Get Off The Bench: Round 7

Alright, so now we only have one team taking the week off and we should all have some choices to make in terms of who we need to play on the field.  But one of the things that is killing us all is the inconsistency of our players!  We also have some fresh meat that we can look at playing as we have Hibberd and Harper have made their debut’s.

We are also starting to see a bit of a pattern with the use of the Sub, there are some players who seem to earn a vest most weeks so we can plan for it, players in this category include Gaff, Claye Beams and Davenport.  We also know that the vest seems to belong to midfielders, particularly the green one (that is when Warnie and Calvin aren’t wearing it).  So they are the riskiest proposition in that sense.

So our job this week is to find the most consistent of our bench players rather than the worst that we should leave out!  A much nicer task, but it isn’t any easier!  With our long list of choices this week I will run through players as they would appear if sorted by team to make it a bit easier and as usual check the ratings at the bottom for the order I would play them in.


Brodie Smith has performed well over the last 4 weeks averaging 77 over that time and seems to have cemented him a permanent spot in the Crows lineup so job security isn’t an issue.  Luke Thompson has steadily gotten better since his debut with a very nice 92 last week.  I would be comfortable with this guy on the field, and with them playing Melb I reckon he might do ok.  With Tambling suspended this week and Davis out I can’t see him losing his spot.  Jesse O’Brien isn’t in the groundbreaking form he was in at the start of the season and is now returning solid 40-60 scores.  His BE of 65 now makes him a trade out option.

Nick Duigan is now starting to dip in his points production, but that last game was of course affected by the rain in Sydney.  I see this as only a temporary drop in production and I think he should be back to his normal game this week against St Kilda.  However, most of us will probably trade him out this week given his BE is now over his average.  Laidler has continued his good performance and has an 85 and 69 over the last two weeks, just watch out as he is in extended bench country.  Our other favourite Heppell had another great game against Gold Coast (along with every other Bomber) withan 83.  Still play this guy as if he is a premium!  Hibberd played his first game and got a nice 68, he showed us enought to say that he is going to be a player.  I will be interested to see how he goes against some real competition this week with the Eagles.  Just be careful, he is on the extended bench, but I reckon he will still play.  Another Bomber of note is Cale Hooker as he has had a couple of 70’s prior to his 106 last week.  An interesting choice, but some people may have him.

Freo’s Nick Lower had himself a 79 before the bye and I don’t expect him to slow down, he has only played 1 game in 3 weeks, but I don’t see him as being anything but a safe bet.  Against the Tigers he will have Nahas and J Volt to contend with but still should get his points.  Danny Stanley saw plenty of the ball last week and racked up his second score in the 70’s in a row last week.  I am liking this guy more and more as he plays more often.  Josh Toy has shown he has what it takes by putting his head where others wouldn’t even think of going and is scoring well with a 75 and 69 in 3 weeks with a 37 in the middle.  I like this guy, but he isn’t a safe bet yet, he is a good emergency and cash cow, but not a field player (unless you are desperate).

Matt Suckling is out with a busted knee, so this opens the door for Puopolo and I Smith.  I reckon these guys are ok to put on the ground against the Power, but I am always a bit nervous about untried players, but if you have trade in Puops then I think it would be safe to have him as your 7th back or your Emerg.  Alex Rance has posted a couple of 87’s over the last two weeks so he could be a good bet given Richmond’s resurgence.


As mentioned above, Claye Beams has been a victim of the vests in 3 out of his 4 games for the year, but in his one game without the vest he scored a 49, which is the same as he had last time out where he was subbed off and in round 1 where he suffered the same fate he scored 62 so his form seems a little up and down.  Jared Polec had a couple of reasonable games with a 67 and 83 before his green vested 37 last week.  Unfortunately for him he has been dumped this week, a bit stiff I reckon.

Ed Curnow has just continued dominating and keep playing him as a keeper.  Crameri had a day out again this week against the Suns wiht a 101.  This makes 3 scores over 100 now for little Stewie and I reckon he has the goods to keep this form up.  Dyson Heppell is in the same class as Curnow and keep playing this guy as well.  Hibberd is also eligible here in the mids so if you need to, play him here too.

