Secret Squirrel: Round 3

Welcome Peanut Gallery to another week of the Squirrel, have a little look at how my team is progressing.

One of the most important rounds of football has just finished, this is when we finally start to see some price changes. Often it is your last chance to adjust your team and obtain all those lovely rookies you missed and dump those mid priced players that just did not work out.

My Premium Mid Priced team had a number of purely mid priced players and I deemed only one player to be not performing to my expectations. Axel Foley, you get the CHOP. The decision on who Foley would be downgraded to was a race between Curnow and Libba.  Eventually going to Curnow due to the fact he was a mature aged player and did not have a group bye issue .  It also helped that he would be able to have an extra price rise before Libba, it was all about generating extra cash flow.

Round 3 was almost a case of taking people back to 2007/8 when if you scored over 2000 points, it was considered to be a very good score. Watching a multitude of people scoring in the 1900’s was great to see, especially when my team was over 2000 points.

Picking the wrong nuts:

  • Otten v Duigan = -18 points
  • Heppell + Harris v Curnow + Prestia = -61 points

As you can see below, I still have 23 trades, $151,900 in the bank and an overall ranking of 3,021. This weekend I have 5 players missing due to byes, Gram, Goddard, Boyd, Higgins and Riewoldt.

In the firing line:

  • I know it sounds strange, but Laidler may become a rookie to release some extra funds for future upgrades.  This will potentially leave me with ~$250,000 in the bank for future upgrades. There are a number of premium players who could be dropping in price in the coming rounds. Selwood, Montagna and Didak, just to name a few. It will be a case of watching their break evens and matching it with the peaking of my rookies/midpriced options.

Issues from last week:

Trading before lockout: Yes it is not a law to trade only the day of lockout, but it is a very good practice to get into.  A lot can happen in a week of football, so injuries, drunken behaviour and many other issues can occur to players.

Great Footballers are not always Great DT players. Judd is a dual brownlow medallist midfield, but due to the fact he does not get those cheap possessions on the outside which normally result in a mark + kick option, his scoring potentially is greatly reduced.

If people can remember back to the good old days, there were two players that highlighted the point that NOT all great DTers are great footballers and the name Bowden and Jess Sinclair should ring a bell. They were two premium DT defenders who at times were not at times considered in the top 50 AFL players.


  • Judd is a GUN!!!

  • Yeah your right about Judd… Gun player but doesnt reflect the DT scoreboard

    • I know :(

      but I have to have him in my team because I go for Carlton

      • is that a requirement for following the blues? ‘have chris judd in your dream team’

      • i have Judd this year. And im not disapointed at what ive got so far :)

        • Neither am I. I don’t care what people say about him, I’m content with him dishing up a low 100 every week. Might not be a Swan but I can sleep easy knowing he’ll dish me up a good score week in week out.

    • Better numbers in SuperCoach I think?

    • Does the same apply to Patrick Dangerfield as Judd (i.e. gun, but not a great DT player)?

      Looking to bring him in for Ryan Gamble this week to be my 7th forward.

  • loving this team squizza. i had players such as fyfe and jack earmarked in my team during pre season but bailed to the lamo guns n rooks with just the one MPP in yarran in my side to date. wish i stuck with a blend of mpp and guns n rooks. makes it more interesting when your truly unique picks chop balls. currently ranked about the same as you but 0$ in the kitty as opposed to 150k. going to be interesting to see rankings from this point onwards as its really going to be a week to week variation of who is missing who through byes and how people’s scores are affected as a consequence. i just want round 6 to be over!!

  • with non scoring reserves like, day, howe, bailey, c howard and faulks is it better to hold onto them or trade in for actual players playing at this minute?

  • hey guys,
    every single one of my rookies are playing (and playing well i might add) so is there any point trading j.tippett to z.smith and losing my DPP link with Petrie considering I already have sandilands and cox? :)

    • who’s your other ruck? wouldn’t you rather trade him out?

      • b mccauley,
        but what im saying is … is there any point with the trade considering all of my other rooks are getting heaps of points,

        • Keep the link no matter what. If you’re going to trade, trade Broc. As for doing a trade, I reckon you do it and rush in Smith. Looks the absolute goods. Will be a nice little earner.

  • just read an article on the afl website , doctor dream teams final team in round 4:

    backline: lake,adcock,goddard,gilbert,gilbee,gwilt,gram emg obrien

    mids:Boyd,montagna,black,ward,bewick,dal santo emg libba

    rucks: roughead,clarke emg minson

    forwards: higgins,reiwoldt,banfield,milne,hall,polkinghorne,gamble emg grant

  • Interest to hear your views on Petrie and Otten, Squirrel. Is Zach Smith capable of being the back up ruckman for the whole year, thus allowing Petrie to be upgraded in time? And gee didn’t Otten look out of place against Freo. I know he’s just coming back from an LTI but he was stinking it. I’m seriously considering bringing in Suckling for 100k.
    Nice little write up by the way.

    • Petrie – I will maintain Petrie as the 3rd or 4th ruck, I am always worried about Smith being dropped. Petrie may also be maintained as the 8th forward for the entire year. If I do trade away Petrie, it will be at the back half of the year.

      Ottens – Just a little handball happy, he may just be moved to my 9th/10th back option. Hopefully he maintains his position in the Adelaide roster and I will assess what options I have. He was terrible, but still managed to score 57 which at his price is not terrible. Just needs to get a little more cheap ball.

      Suckling – I am not the biggest fan of trading into a mid priced player, I would prefer to upgrade to a gun. I don’t mind starting with some mid priced options, but once the season starts, it is all about getting in those guns. In saying that, there are many gun backs which are looking terrible.

