Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Rd 2

The Round 2 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Round_2



  • Awesome! Gotta love the Freako. I noticed there is no breakeven info included, which I thought was odd on the eve of the first price changes. Will freako not be doing BEs this year?

    • Hey Freako, where have all the BE’s gone? Is warnie hobbling you so ppl get the Assistant Coach?

      • Yeah im 16 cant get pay for assistant coach cause i dont have a card
        if it would take cash id give them 50 in a second
        i need Break Evens
        Or could someone help me out whats houli and hurleys BE

  • I’m pretty sure FF missed Gibbsy this year – I think he’s averaged about 141 across the first two games, no?

    • Just coming on to say the same thing – except Gibbsy has avged 145.5 over the first 2 (or 4 ppg lower than Swan… Not bad for $110k less)…

  • Brilliant work Freako, much appreciated mate :)

  • At the start of the season I took a punt on 2 mid-pricers in the likes of Yarran and Shuey.

    Round 1 they pull out a 21 and 64 respectively. Now at this stage I was thinking I had prob made a mistake but it was early days and wanted to see what they can do in rd 2 before making any changes for rd 3.

    Come round 2, Yarran gets 114 and Shuey gets 100! I was stoked as the punt had paid off, even if just for 1 round, but now it has thrown my trading plans out of whack.

    I’m going for overall win, so do i keep these 2 and hope for more scores like these, or should I downgrade them to Curnow and Tapscott???

    Its doing my head in and need some advice or direction, cheers fellas :)

  • I love reading the Fantasy Freako’s Rave :)

  • Hey Freako……any BE’s, maybe next round???????

  • I like that BE’s have not been included. It means that some people need to do some work for themselves for a change (or just know where to look). Everyone is getting too much help with DT these days.

    • …or just encourages people to pay for assistant coach. I’m sure you sit down and do all the math yourself for every one of your players. I personally can’t be bothered.

      • there are places if you look….its the untapped source of knowledge! dont have to anything for youeself if you dont want

    • as are you. why else are you here then? whats this site for again? oh yeah….dt HELP, and discussion.

      paying for crap is wrong, how about a very sutle donation box. now people can donate to help with server costs,what they feel is acceptable for what they recieve, IF THEY WANT. not be ‘segregated’ by the people who think their hardcore by paying for assistant coach. people are more inclined to pay/donate when it isnt forced on them.

      as it is break evens ,etc are on the net for FREE. the way it should be. so assistant coach is useless. i will not pay somebody for their time….when they choose to do it because they like it. however i may make a once off donation. people who do, and people who dont, should not be outcasted.

    • you pill

  • hey chook or warnie or one of the boys im really stuck and not sure how I can get in curnow and/or libba,
    here is my team:

    Backs: goddard, gibbs, deledio, grimes, shaw, otten, heppell (lower, toy, duigan)

    Mids: Pendles, Boyd, Boak, Bartel, Swallow, Harris (hibberd, prestia, irons)

    Rucks: Sandi, cox (mccauley, tippett)

    Fwds: Franklin, Green, Goodes, Riewoltd, Knights, Petrie, Kraks (richo, darling, tapscott)

    I only have 2k in the bank and am really keen to get in either of the two or even both.

    • Downgrade prestia to Libba.

      • Screw that, downgrade Irons.

        • That would count as an upgrade I believe, considering Irons was $80k

        • I’d go for Swallow to Curnow out of all of those options, at the eventual price Curnow looks like hitting, combined with having an extra 60k in the bank for mid season upgrades (it’s almost a downgrade, definitely less sideways than the other two), it can certainly be justified.

  • Thinking about trading Pittard for Curnow – thoughts?

    *long time reader, first time post :-)

    • Trade away. There seems to be advice for league wins as opposed to overall going on. The weight you asign to the trade = for how long to you want to haemorrhage 30-40 points per game by not doing the trade and the speed at which Cunrow’s price increases and then the quicker upgrade to a premium if he isnt a keeper for you.

