To Trade or not to Trade… that is (or was!) the question

Follow your Head……not your heart!

Fellow Dt’ers, haven’t spoken to you for a few weeks now as I focus on work of all things (how dare it get in the way of my DT!).

I thought I would touch base with you all and provide you with a lesson in DT that I should have learnt by now, and Its fair to say that I am defiantly not here to gloat, as I have just come off the worst ever score I have had in DT in the 5 years I have been playing. 1680. There. I have said it. 1680 is easily the worst score I have ever had. I would like to apologise to my supporters, my sponsors and most of all my family for the shame I have brought to the name Cousins Coke n Ice.

Now how on earth did this happen! Only 2 weeks ago I was averaging 2003 points per game (not great, but it was dead set level to the actual point with Calvin at that stage, one of the greatest and most respected DT’ers of all time!).

I will now outline how this atrocity occurred. It’s painful to think about it, but it’s therapeutic at the same time. Here we go!!!!

  • Round 5…..Monday Trade. Harry Taylor out, Michael Coad in. Classic example of why you don’t Monday Trade. Harry Taylor had just come of a 22 point game from memory and you could see the steam expelling from my ears when I logged on to check how it all went. As soon as I saw it…BANG! The T button was hit and he was outta there quicker than Osama bin Laden was buried at sea (supposedly, but that is a matter for another day). It would have been 15 minutes after the frantic “F%$k off Harry Taylor” that I was driving in my car hearing on SEN that Coad had ripped his hamstring off the bone – Out for up to 8 weeks. I had a very sick feeling that things were about to unravel……..
  • Same mistake, Monday trade. Round 5, sayonara Foley (my patience didn’t quite last!) hello Scott Thompson. Fair to say its not the worst trade, and the fact I did it on the Monday didn’t matter, but the pursuing weeks have cost me with Foley (whom I said in a pre season video for the DT Talk boys was easily the best pick up this year) really getting his backside into gear. I’m a mad Richmond nut, so Foley, if your reading this, feel free to keep kicking me in the guts over that decision!
  • Round 6. Time to fix the Coad stuff up. “Geez, that Cam Pederson is due a game, he has been named on an extended bench, surely after the loss to the Tigers and the piss poor effort North thrown up, he is due to play!”. Ba bow. More donuts for me……..


Add to these trading stuff ups, I also have Boak, Higgins and Yarran in my team in addition to all of the premiums that I have from Freo, Geelong and Hawthorn! In total, Round six I finished with 4 Donuts as well as crap scores (I know most were in the same position with these scores, but 1680 is a seriously devastating result).

The moral to this story, and I try only to tell you all stories about what not to do and reinforce why you shouldn’t, is that it is imperative in this game to follow your head and not your heart.

Its not new advice, but I hope that you can all learn from my lesson and before you hit the T button, you think back to this story, and wait until Friday before pulling the trigger!

The other lesson (I might call it the Foley or the Krackour) is that you need to trust your original gut instincts. I chose Foley because I felt he was an elite player. If anything, he was going to be a nice cash cow for later in the year to either upgrade or downgrade. Krakour falls into this category as well. Sometimes players returning from injury (or the big house) will have up and down weeks, but eventually they will make you cash if their price was low. I pulled the trigger way to early on Foley because I didn’t use my head.

I hope this serves a lesson for all of you!

On a Side note, has anyone been keeping up to date with the #dustinmartinfacts on twitter….funny stuff, feel free to add any of your own (chuck Norris joke style!).

A couple of my favourites have been the following:

“If Dustin Martin and Chuck Norris met in a bar fight, the world would end”

“In a Past life, Dustin Martin don’t argued a horse in the chin, its ancestors today we now know as giraffes”

“Dustin Martin gave the don’t argue to Mars, that’s how we know there is no life on it.”

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  • first

  • DON”T ARGUE!!!!!!!!!!!! First comments can die

  • Dick…. Head cause your first

  • 4th

  • hey need some ideas on what to do if i traded gwilt who should i get because i have enough money for all backman which person. Im thinking of getting either adcock, gibbs, shaw, carrazzo, enright or anyone cheaper need help cheers??????

  • i’m considering bringing in jack redden having a great year so far but not really proven…what does everyone think of him?

  • Absolutely useless article.

    How dumb is this prick that he would do 2 monday trades? Especially the 2nd one.

    • Geez settle down. If you don’t like it, say so at least with some decency. Not everyone on this site may be as experienced as you in DT, and may benefit from this information. Yes it probably was dumb, but at least he is honest and willing to point it out so others learn

      • This bloke has been at DT for many years, I have seen him all over this site in past years, so he can’t use inexperience as an excuse, it was just retarded. I hate these articles, they are pointless, no topic, just an anecdote about stupidity on his part. Quit now. I’m not reading more of this junk

        • I like Cuzzies threads, they’re always good for a laugh.

