Chook’s Rooks – Round 2


That’s right, I’m going with the cheesy pun headlines right from the start this year. It’s true, though. With prices about to change for the first time this season, now is the week to leap aboard the Curnow express if you want an instant cash injection. The $96,400 Carlton midfielder has the honour of bagsing the highest breakeven (-127) on the eve of the first price movements following scores of 107 and 91 in the opening two rounds. It’s possibly the biggest negative BE we’ll see this season. For the uninitiated, a breakeven is exactly as it sounds – the score a player needs to break even, or hold his current value. If he scores above it, he’ll go up, and if he scores below it, well, he’ll go down. In Curnow’s case, the former Box Hill best and fairest winner will have to go statless apart from giving away about 40 free kicks in order to “breakeven” with his current price tag. Even against the all-conquering reigning premiers, that’s not going to happen, obviously. If Curnow keeps up his current average of 99, he’ll rise almost $80k. And even if he scores half that, (which is the more likely scenario, to be fair), he’ll still go up $60k.

So, Curnow’s got a big pay day coming. Why wouldn’t you turf out the gastro maestro Nathan Foley and replace him with Corn-Row, the mature-age ball magnet who was best on ground an amazing five times in a row for Box Hill before breaking his leg last year? Well, you might want to consider Western Bulldogs rookie Tom Liberatore first. Little Libba chalked up a tasty 112 against Brisbane on Sunday to go with his first-up 72 against Essendon, earning a breakeven of -118. Like Curnow, he’s also a midfielder, but is priced marginally cheaper at $92,500. While $4000 is hardly a deal-sealer, Liberatore does have another factor in his favour. Little Libba certainly has the easier third-round opponent in the hapless GC, while Carlton face Collingwood. Both, unfortunately, have questionable job security. Libba did suffer a knock to his knee just before the final siren in the Doggies’ big win on Sunday, so monitor that during the week and for the love of God(dard), check the teams on Thursday before pulling the trigger. If overall ranking is your main concern, then Curnow is definitely a better bet than Libba if you already have a Boyd/Montagna/Bewick combo in your midfield, thus avoiding a doughnut in round four when the Saints, Bulldogs and Lions all have a week’s rest.

I’m not going to try to talk you into one over the other, because both have their merits. For the sake of transparency, I’ll reveal that I’m going with Libba at this stage, but it’s a 50/50 call, as evenly balanced as a seesaw with the Michael Long of today at one end, and five Michael Longs from his playing days at the other. If you’ve already got both because you picked them in your starting line-up, then f%$^ you, you smart-a$%$ mother-f$%*er.

The other big trade-in this week is likely to be Melbourne forward Luke Tapscott, who has produced back-to-back 80s. About 45,000 coaches have already jumped on the second-year Demon, but if you’ve seen his shoulders you’ll realise he can carry a sh*te-load more of us. (Apologies for the massive amount of man love for Tapscott, but as a Demons supporter, he’s one of the few good things going for us at the moment). A third consecutive 80 would see Tapscott rise about $65k, so if you’ve got some dead weight in your forward line, then the time to tap into Luke’s potential is now. “Tap into”, get it? Don’t worry, I’m not charging for the extra cheese. Those with an eye on national ranking will need to be wary of overloading their forward line with Demons (Sylvia), Swans (Goodes/O’Keefe) and Eagles (Darling) before picking up Tapscott, especially if you’re also switching Petrie to the rucks to cover Cox, given that all of those teams share a bye in round 5.

After those three, you can expect chunky rises from popular picks Nick Lower and Andrew Krakouer, despite both having their round 2 scores slashed by the sub rule, and the likes of Rohan Bewick, Jack Darling, Shane Savage, Dyson Heppell, Nick Duigan, Jarrad Irons, Stef Martin and Jesse O’Brien, with moderate rises from Cam O’Shea, Ryan Lester, Jasper Pittard and even Simon Buckley, if they maintain their two-game averages (and get a gig in round three). Unfortunately, some of our rookies (and rookie-priced players) are only due for marginal gains due to the sub rule (Andrew Gaff, Claye Beams), their inflated initial price (Reece Conca) or Presti-like ability so far to score DT points (Jake Batchelor, Lukas Markovic, Cameron Guthrie, Shaun Atley and Brad Helbig).

