DT TALK Live: Round 5

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  • Krakouer – You better get a game this week or your gone!!!!

  • Alrighty people… what did you think???

    • great stuff lads

    • Loved the Post Show chat………Calvin owned you Warnie. DT Pranks has got to be a regular segment…..suprised u guys didn’t mention Calvins fake articles that he used to make to trick Roy!

    • Love it!
      Love the half time show!
      In my opinion the more the better

    • I would rather see you guys talk Football and Dream Team for an hour then watch a 10 minute episode. Think these videos are great. Keep up the good work boys!!

  • Hey can someone just quickly clarify for me. if i put cox on the feild to take my vc score. does that mean i have to orriginally have him as sub in order to have smith as sub when i put cox on the feild. or can you change subs after the first lockout?

  • top show!
    request more “off air” shenanigans and guitar action

  • Join us at half time in the game tonight!!

  • Can’t get the recording to play. Just get the little circle going around and around and around……………………

  • Hey is anyone condsidering trading Andrew Krakour to Brad Green as an upgrade with his price plummeting and his current breakeven of 13. To do this I would be using the money from downgrading broughts to toy.

  • Bloody great show guys!
    1hr of thorough entertainment from the DT TALK studio in WEST LAUNCESTON!!!! (-:

  • *Start recording the after-show, that was hilaious tonight with DT pranks!
    *Twots are great and all, but you should also read out some facebook questions too as some people are missing out sort of, because not everybody can work out Twitter.
    *Great episode, probably the best live-one yet!

  • Broughton –> Enright / Carrazzo / Murphy


    Kraker –> Dawes / Fyfe / Duncan / Didak


    • Great show BTW!

    • I’ve talked myself out of trading Broughton (for the hundredth time lol)… Will need to choose between
      Fyfe / Duncan / Didak to trade for Kraker…. with Fyfe looking the most promising! Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • Great show guys… good on ya warnie, hook into the boags. Whats the deal with Calvin, i get the feeling he is the Freddi Mercury type with the lid and drinking the nectar from a glass?

    • What? Anyone who really likes beer knows that it tastes WAY better in a glass! Aren’t you boys based in Launceston? Then its probably shit-cold this time of year. I work nights and need to invest in a lid myself soon!

  • If you want to watch it on your iPhone, then this link just let me!


  • Getting better each week :D

    • agreed, i would like to see the Don’t go there! & bernie the bad trade beaver, they were a laugh

  • stream not working, last weeks still works, can you fix it Warnie its disappointing missing out

  • is there anyway to watch the half time show that you guys did?

  • Love the show, some great advice too!
    I have Krak, Broughton, Irons, i.smith & hibberd who aren’t really doin the job for me.
    What should I do as I seem to be just sitting on them at the mo.
    I missed out on Curnow. Doh.

    side note… i actually agree with Aker. Play footy on a Good Friday.
    This day drives me mad…and im a good irish catholic boy!
    What do you guys reckon?

  • Tech side was much better Warnie,

    Watched the recorded version. Sound / vision quality was good and clear even at full screen and total download was around 120MB which is pretty good for an hour.

    + I think Amanda’s right about the beer wench. Perhaps you can push someone into that Boag’s water and they’ll come out a beer wench?

  • No, still not working. Something different has happened this week. Yes, I am overseas, but I have watched every previous episode – this year and last year.

    Somebody might have to ask Mr UStream.