Multi-Bye Madness 3: Round 6 Discussion

If you aren’t aware (how could you not be?!), the Hawks, Dockers and Cats share this third multi-bye round this week.

Your players should have already been subbed off and now you should be stressing about the damn teams for this round. With our forward lines decimated, there won’t be many people who will avoid a donut without having to trade. Some clever dual position work could help, but it’s going to take more than that to help teams like mine… FMDT!

Let us know how many players you have out this week and what the hell you are doing about it!

Remember: try not to trade until at least after the final teams are announced at 5pm today and even if you can hold off to see who the subs/late withdrawals are for the Friday night game.

Good luck this week!


  • look at the team ranked no 1 in the comp, without any trades would be lucky to get 1900

    • The introduction of subs and byes has been too much to deal with and the measures taken to smooth things out inadequate.

  • My team is struggling.. i hope Calvin can give me a good captain next round so I can win my league game!

  • 18/1481 with 5 to go. Swan, Pendles, Cross, Liberatore, and Krak.

    Would be happy with 1900 and a Pies victory!

    • You should make 2000 with those guys

      • Well I can see Swan and Pendles getting 120 each, and Cross a 100 but would need 180 from Krak and Liber. Going by Krak’s recent scores, unlikely, but maybe he will pull out a blinder like rnd 1.

  • Doing pretty much as crap as everyone else. Can’t even blame it on the multibye round, cos all my rookies have done great again, but the premiums playing have scored bugger all.

    Still an outside chance to crack 2k, but it requires some great scores from Swan and Boyd. Only problem is everyone has those, so I’m not gonna make up any ground if they do.

  • 1469 with Pendlebury, Dawes and captain Boyd to play need 431 to get 1900 could be touch and go.

    Boyd hopefully can get 130 x 2, Pendlebury 130 and Dawes kicks 5 goals and gets 100. What do u think my chances of that happening

  • 1647/19 with cox as cap

    Swan, Pendles and Boyd to come


  • 17/1303

    Swan (c)


  • Who are the subs for maggies, dogs?
    18/ 1350
    Pendlebury (C),Didak,Boyd,Libs to go.

  • Boyd H2H Swan… Goodbye big scores for either…

  • It looks like I was greedy going with Swan.

  • come on boys pick up ur shit looks like maybe 2000 is turing into maybe 1900 swan c 20, boyd 18, didak 20, libba 10 FMDT !!!!

  • Full ya finger out Swan…u dont want Pendles beating ya for the brownlow right? well bloody lift!

  • minson 20 hit outs in a quarter far out

  • not picking pendlebury is the bone of my contention lol

    • Yep….Pendles the best DT’er out there now….no longer Swan IMO. Why did I not choose Pendles at the start!

  • Come on Cross…don’t fall asleep on me!

  • swan is a fuckin hack

  • at this rate i will be finishing on 1800!! comon, get boyd off swan and get didak some goals!

  • Krak is doing well, Libba, Boyd and Swan are doing poorly.

  • Did Krakouer to Didak last week….. shot the gun too early and not looking good so far….

  • Don’t spud up on me now Krakwhore

  • i cant belive how didak has forgot to play football ???? has had 1 good score and that was due to a huge last quarter.. come good soon please

  • probably lucky if i get over 1750!

  • FMDT!! 1700 points with only a quarter to play with boyd (c), Pendles, and Dawes still playing be lucky to get 1750 at this rate. Shouldve took big coxy 121

  • Dane Swan better tear the Dogs a new one this quarter…while Pendles does nothing :D

  • A new rule for partial lockouts – never pick Swan as captain again!!!

    Happy I didn’t pull the trigger on Krakwhore but only because I had to fire Richardson first.

    What’s the story with Brian Lake this year? Has he lost it?

  • 1776 with a quarter left from Swan (c), Krakouer and Didak. WTF? Pulla ya finger out Swanny! So much for making 1950ish.Will be lucky for 1900

  • Told ya the Krakwhore would come out and punish all those traitors. If he keeps getting picked he going to make me some sweet cash.

  • Phew, glad I kept the Krak.

    I noticed he was put into the midfield after johnson was subbed off and has ripped it apart…perhaps they’ll leave him in the mids from now on :-)

  • WTF… krak, where the hell did that come from

    • the inconsitancy that is aboriginal players and he got dropped last week so obvoiusly gave him a wake up call

  • WTF was that Swan….as punishment for that pissweak score I’m taking the C off you this week :P

    Thank god I kept Krak!

    Final Score: 1907

  • F… me fair recovery I think 1825 think I made the right call on coxy as vc thanks swanny

  • 1935…so glad I kept Cox for captain!

    Also stoked Cross outscored Boyd for once :-)

  • 1913- I can live with that after a great deal of premiums producing low scores.
    Swanny h2h with Boyd = Gibbs h2h with Goodes!

  • 1847 bout par IMO trade next week didak to selwood have lost patience with didak !!!!

  • 1737.

    Worst score ever.