The introduction of the bye will mean Gold Coast (round 1), Adelaide (round 2) and North Melbourne rookies will have to wait another week before getting their first price rises. Of those who’ve played just the one game so far, fingers crossed for more of the same from Daniel Harris (97 points), Shaun McKernan (83), Zac Smith (81), Trent McKenzie (76), Harley Bennell (72) and Josh Toy (53 in a half of footy); pull you finger out Alik Magin (30) and Marc Lock (29); and cop a middle finger salute Karmichael Hunt, who is actually on track to leak money after scoring just 18 in the Suns’ debut match against the Blues. No sweat, though, no one would have him. Oh, hang on… he’s in 37,000 teams, about 10,000 more than those with Curnow. Go figure.


  • Does anyone know how to work out the price change of a player?

    • Yep, sign up for the Assistant Coach- it’s all there

      • x2

        It’s awesome.
        Its also got kick-ass insights into a players history at each venue, the last 3scores (and the ground etc where it was played) against each of their next 3 opponents, plus heaps more…
        Get on!

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  • tkol if you think you are the best how come you have never won the overall dreamteam prize before

    • My time is now. Its written in the scriptures!
      I had a great season last year but I have had a better preseason this year.
      Im the hot favourite any way you look at it!
      Jump on board The Kings of Leon bandwagon

  • Hibberd is 2 weeks away from being good to go for his debut

    • What is your source? I would like to believe you as I want to maintain his DPP in the backline

  • hey guys, does any1 know if u can trade a guy out of ur team and then back in for another guy in the one week?
    for example this is wat im thinking
    Hibberd out Liba in
    Everitt out Hibberd in

  • cheers guys, thought u cld, just wanted to confirm :)

  • Why are people thinking of trading Irons for Libba or Curnow, The way I see it Irons will still rise granted not as much as the other two but does it seem silly to waste a trade that way if you have Bewick and Harris in ur mids already.

    Much better to get rid of foley then upgrade to a prem in a few rounds. Any reply if ur thinking of doing the irons trade and why I might be missing something.


    • Should they keep their average, about $150k is what you’ll miss out on according to FFgenie. That said how much should a trade be worth as I do not believe Curnow and Libba can keep up their current averages.

  • ok T “essential trading this round”KOL prove your mighty mind

    rookies (priced)
    def: lower, stanley,toy, duigan, o’brien
    mids: krak, swallow, harris, bewick, heppell
    fwd: darling, tapscott, richardson, matera

    mide-pricers (under $350k): grimes, shuey, fyfe, higgins, knights

    who can you tell me to get rid of? I don’t have buckley or irons

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    How about putting your $$ where your mouth is at dream team? You name the price and i’ll match it and we can give the money to warnie and the winner gets it at the end?

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      You may have some followers on here, but a lot more haters!! Dude you need to be very careful who you bad mouth over the Internet, because you just don’t know who’s on the receiving end ;)

      I’ve never said once that you suck at DreamTeam, but I will say this in confidence, if it wasn’t for places such as DT TALK, then I have no doubt you would seriously struggle at DT. I can speak for myself, that I really appreciate places such as this or I would have no chance and I am proud to admit that as a man! The amount of work everyone puts in here is never rewarded enough. I have full respect in all there Input and hard work and most of all there admiration for DT!!

      One thing I Learned in life was never bite the hand that feeds you, maybe you should look into that saying?? You let others around you Influence your decision, you will learn as you get older that it does not pay off in the end!! If you walked into a football team with your ego and shit talking, you would be straight back out the door again!! Same goes in real life…..

      But I am a strong believer in Karma, so I would like to Bet you $100 you don’t win the car!! I have no doubt you’ll beat me in DT, even my own son is betting me and he is only 12 and in the top 450.

      My final words are this, don’t shit talk people over the net, because you have no Idea who your dishing it out to ;)

      Warnie&Co have already put the warning signs out, so I think you should have a long hard think about that and respect this place for what it is Intended for!!

