Warnie was saying? You lost me there.

  • Great show boys – perhaps the best of the year. But who did Gold Coast?

  • another top watch fellas , kudos to calvin for donning the green vest all show, tough!

  • 20 trades left Calvin? I call bull! Just looking at the Famous DT Thread on BF shows at least 8 trades used, and I suspect another 2 in round 8 leaving him with 14. Not that there is anything wrong with that! I am happy to admit I have 15 left and will be trading 2 a week for near the next month or more!

  • Yarren out for Okeefe? Yay or nae (or take a punt on Brown)

  • Still listening to the show, while you might be right that Mzungu’s JS is better then Smith but I think the level that you are going on the difference is a bit over blown. If Smith is fit, he will get a good run as we (the hawks) need his pace! Am worried the general soreness is knee based!

    On Puopolo, I 100% agree with you about the media being just lazy! The Hawks sent that notice about saying his name before the season as well as last week! Just Lazy!