Trade Talk Tuesday


For the first time we have a second look at a bunch of rookies before prices change. So, with the use of the Assistant coach, I have selected my top three rookies that have played only two games. Once again, at this stage you should be trading for the fun of it, but with a full season in mind. The main reasons you would consider a trade this week are injury,  you are in desperate need of cover or have missed the good cash cows.

My top 3 cows: (assuming everybody has Daniel Harris)

  1. Zac Smith: AV: 72 BE: -67
  2. Dion Prestia: AV: 80 BE: -62
  3. (our boy) Brodie Smith: AV: 65 BE: -44

It is never to early to have the eyes out for a bargain. Here are my top 3 on the radar for the next few weeks:

  1. Joel Selwood: AV: 78 BE: 183
  2. Brendon Goddard: AV: 86 BE: 171
  3. Gary Ablett: AV: 105 BE: 167

The fact that we are faced with our first multi bye round, there are bound to be a few moves. It looks as though I will be able to field a team at this stage but the scoring potential is a worry with Goddard, Riewoldt, Boyd, Rockliff and Higgins missing out of my starters.


  • hey guys,
    every single one of my rookies are playing (and playing well i might add) except for j.tippett and b.mccauley….

    so is there any point trading j.tippett to z.smith and losing my DPP link with Petrie considering I already have sandilands and cox?

    • I’m contemplating the same thing.

      Would give you flexibility if you decide to axe Petrie at some stage…

      • yeah mate, or for me the other option is to get rid of green and get fyfe so i can upgrade irons to curnow?
        do you think that option is better for me?

        • Hard to say but Fyfe and Curnow will probably bring you quite a bit of joy and I’m a believer in having a team you actually want rather than worrying about what might happen in the future and skipping on players because of this.

    • There’s actually more point in trading McCauley to Z Smith. Tippett to Smith would be Krispy Kremes time for R5 and R6 if they decided to rest Smith. At least with the DPP link you have coverage either way.

  • my predicted score is only 1958

  • how many non scoring rookies is too many?

  • I am sick of people spelling “definitely” incorrectly

  • johncock for a: suban $$
    b: brodie smith $$$
    c: suckling $$

    He was a supposed to be a “gun” back there so a straight swap for a premium is also legitimate
    suggestions welcome

    • I am also looking for a good trade for johncock before his price goes down and I am looking for suggestions.

      The rest of my defenders are: Goddard, Deledio, Heppell, Otten, Hurley, Coad, Toy, Grimes and Puopolo

      any ideas?

  • Im trading kennedy out of my team and i have to buy someone 8,000 dollars cheaper to allow me to trade petterd for rioli,

    Im thinking of trading Kennedy for…

    A) Liam shiels (HAW)

    B) Stewart Crameri (ESS)


  • i have no cash in the bank so…

    a) Green to Fyfe and then Irons to Curnow


    b) J Tippett to Z. Smith (loss dpp link with petrie)

  • Thinking about trading Ryan Gamble to Luke Tapscott…Gamble somehow managed to go down in points….I do already have a good bench… Is it worth it?

    • Yeah, Gamble’s been a bad roll of the dice… cut your losses and take the punt on Tapscoot (beep beep!)

  • Oh man!

    Goddard bleeding money, Broughton and Lids close behind. Gram looks good, he has a bye though…Adcock looks good..has a bye. Oh Suban, I have Lower and Broughton already. Maybe could trade for Broughton, make some $$. Not ready to give up on Greg yet though! He could very well get a ton this week!
    Maybe I should just leave it one more week, see how Lids and Broughton go?

    As for Goddard…deep down I know I wont be trading him out, but is he this years Hargrave?

    • Hargreave was getting 40s and didn’t have years and years of being a gun behind him.

      Only a matter of time till God explodes again.

      So no, they ain’t the same.

  • Thoughts on downgrading Liam Anthony > Curnow?

    • I don’t reckon it’s worth it mate, Anthony has played pretty well and had that low score because he was the sub and only played a quarter of footy! Isn’t there someone else in your mids you’d rather get rid of and hold on to Anthony for your 6th midfielder?

  • Rookie (or thereabouts) forwards who are worth downgrading Gamble to?

    Any and all (serious) suggestions welcome.

    Already have Tapscott, Prestia, Richardson, Matera, Darling.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Would really like to get Curnow and Dawes in before it’s too late (seen both play and LOVE them at the moment).

    Here are some lists of people I can get rid of for each and I would appreciate any opinions on who to ditch. Listing every possible option, even though there are some I would never dream of.

    For Curnow: Atley, Pendlebury, Harris, Selwood, Boyd, Liberatore, Bewick. Also, the following but I would lose DPP: Gibbs, Deledio, Goddard, Heppell, Harvey, Pavlich, Krakouer.

