Get Off The Bench: Rd 5 Early Edition

Just a short update here for the first game of the week.  I thought I would give you a bit of analysis here for the game on Thurs night between the Lions and Saints and then once I know the actual teams for the weekend games from Thursday Night’s team lists I will put up my full article with all teams considered, and you will have time to change things on Friday since we only have a partial lockout and the teams will be able to be edited up until the start of the Power v Gold Coast game on Sat Avo.


Rohan Bewick has been great with 68, 73 and a sub affected 49 in his last start.  I would consider him for a spot on the ground, however, if you have Swallow or Harris I would put them ahead of Rohan this week.  Brock McCauley has been named…. but no.  Ryan Lester isn’t in, so don’t use him either!  Jesse O’Brien has been fantastic and has 82 and 78 in his last two so I would start him with confidence whether you have him either forward or back.  Jared Polec played his first game last week and got a tidy 67.  Keep an eye on him but I think there are better options.

St Kilda:

The Saints have a couple of guys who played their first games last week for the year, Alistair Smith and Rhys Stanley did ok with 63 and 75 respectively, but I don’t think too many people would have them currently and I want to see another game out of them before I would play them.  Ryan Gamble is the only other player that people may have here but he has been dropped and isn’t even an emergency.

So that is the wrap on the Lions and Saints players, I will be back on Friday morning with a wrap on the other guys that you should be considering to cover those players with the byes this week.


  • Goddard or Monty for loophole captain???

    • WARNIE – I think ive found another loophole unless ive missed this someonewhere.

      If you have a bench player in tonights game then you make him your emergency for example:

      Bewick from the Lions (Emergency) “if he scores well (100+) then put say D.Harris on your bench and replace him with a player from a team with a bye like (A.Goodes). Then you are guaranteed 2 bites at the cherry.

      If Bewick scores terrible then keep D.Harris on your field.

      Happy D-Ting..

  • cheers bro

  • Great article as usual mate. Just looking for a bit of advice, wanting to trade suban down to Toy then krakouer up to redden in the midfield. I am a bit unsure on this as the lions play first so will have to make the trade tonight because trading to toy frees up the cash. Thoughts on this? Or are their any other midfield options around 350k? I’m pretty set on redden though.

    • Sounds like a win win to me. I’ve got Toy but with Coad down I’m looking for a cheap, high scoring and reliable defender. Any suggestions?

      • i think everyone would love to find a cheap, reliable, high scoring defender….pretty sure they dont exist!

        if they do ill take 10 of them!

      • Jesse O’Brien for Brisbane Lions like Dunny said above has been playing great and he is also dual Def, Fwd and he’s pretty cheap being worth $180,000. Also another one would be Nicholas Duigan hes worth pretty much the same and he averages 73 but that will go up more than likely. Last week Duigan scored 93!
        They have BOTH already reached there breakeven so they’re bound to go up after this round.

        Hope this helps :)


  • Gday boys, Wanting to trade Everitt out for Adcock, after a reprieve previous round.Last round proved he’s a dud. Leaves me 170K. Sensing Krakouer running low and keen to get either Dawes or Rioli in or should I do swap for Darling for cash rise until Rd7/6 byes respectively. I’m also thinking Cox for Warnock after his bye. Dt virgin so any feedback would be gr8.

  • hi everyone, i have 290k lying around and i am seriously considering trading palmer, krakouer for fyfe, joel selwood. any thoughts anyone?

  • When’s the other teams popping up for Saturday and Sunday games is it still tomorrow arvo as per normal