To chop, or not to chop Nathan Foley

There are 26,562 coaches faced with a decision this week… that is what to do with underperforming the mid-priced midfielder from Richmond, Nathan Foley. Despite a solid preseason (55, 83, 103), Foley killed us in round one when he was subbed off just after half time because of his gastro, for only 24 and then backed up this week with only 55.

There is no doubting Foley’s Dream Team ability (see his Deck of DT write up from the preseason), but with his first two efforts, he is destined to drop in value. He has a breakeven of 97, meaning he is likely to take a bit of a dive. Not cool, considering we bought him as an improver and a stepping stone to a premium.

There is a part of me saying “keep him, he’ll come good”… but I’m thinking that there is some other players worth jumping on that I missed before the prices go up this week.

I don’t think it’s worth looking at anyone around his price, so I’m looking at one of the players I missed – namely Ed Curnow or Tom Liberatore. These would be the two popular ones that will be on everyone’s radar. I am going to wait and see what Chook says in his rookies post (look out for that on Wednesday morning), but I am worried about them being Fools Gold. Mini-Libba is my choice at the moment, but we’ll wait and see.

While backing Foley in would be the normal thing to do… I am going to get over $130K to play with by dumping him and will be able to use that towards my first upgrade. If you have a couple of issues, such as if your name is Calvin and have both Foley and Andrejs Everitt. You might look at a double trade by getting rid of Foley for Libba and then turning the bad call in Everitt into Corey Enright who has smashed out a couple of awesome early games.

So, what are you doing and what is your thought process behind it?

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  • how does everyone think jolly will go for the rest of the year

    • He was frustrating last season, why should this be any different?

      • will he get better or do i go jolly–>warknock and irons to libba or curnow?

        • Dude at your rate by round 15 you will run out of trades dont panic.

          Back the players in you picked for a bit longer things can change quick. Not sure why people got sucked in with Jolly though for me 211, Cox or Ryder only rucks Id consider and Ryder lost out due to Round 24. Jolly really a mid price ruckman.

          You got DPP, why not swing Petrie to ruck and bench Jolly couple of weeks to see how he goes. Or get rid of DPP. Tippet to Smith.

  • Im worried Curnow will have a crap one against the Pies and get dropped. Libba on the other hand, cant go wrong with Gold Coast and his JS so I think Libba at this stage.

    Judging by the Pies previous 2 opponents DT scores (Port and North M), Curnow has a slim chance of hitting the 100. I know Carlton is better than those 2 sides mentioned, but Libba has Gold Coast, pretty much DT points galore…however, looking past Gold Coast he has a bye, then Collingwood, then Freo so its much of a muchness to me at this point ???

    • If you didn’t have either I would go Libba. Thankfully I got him hours before lockout the other week :D

    • I reckon Gilbee is a certainty come in for Djekkura this week and Libba will have a little rest on the pine at some stage as the sub. He’ll still score 50+ in a half against the GC mind you, even if only plays a half.
      If Curnow is named on the ground (not a sub) come Friday nite…I’m on!

  • Some advice would be great.

    I’ve been trying to decide what to do!!

    I’m looking at

    S. Gilbert ($387,100) -> M.Suckling ($212,600)


    B. Green ($409,000)-> C. Dawes ($280,600) or L. Tapscott ($97,600) or A. Krakour ($139,500)

    This will leave me with enough money to start upgrading over the next 5 rounds.

    • I think both those trades are pretty knee jerk.

      Give Green and Gilbert (and Suckling for that matter) at least another week before deciding.

    • Have you got your rookies right? I would worry about sorting them out before getting rid of premiums for ‘2 Week Freaks’ as I’ve just crowned them such as Dawes and Suckling.

      Do you think it will catch on?

      • i wud hav just called them JKT’s tbh

      • I’ve been pretty lucky. I have Heppel, Curnow, Libba (very last minute pick before round 1!), Bennell, Duigan. All doing very well for me.

        Then I have Buckley, Pittard, Swallow, Markovic, Prestia warming the bench.

    • dawes wont continue being as good as he is.

      WAY too overrated

  • Eade wants the Dogs to go at least 1 step further this year, so I would have thought that, if Liba is playing well, he would want to get as many games into him as possible so he is prepared for the finals. Liba will have 2 forced rests during the year and the second is a month out of the finals so I reckon he should be right to keep his spot until he hits his peak price.

  • I don’t think i’ll let foley go however i’m thinkin Atley -> Curnow, thoughts??

    • As an Adelaide supporter it’s annoying that we let him go :( goodluck to the lad though, hope he rips it up

  • What is Curnow’s and Libatore’s projected price rises for next week? I’m thinking of trading out Foley for either Curnow or Libba and then trading Josh Fraser for Cox and leaving the other trade (Curnow or Libba) for next week

  • Way off topic but when’s the time to get Chappy into the team?

    • I like your thoughts…the jump on the rookies is only the enabler for the real game; acquisition of solid keepers. Chappy will be one of the best…last year he was the best FWD by a country mile and was up there with the MIDS. He will go down a bit…but by how much is a big guess until after his 2nd game…then it will be little guess :). However, instead of guessing, download FFGenie and look at the breakeven and predicted price over the next couple of rounds…simply buy when you think he’s going to be at his lowest $$.

