Secret Squirrel: Round 4

Welcome Peanut Gallery to another week of the Squirrel, have a little look at how my team is progressing.

It was a rather boring round in terms of trades, there were a number of potential options before the weekend.  I thought most of my mid priced options were doing fine, so I maintained the current structure.  Broadbent and Laidler were not amazing scorers this week but Fyfe more than made up for their performance.

With the chaos happening in the backline, Lower and now Coad out, I may be holding onto the likes of Broadbent and Laidler a little longer. Who are the premium backs at the moment? Broughton and Duffield are putting up terrible numbers and may end up becoming a straight swap for the likes of Laidler and Broadbent, then I have to decide, do I really want them?

You can almost smell the trouble in the air, massively long week of football with plenty of unknown players like Richardson and Krakouer  looking likely to be dropped, that is not good signs for many people, especially with two more important group bye rounds coming up.

It is not looking to bad at the moment, in the top 3000 with 23 trades and a war chest of $151,900.  This will be used in the coming rounds once some of those falling premiums have bottomed out and it should coincide with the peaking rookies.

Picking the wrong nuts:

  • Prestia in the forwards was the main nut, but after his 100 the week before, I thought he deserved a call up, but a 38 was not a great return.
  • Shame two of my rookies on the bench scored more than my two mid priced players in Laidler and Broadbent.


In the next week or two, many coaches will be hoping for a rookie or two to come along, looking at the likes of Hibberd, Iles to really come into contention. It would be great if Bennell/Maverick decided to have a rest for a few more weeks.


At this early stage, I cannot see a trade happening this week and hopefully I manage to get away from the group round carnage intact with a high ranking and that $150,000 burning a hole in my pocket will start to be used. There are some names which are going to cause some debate in the coming weeks, are the bottomed out DT premiums, or DT duds?

Broughton, Duffield, Lake, J Volt are a few names that are going to be on the radar for many teams in the coming weeks.  Personally I think Broughton is doing an amazing defensive job, but it is terrible for his DT numbers, so he is off my current radar. Duffield still plays that nice DT role, so maybe once Ibbotson and NSOS comes back, he improves? Lake, come on down spinner, just give Broadbent or Laidler some more time to improve. Jack Volt, still not sure if he can average enough to be a premium he may be cheap enough to consider as a 7th/8th forward.


  • all yuor bench players who scored would’ve been better than pn the field

  • Im so pissed that i bothered with matera and richardson. At the start of the season I chose matera, richardson, prestia and tapscott as my rookies. I was tossing up between tapscott and darling and went with tapscott. Now that i look at it i should have gotten darling instead of richardson.

  • At least you had Darling on the field, and Richardson on the bench…unlike myself :-(

    Add prestia and Krak to my on field rooks, and I was lucky to scrape a score above 2G…thanks to new DT legend, FYFE

  • crackajack darling came in handy

  • i want to make love to fyfe

  • this guy gets me

    • That’s so funny – it’s like “Carry On Scoring” in here.

      Fyfe would be playing the part of Jim Dale of course.

      What a legend – I had Fyfe in my team last year as a rookie
      and after his pre-season performance, I just couldn’t say no.

      • What pre-season performance were you going by?

        Fyfe was recovering from an injury pre-season……

  • Looking very good, and only missing jack and darling this week too with some guns to come back into the side, bonus ,and as for Broadbent, he’s got GC this week, if he’s ever going to tonne up it will be this week.

  • Got broughton.

    Should I trade him to Adcock, Gram or someone else???

    Don’t say hold on Broughton Im just asking which option would be best for him.

    • How much moola you got

      • $120,000 21 trades

        But was looking to get in Swan after bye with some of that money.

        Here is team.

