Trade Tawk: Round 7

Wow, what a sh*t week. Looks like this was one of the worst Dream Team weeks on record, with the highest score of the round a measly 2194. Our premiums let us down and there’s a few players on the chopping block for Round 7.

On the Chopping Block

Who to get rid of- (Ranked 1-5, 1 being the most urgent trade)

1. Brad Green – Not many people have this guy, but for the few that have him – get him out. Has had one of his worst seasons so far, and his Dream Team scores have reflected that. Out of form and doesn’t look to be improving. Get rid of him.

2. Andy Otten – I, like many others, was pissed when I found out this guy was out. And he wasn’t injured. He was dropped. Not only that, but he’s been getting some pretty sh*t scores. Even though he’s still going up, you can trade him for a cash-cow who will go up more.

3. Sam Gilbert – Now, I know I said this guy last week, but they’re could’ve been the few who kept him one more week. Well don’t keep him anymore. No more chance’s, get him out.

4. Lindsay Gilbee – Again, I know he’s not a popular pick, but there’s still a select few that chose him. He’s had a real slow start and has been getting some crap scores. I would trade him before he goes down too much.

5. Cameron Bruce – I think there’s a few people who picked this guy, and you can’t blame them. So far this season, Bruce has been doing sh*t house with an average of only 69. He came at an expensive price, and trade him before he goes down too much.

Who to wait a few weeks on –

Nick Riewoldt – One of the most popular picks of the season, Riewoldt was meant to be a premium buy this year. But so far, he’s had a very sh*t season. Along with St.Kilda, Riewoldt has been very disappointing season. But I wouldn’t get rid of him yet, in case he finds form.

Bryce Gibbs – His last 2 weeks have been pretty sh*t, but Gibbs is a proven DT star. So if your thinking of trading him, hold onto him for a bit. He’ll find his form again soon.

Luke Hodge – He had an interrupted pre-season, so this is the reason he is doing sh*t. If you have him, I wouldn’t trade him yet, because he should hit his form soon. He just had his bye and his obviously a great player.

Who to get in –

Chook does the Rooks, so I’ll do the premiums you should get in

Dustin Martin – What a gun. This guy is a star, and he’s killing it this season. He also killing it in Dream Team and has an average of 104. If you’re trading, get him in your side.

Jed Adcock – I got this guy at the start of the year, and it sure has payed out. He’s found his old form and is having a great year, so get him in before he gets too expensive.

Tom Rockliff – He’s not the most popular pick, but the people who have him are lucky. This guy’s a gun and will just keep improving. If you’re trading out a premium in your forward line (maybe Riewoldt), jump on Rockliff.

Who saved themselves –

ANDREW KRAKOUER!!! – Oh, how close I was to trading him. I was about to click “accept player” but I decided to keep him. For all those who kept him, we sure are lucky! Krak pumped out a great score of 113. Krak has saved himself and I’ll be keeping him in!

Nathan Foley – I don’t have this guy, but he was a popular pick. He started the season really slow and got some sh*t scores. Then the last 2 weeks, he pumped out 2 100’s. He’s started to find his form and should continue his great scores.

Kurt Tippet – Last year he had a shocking season. He’s actually an extremely good player and is getting back to his form. Started the season slow, but has improved and pumped out 103 this week, so hang on to him if you have him.

Good Luck with your teams guys, multi-byes finally over. (BTW, no Swan this week, who will be your captain?)


    • Sorry,

      I put this idea accros to Roy on twitter, I have 334k in the bank.

      This is like Dr Dream Team trade talk, and sorry I really hate Dr Dreamteam…..


      1. Sell Swan get either Selwood or Redden (leaning more towards Selwood)
      2. Upgrade Tapscott to Chapman

      This means delaying the duigan trade, liba trade and swallow trade


      You can eitger get Swan back straight away or wait until his price goes down

      3. Downgrade Duigan to a cheap DPP that will never play (or Puopolo)
      4. Upgrade Liba or Swallow to Swan (added bonus of swan going down in price if you wait a couple of rounds)

      Another option is to hold on trading Swan until after round 14, risky and you will be losing about 40 point maybe baes on his average and the fact that you’ll probably make him C most weeks. Risky but might be a good trade.

      Then if you still have liba or swallow, can go the option of getting Hodge when he is cheap.

      End up with awesome keepers in the mids and Chappy on your forward line.

      What do you think Roy?

      • Wouldn’t wait the 2 weeks to get Swan back in. 2nd week Collingwood play GC!

        • Swan is the best dream teamer in the comp. Your team is just going to go backwards if u get rid of him.

          • I think you are right, I will get him back straight away.