Jay Van Berlo has shaken off a shaky start where he had 40 and 41 to come out with a 66 and 90 over the last two games.  This guy is easing in nicely, but I am just not convinced on his job security, particularly if the Dockers start to get a couple of guys back.  Daniel Harris has justified his selection with most of our teams, he has been very steady and consistent over the season.  He has been scoring in the 60’s and 70’s and if he keeps doing this he has done his job.  Trent McKenzie came to my attention last week after an 82, well stuff me if he didn’t do it again this week!  And after seeing this kid again on Sunday he looks like he can keep this up.  The kid has got a fair leg on him too, wouldn’t mind having those kicks coming into the forward line!  If you have him, perhaps give him the big E or play him if you have to.  David Swallow has continued his good form with a 78 against the Bombers in that poor showing.  This guy is maturing nicely, but I don’t think he is a keeper at this stage.

Shane Savage has had a good run of late if you exclude a 35 a couple of weeks ago.  Other than that he has been scoring 60 and above, and this week they are playing the Power who have been giving up some big scores.  Isaac Smith has come into the Hawks this week and has been touted as a star.  I would leave him on the bench as I reckon he will get the Green Vest presented to him seconds after his Guernsey.    Gysberts Gysberts Gysberts well well well just when you thought it was safe to trade this clown in.  Can I remind you of last year’s scores for him… 103, 78 and 29.  This year he has had a 103, 67 and a red vested 29.  Uncanny isn’t it.  UNLOAD THIS CHUMP!  He is on the extended bench and if Bails wants to keep his job he will give him the CHOP.

Shaun Atley has now had 3 scores in the 60’s after his opening 40’s and it seems as though his job security is ok given some of their other players who are no good currently.  Jasper Pittard had one of his lower scores with a 52 last week, but then all Power players were down as they aren’t much good at the moment.  However, if you have him, he is a viable option as an emergency or an on field 6th Mid.  Another rookie, Reece Conca started out slowly, but has picked it up as the Tigers have gotten better and has three scores over 70 in a row.  I think he will do ok as long as the Tigers keep winning.

Andrew Gaff is the most Subbed player having earnt 4 green vests out of 5 games.  Given half a chance he will score well.  68 is his only non sub affected score and he got 21 in one quarter last week.  On top of that the poor bastard has been dropped to the WAFL this week, keep an eye on him as I reckon he will come back soon and do ok.  Tom Liberatore has been outstanding from the start and is continuing this form.  But, he is another poor sucker who has suffered at the hands of General Soreness.  His other Father/Son rule draftee mate Mitch Wallis showed what he can do with a 70 in his first non sub affected game.  This kid can play and I think he will continue to get game time whilst the Doggies are struggling a bit.


Consistent forwards are a little hard to come by at the moment in this type of player, the fringe guys.  With the revolving door down at Crow land with injury Shaun McKernan should be ok to keep his spot but only has his last few scores in the 50’s so is an emergency option at best at the moment.  Jesse O’Brien has also disappointed over the last two weeks with a 48 and a 59 which is not up to the early standard he is starting to struggle a bit. 

Kyle Hardingham joined in on the fun against the Suns last week and got a nice 76, prior to that he got a few 50’s and a 63.  I don’t mind him, but I don’t know if I trust him. 

I must apologise to those with Jayden Pitt the reason for his vest affected 20 was that I traded him in the round before.  That was always going to spell trouble.  If he doesn’t get a vest I think there are no problems playing this guy.  His previous two scores were a 76 and an 87.  Brandon Matera impressed us all with his fine play against Port and his 84, but last week he came crashing down to Earth again this week with his 47 which is back to the scores he posted prior to that week.  He is a bit inconsistent to be a safe bet for mine.

Luke Tapscott is another popular choice amongst coaches and has dropped to the 60’s after two 80’s in his first two games.  I think that with the way the Dee’s are playing he could be a bit of a scapegoat being a youngster but who knows, it may be the older guys that pay the price for poor form.  On the other side of the coin we have Brad Miller who has moved to Richmond and has had 3 good games with an 85 and 64 being the best of them.

Keiren Harper had himself a tidy debut and scored a nice 61, I reckon this kid will be a good player for the Roos and has been named in a Fwd pocket this week so may avoid the Green Vest.  I would play him but he isn’t my first choice in the Forwards.

Clearly the best of the forwards at the moment is Jack Darling who has had a 98 and 100 in the last two weeks  This kid can play and can score, I can’t see any conceivable reason why Woosha would even consider dropping him or handing him a vest so play with extreme confidence.

