Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Rd 6

The Round 6 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.




  • Just to stop the tossers writing here….

    • Why couldn’t you have done a relevant comment then instead… because this is just as bad.. Anyways nice again from freako, love his work.

      • +1 thats just as annoying if u dont have a relevent comment dont write anything people need to grow up
        great work as usual freako

        • yeah but if you want to get it in quick to beat them then there is no time for constructive comments. – honestly, just relax. I’m all for the first comment claim, it’s quick, it’s simple and then we move on, but instead people spend a year commenting on how bad it is.
          4th comment – deal with that suckers.

  • 1st relevant comment :-)
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  • I’ve thinking with Swan having a 2 byes in 7 games, and set to drop 20-30k. Is it worth downgrading him to Ellard who has a negative BE and average over 100. Then pick up Swan after, be then Harris would of peaked.

    I know, bit of an unusaul tatic, but could it work out?

    • Mate don’t waste trades messing with Swanny, once he’s in just leave him

    • 2 trades to get someone you already have you may as well trade another rookie for Ellard like bewick if you have him and then trading harris for someone like Boyd or another keeper that will make your team better in the long term.

      you will be making 2 trades with no long term benefit to your team but if you want to go ahead then do it.

    • Your first time playing DT? lol,

      Nah dont do it. – waste of trades.

    • Agree not worth downgrading Swan…but what about a sideways trade to another gun to serve you well until the Pies 2nd bye, then get Swan back in (hopefully cheaper and still keeping the gun you traded him for) as one of the extra forward premiums you would have been looking at getting along the way anyway?…

      • I reakon it all depends on how many trades you got, and if your going for ranking. Im after league so no way am I moving Swann out. Pendles after the bye on the other hand…

  • Solid Freako!

    As tempted as I am to dump N Riedwoldt he’ll smash it soon. Surely they will start playing him more up the ground where he’ll start racking up those big 10+ marking games as teams wont be able to sit 3 blokes on him. Am gonna wait to see how Hibberd goes this week against West Coast in a high pressure game. If he survives that then he’s in the following week.

  • hey boys this is what my team *should* look like at the end of the season if all goes to plan. ive posted this in another article but help would be muchly appreciated here too :)

    goddard, gibbs, deledio, shaw, grimes, adcock, enright (heppel on bench
    swan, pendles, bartel, boyd, mitchell, redden (curnow on bench)
    cox, sandilands
    chappy, franklin, n.voldt, goodes, fyfe, petrie, knights

    • Nice team


    • having curnow and heppel on the bench is alot of money sitting there, personally i’d still ditch those rookies when they peak and use the momney to make the team even better, curnow would have to be scoring consistant 100’s for me to keep him after him peaking. insead you could aim for better than knights or petrie in the forward line ? just a suggestion, gotta be happy with a team like that though :)

  • yes i know i am a dream team noob but what is the tog %?
    sorry this is my first year playing but i am averaging above 2000 but it would be great if you could let me know, cheers

    • Time On Ground – What percentage of the game the player was on the ground and not resting on the bench

  • Looks like im the only one up, sigh….

    Nice write-up freako. Im gonna hold onto Reiwoldt. Hope he turns it around. I can’t help but think Duncan gonna really start smashing out some big scores. He looks the goods lurking that wing area. maybe ill get him instead of fyfe, save 50k. Also really wanna get Mundy in the next month, although Mitchell has got the runs on the board in the past. Flip a coin I guess.

    Maybe ill get Hibberd purely to move heppel in the backs so I can stack my midfield.