            Im not doubting his skills, but I think i can spare him for 2 rounds, one while he has a bye and a second week when he comes off a bye with a high BE. Even if he scores 150 he will still drop 20G. I have plenty of trades seems like a waste not to try.

      • Can I please buy some trades from you? Seeing as you have heaps?

        I’ll give you, like, 40 thousand bucks per trade. That seems to be a little higher than you value them at.

        I’ll take five mate. Who do I make out the cheque for 200K in dream team bucks to?

        • Mate I value a trade as much as anyone, might be bacause i have most of the cash cows while some people burnt trades getting them, in reality im getting 3 keepers for 4 trades!

  • Great article – however doesn’t Otten have an injury – bruising to knee/leg, supposed to be having scans yesterday?

  • FMDT… Thank god that’s over. My DT resembled my mates on the weekends, that is to say more Duds than Studs. Pulled the trigger on Boak and got Redden (who tackles like a champ) in that saved me from total disaster. Long time reading first time writing, love the passion in the blogs and lol often while reading. I’m actually thinking of crowning Redden with the big C this week against the Suns, however Selwood and Chappy are in my thoughts against the Roos at the Cattery. Thoughts??

  • Mids – Swan, Boyd, Watson, Bartel, KIEREN JACK (the real “Jack” – when everyone was saying Jack this Jack that last week I was thinking whotf are they talking about, Jack isn’t a forward), Curnow then Krakouer, Conca, Bewick.

    This week Wallis for Jack
    then when a mid rook is ready (Conca or Bewick), rook for Pendlebury.

    • have you thought about Iles instead of Wallis? He’s a mature, proven ball winner and should have better JS than Wallis.

      • I’ve thought about him a bit. I earmarked Wallis at the start of the season as one of the best mid downgrade targets and he’s done nothing to suggest I shouldn’t pick him up. Iles would probably be a fair pickup but I haven’t seen him play, his nickname is “Turtle” which is a worry for anyone at afl level and he plays for the worst team in the comp – I’m trying to trade GC players out not bring them in!!!

        • You’re right, its a line ball on decisions like this. Hopefully it is the right choice!

  • Anyone looking to trade out Bruce, I will just about guarntee you he wont loss you any money in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Thats because thats how long he will be out with a knee injury. ;-)

  • FWD: Buddy, Goodes, Knights, Higgins, Riewoldt, Darling, Tapscott (Prestia, Matera, Pitt)

    $48, 500 and any improvements needed would be great as I’m going for nationals.

  • Making an upgrade in my forward line, Franklin/Fyfe/Sylvia/Pav are the ones i’m lookin at, Thoughts Please


  • what should i do with higgins

  • Hey, just seeing if this would be good


    Danger->Keiran Harper

    Libba->Isles or someone else?

    Then get


    O’Shea->Deledio or Shaw, not sure who

    Thoughts on this

    • If you can pull off three trades in one round do all three.

    • Please answer him

      • that is over three rounds, i hope you couldve picked that up

        • That’s f**king stupid if you want to get Iles in 3 weeks time when he’s already had 2 price increases.

  • i had rockliff since the start, he’ll be my captain this week

    i’ll be trading riewoldt for chappy, eventhough chappys price may fall a tad bit more.

    i’m not sure wether to trade gibbs to enright/deledio now or downgrade dugian

  • hey guys,
    i know its been asked before but just for reassurance
    is it okay to go duigan to hibberd and richo to harper?
    thanks a lot

    • Why would that not be ok? That’s a stupid question. Everyone in this forum is now stupider, because of your question. Congratulations.

      • Well Benny stupid would perhaps be trading them in this week before they have stringed together 2 games and facing the possibility they may not get named next week. Jacob maybe make those trades NEXT week on Thurs/Friday ensuring they’re 3rd game is sealed and JS is better known. But if your mouse keeps hovering over the big letter “T”…go right ahead and trade this week!!

  • hey guys,

    I was surprised when andy rotton got dropped last week, but turns out he had knee soreness.. and now adelaide have ruled him out for 1 – 3 weeks.

  • Looking forward to Calvin’s Captains.
    Dilemma of the week: Deciding to put the C on either Boyd or Selwood seeming I have Swan and Pendles riding the pine.

    DTSM is red hot this week.

  • Any thoughts on a Prem Mid Keeper to trade & extend the current;

    Swan/Pendle/Boyd/Bartel/Curnow/Liba – Bench Harris/Hibberd/ I Smith

    Had my sights on Selwood (proven bread winner) however also have Chappy as a forward and not sure whether 3 Geelong players are a good move. Although rated 2nd best team in comp tades will be scarce come the business end in Rnd 22

    $450k to play with if I axe harris

    Mundy? – multi bye
    Rock / Redden? – multi bye could flip a coin but unsure whether the hype will last as both are still young & a long season ahead
    Martin – still a smokey @ 14K selections…


    • Redden for mine. There’s talk he’ll be tagged but I doubt that. Teams would take it easy on black and rich at their peril and would be sliced. Redden is a tackling machine too so an off day can still br reasonable

    • Sam Mitchell or No Undy Mundy. I am gagging for Selwood, his points per minute are great and no more byes till e.o.yr. Depends whether ur aiming for league or overall.

