Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Rd 3

The Round 3 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Round_3



  • what does anyone think of downgrading knights – prestia then jolly up to sandilands?

  • Im not as confident as the freako that Cam Petersen will be among this weeks inclusions…

    • Think it’s a bit of a trap, his name is too similar to Peterson from last year for me to even think about risking getting him. Robbie Tarrant a much safer bet, for now

  • Cheers Freako, lovin the return of the Break Evens.

    I have hibberd still on the pine being a sub buddy for heppell.
    would like some opinions of the following plz.

    1 – just keep him, he will get games later in the season, DPP means he doesnt get in the way, save the trade.

    2 – trade to Curnow, I should punch myself in the face for not having him by now

    3 – trade to B Smith, at least he hasn’t already gone up $77K so should make more cash than curnow (and bench Otten)

  • Can anyone who is signed up for assistant coach tell me if the breakevens correspond to Freako’s.
    I’ve looked at a couple of stats sites and they’re a lot different.

    • yeah from what i can tell freako has them about 20 higher than assistant coach

      • Thanks.
        I’m using FFGenie,which differs from freako with the breakevens.
        Freako……..M Murphy 143
        FFGenie…..M Murphy 119

        • Assistant Coach M Murphy 122

          • So, which break even is more accurate – the one provided by Freako, an employee of ChampionData, or the one provided by ChampionData to the AFL for the Assistant Coach??


          • Champion Data don’t provide Break Evens to the Assistant Coach (Virtual Sports). Virtual Sports are the ones who MAKE UP the magic number and create the game. All Champion Data do is provide the stats.

            That’s what you pay the $20 for! The ‘Official’ Break Evens. ;)

          • Thanks for the clarification, Warnie! So Assistant Coch trumps all.

          • Well, you would hope that the Assistant Coach is right… the blokes behind changing the prices (ie. coming up with the magic number weekly) are the blokes who run the Assistant Coach. So they had better be getting it right!

            Other people/programs are making their best guess. The FFGenie has ALWAYS been pretty accurate. But the Freako seems a fair bit out. Weird.

            Break Evens are a guess anyway. They aren’t set in concrete… because it is based on the overall scoring of the round. So Virtual Sports are making their best guess for their Assistant Coach. I would be trusting them though as they are the ones that ultimately change those numbers we call prices!

            And yeah, I’m #1. Must be preempting my end of season ranking. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself… I haven’t heard anyone here say how they have the car in the bag for the last couple of days… haha).

        • yeah, it is quite a difference

          when deciding if to get Chappy in now;
          Freako Chapman BE 184
          Assistant Coach Chapman BE 160

          when deciding if to keep Foley:
          Freako Foley BE 56
          Assistant Coach Foley BE 45

        • I think Warnie is morphing into the Andrew Demetriou of Dreamteam.
          Team Warne Dawgs id=1

  • Interesting to see how much impact the increase of the magic number is affecting the price of premiums already…

    Corey Enright Def $382,500 $1,200 3 90% 0.90 97 144 124 106 62

    enright was 381,300 and averaged 97 and made a $1200 gain.

    his BE suggests that he needs 144 which would make a 3 game rolling average of 104.

    suddenly he requires to average 7 more points per week to maintain his price.

    • with all the Gold Coast Suns having their price rise this week (along with Adelaide & Roos) it is going to increase (or is it decrease, i forget) a lot

    • Firstly, the Magic Number is falling not increasing.

      Secondly , using FFGenie’s BE of 122 for Enright the next round 3 game average would go from 97.3 to 97 so it’s not a big difference. I think the problem here is Freako’s BE.

      Thirdly, re Warnie’s comment – there is no such thing as an official “BE”, although some might be calculated more accurately than others. The BE has to be based on next round’s Magic Number which can’t be known exactly until all the DT scores are in for every player. The MN changes to keep the total value of all the players pretty constant from round to round. Every BE provider is guessing how much the MN will fall. At the start of the season when MN falls much faster the various guesses are more likely to be further apart than later in the year when the MN curve flattens out.

      Fourthly, it’s the valuation formula that produces the exponential magic number curve with big price changes in the first part of the season compared to the latter part. Even if the magic number was constant you would still see that effect. The magic number responds to the valuation formula and then makes the curve effect even more pronounced.

      • Ah yes, sorry… I didn’t see this comment. I kind of explained that further up. There is no such thing as the exact breakeven for next round – because that is the future! We need a delorean to be able to work that out!

        This week will be a little interesting as there are 44 less players playing (due to 3 teams having a bye). Adding to that the sub factor. The MN will certainly be affected by that.

  • whos more likely to be a better trade-in? robbie tarrant or brodie smith?

  • great article mate
    just wondering whether you could give me some advice on who you think would be best to bring into my team, and what order of preference you would give them!
    ( )Lance Franklin
    ( )Shaun Higgins
    ( )Adam Goodes
    ( )Nick Riewoldt

    • goodes 1
      franklin 2
      riewoldt 3
      higgins 4

      • but higgins has a higher average than franklin atm, does that say anything considering the teams he has played against?

  • Love having all the guns have high break-evens :)

  • Have players filling every position this week ranked 4000 and to stay in touch thinking of hale to smith and maybe upgrade higgins to maybe a Watson as he’s there till round 12? The team looks thin with alot of rooks starting or could it be a low scoring week and maybe hold off and just do hale to smith? Any thoughts peeps?

  • hmm i dont like buddy’s performance lately, and i was thinking to swap him for Rioli before his price goes up.
    any thought? :D

  • I have buddy it’s frustrating with him but the good outweighs the bad and even when he’s bad still pulls 100’s I’d hold and the hawks have a bye next week so a bit of a waste