Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 8

The Round 8 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.




  • thanks buddy! keep it up!

  • Love the comment about Mzungu…haha.

    its not that we dont rate him so highly (we do), but with 14 players on the injury list well take anyone with 2 working legs at the moment

  • Good work freako..

    What are your thoughts on Hodge is he worth jumping on?

    which is the better trade

    It’s either Bewick – Hodge

    Petrie to Sand?i

    • Hodge won’t be this price ever again, whereas sandi’s price will stay around about the same and petrie’s wont move much either. Get sandi next week, hodge this week.

      • Do u think Hodge will be one of the top midfielders for the rest of the year??? If so get him 1st cause as other mentioned have he is more likely to go up than sandi.
        Personally i don’t reckon he will be in top 10 and he still looks sore when running.

        • i have a bit of cash available so was thinking about swallow -> hodge which would have been a no-brainer at the start of the season, but with just 1 score over 100, youre taking a big risk trading him in when u can get players like selwood, pendels, boyd, mundy, thompson, selwood, mitchell, etc who are more expensive but almost certain to average > 100 for the rest of the year.

  • I spotted a spelling error. In the WBD part about Gilbee, it’s meant to say wouldn’t not would

  • great write up!

    Disagree with the look at trading Pendlebury comment, he is one of the highest scoring players in the competition, sure he might lose $10k, but he is a keeper for sure

    would be crazy to trade him

    • Read it again mate, you misunderstood!!

      • yeah, he hits it right on the button.

        great input for decision time as always…my most looked forward to write up each week. keep it up.

    • I don’t think anyone would advocate trading Pendles unless he incurred a season ender.

    • So in conclusion, weagles actually agrees with freako!!! :-)

      • hahahaha i just finished night shift,
        thanks for pointing that one out
        i should have never doubted freako

  • Great write up and IMO, Knights could be a keeper if he keeps up his current form, or a straight swap to Sylvia when he peaks in value. But Sylvia could be a risk if you’re going for overall, especially if you already have and Fyfe and Pavlich in your squad.

  • I have Redden as one of my premiums. His last 2 weeks worry me. Is it stupid for me to upgrade him to a Mundy or Mitchell before he loses value or do you think he’ll start to punch out 100’s again?

  • Do you have him?

    • No, but he should bounce back.

    • I have him.

      Keep him.

      Keep anyone you brought in after Round 1 who cost more than 300K unless they get an LTI. If you don’t, regardless of the situation, you are a nuffie.

      Why do the performances of the past two weeks give you a better guide of his future scores than the four before that? The answer is, they don’t. It did seem against Essendon that he was more like a sweeping half back flanker than a true middie, but I don’t even think that indicates that he’s going to have an ongoing change in role. Last year he had a slump and then switched back into tonnage mode. He’ll do it again.

      He is a unique with the capacity to score BIG hundreds. I have no doubt that he will be in the 22 of a weekly prize-winning team this year – probably more than one. I hope it is mine, if it isn’t, I hope it is yours. It won’t be if you trade him out.

      There is a 10-15% chance that he gets the 2nd year blues two months into the season and scores 70s for the rest of the year. That would suck, but there was a risk when you bought him – that’s why he’s unique. If you didn’t realise it, you are a nuffie. Trading him out won’t nullify the mistake – it will compound it.

      Basing a huge decision like the culling of a keeper on two weeks of form is not the way to be good at this game, mate.

      Pittbull wants you to commit an error. Lots of people on this site spread misinformation to help their own cause in a contest which is everyone vs. everyone in nature. Which is kinda fair enough, kinda fucking pissweak,

      • Really?? I traded Goddard out Rd 2 for 470 000. That’s made me more than 110k so far? I also got rid of Green, Nick Riewoldt and Didak. All trades that have been very good for me.

        • Interesting……..given your ability to read players form lines i would be assuming that you already have enough points to be driving the new car home. Congratulations!!!

          • I thought before the season that all of those players might be out of form so I jumped on their poor performances early. It could’ve gone badly wrong, but in this case it paid off. Reading form lines in general takes a lot of luck.

          • Why did you put them into your side if you thought they would have poor form this season???
            Should have put the blokes in you thought would have had good form and saved yourself a heap of trades!!!!

          • I am assumed with one of those forwards you traded out, you would have traded Chris Dawes in too!!??
            I hope you’re trading him out this week, recent form has not been good!!!

        • You might want to read where i said “that you brought in after round 1” . If you spent a trade getting each of those guys in, and another getting them out – good luck to you my friend

        • That has made you precisely zero dollars. You sold him for what you bought him for, mate. It cost you a trade. You can argue that selling him created for you the opportunity to buy him back again, in which case his fall in price becomes relevant. It will cost you two trades and would need to be a differential of at least 180K to be worth it.

          I am glad I started without Pendlebury because I will be able to buy him for much less than I would have paid. But if I paid it, and then sold him so that later I could get him back for less, I’d be a dickhead.

          • It might not have made me money unless I bring him back, but it’s made me more points for my money

        • I started without Goddard. I’m doing exactly as well as you out of that – plus one precious trade

          • Oh right sorry I thought you said guys that you had at the start. And I put them in coz everyone was and this is my first year and I was too inexperienced to have to confidence to go fully with my own opinions

      • Thanks for the advice bud.
        I’m keeping him!!!

  • i got redden and maybe doing my first and hopefuly only sideways- someone talk me out of it please

  • What does everyone think about getting in Hodge?

    • I am turning Heppell into him this week. Now please someone tell me that I’m an idiot because I should be considering a bloke who just turned 19 and has played fuck all career games as a keeper. Go on, I dare you

      • You’re an idiot.

        • Thanks mate – I really needed that

          • Between now and the end of the year, S.Buckley will score more Dream Team points than D.Heppell. Teenagers with zero preseasons under their belt fade. Fact.

          • You’re an idiot because I doubt Heppel is the lowest scoring player on your field at the moment and Hodge currently averages only .05 more than him. Wait at least until he has had more than one good game to bring him in

      • True. I actually agree with you but until his average starts to fall I’m going to keep him, because he is performing better than many premium defenders. I’m going to trade out Swallow instead for Hodge, purely because he is only a midfielder.

  • Wasnt everyone talking about Sylvia having a low BE this week?…Freako says its 92??

    • Freakos BE are over inflated, between about 10-15 points on average from memory!!!

      • fanfooty has him at 81 and thats normally a couple points high as well…… guess about 77 or 78 would be on the money. Someone with Assistant coach may give u the exact number but then again they might not!!! :-)

      • fanfooty says 81, i bet the assitant coach says 72…haha

  • Sylvia’s BE is 71 according to assistant coach