Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Rd 5

The Round 5 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.




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  • Brak

    thanks Freako, I see Embley is averinging 118 so far from 4 games, has one bye out of the way, but I just can’t put him up there with Watson and Selwood as a possible 6th mid. someone please convince me he is that good.

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  • Did i miss something??? why are there round 5 scores for sdy they had the bye.