Isaac Smith is also eligible here in the Forward line so consider playing him as the stocks are a little thin at the moment with Prestia languishing in the Magoos.  Sam Day is a debutant for the GC this week replacing Charlie Dixon.  This kid should be ok as he played a full season for Sturt in the SANFL and he was a pretty handy player for them.

So there you have it, there are plenty of choices this week and hopefully you only need to select one or two questionable scorers this week.  Here are my rankings…


  1. Heppell
  2. Brodie Smith
  3. Stanley
  4. Hibberd
  5. Duigan
  6. Lower
  7. Laidler
  8. Puopolo


  1. Curnow
  2. Heppell
  3. Swallow
  4. Crameri
  5. Hibberd
  6. Harris
  7. Atley
  8. Isaac Smith
  9. McKenzie
  10. Conca


  1. Darling
  2. Tapscott
  3. Pitt
  4. Issac Smith
  5. Matera
  6. Hardingham
  7. Harper
  8. Day
  9. McKernan

Next week I will start to drop off guys like Curnow and Heppell as these guys are now good enough that they don’t fall into the category of this column as they should be on your ground each and every game.

I hope that you make the right choices this week and start off the new run of league games with a win!  Hopefully I have helped out and I didn’t leave out one of your players, but let me know if I did and I will give you my thoughts on him, and as usual hit me with your questions on Twitter @pkd73 and I will help out where I can!


  • Hopefully Puopolo smashes it up! With Bruce out for 6 you’d think he would get a decent crack at it.

  • duigan to thompson or puopolo (i have hibberd)
    Does green to fyfe sound like a good idea? i’m thinking of getting fyfe whilst he is on his way up and chappy a bit later on. Good plan or not?

  • Are coaches with Hibbard stressing out yet to his JS? I think its aweful. Have a good look at the Bombers lineup from the wings to the back pockets, he really doesnt fit in anywehre.
    If you dont have him wait until 6:30 tonight at least before trading, and secondly try and find better trading options as Im definately not convinced!

    • I noticed that too this week, Hibberd really looks like a struggle to fit in in a very strong Bombers squad, but I think it’d be harsh for the lad to only get one shot at the top… Considering they’re playing WCE there’s a good chance he’ll be given a run as opposed to it being a Collingwood or Geelong clash….

      Heck, I hope he gets a game otherwise it’s my first donut of the year for me…

    • I apply the same ‘selection criteria’ to Hibberd as you (and other coaches) would have done for your other rooks: mature-aged, AFL-ready body, medalist at VFL level (FotherGill-Round) and a solid pre-season. Watched him last weekend and his use of the ball was good, as was his positioning. He gives the Bombers backline a rebounding option with pace, slotting in nicely for Dempsey. At the very worst, if he doesn’t get consistent game time, he’ll be a cheap MPP to give you some flexibility for the rest of the season.

      Happy to watch him for another round against stronger opposition than last week, and barring a complete failure on-ground, injury or exclusion from the extended bench, I’m planning on downgrading to him next week if he gets a third game.

    • It’s going to be long day for Hibberd coaches lol.

      Who’s your captain this week Teeks?

    • I’m not worried about Hibberd. He was promised a round 1 start and this was before a couple injuries to Essendon e.g. Dempsey.

      He injured himself and they only gave him one week in the juniors and hes brought back into the side.

  • I also see Curnow is the #1 Midfield rookie suggested to play onfield.
    The bloke has averaged a tad under 100 all season starting on the pine & this week he is is starting in the guts!

    • Correct TKOL, and you will note that I mentioned that I won’t be listing him or Heppell any more in this article as they are starters on the ground every week now as far as I am concerned.

      • Its alright Dunny, we have always had doubts over whether TKOL can read and I think you’ve proven it now.

  • no mention of iiles?

    • I like your weekly column Dunny – good stuff.

      Why is everyone rushing to downgrade backmen? It’s only Rd 7 boys, and a long way to go.

      Reading the teams thread last night there were dudes with like 16 or even 14 trades – crazy.

      I’m not the least bit sold on Hibberd either and I fail to see the urgency in getting rid of Duigan.

      Sure his BE is a little higher than average but I’m confident he’ll beat 70 against St. Awful on Monday.

      I will actually start Duigan and leave Stanley on the bench – he’s strictly emg at the moment.

      Plenty of cash cows fattening up but it is premature to see Pawpawlo or Dr. Hibberd as genuine downgrade targets.

      ps. I am a reformed trade junkie by the way – in 2008 I had a raging two trade a week habit.

