Multi-Bye Madness 2: Easter/Anzac Round 5 Discussion


  • 1812 / 21 with Franklin and Bruce to come. So guess I could get anything between about 1860 and 2100 after how this round has gone so far. Bizarre. Hopefully it’s enough to lift my ranking one or two places.

    Richardson and Batchelor combining for 14 points between them has hurt, and so has Robbie Gray’s 43 (Yeah, I know, I know).

  • 1610/20

    good to see some people here doing well at least this week, i am not one of them.

    had to have krak and richardson on my field which cost me.

    buddy, mtchell and stevie j left

  • FMDT 1627 with Bartel x2, Enright and Buddy to come…

    Had Duigan and Otten over Lower and Stanley

    Dont have Pendlebury OR Petrie :(

  • 1736 With Captain Jimmy, Enright and Buddy to go.

    If Jimmy can pull a 125+ I could still make 2200. Unlikely…. but it could happen!

  • 1999 with Buddy and Stevie J to go… with Pendles captain and Petrie swapped into the rucks to cover Cox. For once, not having Swan hasn’t killed me!

    I reckon they should have made the multi-bye rounds count towards league results… it’s added another level of complexity (and joy/angst) to DT this season. Especially given that we were all given extra players and extra trades to manage it all!

  • 1653 with 4 to play Enright, Selwood, Chapman and Buddy so hoping for atleast 100 average out of these boys and I will be happy

  • 1688 with Selwood (c), Stevie J and Buddy to come.. Can’t believe I’d get that high from 714/11, but not happy I didn’t choose Pendles or Boyd for captain…

  • I am doing CRAP.
    1595 with Bartel, Franklin, Enright, and Steve-J left…… Not looking good unless Smith’s 63 hasn’t been added.
    Just hope I can regain my momentum. Weeks so far 2168, 2055, 1999, 1962………. Plan is to get Pendlebury after rnd 13 but looking VERY tempting. I only have Boyd who scored great.
    Around the 10,000 mark in the rankings where do you think I will fall or increase to?……..

    Really want 2,000. Not 1,999 again…

    Comments: :)

  • 1985 with Buddy to come. $495k in the bank and have only used 2 trades. Looking to cash in some cows soon and want to upgrade Kraks to Goodes and maybe Liber or Atley to Mitchell or Pendle’s. My best two scores this year are the multi bye rounds. Prob’s because there is no pressure on me, nothing to lose… We should be going head to head in these games to add a different dimension. Here’s looking at you kid.

  • haha just tweeted the doc saying bet ur spewing u traded boyd.. his reply was yeah because watson has been ordinary, right ? what a douche bag.. seriously he would have to win the award for the worst sidways trade in history !!!! and his trying to justify it what an idiot !!!!! cant belive they pay him…. some of the 14 year olds on here would do a better job !!!!

  • FMDT
    1802 with selwood to come
    NO Petrie, Pendle, Boyd!
    Gibbs, duigan, smith instead of mcauley all did shithouse
    my forward line were off picking daisies and playing with their Barbies
    Dawes-76, N voldt-80, pitt-20, richo-14, prestia-0, Krak-0 and my top scorer being matera with 84
    leaving green, goodes and tapscott on the pine
    i dont think it could get much worse!

  • At the end of the day, it is finals that counts – i understand you have to get there first. All this talk about how many points people have, with how many games to play… Buddy… blah blah doesn’t count. What does count is how many trades you have up your sleeve, with how much money you have and who you can upgrade to. Keeping with the bragging thread I have $1million in the bank extra to spend and am top 4 in all leagues with plenty of trades.

    • are u in cash leagues ?

      • Na. Just playing for fun. Have played for a few years now and always made the granny. This year I went rookie options and it has paid off – even better now with the bye rounds. I avoided the big cost players (apart from Swan) bc I knew they would drop in price. My aim is to bring them in at rock bottom price and hope they don’t get injured.

  • 1924 with Buddy, Enright and suckling to play. Pretty good round considering I had Richo’s 14 and Swan as captain. Loving Pendles, Boyd and Petrie in my team.

  • 1757 with Enright, Duncan, Franklin to play.

  • Bartel: 145
    Get me to 2150 boys.

    • That’s a little optimistic. Dream Team must cut you up each week. I’m only asking for 200 from Buddy and Enright combined.

  • 1890 with buddy and bartel as captain to go.
    looking very good for 2100, hopefully 2200.