          Will read again.

    • haha yeah this guy has NI..No Idea

  • I disagree with Krakouer. Had him in my team from the start, and after round 3 decided I had enough and pulled the trigger. So I may have missed his ton last week, but that was after a very average score and him getting dropped for a round. Furthermore, he was pretty much a straight swap to Curnow, so I don’t regret it for a second!

  • Why are you Monday trading so much?

    I just lost all respect for you…

    • work maybe?

      • What was he on – a 100-hour shift?

        Seriously, as soon as I saw those Monday trades I stopped reading. One is (somewhat) forgiveable, but to go back a second time after getting burned is the height of DT idiocy.

        • mate u must have read the article if you saw that he made a second trade on the following article so lest he has the balls not to lie and say he made trades on the Monday
          Least he doesn’t Lie

          • Monday trading is the ONLY way to play DT – it adds an extra dimension to the comp, it’s extreme, who else has the balls to play XDT?

            I am the TKOL of XDT.

            Off topic, glad the Dogs dropped Brian Lake. They should never have got rid of Brian Harris – that bloke was a gun!

  • Yep,
    I can totally relate to your story.
    Taking pre season advice,I put Adcock in my team.
    Felt a bit weird having him there,as didn’t know too much about him..and plenty of others I really liked.
    After2 bad weeks, i panicked and ditched him.
    Oops. :-(

    • ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • dunno where the second bad week was, he jagged 125 in game 2 didn’t he?

        • Ok..looked up week says 91 for…yeah..didn’t have enough faith.
          Exchanged for Pendles..but..would have been so much better off if I’d stuck with original.
          this is my 2nd year playing..and learning a lot.
          My biggest mistake is I’m using too many trades xompared to what you guys seem to have.
          Just can’t stop tryingto fix things!! :-D

          • Seems you just continue to make mistakes……….think you have Adcock confused with Rockliff!!!
            Adcock 112 in his 2nd game…….Rocky 91 and Adcock is defender so you couldn’t have traded him to Pendles!!!

          • err…yep…I meant Rockliff!!

  • Dude, seriously how did you ever get a gig on this website??? Please tell us all that you had not 1 but 2 seriously life or death situations that made you trade on a Monday.

    • Don’t know dude. Just a change of pace I guess. I’ll point out what thousands do wrong and bring a sense that they are not on their own. So I’m tipping you have had the perfect DT start to the year and your ranked number 1? Gimme a break, what exactly have you provided that has been of any assistance on here? Regardless how you answer, and if you answer, I bet there would be plenty DT’er out there that would read this and think “yeah, I can relate to that”. if you see further posts, I encourage you to not click on the link and read. Peace out.

      • well said!!!

        i for one can relate to the article, a rushed decision to ditch krakouer last week to free up some cash resulted in a massive loss of points, however the decision was made so i could bring in chappy and selwood… so it should pay off in the long run…. still kicking myself over about 50pts.

        last year i burnt myself with sunday night trades on many occasions… lol! i couldn’t even wait til monday to trade out players who had pissed me off on the weekend, typical knee jerk stuff, but lesson learnt – eventually.

        but even now it’s tough to resist the knee jerk, for example, i have dawes and enough cash to upgrade him to chappy… all week i’ve been clicking T on dawes and selecting chappy then cancelling the trade… for me, and many other fellow DT’ers i’m sure, it’s all about feeling good with the team you see on paper coming into the next week!

        cheers for the article, i hope the others who give crap to this article face a scool boy error of their own in the weeks to come. it’ll happen – keep away from the midweek drinking sessions lads ;-)

        • Sometimes it takes a lot of stress away to trade on a monday but obviously it’s not wise to do so. I’ve done it a couple of times myself but hey I’m no gun nor expert.

          Great write up btw!

        • ooppss in one one now.. oh fuck it not trrading at all n ow can’t cee da scxreeen. get m another beer i’,m empty

          • HAHA! Monday trading, foolish. Drink-trading, you’ll be sorry!

      • Fair call and good come back. Don’t mind me mate I was just venting after a, shall we say, less than impressive phone call from the ex.

        Love this site and everything written on here. I wouldn’t know FA (and still don’t know half the shit) about DT if it wasn’t for this site and articles like yours. I can and certainly did relate, don’t worry about that. Monday trading, guilty as charged your honour.The lesson was learn’t, right here.

        Have always hated negative feedback and dick comments like mine certainly don’t help.

        Love ya work!!!!