        On field

        1. Gibbs (DEF)
        2. Grimes (DEF)
        3. Heppell (DEF)
        4. Bruce (DEF)
        5. Duigan (DEF)
        6. Broughton (DEF)
        7. Goddard (DEF)

        8. Pendlebury (MID)
        9. Curnow (MID)
        10. Mitchell (MID)
        11. A. Swallow (MID)
        12. Rockliff (MID)
        13. Ward (MID)

        14. Cox (RUC)
        15. Sandilands (RUC)

        16. Fyfe (FWD)
        17. Goodes (FWD)
        18. Franklin (FWD)
        19. Darling (FWD)
        20. Tapscott (FWD)
        21. Harvey (FWD)
        22. Higgins (FWD)

        1. Otten (DEF)
        2. Lower (DEF)
        3. Stanley (DEF)
        4. Conca(MID)
        5. Harris (MID)
        6. Bewick (MID)
        7. Smith (RUC)
        8. Curnow (RUC)
        9. Krakeour (FWD)
        10. Richardson (FWD)
        11. Matera (FWD)

        • On balance I would get another defender premium first, so look at Gram and Deledio and even Bruce to coz you can afford them all.

          • I have bruce already.

            Don’t want to get on delidio rollercoaster even if it is tempting.

            So you would choose Gram over Adcock???

          • Sorry didn’t see you had Bruce.

            I don’t trust Adcock’s body to hold up all season so I would go Gram first.

        • Stick with Broughton, you really need Swan in that midfield.

    • I would hold out on adcock as josh Drummond could be playing as early as this thursday

  • who is the best trade for krak ?

  • Thanks

  • got spare 10 grand

    • There are no decent FWD rookies to trade to aswell.

      So unless you want to do a double trade somewhere else I would say hold.

      • Do you have DPP if so Libba or Piitard could be options or even Hibberd if named

  • Actually who is better option Gram or Enright?????

    • Gram doesn’t get tagged.

    • Personally i think Gram is a better option. He has already had the bye, only costs around 360k and is still performing well DT wise, in a rather average unit at the moment and has a reasonably low BE of 80.
      Enright has a bye next week and also when the league finals are being played. You could hold off a couple of weeks as his BE is up around 133 and i can’t see him getting that this week, then pick him up even cheaper.

  • sooo… rockliff or fyfe?
    rocky has already had one bye and fyfe has one next week. whats the best option?

  • Rockliff any day of the week.

    Rockliff will consistently score 90+

    Fyfe legend but will score lower occasionally around 60

  • @ Secret Squirrel

    This post every week is as about as useful as the old me banging on about myself!
    No offence but no-one cares about your team update’s, as you can see above people just want to keep chatting about their own!
    Time to pull the pin!

    • shutup

    • hi tkol just after some advice… i wanna trade out krak for any player under $411000 in the mid. whos the best option from some like fyfe/rockliff/jack ect. thanks

      • @ Joel Selwood is 411K
        Bring him and and enjoy the ride, he is a Dream Team Legend!

        • @Tkol What can I say except; Fuck Selwood. Overpriced and and overplayed. Worship you false god if you are willing to take the consequences.

      • @jgundry12

        I’m certainly NO tkol (haha), but FWIW, I really like Rockliff from here on end.
        Why? Well I’m glad you asked!…
        He’s got Gold Coast, Richmond and North TWICE, and West Coast and Port once from this point on. Mmmm, juicy.
        He’s already had one of his byes, so you *should* get more games out of him too.

        Fyfes a JET, I wouldn’t hesitate with him either, but I just reckon Rocky will pump out more total points for you!

    • btw i agree with this. completely useless to be honest

      • Every team goes through a period of stasis when nothing happens. At least give the Squirrel a chance to show us how he uses all those stockpiled nuts.

    • Yet every week you manage to post, you must be addicted to wasting your time on things you don’t like.
      This is purely a case of people looking at how a mid priced team (or premium mid priced team as others prefer me to call it) can obtain a decent ranking.

      Most people were banging on about the only way to play the game is to have a Guns and Rookie strategy, I am hoping to show the wider DT community that there are other options.

      What better way to show someone than to track my team week in and week out.

      No doubt tkol with all your constant complaining, I have no doubt your team is in the top couple of 100 and by seasons end, should have completely dominated my poor attempt at a team. If that is not the case, then maybe it will be your time to give up?