      Good luck everyone – ps. Bartel Captain all the way!

    • Adz

      I think Iles has the most merit of the downgrade midfielders – certainly better JS than Wallis or even Libba for that matter.

      I ummed and ahhhed but no deal! My therapist won’t let me trade yet.

    • Yeah good call Adzman, sorry I didn’t mean to leave him out, just so many players to cover! With a 47 and a 74 he is a safe option. I would slot him in around the 5, 6, 7 mark in the list.

  • hurley looks crap on dream team thinking of getting rid of him for puopola thoughts?

    • Im in the same delema as you but I sure as hell aint gonna trade a start up player to an un-tried rookie. Anything can happen in two weeks. We now have the luxury of waiting to see how these guys score, unlike selecting a team at the start of the season. Bide your time man. If you really want to get rid of Hurley maybe trade one of your other rookies in the back or mid that have fattened up to a rook on the bubble, then use the extra cash to make Hurley a Chapman, Fyfe, Pav etc.

      • kool thanks ill hold on for a couple more weeks then look at it again

    • Yep, i’m done with him too…… up to Chapman though.

      • up to fyfe…no patience.
        High BE of about 90 and avg nowhere near it.

  • I have to trade prestia this week to avoid a donut, whol i should i get out of hibberd and wallis? (i would get iles but i need that 20k to get chappy next week)

    • Wait until tonight, just to see if Hibberd gets named…. He’s on the extended bench, so there’s a ? about whether or not he’ll get a game….

    • I’m pretty sure that you would have thought about this, but with Prestia’s DPP status, can you cover him with someone from your forward line this week?

  • I just traded Libba > Wallis & then Duigan > Adcock.

    Couldn’t afford Chapman this week & going to wait another week for Hibberd.

  • I am one of the CRAZYS who has 14 trades and only 2 were a gamble others were injuries and missed cows.

    I have a plan up till next week when i get Chappy but beyond there it gets fuzzy.

    • Don’t worry, I burned trades during the multi-bye period to cover for premiums and not miss out on some cows, now the multi-byes are finished (for now) less trades will be used and it’ll all be about upgrading the fat cows.

      Keep in mind we were given an extra 4 trades to cover 2 extra wks and byes.

      Don’t worry about things being fuzzy, no matter what plan you make there’ll always be a spanner thrown in the works. It is good to have a target mind you, ie, trade out fat cows so you have at least 6 premium DEFs & FWDs & MIDs.

    • it must be the obsessive compulsive behavior and is reflecting on ya dt.

  • which rookie would you upgrade first

    Bewick or Richardson?

    • Neither unless its to avoid a dohnut.

      • Bewick will get a game when he recovers from his injury (was listed as test this week). Richardson should also be able to fight his way back into North’s team if he keeps his good form up. So i wouldn’t trade either, just yet.

        • How about Prestia?
          have got 350k in the bank being wasted on the bench..

          Diagan/Otten -> Enright is another option.

          but thought getting Chapman or Fyfe is would be more points.

          • Just realised it is covering a donut..

            Must trade one of
            Matera/Richardson/Krakouer/Prestia/Bewick to cover a donut in the mids.. (DPP Prestia would allow me to trade Richardson)

            I feel I have a pretty solid forward rookies bench with Darling and Tapscott taking the field

  • I’ve been itching to trade all week but managed to resist until just now. Ended up doing Duigan > L Thompson and Tapscott > Chapman. Finally my forward line is perfect! My weakest link at the moment is Nick Frakking Riewoldt.

    • Your mad to get rid of Tapcott now. Didn’t have any other rooks?

      • None cooked enough unfortunately.

      • Tappy to Chappy.
        Its Paul Chapman, stuff Tapscott. Chapman 130 Tapscott 60. Do the math

        • I think you mean 260 he will be the big C this week

        • Yep agree, good move. Miss $$$ on Tappy but pick up extra point with Chappy.

          Also curious to see how much longer Tapscott goes for……..was off early last game with groin soreness and was continuous getting rub-downs during game for it. Seems to be affecting his recent scores a little.
          Think the ‘General’ may pay him a visit soon!!!

  • Good write up, bit of work gone into that.

    Seriously considering N.Voldt to Chappy today……..thoughts??

    • Still think its worth holding onto Volt his a gun so i believe he will come good . so wouldn’t trade him out.