        • Could understand your initial post, but really glad you put your hand up and pulled your head in just a little…well done dude. :)

  • Duigan > Hibberd
    Shiels > Rockliff

    I have 18 trades left should i trade or not?

    • looks pretty good to me. updraging one, downgrading a cash cow to a new cash cow.

    • Why trade out Shiels? He’s going great guns for the dosh you outlaid on him…

  • I would have thought the first trade was the dumb one! Thompson in for foley wasn’t a massive loss for me, where I have had to burn 2 trades on the Harry taylor fuck up! happy to admit I messed up hard, first time I have had a trading blunder since 2009! It just goes to show that you van still make mistakes mate. Just pointing out that seasoned dt’ers can also let the emotion of a shit score get in the way! I won’t monday trade again…..but then again, I said that in 2009!

    • Mate I totally know where you’re coming from…I certainly know what I am doing in Fantasy Footy (like you) but did the SAME THING by prematurely jettisoning out Rockliff after 2 substandard ‘scoring’ games of 81 then 75 in *Supercoach* (different game I know, blah blah blah) but the killer was that very next game after I traded him out, he scored 163!
      My opponent of course had said T.Rockliff and pantsd me in a really vital league game by 5 points! OUCH!

      At least I got Curnow out of it :)

      Chin up big fella!

  • The end of the dreaded MBR’s and the fact I can’t offload 5 GC Rook Cash Cows at the same time (before their Rd 9 bye) means the next 3 weeks will see “Ollie’s Army” undergo a much needed makeover.

    Currently ranked 15,204 overall with a weekly average score of 1,972 means I will not be a huge threat to the Top 100, but it should serve as an interesting learning experience for me to further improve my DT game play for future seasons.

    As it stands I have $218, 300 in the bank and have had to ‘burn’ 4 trades already to correct ‘minor’ initial start up deficiencies:

    ROUND 3 OUT Buckley ($97,600) IN Curnow ($96,400)
    • This trade killed off my Mid/Def link, but it was always a gamble selecting Buckley in the first place and Curnow was a ‘must have’ before his first price rise. So far, so good.

    ROUND 4 OUT Everitt ($276,600) IN Smith ($108,500)
    • Another pre-season gamble that didn’t pay off, but thanks to pure luck I held onto Everritt for the extra week and got the benefit of his only 100+ score. Smith was all the rage on the DT Forum and was another must have. Smiles all round.

    ROUND 5 OUT Broughton ($310,800) IN Gram ($363,300)
    • That’s right – a sideways trade….. and the wrong one at that. The way I see it, rules are made to be broken and sometimes you have to go with your gut, a bit like sitting on 16 when the Dealer has 10, hoping they will draw 2, 10 and bust!!!
    I had the choice between Gram and Adcock and so far I’ve come up short on this one. As a Foundation Fremantle Member this was not an easy decision to make. Broughton was ‘bleeding’ $$$ and Gram appeared to be the midfield replacement for Hayes. Who knows what will happen before the end of the season?

    ROUND 6 OUT Vickery ($181,900) IN McCauley ($80,400)
    • Just another example to explain why I am ranked 15,204 and not 204. Vickery’s preseason numbers didn’t carry through and McCauley was on the bubble. Needless to say the extra $100,000 is going to come in handy over the next 3 weeks.

    So…. What is my end goal for the next 3 weeks worth of trades? What do I want my team to look like when Gold Coast go into their second bye in Round 9?

    Backs: Gibbs, Gram, Goddard, Grimes, ADCOCK, Heppell, Smith (Lower, Stanley) Lester)

    Mids: Swan, Rockliff, J Selwood, A Swallow, MUNDY or PENDLEBURY, Curnow (HIBBERD, Prestia, Bewick)

    Rucks: Sandilands, Cox (McCauley, Keefe)

    Forwards: Pavlich, Goodes, Franklin, Harvey, CHAPMAN or jOHNSON, FYFE, Darling (Krakouer, Richardson, HARPER)

    CAP players are those I plan to bring in, but all trades depend on no LTI’s to Premium Keepers and Cash Cow Rooks continuing to increase in price as per their current values.

    I’ll come back at the end of Round 8 and highlight who I traded out and how I fared.

    • Good write up by Cousins, and a good (sub) article that I can relate to.
      Not everyone is in the top 500 (in fact I am pretty sure that has a natural cap).
      It is good to see a real coach that has the same struggles as 200,000 other coaches.

    • Surely you didn’t think that Gram was going to “replace” Hayes in the midfield?

      Anyway, good luck.

      • Not so much that Gram would ‘replace’ Hayes, but was relying on his previous DT form of years gone by, and definitely got spooked by Adcock’s poor injury record.