  • Any feed back would be appreciated.
    I have $170K in the hand and My team ATM is
    Backs – Bryce (isn’t that pretty), Dy’s (Hep) Goddard, Grimes, Laidler, B.Smith, Lower, Duigan, Toy and Buckley(DPP)

    Mids – Swan, his partner in crime Pendles, Boyd, J Selwood, Redden, Curnow, Harris, Krakatoa(DPP) and Berwick

    Rucks -Sandi, Smith, Tippett (DPP) McCulloch (save $$) but shld have got McCauley

    Fwds – Chappy, Fyfe, Goodes (not really) S.Higgins (S 4 soft) Knights, J Woldt, Yarren, Petrie(DPP) Tapscott and Matera.

    This week Yarran to Darling (+$50K) total $220K

    Harris out for Hibberd for DPP next week before his $$ rise (+$215K)

    Is there any downside as total the points diff between traded players shouldn’t be much, plus I net a sweet $265K, leaving me with only 15 trades but just over $435,000 in the kitty.

    Yay or Nay good idea?

    • Too late to get Darling in, has already made about 130K. I would save some trades at this early stage mate. Harris B/E is 12, you would be mad to trade him out as he still has heaps of price to come

    • Yeah I’m with Superted. Darling is not worth it anymore.
      Having all that money in the bank is great, but in my opinon thats alot of DT points just sitting there in your kitty.

      • Thx guys, no Darling for me, better options in hindsight. Just read Chooks Rooks and there are better options there and in the coming weeks with the return of Jacobs, Callinan and Mdzungu . A little way off yet I know

        • Smith apparently going to debut for Hawks this weekend too and has fwd/mid option.

  • softy higgens to chappy???? risk vs reward

    higgens will get soreness regularily and chappies mr consistent

  • Rockliffs a midfielder not a forward………………………..

    • Is he? wow i really thought he had DPP. He had it last year. My mistake

      • Lots more people would have him if it were the case, nice to dream though hey ;)

      • Hey which back man would you get Gibbs, Shaw, Adcock, Enright, Carrazzo or any one lower ??????????

    • Would have made it into my side ahead of Higgins (grrr!) if he was a forward.

  • hey again guys,
    ive drawn up a plan of what my season will hopefully turn out to be and if all goes to plan this will be it!!

    after round 6:
    duigan > hibberd
    richo > harper

    after round 7:
    swallow > rookie
    otten > adcock

    after round 8:
    tapscott > rookie
    harris > swan ( i know shouldve had him from the start)

    after round 9:
    darling > rookie
    kraks > chappy

    after round 10:
    lower > rookie
    libba > rookie

    after round 11:
    prestia > mitchell
    mccauley > rookie

    after round 12:
    toy > enright

    after this i will have 7 trades left for the rest of the year (theyll all be used in finals except for an emergency!) i worked out that if the players play according to the assistant coach (and i allowed a bit extra just incase) then i can do all of the above trades and this will be my team after round 12:

    goddard, gibbs, deledio, shaw, grimes, adcock, enright (heppel on bench
    swan, pendles, bartel, boyd, mitchell, redden (curnow on bench)
    cox, sandilands
    chappy, franklin, n.voldt, goodes, fyfe, petrie, knights

    thanks so much if you can give me your thoughts?

    • Why not Otten to Adcock this week (with Duigan to Hibberd if u need the cash!!!)???
      Get to play Adcock on field and he is likely to go up $$$ again this week (BE around 70).

      Move the Richo to Harper to next week and make sure he plays 3rd game.

  • Im thinking i might get rid of adam goodes for a really good player or an up coming player like curnow or martin what should i do???

    • do you really think either of those will out score adam goodes for the rest of the season? if so, will it be enough to justify a trade? Adam Goodes, dual brownlow medalist, proven DT premium, to a first year rookie listed player or a richmond midfielder.

      • yeh i guess so also i need a bench should i get a better player in my forward or get a decent bench like hibberd or wallis

        • At Magpies01 – good article, keep up the good work. In relation to OTTEN (old ground, I know.. but thought it should be cleared)… OTTEN was dropped on FORM, then he got injured on top of that. Well, that’s what CRAIG said anyhoo –


          If HIBBERD is named..
          OTTEN > HIBBERD and;
          PALMER (I know) > STANTON or WATSON???