  • Considering upgrading D Swallow(has BE of 50) to D Mundy and upgrading Duigan to Adcock(should have got him in last week). Any thoughts?

    • Mundy is $420K now, although unique there are some great options below his price (Rock and Reddy @ Briz). Not sure if Mundy will keep the +100 ave up once Barlow returns. On the other hand tho Barlow could help him win more of the ball. That doesn’t really help in the end aye?

      • well, you’ve made me think more about the trade and it did help.

      • I wouldn’t expect a huge amount from Barlow this year. Not an easy injury to come back from

        • agreed. Barlow is going to be the most selected player next season for sure

    • Swallow will get his BE easy. Mundy is a jet though and seems to slip under the radar, only about 2% of coaches have him yet his ave is 114.

      Duigan to Adcock for me this week

      • hmm, now im not sure if i should go Redden over Mundy.

        • I picked up Redden last week and he repaid me with 131 straight up. I’m putting the big C on him this week against the Suns, plus he averages 6 to 8 tackles a game. The Redden trade saves you around $20K, and that doesn’t seem like much but a lot of coaches on this site recently have been $3,000 or $4,000 short of the required $$ to complete the ” x to Chappy or X to Cox trade”. Every DT dollar counts in the end.

          • wow! i think you’ve convince me! plus they got GC this week. Thanks!

          • Amen brother…and that’s why its stupid, yes STUPID to cull cows unless you think they have reached their peak.

  • Curnow and Heppell are off the bench without doubt, think its time to add Higgins to the list. I mean WTF? He only played 4 games, had the bye to rest but still needs another 2 weeks to recover. Again, WTF? Get in the ring with Bazza, he will toughen you up. (or smash you to a Soft Higginy Pulp). Don’t want to pull the trigger but that’s three weeks he has been MIA out of 7 (bye included). On that average he will miss another 6 to 8games for the year (inc final bye). Is he too soft to keep?

    • absolutely….. get him out now, he’ll play a few, miss a few, play a few miss a few etc etc etc
      i just did and the team looks better without him

    • Higgins is soft, and yeah, he will probably miss a few games this year.

  • Everyone that is considering trading Nick Reiwoldt please do it!
    What a great trade, Reiwoldt is over the hill!

    • Better for me! He isnt a one of the best in the league cause he’s rooting that chick from neighbours

      • Not anymore……..reckon he has some hottie from Texas last i heard. Upgraded apparently and got rid of some rookie in the process!!! :-)

    • If Higgins isn’t named next week, Little St.Nick (as he is now known after the release of “those” photo’s) will have bottomed out and be my prime upgrade target. I agree tho tkol, foolish to trade him out if you already have him, but don’t stop there, trade out Swan to, he has the bye and a huge break even, trade him. Gibbs and Goddard are gone, trade them to. I would put your sarcasm emoticon here but??

    • The voldt will come back and burn eveyone who traded him out.

      Hes got some fight left in him yet.

      • When he decides to take of his dress he might be worth keeping.
        While he is not being served the Sherrin on a silver platter you can expect his average season to continue.
        Saints look like a team stuck in the mud and getting deeper. There is nothing on the horizon that looks like changing. They are a team who is burnt out, Physically and Mentally.

  • Where is housn’s bets?

    I reckon sandilands is a great bet in the rucks best of 8 @ $3.20

    Just in tonights game, boak to beat cornes & sewell into hartlett to beat burgoyne & young @ $7.02

    Franklin to get most DT points in group of 8 paying $5

    • All pretty good bets there, the boak and hartlett double is a steal.

  • Couple of trades I am contemplating, thoughts??

    N Riewoldt or Rioli to Chapman….. which one??

    One with a bit of difference….Didak to Kerr, Trengrove or rockcliff…..I can hear the wtf’s already lol but wait, I think Kerr is on the up, being fed by the comps best ruck and at 212 makes $140 odd, Trengrove just for a POD, but is averaging over 110 in his last two games and may be returning to best form……
    Alternatively could go sideways from Conca to the above??
    Rckcliff a bit obvious, but the other two cash me up a bit and leave money after the chap trade
    have 200 in the bank

    • Rioli. Started the year like a keeper, then their opposition decided enough of that and stuck someone on him. A bit like O’Keefe, hey benetration. Also the guy has soft tissue issues like Higgins with the added worry of tribunal appearances thrown in. Voldt is in a frustrating situation at the moment but if you trade him, you’ll lose a wad of cash. I’m waiting to see if the kids can inject some life into the Saints.