  • love how ive got 768 points from my 6 best players, and 211 points from my 6 worst. only a small difference there….fmdt would be an understatement

    • 1695, Enright and Rioli to go.

      Richardson 14, J Pitt 20, toy 37

      Despite being subs what do you guys think Richardson and Pitt’s job security is?

      After Pendlebury’s massive score is anyone tempted to switch from Swan to Pendles as captain? Part of me is, the other part of me thinks Pendles might become the number 1 target for the opposition freeing Swan up for a massive one

  • 1709 with Buddy and Selwood to play, most I can hope for is 1950.
    Donut (Kraks) and 14 from Richardson hurts like buggery

  • Here I was this time last week patting myself on the back for how well I was doing sitting in top 2000, lowest weekly score 2030 and all of this without Sandi, Pendles, Boyd, N Voldt. Good work Rainman, great strategy picking Cross instead of Boyd, going with Watson instead of Pendles. Also big pat on the back for doing my first upgrade(started with cash in bank) Petrie to Didak. Coming into this round with only 4 players sitting out and only Cox and Sylvia premos…. What an awesome strategy what could possibly go wrong?

    Fmdt is an understatement. 1606 with selwood, Stevie and buddy to play…. I predict buddy will give away a world record 30 free kicks and get no possies, Stevie will be picked up by the cops for drink driving on the way to the G , and Selwood accidentally fractured his cheekbone in the shower after going for a hard ball get with the soap.

    Bear in mind that this fantastic score was achieved with Kraks on the pine, Stanley and matera on the field and no donuts achieved. Trades on the cards for this week are swan for glass and Goddard for presti…..


  • I need an average of 130 from Bartel and Franklin to get 2000. But I doubt it. Kinda sucks when you miss out on at minimum of 60 points ( if I chose Swan as captain) by picking Gibbs as it. Then I had Boyd so that would of given me an extra 96 or some shit.

    then a 0 from Krakour and 14 from Richo don’t help does it. And either does having Otten and Duigan on instead of Stanley and Lower. But you know cant have it your whole way.

    I know I posted this yesterday as well. I jsut wanted you guys do see how shit I was doing this week so you could laugh at me :(

  • It is interesting that everyone is saying that they are doing crap this week but they all seem to have not read all the other posts…..

  • 20/1845 with Buddy and Bartel to go.

    Any chance of me scoring 2100 for the round and is this a good round for me considering the doughnuts (Kraka and Prestia) and the multi-bye?

  • 1683 with buddy bartel and johnson to go, hopefully limp over 2000 if one of them can have a big one

  • who’s everyone tipping and why?;)

  • Steive J doing nothing…….looks like he’ll have one of those days :(

    • The forwards tend to score points 12 at a time, so they don’t score consistently throughout the game. All it takes is a couple of goals and he’ll be on a winner.

      But I don’t like his chances. At least Buddy started nicely.

  • Stevie J…. What are you DOING???!

  • Cameron Bruce: what a star!! haha does anyone have him??

  • 2022 with another half still to go from buddy stevie j and enright

  • ffs bruce worst decision of my life chosing you over enright !!!! and selwood stop getting so many points.. looks like i will be picking him up for 430 not the 400 that i had hoped..

    • as a selwood owner from the start (unluckiest pick of the year so far) I have been desperately hoping for a 150 to put him out of reach of the buyers and make up some ground i lost on the first two games.

      79 at half time is like sex on toast with broccoli

  • 1905 with a quarter to go from:
    Bartel 110
    Johnson 75
    Buddy 63

    2000 would be great…but Buddy, SJ and Jimmy would all need decent last quarters

  • Cmon Buddy and Jimmy good last quarter will see 2300

  • i think tkol may have had a terrible week. just putting it out there

  • Score = 2085

    Funny feeling a lot of the top teams have the same players , i was ranked 730 Nationaly before this round , so it will be interesting to see where i’m positioned now …

    and yes very interesting to see how quiet TKOL’s been over the course of the weekend …

  • 1945 not too pissed as had swan captain, no pendles or boyd, had toy duigan richardson and yarran starting. anyone else think its a bit of a waste upgrading to players you have to trade out for finals. i know chappy selwood ect are awesome but i can’t use them in finals. i can get there with other players.

  • Round finished, 1922. Shit.

  • 2008 with another 100 diff on the pine and 40 if I had Boyd as capt… Happy tho, considering Krak’s donut in the fwds and Richo’s 16. PS – sub rule sux for DT!!!

    I fear next week’s multi-bye will cause more carnage that the the first 2. :-(