      • @ Secret Squirrel

        I understand Im judt responding to peoples obvious lack of response!
        Good luck with your progress and well done on your assistance to mid priced tactical coaches!

        • @ Secret Squirrel

          Im a betting man and I like the challenge too however I dont want you to have to miss a full season of Dream Team because of it :)

      • I like you and your team Squirrel. Only one trade and lots of cash in the bank. I think you are in a good position to come storming home.

        I have blown 5 trades, have half as much cash and am ranked far behind you. So I am a person willing to listen to the opinion of anybody who is doing as well as you.

        At least you haven’t done any silly trades and been banned for a week or two.

        • @ Pettiger

          Look my point is valid. As I read below noone is commenting on the relevant topic.

          • Yes, valid point. That doesn’t mean the article is no good, it just that people are not listening to things that just may help them out. Some people just want help with their team every time a new thread starts – they don’t care about the topic.

            If people did more careful reading and listening then they wouldn’t have to ask silly questions.

            And welcome back TKOL. May all your posts be sensible ones.

          • That’s exactly what my missus tells me!!!

          • This article is more about showing up a few issues.

            1. You can select a few mid priced players and still maintain a solid ranking.

            2. These constant updates are all about showing people potentially how to trade when using this strategy. Just reading the comments at times shows that many people are looking at doing crazy trades such as Dawes -> Fyfe. Many people would have dumped the likes of Laidler and Broadbent at the drop of a hat, I have maintained these two players and I am still managing to have a decent ranking.

            3. The first few weeks will be a little boring in some ways as I have only made the one trade, but in the coming weeks there should be a few trades to talk about.

            4. People are all very egocentric and will always prefer talking about their team and you cannot stop that from happening.

            5. 95% of people that play DT prefer the Guns and Rookies strategy and therefore cannot see the benefits of my current team structure.

            6. This whole concept was born out of the constant misconception about a mid priced team, from which players you could pick, how this concept will perform and trading strategies.

  • News just in: Dawes got cleared by tribunal!!

    • Simply WONDERFUL news for my Forward line!
      Not so great for those nuffy Don supporters!
      Choo chooo!! All aboard the DawesyTrain!!

      • It’s a minor victory for my team too. Now I’m hoping old mate Richardson gets a gig and I’m free to trade as planned!!!

  • Well here is my Backline at the moment I made one trade and got rid of broughton for Gram thankgod for that so far:

    Gibbs, B
    Enright, C
    Deledio, B
    Heppell, D
    Gram, J
    Duigan, N
    Goddard, B
    Lower, N
    Stanley, D
    Lester, R

    I would like some suggestions on it and would like to know what to do with lower if he does not play this week?

    • Just quietly I don’t think initials are needed when writing out your team, we know who the players are and it clutters things up.

  • Get rid of lester may be out for season.

    At least lower will play again this season

  • Dawes free everyone

    • that is no surprise the AFL have a hard on for all things Collingwood, they rarely travel interstate, and that does not just include this season, it has been the case for as long as I can remember.

      Watching games as an unbiased supporter you can also pick out the free kicks they get, they always get the soft ones but the opposing team whoever it may be will not get the kicks that would be paid against any other team.

  • I thought I was looking at my team cos we have the exact same overall points and the exact same rank as well! Good stuff!

  • A bit off topic but i’m really unsure what to do at the moment. I’m thinking of taking Adcock for Russel which would give me an extra 50k, but apparently gram would be a better pickup. But i wouldnt get any money gain. I have 50k in the bank and unsure what to do. I also am stuck on what to do with Dawes. I know he isnt suspended this week now but i was thinking of jumping of Fyfe for him as he’s cheaper at the moment and more reliable, and once head to head starts again Dawes will have a bye. Please help.

    • Bazz, Bazz, Bazz, don’t trade Dawes to Fyfe you numpty.

      • give me ur reasons.

        • Does it really need explaining?

          • i think it does. Fyfe is averaging more then Dawes, i beleive he’s more consistent then Dawes and he’s less money then Dawes with Fyfe going to rise ever more.