    • Are you seirous, Rioli in injured!

      • ??? speak English loose, are you saying am I seriously considering Roo over Rioli? I am, Riewoldt and the saints have been woeful and the way they are playing, combined with the double and triple teaming riewoldt gets makes me think that Rioli is always going to score more than him…………However, Mcscoundrel makes some good points, esp re injury and opposition tags, didn’t consider suspensions….so looks like you Cyril..

        Thoughts on my other suggestions, I think didak has to go…looking terrible this season…Blair and krak getting his former action and Dawes and Cloke getting too much of the forward action. With Pendles and Swan dominating (and swan resting in the forward line) not many scraps for dids….the only question is for who?

        • I meant Rioli is injured!

          Why would you trade in an injured player?

          • sorry Loose, misunderstanding from both….I am mulling up whether to get rid of Roo or Rioli!!! (for Chappy)

  • There will always be people banging on about list like these but I’m going to deconstruct it with my slant on things anyway.

    1 Duigan #5, Lower #6
    A backman v an on-baller. Fellow on baller Brodie Smith is ranked #2. I realise that it’s impossible not to incorporate prejudice for or against…the three times I’ve started Duigan he’s scored 2×40 and 1×50. Thanks Duigs.

    2 Conca #10
    His three most recent games include 1×80 and 2×70. I’d certainly rank him ahead of a guy like Atley…at the Cattery and Hibberd (#5 in the mids…?) and sight unseen Isaac Smith. Don’t let it get to you Concaman, you’re one of my midfield good guys.

    3 Tapscott #2
    Sure, he’s reliable but unless you know something we don’t (is a role change in the air?) I think its worthwhile taking a punt on someone with a higher ceiling in the forwards. There’s not much to lose…

    • Nice analysis there McScoundrel, I will give you my thoughts on those points you raise, but at the end of the day it is all subjective on what people think will happen, I certainly don’t know the future (would put sporting bet out of business if i did!) but I just apply some of my thoughts and knowledge, just as you have. I guess at the end of the day, go with what you think is best.

      Duigan v Lower.. my concern over Lower is that they are playing away from home which Freo traditionally hasn’t done well, and Duigan is playing against the Saints who have been very poor of late and I think he will score well against them. I also think that Lower is likely to get a vest this week too. B Smith has been good of late and I think that with Adelaide playing Melb on the G he should get free and rack up a few posessions.

      Conca – probably a fair call, i am a bit biased since I had him, traded him, then he plays well! (although I did sideways him to Curnow). Yeah he may have the upside over Atley given he is at the Cattery and I Smith is sight unseen, but Smith is playing the Power who are no good (as much as that hurts me to say) and I think he could do well. Conca is up against the Freo Mids who are humming along nicely at the moment and I think that will hurt his score this week. All in all those last 3 or 4 guys in the list are probably a toss of the coin really as to where they could be.

      Tapscott – The forwards are an area that I think are a bit thin for these players at the moment. With Melb having the Crows and that Crows backline without Tambling, Otten and Davis this week I think he can run a bit rampant potentially. If it were being played in Adelaide I would have slipped him down the list but with a depleted travelling Crow backline he should do ok.

      I hope that gives you a bit of insight as to what I was thinking. I must say that putting them in the order is the hardest part about writing this article each week because they are all so unpredictable and often it is a toss of the coin as to who goes where in the order.


      • Good stuff Dunny and thanks for being a valuable contributor to the website this year. I think I can speak for everybody when I give you my thanks. Your response to my thoughts was most unexpected but much appreciated – in such an article as yours it’s impossible to go into as much detail as you have subsequently. Rooks’ scores are certainly unpredictable and so far I’ve had some success and some epic failures too – especially in the backline where I’ve bled points continually. I’ll have to have a bit of a rethink of my choices this week now!

        • Not a problem at all McScoundrel, I try to do what I can to help out, but as you say, these rooks and fringe players are bloody hard to predict! I do welcome my thoughts being challenged in a constructive fashion like you did as it helps me with my decisions and makes me think about my choices a bit more too!


      • Pretty sure ol Tappy plays in the backline himself. So the all he’ll be worried about is the Crows forward line not their backs.

  • sam day didn’t play a full season with Sturt he played school football but lets see how he goes amazing athlete!