      • You want to fight me because of Dream Team discussions right?

        Would you bring your son too to watch? lol

        Great lesson there dad. “Son, If you’re pissed off with a world class Dream Team coach on DT Talk then offer him 5 rounds in the ring, that a boy”

  • tkol i know u dont like helping ppl but wot do u think of the sidways trade of foley to shiels?

    • No good mate.
      Downgrade Foley to a rook then use the cash for a gun eventually!

  • Thoughts on a double downgrade – zaharakis to Curnow and Palmer to libba?

  • What is a more important trade to complete by Friday night?

    1) Foley->Libba, Hayes->Swan


    2) Hayes ->Thomas/ROK, Jamar ->Cox

  • Tkol You are a TOOL. A funny one SOMETIMES. But a deadset tool. It seriously amazes me how some people think. Use your brains whern doing trades people!!!!

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    Thanks TKOL you really told them

    Now I feel tafe to post safely again

  • TKOL, i am playing you this weekend in our 18th ranked league, and i am a little curious, will this be the first time you have ever lost?? ;)

  • So what’s the latest on Hibberd?

  • TKOL, I respect you. Screw the haters man. Clearly your arrogance is sarcasm and some people are having trouble identifying that. Can’t people take a joke these days?

  • Happy with where i am sitting …averaging 2125.. good platform.

    Yet to use a trade but think my Yarran experiment may be over…

    Luckily i started with plenty of cash left over (237k) and happy with every other player.. i have curnow, libba, tapscott.

    So i can trade yarran for any other forward.. so Chappy is the obvious one or do i wait till after rnd 6?

    Current fwd line is Sylvia, Higgins, Stevie J, Taoscott, Franklin, Yarran, Darling (Petrie, Matera, Richardson)


    • No to Chappy, you may be in strife in round 6, but if you dont care about overall then for sure.
      Chappy vs Port @ skilled = big score for Chappy!

      • agree…Chappy would be great if not for the rnd 6 bye!
        Why not get back on the Roo? He’s back under the roof at Etihad, the saints WILL be better and so will he. He’s a 110 point lock this week.

  • Here’s my midfield:

    Swan, Pendles, Bartel, Boyd, Libba, Harris (Bewick, Swallow, Hibberd)

    If Swallow has a stinker this week against the Dogs and scores 51, do we spit (trade) or swallow (keep). Trading him to Curnow will earn you extra cash and I could trade him out for a gun midfielder after round 8 when he peak.

  • Foley gets the chop this week. I think that is a given. Leaning toward Curnow over libba given I already have Boyd in the midfield.

    I am also tempted, potentially trigger happy, to give Duffield the chop as well. I am thinking a straight swap for Enright, I actually had him 1 day before the lock out. Is this the right move at this time of year?

    • Hindsight is a good thing. I also had Montagna captain last week and swapped to Swan 10 minutes prior. good move!

      Can’t lose either way. The only thing you need to think about is job security – they both look set.
      Then you need to ask yourself if you will upgrade depending on how they perform. Will be a test for curnow this week considering blues played tigers and suns

  • Which 2 would you choose from:
    Cox, Tapscott or Curnow

    • You’ll probably make more money on both Tapscott and Curnow than you’ll save on Cox, but Cox will increase your score each week by more (depending on your team of course).

      If you were to choose one of the rooks, I’d go Tapscott first. Tapscott’s played much better competition (Sydney & Hawthorn compared to Richmond and GC), which gives us a little more certainty about his true scoring potential. He also arguably has better job security. For me personally, Tapscott’s a cert because I’ve got Dixon, whereas I’m much less sure about who I’d boot out to bring in Curnow (or Libba for that matter).

      • I agree. I am trading for Tapscott over both Curnow and Libba this week (I have none of them). Worried about JS for Curnow and his abilities against better teams and for Libba well round 4 bye plus Rocket has hinted he will be in need of a rest soon, could even be this week once they are pumping the Suns.

