Injury List ahead of Round 6

Adelaide Injury List

Brad Symes (broken nose) – TBC
Scott Stevens (ill) – 1-2 weeks
Brad Moran (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Phil Davis (shoulder) – test
Jason Porplyzia (shoulder) – indefinite
David Mackay (shoulder) – indefinite
Rory Sloane (thumb and jaw) – 1-2 weeks
Jared Petrenko (foot) – test
Sam Shaw (hamstring) – 1 week
James Craig (hamstring) – 4-5 weeks
Daniel Talia (achilles) – 2-3 weeks
Updated April 26

Brisbane injury list

Josh Drummond (quad) – available
Matt Maguire (quad) – available
Bart McCulloch (quad) – 1 week
Xavier Clarke (knee) – available
Ryan Lester (foot) – 16-20 weeks
Jonathan Brown (face) – 4 weeks
Brent Staker (knee) – 9 weeks
Callum Bartlett (knee) – indefinite
Jamie Charman (Achilles) – indefinite
Updated April 25

Carlton Injury List

Chris Yarran (hamstring) – test
Ryan Houlihan (calf) – 2-3 weeks
Andrew Collins (shoulder) – TBA
Paul Bower (thigh) – 1-2 weeks
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – indefinite
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – indefinite
Levi Casboult (knee) – 6-8 weeks
Mark Austin (arm) – 6 weeks
Updated April 26

Collingwood Injury List

Josh Thomas (foot) – 1 week
Ben Sinclair (leg) – 2-3 weeks
Nathan Brown (knee) – season
Updated April 27

Essendon Injury List

David Myers (scaphoid) – 3 weeks
Anthony Long (hamstring) – indefinite
Scott Gumbleton (hamstring) – 1 week
Courtenay Dempsey (knee) – season
Tayte Pears (foot) – indefinite
Jason Winderlich (knee) – season
Updated April 27

Fremantle Injury List

Michael Barlow (leg) – TBC
Roger Hayden (foot) – 7-8 weeks
Clayton Hinkley (knee) – test
Joel Houghton (arm) – 9 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) – season
Tendai Mzungu (knee) – 5-6 weeks
Tim Ruffles (knee) – TBC
Byron Schammer (hip) – 1 week
Alex Silvagni (groin) – 2-3 weeks
Nick Suban (leg) – 7 weeks
Updated April 27

Geelong Injury List

Shannon Byrnes (knee) – 1 week
Cameron Mooney (soreness) – test
Taylor Hunt (knee) – 2-4 weeks
Updated April 27

Gold Coast Injury List

Jeremy Taylor (groin) – 4 weeks
Joel Wilkinson (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Michael Coad (hamstring) – 14 weeks
Nathan Bock (suspension) – 1 week
Campbell Brown (suspension) – 1 week
Updated April 27

Hawthorn Injury List

Paul Johnson (foot) – TBC
Will Langford (groin) – 1-2 weeks
Sam Menegola (wrist) – TBC
Jarryd Morton (foot) – TBC
Michael Osborne (calf tightness) – test
Ben Stratton (knee) – season
Cyril Rioli (hamstring) – TBC
Updated April 27

Melbourne Injury List

Tom Scully (knee) – 5 weeks
Jordie McKenzie (groin) – 2 weeks
Robert Campbell (achilles) – 3 weeks
Updated April 27

North Melbourne Injury List

Ed Lower (knee) – indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (Achilles) – indefinite
Marcus White (shoulder) – indefinite
Ryan Bastinac (knee) – indefinite
Ayden Kennedy (knee) – season
Levi Greenwood (ankle) – test
Updated April 27

Port Adelaide Injury List

Dom Cassisi (tibial fracture) – 4-5 weeks
Matthew Lobbe (dislocated shoulder) – test
Ben Newton (ankle) – 1 week
Nick Salter (foot stress fracture) – 5 weeks
Jay Schulz (knee) – 3 weeks
Updated April 27

Richmond Injury List

Kelvin Moore (hip) – 1 week
Ben Griffiths (shoulder) – 1 week
Ben Jakobi (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Jamie O’Reilly (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Daniel Jackson (suspension) – 1 week
Updated April 27

St Kilda Injury List

Paul Cahill (quadricep) – TBC
Michael Gardiner (knee) – indefinite
Jarryn Geary (fibula) – indefinite
Lenny Hayes (knee) – season
Tom Ledger (hamstring) – 1 week
Updated April 24

Sydney Injury List

Daniel Bradshaw (knee) – indefinite
Campbell Heath (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Nick Malceski (knee) – 3-4 weeks
Alex Johnson (hamstring) – 1 week
Updated April 26

Beau Waters (elbow) – 10 weeks
Ryan Neates (abdomen) – 3 weeks
Mark LeCras (adductor) – 1 week
Chris Masten (knee) – 1 week
Brett Jones (arm) – 3-4 weeks
Mitch Brown (thumb) – 7-8 weeks
Updated April 27

Western Bulldogs Injury List
Ryan Hargrave (ankle) – 2 weeks
Easton Wood (ankle) – 5-6 weeks
Daniel Giansiracusa (hamstring) – test
Patrick Veszpremi (hand) – 3 weeks
Barry Hall (ankle) – test
Updated April 27


  • stoked that kreuzer is indefinite, will obviously b back at some stage but hopefully takes his time so he is juicy as for next yr, maybe if big setanta kindly gives him the old cameron cloke treatment his price will plummet.

    Also otten to jacobs is gunna be soooo popular in the coming weeks cause primus looks like he gunna give youth a chance

  • Rioli TBC…….. hmm

  • Callinan off the injury list? Hmmm… Nice ;)
    Is he still on the rookie list?

    • Good observation, I thought he was still out for a bit.

    • I am sure he is still injured, they must have just left him out by mistake!

      • Yeah, I think your right. I live in adelaide and there has been no update on his injury and no talk about him getting into the crows lineup.

    • Hmmm was thinking the same but the crows have not released any info with whether he’s available for selection. I went to three pre-season games and watched him play and this kid is a gun. He’s gonna be a suprise packet and probably worth picking up mid season for fast money

  • Hey Guys, First Time poster and 1st year at Dream team.

    Not sure what to do with cyril. Should I keep him for the few weeks he will be out for and save a trade or should I downgrade him to a rookie such as Darling or Tapscott. Is it worth doing this downgrade trade so that I can upgrade krak to mitchell or pendles. Currently have used 4 trades and have 160,000 grand in the kitty.

    Any advice appreciated

    • Probably hold off this week unless you are going for the car. You dont want to burn too many trades too early cause it will get hectic towards the end of the year.

      • Thanks mate, Yeah I probably will hold onto him because I will be wasting two trades to downgrade him then get him back in later. It will mean that I will cop a zero this week but going for a league win.

    • Go with Darling. Tapscott is tapering off. HIs past two games havn’t been as good cause he’s not recieving much ball from the run off half back. He’s camping alot and waiting for the ball to come to him. Darling could almost be a midfielder he has better speed and leads better into space

  • Good to see Bewick isn’t listed!

  • Hi Everyone who should i get for bruce and why

  • Anyone heard anything about Paul Stewart. I know he injured his knee vs the crows but I cant find any info about it anywhere and he isnt on the injury list

    • Was watching nine news in adelaide and in the sports section they said he was a chance of returning this week against North. I hope this helps.