    • Sorry, I thought it was full season but now that I think of it, i do recall something about school footy in there. Nonetheless he should be very good.

  • Staring down a donut in the forward line and looking at either Prestia or Richardson as a trade out. Given Prestia seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and Richardson, although finding form in the VFL , may also struggle to find his way back into the Roos lineup with other more experienced players starting to come back from injury etc, what’s the general opinion on who to trade? In my opinion, Prestia has more scoring potential based on what we’ve seen so far (& also the lower B/E) but if he’s not playing it means little. Thinking of Richardson to Harper but not convinced he’ll score that well, especially against the Cats at Kardinia Park. Have $35k in my pocket and only used 1 trade so far.

    • Isaac Smith? M/F DPP and cheap, though his JS is questionable at this stage…

    • In the same spot.. but looking to upgrade one of them instead of downgrading them.
      I’m leaning towards trading Richardson too.. Seems like its tough for North rooks to break into the team for some reason. how long has Pederson been knocking on the door.


    • Crazy buddy missing for second week as rocket it being cautious with him.. he will end up in the top ten forwards this year. i would rather cover him for two weeks then get him back score well & maybe miss another at years end than trade him back in the finals.

      • Mate, to each its own. I would rather trust the CHAMPION that N Volt is rather than week in week out worrying whether a talented but soft player is out because he just got bitten by a mosquito the night before.

        I would rather trust an out and out champion who has delivered many times before over the pussy HIGGINS.

        I should of learned from the lesson that was Nathan Brown back in the days and not have picked Higs in the first place.

    • It’s Higgins people!!

      He will be injured again before the end fo the year, if he was someone like gooes who is out for 2 weeks you wouldn’t worry but Higgins hasn’t played more then 10 games in a row EVER!

      He’ll come bbck in 2-3 weeks and kill it for 1-2 months and then he will be omitted again for general soreness and wont come back for another 3 games.

      • Thats why you have to have good sub’s ;)

      • Ist rule of DT, going on previous years experiences….never get Higgins, softest man in afl!!!

        • never again…. thats for sure…. its just his opening price was just too good to ignore

  • Dam you rioli, I bought him last week too. Does anyone cross r-eference players with supercoach? I think it is undutilized resource as the stats provided in SC can give you more insight into a players performance than dream team, anyway here is an example if interested :

    • If you’re playing SC they do……..can be very different at times due to type of player.
      Would look at SC stats to pick someone in DT, if thats what your talking about.

  • My Brothers in DT Arms,

    Who should I start out of the following:
    – Poupolopolopois
    – Hibberd
    – Toy

    Im leaning towards Toy as Hibberd might not play and the Porpoise is unproven – Thoughts??

    • Hibberd for mine. Puopolo is untried, and Toy is unpredictable. I think Hibberd will be the more stable pick, won’t get the massive score, but should be around the 60 mark.

      • Thanks Hombre – If he gets the nod this arvo he will start for One Man Wolfpack!

        Good Man!

        • Just heard he is named on the field for the RESERVES, not sure if this means anything, but beware!

  • The Apple Cart is facing a dilemma!

    He has Swan, Libba & Bewick out in the mids. Didak, Krakouer & Prestia out in the forwards. Add to this Shaun Higgins! That means donut unless The Apple Cart uses a valuable trade.

    With the luxury of swapping around certain players between the mids and fwds with a DPP – he has a number of possible trades but is unsure what to do.

    The Apple Cart pretty much has $0K in the bank (And 21 trades remaining)

    a) Duigan/Otten -> Poo + Higgins -> Chappy (don’t really want to lose Higgins but Chappy gives a captain option)

    b) Duigan/Otten -> Poo + Libba -> Rookie Mid (eg: Iles)

    c) Simply downgrade Libba and hope Duigan can ripen.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    The Apple Cart loves help from the general public, loves it!

    • Personally I would go option B

      Ive got Higgins and I know everyone is trading him out because he is a little girl but he is avg 100 and should be back soon. Hopefully WB are just managing him so that he will be right for the whole season and come the end of the year with the bulldogs fighting for momentum and positioning in the eight he will play through little niggles

      • Also if you do a double downgrade this week you can probably have both Chappy and Missy playing for you next week and that would be a dangerous fwd line

    • If I was the Apple Cart I would be doing option 1 – Probably with the injured Otten (a ripened DT rookie is better than an injured player in my opinion).

