Trade Talk Tuesday

Ok, so I am coming off my worst week in the last half decade. I was happy to take the hit with 3 Pies out because it was Swan and Pendlebury that got me into 400th in the first place (not so much Didak). But, little did I expect the rabble that followed in order for me to rank 109,000 for the week and drop 2000 positions overall. The reason I am telling you this is it can only mean trade, trade TRADE. Even if it is reactive and out of anger. Here is the lineup for the chopping block:

Shaun Higgins: Dog’s wont disclose the severity his groin injury apart from the fact it has been relocated to his forehead.

Steve Johnson: Steve had better perform this week considering he has rested his precious shoulder just for it…. I’m not holding my breath.

Ed Curnow: I love you, but if reports are true about 6-8 weeks, it might be time to part ways. Until we meet again my friend.

Jack Grimes: I knew you had a history of soft tissue, but i didn’t predict the busted foot (as many experts did) pfft. Good luck mate, but seriously, did it have to be this week?

Chris Knights: Way to step up in a time of need….. ah, don’t get me started.

Nat Fyfe: You were gutsy to come back on, all good and look after the shoulder. I would never trade you x.

As expected all my rookies sucked but they are allowed to. I also expect more in future from Franklin, Goddard and a 90 wouldn’t have hurt Delids!

So, who are you guys looking at trading?


  • thinking of matera to mzungu (back in 4-5 weeks according to injury list) then grimes to adcock.


  • hey dters ive got a a piss poor forward structure and r7 saw 6 of my bench players either out with injury or just not named. lookin at mzungu too what are the chances he’ll get gametime straight away? Who should i trade out. Cam Richardson, Prestia, Gaff. Any other forwards worth gettin. i.e. issac smith? is he likely to stay in the side?

    • im liking mzungu simply because freo have alot of injuries so he should get games. smith on the other hand, when rioli, suckling and co’ come back will more than likely be dropped.

      out of those three you named i’d be getting rid of richardson, doesnt look like hell get another game for a fair while, where as prestia is for gc and they are always making changes, and gaff (if they left him on the field for once) is just a gun.

      hope this helps you.

      • Agree on dumping C Richardson (I did last week). Just doesn’t look like getting a game, and when he’s played hasn’t looked like an earner.

        I’m keeping Prestia for a while whilst I fix up other parts of my team. From what I’ve seen, he looks like he could rack up some pretty good scores the way he roams up and down the ground (that is if he ever plays again!).

        I thought Gaff was a chance to play this week – apparently did well in the WAFL on the weekend (30+ touches). Surely they can’t keep putting the sub on him with form like that – although given West Coast go into games with a heap of talls (Cox, Nat, Lynch, Darling, Kennedy), they will keep a small in the sub in case they are too top heavy during the game.

        Isaac Smith looks pretty tasty to me, although I’ll only grab him after seeing how he goes this week and use him as a mid season cash cow. Also, given the wraps on Mzungu pre-season, surely Freo will be playing him soon after his return (but once again trading in a guy that wont be playng for a while seems quite premature).

        • You would think freo would have to play him as soon as he is ready. after all they just lost to richmond and they wouldn’t be overly pleased with an effort like that. Mzungu is due back in 2 weeks now so getting him on my bench for matera sounds good now. BUT, if isaac smith can keep his form and keep his spot in the team then it will be smith over mzungu.

          Plus i have the same outcome as “sherin bandito” but not as bad, forwards: chappy franklin goodes fyfe darling tapscott and krakouer. then it goes rapidly down hill from there with my bench looking like this: richardson mckernan and matera. If i have a chance to trade out grimes for someone any good i will have to downgrade matera to mzungu or smith to get the money needed and with atley and liberatore looking solid cover in my mids i don’t really want to get rid of either of them.