        In years gone by the likes of Robbie Grey and Shaun Higgins have made me pay dearly with injuries, so I tend to get a bit gun shy.

        Considering I have learnt so much from reading ‘real’ articles on this site and still have so much to learn, I’m hoping to help shed a little light on some of the pitfalls associated with DT and different ways to right the ship!

  • The Cuz must have photos of Warnie in a compromising position.

  • I need help… I have $218K in the bank and 21 trades… Do I put Chappy in just because I can? most of my cash-cows are still on the rise and I already have Stevie J and Bartel so the bye during finals is a concern. Or do I just cross that bridge when I get to it.

    • If your team’s the shiz by R22 it won’t matter… you’ll shatter your opponent in R21 (first final) and get the week off in R22. Unless you’re in the running for the Toyota, enjoy the week off with as many Cats as you like!

  • dangerfield for dustty
    atley for wallis?

  • Well this article makes me feel a helluva lot better about my trade decisions.

    By the way Cuz, your article before rnd 1 about not bringing in heaps of GC rooks straight up, the article many bagged you about, helped me avoid disasters like Coad and Toy (and several others)…I ended up only bringing in Swallow, Matera and Prestia with only the latter being a disappointment. And I did the smart thing and traded out Vickery to Smith just before Smith played his 3rd (And Vickery got a shitty 20 or so in that round after I traded him so taht was awesome) Thanx mate!!

  • Some people need to harden the fuck up and read articles for the fun of it. Douth is a ripper bloke and that is a great tale. He doesn’t proclaim to be an expert or whatever, he has plenty of fun with his DT.

    You might learn things… especially as we see this sort of stuff every day. I know we have some superstar coaches here who are all convinced they are better than everyone else. If articles like this don’t appeal to you, then just skip it. Move along.

    • i reckon half the fun of DT is laying Shit on ya mates for making bad decisions and pulling the piss when your decision they got stuck into you about pays off!

      i reckon everyone has to harden the fudge up on ere!

      cuz take copping shit like a man and lay shit back on them!

      ps… seriously… monday trading hahah amature :-)

      • Monday trading just proves your love for DT!

        Luckily I’m not quite that infatuated yet and therefore can hold off till Friday arvo.

        • Agreed mate! …sometimes you are just so OH MY -JEZZZUSSS CHRIST- GAWWD emotionally invested in getting that side of yours FIXED NOW that it just can not wait one second longer.

          Thankfully my itchy trigger finger is surgically removed after final lockout and then and-only-then re-attached Friday arvo after fianal sides and 1st games subs have been named!

    • 100% spot-on Warnie, well said.

    • Amen. Not everyone here is an expert, i’m sure im not the only first year player on here and articles like this help build a knowledge base for future seasons. And you can have a light hearted giggle at someone elses expense at the same time!

      Keep up the good work

  • Yeah that Taylor trade rivals my 38 seconds until lockout panic trade of Lower to Robbie Tarrant, when Lower was dropped and i was going to get a donut, instead of Brodie Smith. Robbie scored 17 on the field – went down in price – and got dropped. Thanks Robbie. Dick move

  • I liked it.

    I reckon all of us have had Monday Madness at some point – where we feel that clicking that little button that’s just begging to be clicked will relieve us of all the pain and frustration brought by one or two individuals the previous weekend and it’s so easy to click that button…

    And most of the time we don’t. But sometimes, in that moment of Monday Madness, one of us does. And the rest of us laugh and point the finger while thinking “Thank god it wasn’t me… this time.”

    In other news, my opponent in the Eliminator has nothing but Collingwood. I think I’m through :-)

    • How do you find out your opponent? Mine is blank. Im ranked 30k. Are you guys just using a mathematical equation?

      • should show when you click on the eliminator screen. Weird if you cant see an opponent. Only thing i can think of is that you weren’t one of the first 262,144 complete teams submitted.

      • Across the blue bar near the top (the one that says teams, leagues, etc) there should be an Eliminator button. Click that and it should show you your opponent. Under their name it a little ‘click here to see’ type link if you want to see their team.

        • Doesn’t seem to be working for some people, mine not working either although still listed as active. Wouldn’t worry bout it too much, not going to change your team for it…….more for interests sake.

          • Mine has just put up opponent’s side in last few minutes……….maybe slow going through them all!!!

  • I too once traded on a monday many moons ago was the best part of my day.. following after that i was struck down by a Mrs Macs truck ironically while eating one of thier famous big counrty’s only to get home to find my wife has left me for her sister, the dog has molested the neighbours cat, cuzzy bro has flipped the fuck out. Only then did i realize it was my 20th trade for the season.. sheezzz talk about bad luck this why i now never trade on a monday