Greg Broughton… is it time to go?

There are three types of coaches at the moment. One that is happy they didn’t pick Greg Broughton, one that is happy they traded Greg Broughton and one that is wondering what the hell to do with Greg Broughton.

Broughton has shown himself to be a fantastic Dream Teamer. He averaged 87.6 in his first year and then backed up with 89.3 in his sophomore year. The signs were there that he would be a consistent player in our backline. The only worry being that he only played 16 games in each of his first two years and that he might be a bit brittle and not durable.

But we didn’t expect scores of 79, 61, 56 and 55 playing a lockdown back pocket role.

So, now a decision has to be made. People who dumped him in the last couple of weeks would be happy. I am in two minds. Do I dump him, even though he has already lost me over $60K so far… or do I back him in to either ‘come good’ or just take whatever crap he dishes up because I follow the “never trade a premium” mantra?

If we trade… it would be great to go to a premium that we don’t have (if you have the extra few $)… eg. Bryce Gibbs, Brett Deledio or Corey Enright. For me, it’s probably only Enright that I want. Jason Gram has been awesome so far… and the plus side of him is that he has got rid of one of his byes.

Another option is to go down to Jed Adcock. After his 53 in round one, his 112 and 123 helped him to a $30K price rise and now a break even in the negatives. He is looking like a fantastic option. Definitely one to consider.

Otherwise, it might be going down to a rookie who hasn’t gone up in value, which are few and far between (Luke Thompson‘s 45 didn’t set the DT world on fire)… or go to DT TALK’s own Brodie Smith ($152,800). While he has already had one price increase, he is a bit of a DT player with an average of 71 from his 3 games.

Hmm, well… I don’t know what to do. I am most likely going to keep him (trades are like gold, man) but the trade to Adcock, while sideways… could be a winner. Enright excites me too… but after feeling Calvin’s pain 2 weeks ago, I don’t want to put myself through that – and besides, he has a bye in two weeks time. One of my trading rules this year! They must have completed at least one bye. Maybe dumb, but I’m going to see how it goes.

This will play with my head over the next couple of days. Sad thing is, a decision will need to be made before Thursday night if I go with Adcock.

What are other Broughton owners doing?


  • what about Cam Bruce? or Brady Rawlings?

  • Thnoughts please: Broughton out B.Smith in, then Krak out Fye in? Should i hold onto krak till his bye?

  • I don’t have Broughton! But i do have Duffield!!!

    I have enough spare cash to trade Duffield and Krakouer for Adcock and Fyfe.

  • I’m going to keep him. He will come good :)

  • I have no choice but to keep him… haemorrhaging dosh and points everywhere right now :(

  • probz trading Broughton to Adcock or Josh Toy… liking Adcock’s breakeven of -8