    For Dawes: Green, J.Riewoldt, N.Riewoldt, Franklin, Tapscott, Darling, Richardson, Matera. And again, DPPs: Harvey, Pavlich, Krakouer.

    Please let me know what you think. Have already burned two trades, have $204.9k in the bank. Feel free to let me know if you think it’s not worth the trade, but not just if you’re one of those people who think trades are the most important thing in the world, please add some kind of reason.

    Thanks :D

  • Ive made up my mind…to avoid any more drop in price with Broughton, hes getting traded for Gram or Adcock…I know they have the bye. This will be my 3rd trade but Im willing to put Stanley on seeing as though GC are playing one of the worst sides. If its Gram I can do the dpp switch for Heppell and get Harris on field…either way I think theyre scores wont be far off Gregs

  • Hi guys,

    Ekk…My backline is killing my team!!
    Any suggested trades would be most appreciated as its my first year and feeling swamped with stats!
    I have been getting around 2000-2100 (till last week 1900) but I feel my backline could do with a boost.
    I have 58k left in the bank.

    Only interested in league wins (at the top of ladder so need coverage in finals).

    Cheers in advance.

    B: Goddard, Delidio, Hurley, Heppell, Grimes, Broughton, A Ottens (N Duigan, Toy, Lower)

    M: Swan, Bartel, Montagna, Gibbs, Libba, D Harris, (Curnow, D Swallow, Hibberd)

    R: Sandy, Cox, J Tippet, L Keefe

    F: Franklin, Goodes, Rioli, N Riewolt, C Knights, Kracker, Petrie (B matera, C Richardson, J Darling)

    • Swap Gibbs and Deledio, will help your backline :)
      Maybe Broughton/Ottens/Hurley > O’Brien/Adcock
      Personally I’d sit tight, team looks tidy.
      Don’t forget North/Geelong/Carlton/Essendon have byes during DT finals.

  • hey guys after some advice,need to play either stanley or ottens in df and either krakour or harris in mids,any avice welcome,thanks.

  • sorry defence should be two out of duigan,stanley and ottens

  • Ryan Gamble for Patrick Dangerfield, thoughts?

    Hoping Patty could put up 80-85 points as my seventh forward.

    • Dangerfield has looked pretty good so far and seems to be more consistant than Gamble – I’d say pull the trigger and make the trade

  • Overall I’m pretty happy with my side – however, I am looking to trade OUT Kane Cornes (ave of 81) – any ideas for a suitable replacement?

    My midfield looks like this:

    Starters: Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Murphy, Curnow
    Bench: Bewick, Harris, Prestia

    • how much cash in the bank do you have?
      scott thompson is in good form and has already had his first bye, mitchell is a little more expensive but is in a better team and Watson is absolutely killing it (but has the Rd 24 bye).

      • and montagna and Ablett will drop in price faster than Cornes so I wouldn’t get too worried about the price drop, but the low scoring is a concern. other options are a DPP like Higgins or ROK then throw them fwd when upgrade times come around.

  • The backline is doing my head in this year.

    My strategy was (I thought) simple and efficient. I went all premo backs with the intention that this area of the field would be set and I could focus on trading through the mids (where the best cows are) and forwards.

    I had to start:

    Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Bruce, Gilbee (I know he missed rd 1but I thought it was worth riding – should have been Gram in hindsight but i was worried about Gram/Goddard both in the backs) and Grimes. Then I had Duigan, Stanley & Lower on the bench.

    I also had Heppell in the mids to take advantage of all the DPP links in that backline.

    As it turns out ,of the guys I started with, only Gibbs is performing above expectation, Grimes probably at expectation and the rest are well below expectation. This was not supposed to be the area I was agonising over this year.

    My cheap midfield (after turning Foley into Libba) is KILLING my premo backline, I had all the right rookies (except Libba and maybe now thinking Prestia was a miss too) from the start and my forwards stunk it up a bit in Round 1 but have been solid (without setting the world on fire) since.


    So I’m on the same wave as the masses it seems and I’ve decided Broughton has to go this week. BE of 142 means giving him another week to “see if he comes good” is going to cost me upwards of $20K and I reckon it looks like his role is different this year with Suban taking a lot of the cheap possies that Duffman and Broughts used to share.

    Instead I can bring in B Smith take a truck load of cash instantly, plus make some off his -40 odd BE and be ready to jump on a jet in the mids like Selwood/Montagna/et al when one of my mid rooks is ready to be upgraded

    I still have a gun backline, if these guys pull their fingers out, with only 1 rookie starting out of Smith, Duigan, Lower & Stanley.

