DT TALK Live: Round 8

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If you watched the ‘after show’, then you would have heard about a potentially HUGE prize we could have on offer thanks to SportingBet (click here to sign up so you can win)… let us know how you think we should give it away!


  • I was nearly eliminated too…that sucks dude!


    Don’t worry, I’ll be Red next week.

  • Lol, almost the 3 stooges.Who did Carltoin, I didn’t do Calrton, did you do Carlton?

  • option 1: Grimes to Suckling, Curnow to Pendles

    Option 2 Grimes to Adcock, Curnow to Mitchell


    • Option 2

      • Cheers…so undecided! I was leaning that way but worry about potential adcock injuries and if I dont get pendles now that probably will mean never. But mitchell is only slightly less average then pendles and a lot cheaper.

        Ahhh….this is addictive and frustrating at the same time!

        • Haha so addictive indeed, I have the option between Mitchell and Pendles this week also due to downgrading Grimes to Jacobs (Will play the rest of the season barring injury I would think) and because of the Hawks reliance on Mitchell I think he may even out score Pendlebury for the rest of the season, huge call I know but people forget how much of a star Sammy Mitchell is. Also, I’ll probably look to get Pendlebury down the track anyway :)

        • man i really want to know what people think about jacobs too. ive heard he can play some good footy? i would usually wait a couple of weeks but i need to trade out grimes and am thinking of downgrading to jacobs (possibly higher JS at a shit team but untried in AFL) or puopolo to free up some cash with ultimate goal of getting some premium midfielders in. thoughts?

          • sorry, this is supposed to be on the comment below about ben jacobs, obviously.

  • good stuff boys

    thoughts on Pratt as a replacement for grimes?

    • A mate asked me that today! Well, he is doing alright so far this year, but he is realistically a 70 point type player… I would pass just because he hasn’t shown much DT potential so far in his career (he has been playing for a while too).

      • Ben Jacobs???? Will he start as sub is the big question? I am downgrading Grimes to Jacobs +206k. Will use this money in coming weeks.

        • I had a No namer ranked in the 130000’s score 1819 and almost take me out in the eliminator. Thankfully I survived. I was hit by the Curnow Gold Stubby curse. I only just bought him and lost my league match thanks to a rubbish trade. He will sit on my bench now until he comes back.

      • cheers warnie
        yeah im not sure about him. might be better off using 2 trades to get a def gun or just downgrading for $

  • Calvin I gotta ask, why the HELL did you stop supporting the Crows? Changing teams is a big no-no I would have thought. Did they do something to really piss you off or something?

  • Grimes to H. Shaw, Yarran to K. Harper


    • No, Isaac Smith instead of Harper I think.. Just my opinion but the revolving door at the roos wouldn’t give me any confidence, and Smith looked great last week.

  • gr8 show guys love it

  • bloody hell you guys are funny. That shit about Warnie’s eliminator and the ‘who did carlton’ moment was freakin’ hilarious. Thanks guys.

  • or…
    grimes to jacobs, yarran to harper

    then next week
    curnow to isaac smith, swallow to pendlebury

  • The eliminator is very important to me. It starts around about the time I realise that I have no chance of challenging for the car, and being in the eliminator at least makes me feel like I have a chance to win SOMETHING.
    That being said, I was so close to losing my eliminator on the weekend to a team ranked well into the 200,000s. I was safely in the top couple of % and actually made the mistake of laughing at the guys team.

    It included proven DT superstars such as:
    Heritier O’Brien (on his field despite the bye)
    Nick Maxwell (also on his field despite the bye)
    Brian Lake (on his field despite being dropped)
    Dale Morris
    Josh Hunt
    Nic Nat
    Broc McCauley (on field despite being dropped)
    and more!

    His quality cash cows/emergencies included rising stars and future Brownlow Medalists such as:
    Jeremy McGovern
    Rhys O’Keefe
    James Webster
    Derick Wanganeen
    Jaryd Cachia
    Wayde Twomey
    Bart McCulloch
    Jake Von Bertouch
    George Burbury
    and Thomas Schneider

    One by one through the weekend my players went down. Stevie J out and cop a donut “Heh I’ll only win by 400 now LOL”. Grimes 6 points “Heh I’ll only win by 300 now”. Enright, Knights, Matera, Broughton… “Ehhh should still win by 150….” Meanwhile his spuds like Brennan, Stokes, Griffen, Morris and Nic Nat are all spudding their way to massive scores.
    To my horror, at half time in the Monday night Carlton vs Saints game, I was sure it was over and that he had won. Half time. Curnow has the red vest for 13 points, Goddard is sitting on 25, and Riewoldt isn’t doing much better.
    Thankfully Goddard, Riewoldt, Murphy and Gibbs did enough to get me the win. Pipped him by about 40.
    So I won’t laugh at Warnie… It very nearly happened to me. And Warnie’s was about 50,000 higher ranked.

  • Great show boys. Who did Carlton was a belly ache.

    Constructive criticism – Calvin needs to keep his hands away from his face. The trophy/statuette in front of Warnie blocks his face from time to time.

    Nice that the problem of two weeks ago when overseas viewers missed out seems to have fixed itself.

    With the Curnow/Grimes dilemma – I traded Curnow for Smith as he is named on the field which would indicate a good JS. The cash from that gave me an upgrade to Rockliff with enough left for a second midfield upgrade next week. Grimes can stew on the bench until a good sideways or downward appears. Hopefully that will be Jacobs in two weeks time.

    Best scores for everybody this weekend. Hopefully we start seeing some 2100 averages.

  • Gold as usual fellas i agree with most others on here , the ” Who did carlton? ” was a classic, funny shit.