          • Watson!

          • stay away from stanton, he is a joke of a footballer

          • yeh stanton is playing so poorly. he gets good score but not classy player like watson. i have had stanton from start and will look to upgrade towards end of yr if i have trades. wish he was watson

          • I hate to state the obvious here, but when it comes to DT why does it matter if Stanton is not a classy player but gets good scores?

            Either Watson or Stanton are both worth having.

        • You are a joke alex jones, you have jack watts and nathan krakouer in your team

          • Alex Jones although i have never met you, your team sounds horrid, and i am an AFL footballer

          • yeh thanks RaphClarke.JamesGwilt but i got rid of them

        • Alex jones is actually an alright guy, i know the bloke and he is quite ambitious in his lifestyle and thats why he is a bit challenged at DT. Hes also quite the talent at the actual game

  • F off Brad green, your out. And hello Chappy!

  • thoughts on otten out for l.thompson????

  • What does everyone think of Duigan to Adcock and Tapscott to Fyfe? I am reluctant to make both trades as it would use up all my extra cash, but on the plus side, both Fyfe and Duigan would add much needed class to my team and become keepers for the rest of the year. Thoughts????

    • yeah im gonna trade duigan 4 adcock

    • duigan to adcock (or enright maybe) looks good. :)

      im keeping tapscott for later though!

      • Yeah, I think I will lock in the Adcock trade (on Friday of course) but maybe will hold off on Fyfe….I guess on the plus side, there should be some good bargains to be had in the forward line later in the year!

    • you have to be sure on adcock and fyfe because considering they have done there big money increase, your only going to lose value from here

    • good moves

  • have 240k in bank

    otten to thompson?
    duigan to enright?

    i have a completed forward line (jroo my 7th) and now backline (heppell 7th)

    then i have 160k in the bank

    time to get in guns ie swan chappy sandi

    goddard gibbs gram grimes adcock heppell (lower stanley duigan)

    pendles boyd stanton a.swallow curnow libba (harris bewick hibberd)

    cox pertrie mccawley curnow

    franklin slyvia n.reiwoldt higgins fyfe knights jreiwoldt (matera tapscott richo)

    18 trades left atm

    • are these 2 trades right or do i go

      duigan/otten to enright
      richo to harper

      how the hell do you decide between an injured cash cow (otten BE9) and a cash cow likely to go down (duigan BE71) ??????

      then there is the useless richo! obviously a kanga supporter disappointed

  • Who on earth is Alex Jones? No bench, must be a rookie.
    how about duigan for hibberd, then menzell for deledio?

    • great output on life, especially the alex jones situation…

  • These are my plans
    Duigan > Hibberd
    Menzell > Deledio/Shaw (depending on Otten’s selection
    Otten > Cripps (or some other rookie who might get a game)
    Lower > Shaw (if his price doesnt go up to much)

    Crap thats all defenders, any suggestions?

  • Opinion’s on Boak > Fyfe? $200 difference between the two.

  • Hey everyone, just thought I’d let you know I’m actually keeping Duigan one more week (he is playing the Saints after all).

    Then probably get Hibberd for him the week after.

  • Fellow DT Hombres,

    Needing some advice or opinions from any luminaries or DTXperts on the following 2 trades:

    Bank: $227,100
    Trades left: 21

    Duigan > L. Thompson
    (Bank is now $310,600)

    C. Richardson > Fyfe
    (Still leaves $79,500 in the bank)

    I was keen to go Richards to Chappy but fell short by about 10K – Fyfe looks the goods anyway so not too bad.

    Got a few premiums doing my head in (looking at you Sir Nick, Alan and Joey Montags) but they are premiums for a reason so ill persevere.

    Slowly, slowly catch the monkey…

    • do it

      im in the same boat but with 20k less and 1 less trade

      i also have brad green to get rid of so dont know if i should ditch him or upgrade richo?

      • Cheers D-Man!

        Well Brad Green is in terrible form and has a break even of 129, whereas Richos is only 44… Job security is an issue with Richo but out of those 2 I would be inclined to Ditch Green… Either a sideways trade to another premium (Dawes maybe?) or a downgrade to free up cash (J.Voldt, Mckernan??)

        • i am inclined to go duigan – thompson then green – chappy as i want chappy this week before his price rises any more

          • Yeh even better – Great call!

          • Too risky to go Duigan > Puopolo?

            Relatively unproven but will allow me to go Chappy instead of Fyfe?

  • Boak for Martin and Broughton for Suckling? Go with it or see if they come good?

  • libba —> iles and duigan to enright is the go for me this week. but gonna leave me with only $20k in the bank. oh well.

  • stuck on a trade here and would like some feedback…
    Duigan to Adcock
    Prestia to Fyfe