Housn v The House: Round 5

Apologies that this didn’t go up before last night’s game… but we saved you some coin with the second multi! – DT TALK.

Last week was a complete disaster for DT betting (it was for me, anyway!), but it did remind me of one of the golden rules – never EVER bet on a ruckman no matter how much you like Cox. His very ordinary score was well below expectation, while Petrie cost us what would have otherwise been a very nice multi. In non-ruck failures, Goodes couldn’t even scale a junk-induced 88 from Enright and Thomas somehow outscored Pendles by a measly two points, ruining the two bets that I was most confident with going into last Friday night.

But, I digress. All in all, we laid out $80 and got sweet FA back in return. This week, we’ll lay another $60 on the line and see if we can at least get back over the waterline again.

As with last week, I’ll look at two small multi’s for $10 each; one ‘safe’ and one with a little more risk.

Multi #1

Ablett ($2.50) to beat Rischitelli and Boak
Swan ($1.70) to beat Thomas and Didak
Bartel ($2.65) to beat Chapman and Mitchell

Total odds: $11.26

Three of the biggest DT names right there! Ablett is on the up and will no doubt be keen to prove the media wrong about his workrate. Not like he’s playing Collingwood, either. Swan is a given and Bartel has averaged 122 in his last three against the Hawks. Get on!

Multi #2

Rockliff ($2.80) to beat Goddard and Black
Harvey ($2.70) to beat Jackson and Deledio
Cotchin ($2.70) to beat Wells and Rawlings
Stanton ($3.00) to beat Pendlebury and Watson

Total odds: $61.23

Rockliff is a serious gun in the making while Goddard is both struggling for form and has a poor history against the Lions. Harvey usually stars against the tigers and neither of his opponents have a great record against North. Cotchin is starting to prove his potential and Stanton has scored back to back 139’s in Anzac Day matches while Watson has scored consecutive 80’s. If you’re reading this after the Lions v Saints game, just get on with Rocky. Your odds will be about $22 or so.

On lastly, the back of the above research – and at time of writing, no “best of the best” or specials available – I’ll drop another $20 on both Ablett ($3.00) and Bartel ($4.00) to beat their fields.

So! Total outlay this week: $60
Total potential return: $865

And as a final thought; I had a donut for breakfast this morning. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.




  • Nice work, yeah Big Cox let u sall down last week.

    Like the first multi, Bartel and Selwood always kill it against us. Interesting they have Swan available in the in troi betting this week normally not there.

    Doing $10 on
    Ablett over Rischitelli and Boak
    Symes over Carrazzo and Van Berlo
    Harvey over Jackson and Delidio
    Bartel over Chapman and Mitchell
    this week @ 49.19

    • Nice one. I don’t know much about Van Berlo or Symes, so left that one well alone. I do like the other three legs – good luck to you, mate!

  • It`s a shame multi two is already out. I had the same but goddard just got up. I put a 10a on Redden to outscore his field paying $13 – $120 up.

    I reakon the suns will give port a good crack so i`ll throw some money (away ha) on them.

    • Well done on Redden! The Suns bet certainly has some balls, too.

      I like your style.

      And yeah, shattered about Rockliff, thought he was great value. Close but no cigar… story of my DT betting the last couple of weeks. Had a pretty good run with the punt last season and then landed a beautiful 5-leg multi in round two this year. Got my confidence up and prompted me to start writing these articles for the DTTalk boys. Haha. So here’s hoping that Bartel, Ablett and Swan do what we all know they’re supposed to do!!

      • how much did u lay on the 5 multi leg and how much you win mate?

        • Only $10, the usual, and can’t remember the odds for the life of me. Set my account up nicely though. DT betting has hurt for the last two weeks, but still picking up a few dollars on other things here and there; AFL margin betting, EPL matches, etc etc.

          Results this week were Tigers <40 multi into Blues <40, so that worked out well. I got onto GCS to win… I may have gone slightly on tilt after Rocky let me down Friday night. Haha. Thanks Teza! I also missed out on Everton handicapped (lost 1-0 to Man United), and Brisbane <24. But, still in front for the week, so I'm happy.

          Also jumped on Hocking to win the Anzac Day medal, and Pendles for back-to-back. They're both the type of workhorse players with a touch of class that they seem to like for those things. Anzac Medal isn't about best on ground, it's about courage and effort so hopefully I'm on the right track there.

    • oh gotta love the suns win !

      • Oh hell yes! Thanking you very much for the tip, good Sir. Was not happy about Rockliff’s effort (or more particular, not happy with Goddard’s!) on Friday night so I jumped on GCS like a cheap hooker. Staying with the in-laws for Easter so that totally made my weekend and the world is a happy place again.

  • What do u guys reckon Fyfe @ $11 to beat the field??

    • He’s got to be a chance after the last two weeks, sure. Will take a big effort to knock over Boyd, Cross and Higgins, but if you’re prepared for it to be a long shot then I guess you could do a lot worse.

