DT TALK Live: Round 3, 2011

Video streaming by Ustream


  • LMFAO, rippin up the Guitar Calvinator hehe, awesome and funny shit lads :D

  • Love live shows, love normal showsm love DTtalk

  • Needs more Chook!

  • Got you guys on as the background while i prepare my trades for tomorrow, I love the show fella’s!
    Would you have Everitt as a team of the decade ruck?

  • Calvin has talked me into doing Foley -> Libba. So he gets the blame if Foley pulls his finger out!

  • Want a bit of an idea from people reading this…

    These live videos are heaps of fun to do and we get to dribble a bit more shit in them (but relevant shit). We are considering doing these each week and then just some random YouTube videos – rather than our one week of YouTube and then the next week of Live.

    What it would mean…

    – save ourselves 5+ hours of editing/filming of stuff for stuff that isn’t totally relevant by Thursday
    – get to interact with people with questions from twitter/our site
    – know the teams, injuries, etc
    – go live from about 6pm and it records to be straight up there as soon as we finish
    – we would still do player interviews, skits, etc and upload them to YouTube when we do them
    – aim would be to keep it to about 30-45 minutes each week

    What do people think?

    • Sounds good to me, EXCEPT I have TAFE on thursday nights…

      My favourite part about live shows is the interaction and therefore prefer live shows IF I’m there…

      But If I’m not there live prefer the youtube videos. I don’t know, whatever makes you boys happy, you already put in enough good work for us, but would be sad to see the youtubeys become less regular (if I’m not on for live, live shows)

      If that makes any sense.

    • Sounds great Warnie, loving these live shows. Good entertainment value and plenty of content as well, can’t go wrong I don’t think.

    • Are you going to have enough time to do all the game/rookie and news in 30-45 mins and still have time for a

      laugh? If so, sounds good. Keep up the great stuff, it’s appreciated

    • I get just as much enjoyment from the live shows as I do the Youtube shows even though I don’t get to watch them live so game on from me. As long as we still get a chop every so often. That would be my only bone of contention.

    • yeah mate live shows are awesome, love the work ;).

    • Sounds like a great idea Warnie. I like the youtube videos but I LOVE the live shows :)

    • Good work with the show guys, really enjoyed it, the live shows always give me some good laughs

    • even though i love the you-tube videos, I think the live shows are even better.

    • I’d prefer lives shows….more content for users on this site less time editing for you guys…..everyone’s a winner!

    • I think the youTube videos are quality and DT is getting so big now that there would be for sure be some sort of mainstream Dream Team/SC show on TV sometime in the future. So you’d want to keep that up for the DT TV show scouters out there ;)

      Maybe pump out the regular youtube videos once a MONTH but make them EPIC and continue weekly with the live shows which seem relatively easy for you boys to do (as Benetration said – everyones a winner)

      Makes the anticipation for the DT youtube videos

      The main thing that annoys me with the live videos is the video quality and it can sometimes be laggy during the live show, even with good internet speeds.

      I couldn’t really tell on the live show if Roy at a mustache or a texta smear but I took a punt with mustache!

    • Just watched the live show now and found it heaps more useful than the prepared show and a lot of fun. The things you discuss in the prepared shows are stuff that can be read in a dozen other places but the impromptu conversation is really helpful and unique. Also the extra length in the live show is way better and the tweets was awesome. Would love to see this every week.

  • Anyone experiencing problems with the Dream Team and AFL sites at the moment?

  • Warnie & Co

    There is a lot of people here that appreciate all those that put in the hard work around here, so Warnie Next year mate you and the boys should not make this site FREE anymore (Beers are Expensive), make people pay for the Knowledge you guy’s bring to the table. I for one would not be sitting where I am on the Rankings at the moment without the Tips, Tricks and wonderful help around here that’s for sure ;)

    DT TALK is a privilege and one of the Worlds Best Ever bargains being FREE :D

    It’s now Become a “Name Brand” :D So people now should pay at least $25 Bucks a year, after all many Guys are betting more against their mates this year :) Surly I could afford to Donate half a slab of Boags ;)

    Keep up the great work guy’s, it’s very much appreciated :)


    • Yeah. If you want 2 people per week looking at the site!

    • +1.
      what you COULD do, is make it to become a member you pay $25 dollars or watever price. dont do a yearly thing. just a 25 up front. nice and simple. Living overseas, this info is so Valuable to me, considering i dont get any footy info :P
      i dont know where i would rank without Dt Talk.
      Probably somewhere near Calvin… :P

      • If DT Talk were too charge, I think there’d be too few members, especially when you can get info from Assistant Coach/Fanfooty/other…

        They get a very small flat rate from Assistant Coach which is enough whilst they can put less effort in on here…

        If they were to get any money from dreamteamtalk.com I think it’d be best as an optional donation to “keep the site running/other” and people can donate that appreciate the boys work, but don’t know how it’d go as a pure pay site.

    • I think we would struggle to charge for this site. People are too tight to even sign up for the Assistant Coach!

      • Yeah, fair enough – i’m too tight for stuff like this – DT is a bit of fun, but it isn’t my life… i pour time into it, i’m not pouring money into it as well… But at the same time, I don’t trust the assistant coach. I play NRLDT too (haven’t used my AFL AC trial yet), and they’ve got estimated scores and stuff, and it looks like they’ve plucked these figures out of mid-air – no idea how they’re getting them.

        So what i’m trying to say is – I would be more likely to pay $20/year to get access to DTTalk than i would to pay $20/year to get access to Assistance Coach.

        Just something to think about…

      • You guys are ENTERTAINING. Assistant coach is clunky, slow and boring as bat shit. You guys mix entertainment, education and value very well.