      One Man Wolfpack has done pretty much the same as that except with Richo making way for Cappy Chappy…

      But then again Iits up to The Apple Cart in the end…

  • wondering if anyone else has an eye on ASHLEY SMITH from West Coast this week, could be a nice unique pick up next week in the backline for about $260K from memory

    • Scored well and should have decent job security based on his performance last week… In saying that keep an eye on the squad this arvo as Schofield might push him out to battle Essendons talls – Would be purely for balance though!

      • I missed out on Adcock and I’m trying to fit him into my trade plans for the next 3 weeks but im coming up short to fit him into my plans. I need to find my 7th backline spot and this round I’m looking at Ashley Smith as an option to trade in next week which will allow me to fill my last 2 midfield premium spots the following 2 weeks

  • Cam Richo now an emergency woohoo!

    • Yeah, Pedersen in for Hansen!!!

      • Hhmm…if only Pederson had better job security….he might be a better option than in my post above

  • The N volt debate has really highlighted some interesting points. The main one I think is the form v.s reputation argument. Yes Reiwoldt has been a gun forward for the last umpteen seasons. HAS been.

    This year? Not even one ton, and a price value dropping quicker then your girlfriends panties after a successfull romantic dinner (Or boyfriends, substitute pantie for undie).

    I thought that a no.1 fundamental DT fact is pick for current form, not previous reputation. Would his sub 80 ave be acceptable in the midfield? I think not.

    • this is basiclaly what the boys were talking about last night… do you stick with a Proven past player or bring in someone inform… do you play it agressive and bring in someone thats unproven and might not have JS or stick with someone that MIGHT come good … its the risk and it is a make or break play at the end of the day… if you do choose to get rid of him…which is high high on my list to do

      • I think if you were to choose to get rid of him you would have to go to someone who is both proven and in great form. So in my eyes if you think riewoldt has had it you would have to go to chapman. At the moment there’s no other forward worth the risk to trade to, so if you already have chapman, keep riewoldt.

    • You have to take into account prices aswell.

      Would you trade out a player if he was priced at 450k and was averaging 110 over the past 5? Of course not.

      If that player happened to be named Swan, and had dropped 70k allready, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference, as he’d roughly be averaging his price, but has the scope for improved scores.

      Same goes for other time proven quality players.

      You don’t jump off the aircraft after it’s allready crashed.

      • You’re right, but that doesn’t mean bailing out as soon as you notice something terminal. Either way, I think you have to commit early. Case in point, A Krakouer:
        I bailed on him after round 3 and traded to Curnow. Subsequently I missed out on a 40 something and him being dropped. Don’t regret it for a second.

        Alternatively, those that backed him in were rewarded with a great score last week, and he looks to have some greater potential. They probably don’t regret it now either.

        So either choice could potentially be a good one, so long as you make it soon enough.

    • I have traded out Riewoldt for Fyfe … Fyfe is going up in value and Riewoldt is going down. My cash cows are yet to ripen to a level that would allow me to trade Fyfe in this round. Given Riewoldt’s BE he will probably have 2-3 more price drops on current form. In 2-3 weeks time my Cows will have ripened and I would be able to do 1 trade to bring Riewoldt back in if he finds form again therefore a sum of 2 trades to have a Riewoldt / Fyfe combination in my forwards. I would of needed to do 2 trades to get Fyfe into my forwards in 2 weeks time anyway (upgrade / downgrade) and he would of cost more dollars. In the interim I get the benefit of more points from Fyfe and his DPP status if required. If Riewoldt hasn’t found form in 2-3 weeks I can trade out a Cow for whoever else might be performing at the time.

  • im so undecided on who to get for duigan and andy otten. i already have hibberd.
    any thoughts??

  • im so undecided on who to get for duigan and andy otten. already have hibberd.
    any thoughts?

  • Cheers for the article Dunny, great stuff as always.

    Thankfully I’m at peace with my trades/team this week (I’m never again going through the ‘3mins til lockout panic double trade’ that I struggled through last week!) except for the following:

    7th defender: Lower, Stanley or Duigan?

    I know Dunny says Stanley over both of them but interested in other’s thoughts as I’m leaning towards Lower?

  • any recommendations for a cow under 200 000?

  • Savage is very unlikely to start as sub. Isaac only played VFL on sunday and will most likely start as the sub so if u have him keep him on ur bench or emg if u have no one else.

  • Broughton to Hibberd and Richo to Chappy? 180k and 22 trades….?