    • Would have been a great bet last week ;)

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t say Swan is a certainty. Could get tagged out of it like last year’s Anzac Day game.

  • Really unlucky with rockcliff, I had a lil money on him. I like the 3 other legs in that multi however, might put $10 on. Might use the first multi but im not convinced with swan, i’ll find another one and put 10 on again.
    Thanks for the tips, lets hope we have a good week and hope no one pulls a god dam petrie.

    • also, if your going ablett to beat the other 7 instead of the 2 its only .50 different in price. Im gonna just chuck 30 for him to beat boak and risc, then two other multis.

  • looks like ablett is going to let us all down, gonna lose me 40$

  • anyone got any good safe bets to put a $100 free bet on?

    • Last week I put mine on sam mitchell most touches, paying 2.40$, got 140$ back, I would suggest doing a bet with odds like this. I had another one and put it on a bet paying 8 to 1 which I lost, so my advice would be a sorta safe bet ranging from 2.00-3.00 max.

      Scott Thompson tonight is paying 2.85 for most touches in group A, not bad, its sorta risky but its the kind of bet that suits the freebet.

      If your feeling more lucky Swallow is paying $6.00 to get the most touches in Group A, could see a 500 dollar profit but its certainly risky.

      If your not confident, hold on to it and wait for another round.

      • scott thompson is a nice bet, but there’s too many blues that could beat that :( Too late to get on any suns players, but I am pretty pleased having bet on suns +33 line to win paying 5.5! I was so close to betting on the win though! 17.5 odds!

        Looking for that safety bet paying $2~ to claim my $100 free bet… hmmm

    • I went the other way and put my free bet on Rhys Palmer for most disposals in Group B paying $21. There are some under performers in the group and no big possession winners so it’s a chance, a long shot indeed but a chance.

  • I put my free $100 bet on collingwood to win premiership. Paying about $2.50 also have a $3 bet at $10 for them to go undefeated all year.

    • Good betting mate… shame you’ll have to wait until October to turn around the money. You’ve got more patience than I do, certainly!

      (And, I can’t stand the thought of Collingwood winning back-to-back. I seriously hope Geelong or Hawthorn or *anyone* can find another gear by season’s end!)

  • Worst luck this week, already lost $80, Boomer was looking good to fulfill my multi but got injured :(, praying next week I can regain my money,
    Anyone no some good betts,multis for the rest of the week? Im liking Jimmy’s form and wanna put $10 on him and another person to hopefully make a quick $50+

    • Blegh. I hear you mate. I don’t see a whole lot that I like for the rest of this week. Sewell should beat Ling and Rioli but the latter could do anything, really. Stanton has starred in Anzac games for a couple of years, while Pendles and Watson are both in career-best form. Risky, but those are the two in which I see the best potential for the rest of this week.

      • yeh, DT betting hasnt been kind this week, im thinking just to end the week i’ll chuck $10 on who will win the ANZAC medal, not sure who to go outta Dane Swan (6.00) or Pendles (8.00) – I dont think swan will have a massive impact and if pendles won last year with just 97 DT points i’d say he is a chance.
        Your thoughts?

        • I’ve gone Pendles over Swan as well. And Hocking, for a bit of a darker horse paying $51. Pretty sure the Anzac Medal is for courage and effort, rather than 40-disposals-and-best-on-ground… right?

        • Hope you did go with Pendles over Swan mate. Quite happy to bank that one today :)

          • Nope, I went with Didak (For God Knows Why). Really stupid mistake, would have won what I lost this week if I went Pendles. Ah well, i’ll just hopefully have a better week next week, balance is sitting at $100 now, some shaky moments ahead. Good to see you won though, Pendles was an absolute gun today.

  • Pretty stoked so far this round. Had $10 on redden best afield. $10 on gold coast and richmond to win their matches and also have a multi on winner`s for the round which is still alive so far.

    Next bets –

    $10 on the bulldogs over freo and Geelong over hawks.

    $10 each way on either stanton or swan for ANZAC medal (hopefully i get my money back for the krak bet ? ).

    South`s and Swans to win in the WAFL.

  • So another unmitigated disaster for DT betting so far this week. Bartel has $80 riding on his head to deliver us a best-on-ground performance and beyond that, we’re looking ahead to next week.

    Regardless of that final bet tomorrow, next week’s article (and any others, if the DT Talk boys still want them!) will take a different format. Landing one big multi every four or five weeks is great for the pocket but no good for entertaining reading when every other week is full of donuts. So, I’ll shake things up a little and see if we can’t get a couple more winners next time around!

    • Love your work mate.

      Good luck for the rest of the round and with the in-laws. ha

  • Oh god… the last leg of my multi was rioli to beat sewell and ling and Rioli went down in the 3rd and Sewell beat him by 4 with a definitely illegitimate tackle.. Would have been rolling in the cash =(