  • Def: Goddard Grimes, Shaw, Deledio, Suckling Heppell, Duigan (Buckley, Lower, Stanley)

    Mid: Swan, Selwood, Boyd, Gibbs, Cotchin, Curnow (Harris, Krak, Libba)

    For: Franklin, Goodes, Johnson, Higgins, Knights, Tapscott, Richardson (Darling, Matera, Dixon)

    Ruc: Sandilands, Cox (Smith, McCauley)

    Scores so far: 2087, 2217, 2063
    Bank: $200,200

    A) Should I stick with Cotchin, Richmond have had a pretty hard first 3 (Carl, Saints, Hawks) and Pies this week, then it gets a little easier, so should I expect his scores to increase, or Trade him for a Premium now, with options being: Ablett, Watson, Thompson. Priovides cover for Boyd this week.

    B) Should I put Krak into the forward line and trade up to (Rioli or O’Keefe)

    C) Just sit out this week and re-asses this week.

    Im currently 824th, I want to get as high as I can.

    • nah he’s going alright keep him for now and by round 10 if he hasn’t turned premium than turn him into gaza

      • Is the Krakour upgrade to Rioli a good move? I was always going to upgrade him.

  • Its not a good move to trade out Swallow for Curnow is it? I want him in but dont have enough to trade out my cheaper mids. The rest of my starters are averaging over 100 as it is and not touching them.

    Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Bartel, Rockliff, Swallow (this is where I may put Curnow), Bewick, Harris, I Smith (dual positional to forward line)

    other dual positioners from the forward line: Harvey, Fyfe, A Krakour, Prestia

    • u already have 5 premiums so i would say u don’t need him.. i would only trade swallow for curnow if u want curnow as a keeper but if swallow keeps up his ave he will still make u 150 to 200k opposed to curnows 200 to 300 if he turns barlow.. is a trade worth 100 to 150 k..

      • im thinking of downgrading Harvey to Okeefe and upgrading Bewick to Curnow. Much better move I recon.
        You think Okeefe is a good downgrade for Harvey? (its not really a downgrade, it just frees up money)

        • just keep the side u have mate u will be fine without curnow.. i would only get curnow if u have someone that is doing shit or not playing which u don’t apart from smith but he is ur dpp so obviously u want to keep him bewick will be good and trading harvey out is a huge waste of a trade..

  • have a bit over a 100K in the bank and thinking of upgrading Knights to Dawes as my 6 forward as looks like he is going to have a solid 90 avg season. trade now or worth holding onto Knights and using the trade to upgrade to say chapman or didak mid-seasonish?

    • keep knights will end up averaging around the same as dawes.. than upgrade knights to chappy or didak like u said if he hasn’t turned premium..

  • I want to trade out Harvey to make money to secure Curnow this week, who do you recon between Okeefe or Higgins?

    • harvey > curnow

      bad trade

      curnow no longer worth a double trade unless you are sure that he is a keeper and Harvey is injured.

  • this one is annoying me heaps, i never post, but the big question here is:
    Is pavlich to fyfe to sideways?

    should i trade :
    a) mcglynn (not playing midfield) to rioli (before price rise)
    and pavlich to fyfe
    b) mcgylnn to rioli
    and moran(rucks-probs not playing) to z. smith (cash baby)

    thoughts dreamers?

    • To be honest Lint, I like both options.
      Option A is risky, but unique and could definitley pay off. Anyone else to trade Fyfe in for?
      Option B is safer and Z.Smith looks unreal.

    • option b
      or why not just go McGlynn to Fyfe? do you have a 3rd ruck option? if not jump on board the Zak Smith train.
      then get Rioli in as soon as you can after his Rd 6 bye by upgrading your cash cows

  • yeah i have the hale/pertrie switch ruck/forward option, so effectively a 4th ruck cash cow with smith/cover for ruck injuries. Just hate moran doing time sitting on the pine when there’s cash to go. Such a hard decision. Its the pav/fyfe sideways i’m concerned about. I think rioli time is now.

  • Broughton to brodie smith? to pocket some extra cash?

  • should i get dane swan considering my midfield is pretty good but forward and back isnt as good and if i get dane swan i wont have much money for forward or back

    Watson, J
    Deledio, B
    Chapman, P
    Rockliff, T
    Montagna, L
    Mahony, J

    Goodes, A
    Tapscott, L
    Hurley, M
    Nahas, R
    Giansiracusa, D
    Riewoldt, J
    Watts, J

    Suckling, M
    Heppell, D
    Hunt, J
    Goddard, B
    Lovett-Murray, N
    Gwilt, J
    Krakouer, N