        • It’s just a sideways trade. Neither are proven premiums but both could average in the mid to high 90’s. Dawes has played on the opposition’s best tall defender in the past two weeks. This won’t happen every week and when he plays on the second or third best defender he will rack up the big ones again. There’s no harm in taking a punt on Fyfe, but not at the expense of Dawes. Find another way to bring him in.

          I have done my duty and given you my reasons.

  • Hi does anyone know what Brad Greens breakeven is

  • So after the 5th hour of analysing every frickin stat I can Im still torn…

    Off loading broughton for either smith or toy

    then trading out krak or richardson dependant on teams etc for one of the following…

    Pav, Fyfe or Dawes (now that he got off)

    Pav better consistency but $$

    Fyfe concerned he wont score as well against better teams

    Dawes seems to be droppong in form

    Would love to get ppls thoughts??

    • I reckon your options sound great do it!!

    • I’d go for Fyfe even though he’ll miss Rd6 with the Bye. Dawes will miss Rd 7 with a Bye and that’s when the League hostilities starts again. But Dawes will score well with the likes of Swan, Pendles, Sidebottom etc feeding him.

    • I’m thinking of doing exact same double trade.
      leaning towards:
      1. broughton -> toy
      2. Krakouer -> Dawes

      Toy will put more $$ in the bank than Smith right now (want Chappy in after the bye)
      Dawes just because I have Buddy and Stevie J so a freo player makes rd 6 a little risky – especially with question marks over Richardson being selected.

      Only prob is this will give me 4 Premo’s on the pine during the Collingwoods bye’s – so my overall score for those weeks will suffer (a little) more than most teams.
      (Swan, Pendles, Didak, Dawes)

      I’m lovin Fyfe at the moment tho – very jealous of those that had him from the start.

  • Just worked out why my team looked so bad. Cox, Goodes etc. on the bench. That explains why Prestia is on the field. Phew.

  • far our this albert lloyd fella must sit on dt talk everyday and refresh his page a thousand times waiting for a comment to reply to

  • going vickery>sandi

    then should i trade okeefe?
    i can afford any mid/fwd

    my midfield
    swan, boyd, montagna, selwood, okeefe, curnow (harris, bewick, irons)

    franklin, johnson, n.riewoldt, pavlich, knights, krak, darling (matera, pitt, richardosn)

    okeefe, krak, pav =dpp

    trade okeefe to anyone?????


    • if your going to trade, didak could rech his be this week so might be the right time to pick him up. or mitchell in the mids?

      • yeah i was thinking mitchell

        i would rather get pendles over didak

        i reckon its out of pendlebury, chapman, mitchell and watson

  • Lower out? Thought he was just dropped? Surely now he comes back in now Suban is out?

    Also, are you just guessing about Richardson and Krakouer or do have indies info that they will be dropped?

    And surely Pedersen gets a run this week!!!!!!

    • he’s probably referring to how crap they played on the weekend.
      Richardson was especially ugly to watch,

  • who thinks the kings of leon (TKOL) should be a dt talk regular and post his own forums for the website?! even though everyone hates him his a legend in my books! he actually has some helpful advice…just a thought maybe it could be a weekly thing! what does everyone reckon?

    • good idea it might keep him away from posting stupid comments on other peoples articles. He could then show us his team so we get a look at how good he really is.

  • ok just traded j.selwood for krakouer… why didnt i wait till the teams are announced?

    • I don’t know. Why didn’t you wait til teams are announced?

    • and Geeelong have the bye next week , lol ;)

    • Congrats on having the balls, yet stupidity to downgrade Selwood to Krakouer.

      League winning move there.

      • you goose , he traded Krak out and Selwood in !!! bahahahahahahahahaha ;)

        • Yeah well he wrote it in a shit way.

          It’s pretty simple logic, you write the player you are trading out first and the player you traded him for second.

  • wrote it wrong guys… trade IN selwood before his price rises and who cares about the bye? everyone will get fyfe this week who is a massive dud aginst good teams and he also has a bye next week.