DT TALK Live: Round 7

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  • HaHa Chris Connolly looked stoked to be there.

    Btw guys I think its great that your focusing on these live shows. Listening to you guys hang shit on each other is just as funny of any of the scripted stuff you did. You can fit in so much more info, plus its interactive with the fans. Win-Win considering it takes less effort on your behalf. Keep up the good work!

  • Thinking about trading Swallow to David Ellard to purely get more cash in the long run, Ellard will be on my bench and make me bit more money to get Chapman down the track and sub to the forward line, later I can trade Prestia , Matera or Krakour for Mzungu for the other bit of money I will need to secure Chapman. Any thoughts if Ellard can maintain scores of 90 – 100? Will he have good job security?

    • I reckon ellard can maintain an average around the 95 mark but his js is the issue. Him and mclean are fighting for the same spot.

  • what are the odds on Ben Jacobs getting the gig next week?

  • Where’s Dion Prestia? shakes head

  • Great show guys. Funny shit. You guys gonna do any special guests? Should get Monty on there, he likes a ribbing too!

    • We will definitely have special guests. More interviews, skits and other things over the next few weeks. Calvin even did some artwork tonight!! Watch out for that! Haha!

      • Noice. You guys touched on the Suckling injury and it being bout 4 weeks. Being a Suckling owner Im wondering if I should hold onto him. Is it worth it to wait the 4 weeks? I have got good bench cover, only him and Otten missing in the back, but this might put a hold on my planned Duigan trade.

      • has your mum got a dreamteam?nope but she has a warnedog……….gold

  • any opinion on puopolo for duigan and wallis for irons?

    • mega risk pulling the trigger on puopolo before hes even stepped onto the turf. Even wallis is a but underdone. if you had to pick though, definately the wallis trade

  • Nathan Gordon has the best endurance in the Swans side, something that they desperately need at the moment. I think his job security may have also increased with Jack’s injury.

  • Facing 3 donuts so need to trade one of the following to cut it to 2…

    Guthrie, Tape, Gaff or Richardson
    Thompson, Lower or Iles (no idea for a trade for CRich)

    Guthrie is -1 BE but hasn’t played since rd 2
    Other 3 are averaging their BE so no money to be particularly gained or lost.

    Absolutely stumped and need some extra wisdom
    Cheers much

    • gaff to iles would be your best one there.
      harper is a possibl replacement for c-rich but he’s only played one game so a bit of a risk

  • great work guys! love your stuff! By the way roy, OKC all the way in the playoffs, im still dirty on the lakers from last years playoffs but Durant to lead the thunder to a championship!

  • What do you reckon guys…

    Lower, Stanley or Duigan as my 7th back?

    • Thats what I was asking myself, I went Stanely out of him and Lower. He is averaging more… just (but I dont think that means anything in this case lol)

    • I have the exact same three to pick from as well ……I went Lower, I reckon he will go put on a good show to cement a spot in the team.

  • why are u talking about trading in here…. has nothing to do with the live streaming video u idiots!

    i loved the flashback to calvins press conference! taking questions….
    also roy said to hang tight on higgins, but i cant stand him on the bench anymore and upgraded him to captain chapman…