  • If you’re too stingy to pay the 20bucks for DT Asst then check out:

  • Do you reckon trading in A. Swallow -> Gibbs is worth it ?

    And atley -> Curnow

    need help please

    • if you dont have Gibbs – get on him before his price rise. FF Genie has him going up 47,300 with a BE of just 8.

      I’m also considering Cornow so I’d have to say yes to that trade :-)

      • Well, the Assistant Coach predicts Gibbs to have a price rise of $30, 000 compared to the FFGenie.

      • Gibbs predicted price rise of $43,700 in FFgenie is calculated from his average,
        which after 2 massive games is 145.5.
        A better way to get an expected price rise this early in the season is to add an “if score” column.
        With an “if score” of 100 ,which is more likely, you’ll see the expected price rise to be around $31,000.

    • Yes, because both score more points.

  • G’day Warnie and Chook

    I’ve managed to bring in Libba to my side, but the main problem is that I am not sure how to get Tapscott before the round 3 lockout starts

    Backs: Gibbs, Grimes, Deledio, Goddard, Heppell, Broughton, Otten (Lower, Stanley, Duigan)

    Mids: Swan, Pendlebury, Bartel, Boyd, Libba, Harris (Bewick, Swallow, Hibberd)

    Rucks: Cox, Sandilands (Smith, Derickx)

    Forwards: Goodes, Higgins, N. Riewoldt, Franklin, Darling, Knights (Richardson, Matera, Prestia)

    Only have 4100 in the bank and is there any ways for me to bring in Tapscott?

  • Hey,

    Should i being trading out Liam Anthony, for the likes of Curnow?
    And what should i do with Mitch Morton?

    • Stick with Anthony, he can’t be sub every week, surely.

      Downgrade Morton to Tapscott.

      • Cheers,

        Reckon it’s worth trying to trade, Hibberd, Irons or Daniel Harris to Curnow, or just take them as cash cows?

  • remember if u trade curnow/libba in for a rookie you are using 2 trades to get the amount u sell them for…
    makes them alot less appealing… it’s different if you’re downgrading a failing player.

  • which two
    tapscott, cox or curnow

    • Just hope that Tapscott won’t turn into this year’s Jordan Gysberts as Scully will make his comeback to the Dees’ lineup in a few weeks time.

  • Def: Gibbs, Grimes, Goddard, Adcock, Lower, Connors, Otten (Duigan, Stanley, Hibberd)
    Mid: Swan, Bartel, Boyd, Heppell, Krakouer, Liberatore (Irons, Harris, Swallow)
    Ruck: Cox, Sandilands (Smith, Bailey)
    For: Johnson, Murphy, Franklin, Didak, N.Reiwoldt, Knights, McKernan (Richardson, Matera, Prestia)

    Scores of 2020 and 2090 so far. $157k in the bank. Trying for a league win.

    Considering one trade out of the following:

    Connors for Enright
    Connors for Deledio
    Irons for Curnow
    Knights for Dawes

  • I’m pretty happy with my fwds, backs and rucks but in my midfield i want to get rid of travis boak because he’s been underscoring and will probably cop heavy tags this year. also i dont have libba or curnow in my mids so i was thinking I could go:

    boak -> ryan okeefe
    irons -> libba

    or is there anyone else better than ROK that i could downgrade boak too?
    i was thinkin ROK because he’s scored well so far, is a DPP, and has his byes on multibye rounds.
    (im only interested in league wins)

    my current midfield is:
    pendles, boyd, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, prestia, hibberd)

    thanks heaps guys

  • Doing the basics as will many.
    Foley to Libber and Everitt to Enright.

  • hey guys im still unsure on what to do with my mids…
    at the moment this is what i’ve got:

    boyd, pendlebury, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, hibberd, prestia)

    i’ve got two options with what ill do but am still really unsure (i currently have 2k in the bank)

    option 1) boak to ryan okeefe and then irons to libba

    option 2) d.swallow to libba and then boak to murphy

    option 3) boak to embley and then irons to libba

    i really want to get rid of boak bcs he’ll get tagged a lot and i also want libba