  • thoughts on

    knights> dawes
    would leave me with 100k left in the bank


    140k in the bank

  • I already have chappy and curnow and libba !! All my emg played alast week – often and mkernan so suck my bat!!!
    I wanna smash that tkol’s computer over his face the fuckwit !! He probably hasn’t played a game of footy in his life!!!

  • Loving the fact that i had liba,curnow and tapscott in my original team..geez that sounded like tkol…

    hopefully this time next year we will be asking if the bunch of rooks will be this years libba or curnow

    • yeah I know what your saying, I dont have Curnow or Libba but I cant but too upset with Bewick and Buckley!

      I was looking away from rookies to solve my Everitt issue but what about McKernan now that they have had their bye I can handle Otten and him together proably upgrade otten sooner or later anyways

      • yep i think that mckernan is a good option….

        left field rook…but hard to fit into backs given everyone has gibbs and duigan… Matty Watson from the blues will soon be pumping out 70-80 a week.

  • Carlton have about 500 more DT points than Bulldogs if that makes any diff ?

  • Def: Gibbs, Grimes, Goddard, Adcock, Lower, Connors, Otten (Duigan, Stanley, Hibberd)
    Mid: Swan, Bartel, Boyd, Heppell, Krakouer, Liberatore (just traded him in for Foley) (Irons, Harris, Swallow)
    Ruck: Cox, Sandilands (Smith, Bailey)
    For: Johnson, Murphy, Franklin, Didak, N.Reiwoldt, Knights, McKernan (Richardson, Matera, Prestia)

    Scores of 2020 and 2090 so far.

    I’ve decided to trade Foley out for Libba which freed up some cash ($157k in the bank).

    Thinking of trading Connors out for Enright, which will leave me $159k spare, or trying to get Chapman in somehow? Thoughts?

    • My thoughts are you should have waited until Friday.


        • Funny if not named this week, always gotta wait, just doing yourself damage.

      • Normally I would have, definitely got a bit ahead of myself but Foley was always going to go (in my mind anyway) this week and Libba will go up in price. Punt taken.

        Back to my original question: Connors + my spare cash for Enright?

        • It’s not actually a punt. In a punt there is a potential gain. You had nothing to gain by trading early. Conners was in my team and I’m going conners —> Delidio but I suppose Enright is alright.

          • Agree with that. Deleds may be a better option. DPP and younger than Enright. Also, we saw what happened towards the end of last year when Enright started to cop a tag. Looking at week 2, it seems that Deledio may be one of those “will spend more time in the midfield” predictions that actually has some truth to it.

  • Tex I would love to get Chapman in my side to but he gets injured to much 4 my liking. This week I got rid of A Swallow – D Harris and got rid of R Palmer for Swan. Somehow I am thinking of bringing Sandilands in my next trade as I have 120,000 left in Bank so might just wait a couple of Rounds first. Then do the Trade.

    • …why did you trade Andrew swallow? Cos he scored a 77 vs Collingwood? So what happens when one of your other guns plays Collingwood and ‘spuds’ it (77 isn’t even a Spud score)

    • Yeah! Someone else trading out A Swallow! I have extra $ from my Foley >Curnow/Libba trade so decided to get in Pendles, especially since Swallow got 77, has a bye and is playing 1st week of DT finals. Wish I had have chosen him to start. Also, Pendles price will rise and Swallows will probably not

      • It doesn’t matter if a premium’s price will rise because they are keepers. Yes swallow has a bye week 1 of finals but that’s why I’ve got him from the start, and have allowed a trade for that week. He’ll definitely average 100 and he was 400k. Can’t lose

        • A Swallow is there to stay in my team. He is priced below his value and he has played in a team that got slaughtered and picked up a sub par 77. I expect him to average over 100 at a price of $400k, it’s just too good. Similar case with Rockliffe. I love a bargain.

          • Best of luck with him though! Big fan of Rockliffs too, I reckon he’ll have a good year

        • He’s not a keeper if ur trading him. Pendles price will likely go up, Swallows will likely stay the same or go down, IMO, so making that trade now I think is acceptable for that reason. Plus I love those monster scores Pendles pulls out, they’ll come in handy

  • I’ve made too many mistakes to fix up my Foley mess! I’m gonna keep him with the hope of upgrading to Ablett after round 9.

    • Foley is good to hold onto, especailly if you have other weekness. Had a good second half last week and he sould biuld on that.

      • im holding onto him. 1 week with gastro, 1 crud score. people forget the season goes for 22 weeks not 2. ill back the guy in (plus i have to waste trades on worse decisions anyway ha ha)

        • Another crap score and at worse will drop 20-25k. He a quality player and probably needs a few weeks to pick up the pace after missing so much footy.

          41 point second half, is a good sign. Plus he loves the hawks for memory :)

          • I’m not sure whether you watched the game or not, but stop focusing on his DT score. He actually looked so bad in this game and I’m really surprised he managed to get over 50.

            The tigers dont look for him as a targer so he actually for a few possessions accidently, I for one am chopping him. He will be good next year, but will need a year to find his feet.

  • hey guys im still unsure on what to do with my mids…
    at the moment this is what i’ve got:

    boyd, pendlebury, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, hibberd, prestia)

    i’ve got two options with what ill do but am still really unsure (i currently have 2k in the bank)

    option 1) boak to ryan okeefe and then irons to libba

    option 2) d.swallow to libba and then boak to murphy

    option 3) boak to embley and then irons to libba

    i really want to get rid of boak bcs he’ll get tagged a lot and i also want libba