  • Should I play bewick or harris? I also have swallow & prestia on the bench but I think harris will outscore these 2… but not sure if harris will outscore bewick v melb!!!???

  • The difference between this and the Nine’s Footy show is I probably burp the same time as the guys do. Keep up the good work. Aren’t you guys partly sponsored by Boags? Ummmmmmm….BOAGS

  • Hey warnie, i think live is good but i dont really like the twitter part much at all.

    • The Twitter part will be condensed (probably pick 5 questions BEFORE the show)… Twitter is a good way for people to ask questions – when we have asked for them in comments here or emailed, they write an essay. We like the 140 character limit!!

      • I thought it was sweet you guys answering tweets LIVE.

        Loved Calvin getting sound alerts from live tweeters. Thought it really added to the live show. If you were following on twitter you would have seen his tweets coming out while the show was going. Very nice touch.

  • Instead of “fools gold” i like calling them “pavlovas”
    Pavlovas look REALLY tasty and at first glance look like they are solid… then when pressure hits.. BANG.. they fall to shit… A. Embley = Pavlova

  • This is great stuff!

    My only gripe is with the Visual quality. I don’t know if it’s just me but it is pretty poor. I think your idea of doing this regularly, and then doing smaller YouTube clips is a great one. But as a trade off would hope you could do something about it.

    • I’m going to try and nerd up and make the quality better… if it means buying some stuff to help, we might need to!

      • You don’t have to have a credit card, it’s called visa/mastercard debit. gives you all the functionality of credit card for things like online purchasing except it comes straight out of your savings/everyday account.

        As for the assistant coach, give it some time. It’s crunching numbers off 2 weeks of data and obviously in the cases of Adelaide and Gold Coast, one week. Try predicting scores for players who’ve never actually played or have been off injured. I’m finding it very useful and like Warnie have actually found the overall estimates to be fairly close. I think both weeks it’s predicted my end score with 70 points or so. Pretty happy with that.

        Also for the live stream, the data consumption doesn’t seem outrageous. Maybe a tad high especially for the quality. But if you were to download an hour long tv show you are looking in the order of 600mb. Seems comparable…

    • In that case, maybe you should make a donation with this being a FREE site, to go towards better equipment

  • Hi Warnie,

    Since you asked for feedback:

    An issue for me since move to Ustream is that is uses a lot more bandwidth for less quality compared to YouTube – and it doesn’t allow users to choose lower quality options for viewing. I only watched the first 4 minutes of this and then decided that after 40MB downloaded already that was enough. I reckon the whole thing would chew up some kids’/families’ whole monthly download allowance.

    Also after my 2 week trial of Assistant Coach. I only got it to load and run properly once in that 2 weeks, and it looked like it could be useful eventually. However, after I had a closer look at the projections for last week I was less keen. It told me Colin Sylvia was going to score 135 (I wish!). After checking his form against team, ground etc for last 4 years I couldn’t see any basis for this. FanFooty’s forecast of 91 seemed more realistic and proved to be accurate. So for all the AC display bells and whistles I have a concern about where its forecasts are coming from. So pass from me.

    Further with all the talk about payments and charging. You shouldn’t assume that every reader can easily make a credit card payment, even if they wanted to. Plenty of minors out there and also people like me who have cut up their credit cards.

    • Paypal is your friend. Links to most normal bank accounts. Not sure if you have to be over 18 to use it.

      Visa/Debits are pretty popular too these days. Not a standard credit card. I’ve never used a standard credit card in my life and hope to never have to.

      • thanks for all the suggestions sarge!! love your work!! ease up on the texta top lip though haha, i didnt notice the old dead rat on the top lip got so out of control haha.

        • Haha. It was the video quality! I’m growing a bit of a dirty mo myself (really can’t grow one) it’s more out of respect than anything!

          Keep up the good work lads!!

    • 40mb for 4 minutes? Really? Wow! That is insane. Was that on the live stream or on the recorded version? That’s a major flaw!

      As for Assistant Coach – nuts and bolts questions should go to the Virtual Sports guys. I agree if those projections are way out like that. I don’t agree with them all myself, but have found them to be more on the conservative side. The more data getting pumped into it, the better it will be. I am sure VS are working on making it the best product is can be (so, not sure why they have us writing for it… hahaha).

      Completely understand about the Credit Card stuff – we won’t be charging here, but that is probably a VS thing too. Maybe they need a PayPal option, or bank transfer. But that is the way of society… you pretty much need a credit card for everything!!

      For the kids… yeah, that sucks. I guess it’s $20 well spent for parents. I have a couple of mums at school that are happy for their kids to spend $20 on that and be interested in a game that keeps them off the streets.

      There are free options and it isn’t neccassary to have it to do well, but it helps. Good on VS for bringing more to the game.

  • well the question is do boags actually sponsor or are they just preferred beer of choice and if so maybe contract negotiations can be sorted for more dosh from boags or someone else for a little advertising space on the site

  • yeah just about 5 tweets will be real good warnie ! now can you help me with this trade, do you reckon out a swallow in b gibbs is a good trade ? have carrazzo and yarran, is that to many carlton players ?

  • is there live chat tonight ?

  • yeah i agree with sarge.. do the live shows every week as its funny as shit ! get to listen to u boys dribble shit for longer.. and do the you tube clips once a month as it takes u boys a lot more time to put them together, and u’s already put in so much effort !! and agree only 5 “best” twitter questions something interesting and different not should i pick libba or curnow ???? for fuck sake make up your own mind ppl no one knows how many games they will play !!!!