      • Yep spot on there Squirrel. Will be using Petrie all year as the third ruckman. And most likely leave Otten alone. Very valid point that once the season starts its all about bringing in the guns. But can’t help but think that in a 3-4 rounds time though, as Suckling pumps out a few more 80+, he will be up around the 300k mark and in a quality Hawthorn side who knows .. could be very handy as your 6th/7th back well into the season.

        Spot quiz for yer – Sandi (or Ryder in your case) doesn’t get up for the weekend. Disregarding who you are missing in your forward line, who do you go with … Petrie or Zackary?

        • Assuming I also had a spare EMG for the forwards, I would probably select Petrie. It is a tough call and I would not call it a terrible decision to select Smith, I just prefer Petrie because he has proved the ability to score big over a number of seasons.

          • Smith will not get dropped – GC want to get games into him, absolute jet. Smith all day vs the 2011 Petrie model.

      • Just this week I’m talking

      • worried about smith being dropped ? ur kidding right ? he has been outstanding.

        • Who said anything about being dropped?

          • You: “I am always worried about Smith being dropped”

          • You did SS, read your comment. Good article, btw. Good to see a fellow fan of Fyfe.

          • Sorry, when I talked about Smith being dropped, I should have made the point about being rested. Sorry about the wrong use of term.

        • With Fraser back, Gorringe looking good and Z Smith going full on for a few weeks, he’s likely to need a rest at some point. McKenna may well give him a spell. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • i have no cash in the bank so…

    a) Green to Fyfe and then Irons to Curnow


    b) J Tippett to Z. Smith (loss dpp link with petrie)

    • Pretty sure I provided a response to this somewhere else… it’s de ja vu all over again

      • Don’t look at the injuries post then….cause it’s becoming Groundhog Day

  • Thinking of getting rid of Hibbert…. for Cunrow…
    Ive had him for DPP to mix with Heppell….

    Should of done it last week?

    Thoughts on doing it this week?

    Seriously 50-50 here.

    • Who’s Hibbert bacon?

      Dr Julius Hibbert from the Simpsons or Roy Hibbert from the Indiana Pacers?

      Your pal,

      – Gys

    • Yes and Yes.

      I did it last week.

      • “My comment is awaiting moderation”? I meant…

        Yes you are correct my good man in your assertion that it would have been prudent to have made the trade of Hibberd to Curnow last week. In addition to this, I also affirm you in your supposition that a trade between Hibberd and Curnow is expediently warranted.

        (Hopefully this avoids moderation???)

  • what should i do with varcoe? he’s got scores of 61, 93 and 56. Should i trade him for dawes?

  • thoughts on deledio? i’m starting to get sick of him and am thinking of shipping him off but richmond are versing collingwood so the ball will be in the back half alot. I’m unsure.

    • one word …. keeper

    • keep him for at least one more week, if he has another bad week you could trade him for adcock who’s got the bye this week, if you don’t already have him

  • Fellow DTers, I am planning not to trade this week… But I have $360,000 in the bank and ’tis bloody enticing!!

    I have a full 22 playing, each position with an EMG. (Goddard, Reiwoldt, Higgins and Libba out).

    The key issue is that all the players I would potentially upgrade to are yet to have their first bye. THOUGHTS?


    • Unless you’re staring a BE of 120+ in the face, wait a week

      • Erm, thought you meant their bye was this week… take my previous post with a grain of salt!

  • I’ve got to say, the standard of general comments has really picked up since TKOL was given his marching orders. More specifically, I’m not having to filter through a lot of rubbish to find informative views and ideas – great work Warnie!!

  • ward > shiels or ward > curnow?

  • Guys, thinking of trading Broughton to another defender (maybe Enright) – patience is wearing thin. Can you please comment on this, given my team will looks as follows this weekend:

    DEF: Gibbs, Grimes, Deludio, Heppell, Broughton, Lower, Duigan (Goddard,Stanley,Otten)
    MIDS: Swan, Bartel, Curnow, D Swallow, Harris, Presita (Boyd,Bewich, Libba)
    RUCK: Sandilands, Cox (Vickory,Z Smith)
    FWD: Franklin, Goodes, `Petrie, C Richardson, Knights, Darling (Reiwoldt, S Higgins, Matera)

    22 trades left, 150k cash in bank

    Any other general comments would be appreciated.

  • I’m also thinking of ditching Broughton but I’m going to give him one more week. If he scores <70 he's a gonner. I wouldn't mind taking Jedcock but am pretty strapped for cash so ideally I'd buy a good rookie instead. I have so much talent in my midfield but my backs are sucking pretty hard right now.

    • Good idea Silvagni is due back this week or is listed as test so might be this week or next and if Broughton does not go back to his old role down back then it will be 8-10 weeks before Roger Hayden comes back and he would have leaked far too much money by then. He will be a good upgrade target if he does not score well with Silvagni back and I might look at bringing him back in after Hayden comes back in the second half of the season.

      But trading him out to get him back is never a good idea, if i get him out he’s gone for good. On the up side I don’t have Goddard and I have a stack of cash in the bank so there is my trade for him. We will see what the saints come back like after they bye. There are a multitude of back men failing duff man, broughts, Lids, Connors and Goddard, but you need a back line. It’s the same up forward.

      If you are gonna go it this week suckling should be a good pickup, projected change $32,500 with broughts to go down $22100. That makes the trade worth $56500 profit just next week, and the price changes for the rest of the season a bonus.

      P.S good article by the way the posts went a lot better without that the know it all’s that are scoring poorly and copying each others teams bagging it out.

  • Good post squirrel, good responses ladies, feel like I haven’t wasted forty minutes of working time for once