  • your opinion please… and why??

    who would you trade Jolly OR Jamar. Wanted to bring big COX in


    • you have jolly and jamar??

      trade both unless you got them specifically for their 70 averages

      I would get rid of Jamar first as at least Jolly has some potential/history of scoring well

    • Should’ve read this comment first. Yeah, I’d pick up Cox and Tapscott since I doubt you’d have anywhere near enough cash to replace both rucks. I’d actually get rid of Jolly first. You’ll probably want to replace both at some stage and he’s going to drop more (at least short-term) than Jamar (~30k to ~8.5k).

  • Hey guys, looking for some advice on trading this round or not.

    I am averaging around 2,100, no injuries yet and seem to be well covered for byes etc at this point

    One player I am very disappointed in is Nahas (fwd), and I was thinking of upgrading him to Dawes before the price rise.

    I have worked it all out and my only options imo is to downgrade Harris (but hes doing so well!!) to Curnow then Nahas to Dawes…OR either Vickery or Petrie to Smith then Nahas to Dawes.

    my third option is to trade Atley to Curnow and leave it at that (helps with losing 2 lions and 1 WB in my mid in round 4)

    Last option is to do nothing and save my trades…hope Nahas and Atley come good

    Going for best overall score i can currently ranked in the 7,000’s last year finished in the 15,000’s

    Thoughts? and thanks for any replies :)

  • If krakour is named as the sub for tomorrow nights game… Bench?

    • tough one, can still only play 1 quarter and pump out a 40
      Really depends who you have on your bench if someone is definatley going to get above 60, put krak on the pine, if not leave him

  • I think I’ll be doing what a lot of people are doing:
    Will probably regret it later in the season though..

  • Team as below and considering trading Out : Everitt, Knights In : Tapscott Enright

    Interest in peoples thoughts.

    Back : Gibbs, Goddard, Broughton, Grimes, Lower, Everitt, Otten (Duigan Buckley Stanley)
    Mid : Swan, Boyd, Selwood, Ward, Foley, Liba (Heppell, Bewick, Swallow)
    Ruck : Cox, Hale (Petrie Keefe)
    Fwd : N Reiwoldt, Pavlich, Higgins, Franklin, Fyfe, Krakouer, Knights (Darling, Richardson, Matera)

    • You got Knights for a reason, he has played one game, give him a chance! Everitt, however, is crap and needs the chop. You are also looking at a donut rnd 4 in your mids with 3 dogs and Bewick. Potential trades I would look at are maybe Foley to Harris or Petrie to Smith to free up cash for an upgrade of Everitt; or swap Everitt for Adcock this week (if you have some spare cash, I think Adcock is more costly) and give Foley and Ward another week to see how they go then look to bring in Harris next week for one of these as he has only played once (preferably for Ward or maybe Bewick so you avoid the doughnut rnd 4 if possible). I am no guru but you will need to get Sandi/Ryder or someone else in soon to help out Cox. You also have all 4 of your fwd/mids in the fwds and no one in the mids you can swap them with, plus your two ruck/fwds in the rucks so they can’t be swapped either.

      • Sorry should have added that I am only playing for league wins, so dont worry about the dogs packed midfield. I appreciate that Ward / Foley are likely upgrade targets.

        Holding that in mind does that change your advice?

  • I’m sure I lose league matches all the time, but i dont look at the once.
    I only indulge in my own team on the weekends!

  • Thinking of bringing suckling in… reckon he’s capable of having a reasonably good season?

  • is there any reason to bring in Libba in if i already have Bewick, i’m thinking it’s a waste of trade but not sure?

    Hold or Trade Broughton, what should i do?

  • hey guys im still unsure on what to do with my mids…
    at the moment this is what i’ve got:

    boyd, pendlebury, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, hibberd, prestia)

    i’ve got two options with what ill do but am still really unsure (i currently have 2k in the bank)

    option 1) boak to ryan okeefe and then irons to libba

    option 2) d.swallow to libba and then boak to murphy

    option 3) boak to embley and then irons to libba

    i really want to get rid of boak bcs he’ll get tagged a lot and i also want libba

  • Hibberd or Foley to Libba?


    The Other one to Curnow or Richo to Tapscott?

  • Thinking of trading out Atley to Libba or Curnow? any advice? have 22 trades remaining, whos better?

  • :fight: