Secret Squirrel: Round 2

Welcome peanut gallery, another week down and lets see how the Squirrel is going.

It was a mixed bag round, dropping ~12,000 spots in the weekly lists and also dropping 1,658 spots in the overall positions.  The most important facts are my rookie are all playing and the cash cows are going to come home strongly in the coming weeks.

Last week there were a few people upset by the labelling of my team as being mid priced. To hopefully please most people, I will call this a Premium Mid Priced team (PMD).  Those mentioning a mid priced team should have NO premiums that is just completely stupid.  The difference between a mid priced team and a Guns and Rookies is only a few players and concepts here and there.

Picking the wrong Nuts:

  • Swallow over Harris/Heppell, what was I thinking?
  • Richardson over Darling, 50/50 call and I failed.

Players in the firing line:

  • Foley

Foley has been a big disappointment for many DT coaches in the world. With every bad mid priced selection, it opens up doors. There are names like Curnow and Libba who could provide more scoring power and are a fraction of the cost.

Players who are on close watch:

  • Jack
  • Laidler
  • Broadbent

Well last week I had Laidler and Broadbent in the firing line, they’ve improved their production numbers and the player I considered managed to get subbed(Lower).  Broadbent managed to play a lovely DT friendly role, so I am rather happy with his production. Laidler played against a group of tweeners, so not sure I should take his score completely seriously, still he is outscoring his price. Think I may just maintain these two players for another week or two. Both having non group byes are really helpful.

Looks like this week it could be a trade that many people will consider.

Foley -> Libba or Curnow


  • Foley > Libracurnow

    • i like it

    • Off topic comment but GEEEEEEZ nick Reidwolt is a WANKER. Admitedly great player but he is Constantly in the news with that “STEELY” look, (see afl website now). He had it on at the ST.K season opener when everyone had to “stick fat”. He had it on at the press conference about his nude photo, Hell he even had it on in the nude Photo!!!! After the granny loses. after doing his hammy i could go on. Maybe if he stopped feeling so hard done by he wouldn’t have to put on his fake “Steely Reserve” bullshit. Also he is one arragant bastard, and finally he thinks it is all about him, “the reidvolt show” their are 21 other players on the team. Until reidvolt realises that the saints will never win a flag.

  • jolly–> warnock, irons to libba?

    • smart?

      • Mate, mate,mateeeeeeeeeeeee…do it

      • Will you please take a 5 penlolbury??!!!

      • You smart ?? Obvioulsy not – can’t think yourself and make a trade…
        You realise you have 24 trades – I hope you aren’t going to ask the forum 100 times about every trade you consider ???

        Sit or Stand ?? Spit or Swallow ?? Up or Down ?? When will this stop Peanutbury ???

      • mate jolly did exactly the same thing last year and scored terribly in the first 3 rounds and then improved gradually over the season and i think in his last 10 rounds he averaged 93.7. I have him and i’m sticking it out with him. Just please stop asking everyone what to do and grow some balls and make a decision.

    • Peanutbury can you please just make the trade.. No one cares if you trade Jolly for Mike Fitzpatrick, James Manson or Simon Madden just stop asking the same question over and over again !!! Let me guess you only have 6K in the bank….

      How about make a decision for yourself and control your own destiny !!!

      • Crazy,
        Surely he is just winding us all up for sport!
        NO ONE could canvass everyone’s well thought out opinions over and over AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN! and STILL be that insecure about a simple trade.

        • marking what your kicking.. its a shame his team can’t do either ha ha..

  • anyone got S. Atley in their team?

  • hey guys im a bit stuck with what to do this week…

    option 1) boak to watson and hibberd to libba

    option 2) shaw to enright and d.swallow to libba

    option 3) hibberd to libba

    • One thing – Essendon have the bye in Round 24 (DT Grand Final), do you really want to bring Bombers in?

      • I’m talking keepers, not rookies btw.

      • na i dont think i will actually and boak will be the power’s go-to-man
        option 2 or 3 then?

        • Depends, are you cool with getting rid of a back mid link? If not then I guess you’re left with Option 2, though I think Swallow will score as well as Scully did last year.

  • What is Curnow’s and Libatore’s projected price rises for next week? I’m thinking of trading out Foley for either Curnow or Libba and then trading Josh Fraser for Cox and leaving the other trade (Curnow or Libba) for next week

    • Curnow-77k and Libba-73. That’s off Assistant Coach Analyser

      • Best rookie increases since Barlow?

      • cheers mate, looks like I might trade both Curnow and Libba in this round and use Fraser and Smith to trade up to Cox later on when they fatten up

      • Yep…that’s what FFGenie comes up with as well; good to see they are using the same formula. Anyone who didn’t pay 20 bucks…get FFGenie. One plus is that you can use it offline as well.

  • 432nd in the world with Smith sitting on the bench, needed to be traded out for Curnow or Libba.

  • leuenberger or warnock

  • Traded Hayes our for Judd, then I.Smith for Curnow.

    Who should i start on the field this week-
    Swallow or Harris?
    Richardson, Darling, Prestia, or Matera?
    Lower, Duigan, or Stanley?

    • Judd, really?

      Couldn’t you have gone for an Uber Premium?

    • didnt trade before friday did u?

      • I wish u would – so u could phuck off !!!!

        • well if u actully help instead of be an asshole mayb i will

          • seriously mate DTs all about makeing ur own decisions and liveing with them, good or bad. if u get eveyone here to tell u who to trade every week even if u do win ur leauge will it really be the same as if u put the effort in did the reaserch and made the decision ur self.

        • C’mon mate, ease up a little.

          The guy might be a 10 year old, or similar, trying to beat his school mates and just needs some/fair bit of repeated help.

      • He’s dumb enough to get Judd in, so yeah.

        • Wow, u guys can all go and f*ck yourselves. now i remember why is stopped coming on DT Talk. wankers like you think you know everything about dt. u can all go and f*ck off cos ur just a bunch of arrogant pricks.

          • +1

          • i’m saying it to you, wanker

          • All of those posts have a point.

            1). Maybe you need to visit DT TALK again… trading before Friday is a NO-NO!
            2). Judd isn’t the best call you could make…

          • Hey c’mon mate, everyone on this site has an opinion- right or wrong. You will have the last laugh if Juddy belts out a 120ave

          • hahahahahaha funniest thing I have ever read

          • take it personal much? much too much

          • Warnie, trading before Friday isn’t a law. It’s something you think is the wrong thing to do, so don’t push your opinions on me like their laws. And Judd is a gun player. Averages over 100, and i could afford him. The Albert Lloyd guy is an idiot for calling me dumb. Honestly, people are just stupid.

          • I understand everyone has opinions, but some people just write pointless stuff and insult others for no reason.

          • trading before teams are chosen is stupid. teams are chosen on friday. trading before friday is therefore…stupid!

          • Ok, it’s not a law… but if you trade before Friday, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to do well. Pretty simple really.

            You’re digging a hole for yourself trying to justify (or lack of justification of) trading before Friday.

          • Ok, so i made a mistake, all you people are gods of DT. happy now?

          • “Warnie, trading before Friday isn’t a law. It’s something you think is the wrong thing to do, so don’t push your opinions on me like their laws”

            We’ve been playing this game for a lot of years now mate… I think we know what we are doing when it comes to this (just gotta get picking good dudes at the start down… FMDT).

          • I know you guys know what your doing, but everything you think about your dream team doesn’t have to account for me to. If you think trading before Friday is stupid don’t do it. I don’t think it’s the biggest mistake in the world, so i do it for my team. I don’t need to follow everything you do on your dream team.

          • alot of things arent ‘law’ more like common sense…i have a mate that last year that just couldnt help himself but trade before the friday, sometimes he did it on the monday and no matter how many times i told him, he didnt listen. he saw the light when he traded shaw in, only to find out he wasnt playing that week.

            some things you gotta figure out for urself i guess…

          • Magpies,

            Warnie was respectfully helping you.
            You are a spoiled little brat if you cant acknowledge his good intentions without feeling the need to ‘rebel’ against tried and true Dream Team basics.
            You are being really immature mate.
            People only get narky at others when they act like jerks. Take the hint.

          • mate they think they know everything about dream team bacause they DO! Seriously mate some of the guys overall ranking on here are outstanding. Most of the people here are in the top 3-4k, and even a fair few in the top 100. The people who go on DTtalk DO! Know what they are talking about so dont say otherwise you dumb wanker.

          • Magpies…this is help, so please take it this way. Why trade early? You don’t get any points for trading early. It is of absolutely no benefit. Please let me know if you can think of 1 plus of trading early. Wait until all the information is out…ie the team lists. Your newly traded player could break a leg at training, he might get gastro, he might be named as a sub, he might suffer from ‘general soreness’…whatever, there are a thousand reasons why you could spend $450k on a player only to not have him play. Patience is a virtue!!

          • Magpies chill a bit dude. If you want to trade before Friday (or at least after the footy show), good for you but patience is the key.

            I’ll give you an example, last year (my first) I traded in Jared Brennan on the Sunday night because he was smashing it. Then what happens? The f–kin mong got suspended the Monday! I didnt check the facts and research and got burnt. He was crap too after that. How f–kin dumb did I feel?

            Patience my man

          • Collingwood scum, are we really that surprised?

          • Ok, I apologize to Warnie and anyone else I offended. I understand you were all just trying to help and I overreacted. Reading over my comments I don’t know what I was thinking. Really sorry to everyone, I deserve the criticism.

          • Definitely don’t trade before Friday, im sure im not the only one who has been burnt before, last year I got gablett on a THURSDAY NIGHT! surely that’ll be fine I live in Perth so its early Friday morning over East anyway…. NAHHHHHHHH. hamstring tightness – goneski.

            You need disciprine to go with the skill and ruck

      • …yeah Pendles, and he also traded Darren Jolly IN. Really! He did!

    • wow, cmon people lets calm down a bit and prove ourselves when it comes to the weekend!

      whats also funny is this is a secret squirrel article but everyones using it to bag people on. lol.

      surprised tkol hasn’t stirred up trouble yet……..

    • For what it’s worth:

    • murphy better than judd

    • Don’t you all love the internet!

  • Thinking of going atley>cunow this week, already have libba.
    The only concern with curnow is that he plays collingwood this week and one quiet game could see him make way for lucas, collins, ellard or mclean who are all competing for a midfield spot, but if worst case that did happen surely he’d still make a fair bit of cash after only three games.

  • thoughts on

    knights> dawes
    would leave me with 100k left in the bank


    140k in the bank

    • mate got similar players wouldnt think first option isn’t viable, dawes would be a bit of a risk there is upside there if he continues on with his form but will he?? who knows, but i wouldnt really trade out knights hes played 1 game for 76 u picked him so back him in, second option however is one im strongly considering, gives two awesome rookies and solves a mid price dud plus coin, it depends on ur team but i would probs only get curnow and libba if u were going to start both which i will if i do it.

  • ok so ive had quite enough of Andrejs Everitt and his bullshit sub 50 scores. he is not the rebounding defender that i had in my mind. he is not the classic recycled sydney gun. he is in fact a steaming pile of birthmarked shit.

    so ive been at work all day trying to sort out the following possible options

    A. Everitt ——-> Suckling. 80 and 140+ are pretty hard to argue with (unsure about his job security etc and if he can maintain those scores)

    B. Everitt ——> Otten: probably a safe bet however is the trade worth the extra 20 points it would bring me for the next 3 or so weeks till i traded again

    C. Everitt —-> Heppell: not really a big fan of downgrading knowing that im just going to have to burn another trade to upgrade him to a premium later anyway( round 22 by not a fan im all about the league win)

    D. Everitt —-> nothing: just copping it for the next 2 to 3 weeks before i upgrade him

    Everitt —–> Mckernan: looks good. sounds good. smells like a kyle cheney downgrade

    opening it up to the community please help me out because im truely stuck what to do.

    p.s i will of course not make this trade till thursday after teams

    • I like the trade to Otten. The cash you will get from him (and the earnings down the track in the next 4 weeks or so) will be worth it.

      • plus he has also had one of his byes
        thanks for the feedback warnie

        • whatever you do don’t chooses D.

          I never even heard about this guy until people have said how bad he is. lol.

      • I have tha same issue (yes Ive said that a couple of times)
        already have Otten and the more i read the collect opinions on here I think McKernan will be my choice!

        • Brak

          If McKernan is your only downgrade option then upgrade him somehowm McKernan will play this week because of how strong freo are in the rucks but I can’t see room in the team for all three of Tippett, Walker & McKernan in the team regularly, all of which Neil Craig has publicly stated.

          article says he “might” hold his spot

    • Being a Hawthorn supporter, I’ve watched Suckling be useless for a few years now that I expect him to crash back to earth soon, although hope I’m wrong. I think Heppell is the best of your options, been impressed with him early on.

    • i reckon heppell, could avg 75< at the very least 70< before you upgrade him to a premium

    • Im in a similiar situation, I’m thinking of Adcock also…

      Or D. Swallow to Libba/Curnow and then Everitt to Gram

    • Often and FRIDAY! After teams ;-)

    • I’ve considered chopping him this week for a rookie but my latest thoughts are to keep him because:
      1. Job security
      2. I think he can score better
      3. Trades are extremely valuable and I’d prefer to use them for upgrading rookies or replacing guns that sustain long term injuries

  • b or c flip a coing

    • lol ‘the blind leading the blind’

      • yeah but he may have a stick and those cool shades- you know the welding mask type ones….poor joke I know

  • i’m thinking adios morton and bonjour tapscott, then possibly conca or d.swallow to curnow or libba..


    • Can anyone explain why people are looking to trade out D. Swallow?

      Barring injury, he’ll play 22 games in the midfield and rack up decent scores, why does every second person want to ditch him after 1 week?

  • I’ve decided to not worry about Swan just yet….which sounds crazy, but hear me out.

    On the proviso you are only after league wins, consider this:
    1) Swan (surely) can’t go up much further
    2) there are 3 byes after this week, he could injured in any of those weeks
    3) Then, Collingwood have the bye

    So, to sum it up, if you trade Swan in this week, you save a max of say, $40k (assuming he continues to blitz) and run the risk of an injury in the next month, plus have to cover him during the bye

    Feel free to flame…..

    • if you don’t have him yet you should wait till after the bye I agree, it’s just bad luck that you didn’t have him from the start as it looks like he’s going to ave 140 plus

    • Your comment is very valid, if after league win only should of waited to Collingwoods first bye at least, with the MN being affected by the huge amount of rookies this year, his price will inevitably fall, regardless if he maintains his average. But if he increases his average….I just love those 320 scrores for my team so he was always a starter for me

  • after much deliberation I’ve gone off getting Libba or Curnow in, I have harris swallow, kraks and bewick in mids anyway.

    the deciding factor for me is that weeks 1 and 2 scores do not stay in the average for long so these guys will have a massive first leap in price but then will plateau quite quickly (unless they keep banging out tons which I doubt)

    I am banking on that by round 9, swallow/harris will be the same price – thoughts?

    • I agree, i don’t even think C or L will be playing in round 9

      • Agree, but I have conca, I like to back my picks but he’s gona find it tough to make me much money, even if libba is dropped before rd 9, he’ll have made me much more money from his increased value plus the 50k I get from the downgrade. Already have curnow. Conca > libba is a lock if named

  • The whole debate about bringing in either Curnow or Libratorae, is that these two don’t have the greatest js, so is a huge risk in my opinion.

    My dilemma is with Everitt as well. Also have J Kennedy in the middle, but feel a bit more confident that he can adjust to life with a tag and start producing resonable scores. Thinking everitt to Enright, and MAYBE Kennedy to B Vince. Lucky I left a bit of dosh spare in case some of these mid-pricers fizzled. Still have faith in Hurley though, he shows good signs and isn’t far away from a bag of goals I feel. Yarran not getting much love either? He was admittedly dissappointing against Rich, but he had a tag! He will be a good player by years end, super-talent

    • wow shane you have made life interesting for yourself! plenty of options for trading there.

      I think enright is a risk unless you had him from the start as he is quite capable of pulling a 30 with a tag, which would give you the shits unless you had already got the good stuff of back to back hundreds. Given the choice I would downgrade to a cheap option and take the cash to spend after the multi bye rounds.

      Vince I would stay away from, no form to make a judgement yet and has been very injury prone. I have Shuey and so far so good.

      Hurley I would lose as well since there must be better options, he may score well once a month but you surely want more than that. You could go to Dawes but I predict a lot of people will get burnt doing exactly that.

      Yarran you are stuck with and I think you’ll have to ride that rollercoaster but I would get ready for a sustained dip in numbers once the season settles down.

      • Yeah, I was also pondering Everitt > McKernon (JS a bit scratchy, although coach loves him) and turn Kennedy into a Murphy, would still have a nice little war chest after this also.

        Im gonna ride out yarran and Hurley, at least until the cows have fattened. They are both alot more lively then the sydney boys. Watched both games and was like “Is Everitt even playing, and geez Kennedy can’t breathe with that heavy tag, he doesn’t have the speed to break away from it” Least Hurley was around the contests. Just needs some goals to go with it.

        • Gday, Im a swans supporter and rate Josh Kenedy. He will score, finished last year and preseason on fire.

          • Started with Kennedy and am thinking of cashing him in for either Libba or Curnow. The other change I am looking at is possibly using the cash to upgrade Boak to Pendlebury.

            Probably made a mistake taking 2 uniques in the mids. Both will probably come good but I think I can make more money and score more by trading them out. Kennedy is an easier trade than Boak. But Boak is playing Geelong this week and his career average against them from 7 games is just 50. Maybe he gets a little homesick when playing against the Cats. Conversely Pendles averages 9 above his career average against Carlton. The only risk is that I have 2 premium mids from Collingwood for when they have their byes. I have plenty of DPP that could help alleviate the problems.


        • You’ve got one more week to decide on McKernan…he’s only played one game with the ADL bye.

  • hey guys what are your thoughts on heath shaw?
    also do you think enright will hold over 90 on average? he’s pretty consistent

    • Lol. Consistant. You will have a bald spot pulling out your hair by years end with him. Do not sideways trade him though if that is what you are thinking.

      • so if i already have heath shaw then dont get rid of him for enright if i have the cash?

        • loving your ironic name ‘dreamteamking’

          I think you need to ask yourself 2 questions

          1. Why did I pick Heath Shaw 2 weeks ago?
          2. What has changed since that would make me even contemplate trading him out?

          I suspect the answers are

          1. dunno
          2. nothing

          (also why get enright just before their bye?)

        • Don’t trade, Shaw is an enigma. He’s the Franklin of the backline. He can easily score well over 100 one week then 60 the next. I almost picked him and changed my team structre accordingly, because the Pies stats will be up this year and he is their rebound king.

          Stay with him and use your trades for rookie upgrades and long term injuries.

  • Laidler, J or Broadbent, M what one ?

  • Good Evening everyone,
    Interesting reading everyone’s quarrels this evening.
    Why don’t you all stop fighting and get behind the peoples champ… Me!

    • …because…you’re a knob; and just like Mundine, I don’t back knobs, no matter how good they are.

    • i see my comment was too rude for this site…

    • tkol does your team ever get injuries? If you got a spate of injuries would it impact on your legendary status and leave you without the car?

    • Poor old TKOL – who is going to pickup thepieces after round 4 ??? You know yourslfe you are in deep deep trouble…. Gram, Boyd, Voldt,Goddard,Montagna – mmmmmmmmm can u tast tehm doughnuts big fella !!!!

      Atley adn Irons will be back at SANFL and VFL level your mids are in trouble.. School boy error from the King !

      • Brak

        so you saying you dont have Boyd, Montagna, Voldt, Goddard etc.? no higgins? Did you start Tapscott and Curnow for both rounds so far?(I know TKOL did)

  • Reading some of the posts above has brought me to the conclusion that people are Extremely passionate about their DT!! We all love it and at times hate it. If people want to post questions no need for insults just don’t reply and if your still not happy the you can piss off to another site you find with good info and read that forum.

    by they way should i trade……………………. :D

    • definately trade if you missed out on the darren glass bandwagon

    • Yeah, good call. Ask questions, dish out advice, etc… no need to be holier than thou like a few people here, and at the same time… not so precious. There are people at different levels of DT ability/experience here… so take on board what some GOOD ‘commenters’ have to say. It may not be right, but their opinion.

      Also, if you are here just to be an arrogant cock, don’t bother. Waste of time for people who get sick of seeing the same old shit without any positive input to the website.

      • yeah! what he said!

      • Unfortunately in DT there is a food chain!
        You don’t see lions giving zebras the heads up on how to avoid being eaten!
        If these so called gods (me) shared their secrets then we’d be dream team communists!

        • Most of the posts I see on here are by people who are looking for some help from others who share a similar passion to theirs, Now not because they couldnt be stuffed thinking for themselves but just coz another point of veiw can only help(most of the time) or others I see on here seem to just hand out suggestions.

          Why TKOL do you actually use DT Talk is it simply entertainment? I mean it could be Ive had a pretty good laugh tonight!

        • So, why comment at all?

          All for some fun… but it is very annoying for all to hear it WITHOUT any other contribution to the site. Create a twitter account and people can follow your ramblings there. That’s what that is for.

          • would appreciate a few opinions, i want to bring in the rookies i missed, but obviously can only get two.
            atley has to go, so i will trade him for cornow.

            but heres my dilemma. maybe do irons to libba as well to get fast money, but then what about tapscott? do people see his average dropping off with melbourne not even being able to get the ball past 50. would i better off, getting the two mids, and then picking tapscott next week, when he rises but not as much as cornow and libba?

            it would be a tossup between prestia and richardson on who i would trade. prestia just doesnt excite me, and i dunno, may miss games. maybe north is going to shake things up after disappointing loss to the pies, and richardson is dropped?

            i know we dont have crystal balls, but would like a few opinions. i think as is now, ill get the two mids in first, then look at tapscott next week. ill be set then, as i have all the others, bewick, heppell, duigan,lower,darling,krakouer etc

          • All you need to do Warnie is create a Vote from Members, who wont’s him here and who wont’s him out, it’s that simple really!

            After all your the one in Control of the Ban Button!! As there is a HUGE Difference from having an ego issue to going way to far over the top in criticism!!

            Majority of us that come here come to Learn and get some tips and Idea’s, well isn’t that why you guy’s created this site???

            I know the Circus is a dieing trade, that’s why TKOL is looking for a Job ;)

          • Look I understand things are hard for you right now with your team and all so I will be nice ok ;)

          • Haha, my team is pus, and I’ll wear that… but I’m not putting unnecessary pressure on myself to ‘win the car’ – knowing how this game works. Yep, I’ve been there – and much higher than you have ever been in the rankings.

            Good stuff on your start – it’s a great feeling, but things can go downhill very quickly. Talk to me when you’ve had two top 100 finishes… ;)

          • +1… TKOL the Charlie Sheen of DTTALK.

            I just think that it is sad that someone is so insecure they have to constantly tell us how awesome they are.

            Mum not hug you enough Charlie?

            Your team is doing well.. well done… as are other teams…mine included..I know that you are going to come back with a typical Charlie response…so please hit me with it TKOL i am waiting for your witty rebuttal.

        • wow i dont even know you and i hate you just by your arrogance

        • Unlike Mr Deluded here (I’ve got a chance to win the car lol!), I actually get a lot of enjoyment out of posting (what I think are) good DT tips, rather than giving mis-information and not sharing DT experience pointers.

        • ha ha love it !

        • ? does your breath actualy stink like shit with your head so far up you’re own ass.. One would assume so, us mere plebs to you may only get better but you my friend will always have breath that stinks like shit…… ha ha ha ha

      • tkol, maybe you can start your positive input by sharing the reasons why you were doing so well last year until the arse fell out of your season in the last 5 rounds?

        It will give you a chance to brag about your past achievements, which I know is your favourite pastime, but may also offer some insight to others on this site

        • Love it Dave

        • Brak

          I think his ego at not wanting to being defeated in the eliminator cost TKOL too many trades and we should remember how bad injuries got, my worry is that with a 3 man bench we will see the return of General Soreness and Captain Fatigue much more this year, even with 2 byes.

  • Should I: (Considering Hibberd is not named)
    A: Trade Hibberd for Liberatore or Curnow (Lose MPP Mid-Def)
    B: Trade Hibberd for Buckley to keep MPP

    I am swaying option 1…………… Comments :)

    • I reckon he’ll be playing soon, don’t go 2 Buckley, could be dropped any week now. DPP loss could hurt, so whilst Libba and Curnow could make some coin it could cost you a donut or 2 later.

      • Id hold out on Hibberd I reckon I could be going back to him from Buckley in a couple of week as like sug said his days are numbered

    • Have you got Heppel mate? DPP solved and I reckon his JS is better than both Libba and Cornow and will still pick you up plenty of points and cash down the track.

      If you do have him def dump Hibberd (for now) and take easy money. Libba for mine.

    • if u have heppell switch him with hibberd and get a scoring backman in, leave gibbs in midfield and switch him out forfinals. if u don’t have heppell then get him.

      its round 2 and everyone’s worried that they will miss the boat on some of the scoring mids

      curnow handballs a lot and got 90 against gold coast. he was good but there were way more important mids. he’ll be handballing it out to murphy, gibbs, yarran and simpson for the rest of the year (if he keeps playing) so won’t always score so well. he caned it against richmond but they were pretty bad (they did better rd2).

      libba is playing well but will that be consistent? remember missing out on bastinac last year but others came along who made cash.

      or stick fat (steely glare)

      • Thanks 4 all the feedback guys!
        My current backline: Enright, Grimes, Deledio, Goddard, Murphy (Rob), Heppell, Lower Duigen, Stanley, Toy
        My current midfield: Swan, Bartel, Boyd, Montagna, Krakouer, Harris Swallow, Prestia, Hibberd.

        I know don’t bag me I haven’t got Gibbs but I think I did alright going with Enright :)
        If I swap Heppell to the midfield, it will be hard…… Swan, Bartel, Boyd, Monty….Krakouer, Harris, Heppell, Swallow, Prestia or Hibberd or Liber or Curnow
        That will be hard caus I would have to have at least 1 Gun/Rookie on the bench… It will be Heppell vs Harris vs Swallow for that final spot in the midfield…… My only FWD-MID links in my Forwards are Zaharakis and Goodes.

        If I put Heppell in the Mid and Hibberd in the Defence to trade, I will have to many rookies… Lower, Duigen, Stanley, Toy and someone from Hibberd there will be 2 rookies on the ground!

        I have no idea what to do…. Thanks for feedback!

  • Everitt >> Enright
    Foley >> Curnow
    good option?? Considering I have Monty, Boyd and Bewick in my mids with round 4 in mind. Whilst I’d like Libba it’d guarantee me a zero. I no there aren’t league games, but don’t like donuts!
    Any other ideas if this is no good? Anyone think Everitt might come good?

    • Or would trading Foley to Shiels or Young from the Hawks, both averaging 100, be the stupidest thing I ever did?

  • Remember all this when your interviewing me at seasons end and handing me all the cheques.
    I can even pick you up in my toyota!

    • Thanks TKOL but women are shit drivers.

      • Man you really copped it tonight TKOL, doesn’t pay to be arrogant mate, lighten up a bit. Maybe log in as your alter-ego Brappin for a while….

    • TKOL I like your style mate.. Even if you are in trouble come Rd 4…

      Keep up the banter mate, I love your work… People need to lighten up and stop taking your bait if they don’t like it, don’t write posts directed to you….

      Even if you don’t end up with the best DT ranking overall – you are without doubt the most entertainig contributor around here…

      Some of these soft cocks need to lighten up…..

      Althoughhave to say very poor form booting Crazy Joe Fevola from your league just because he sent a bit of banter your way – give and take my friend……

      • TKOL Challenge league is ranked 18 overall.
        It is not a democracy,therefore I am King

      • hahaha +1 fast Eddie :)

      • Lighten up? Your the worst at flipping out that ive ever seen. Your probably another of TKOLs alter ego’s. We have:
        TKOL = Cocky, arrogant, gives no advice
        Brappinalong = Tries to be cool, gives false, misleading advice
        And I think FastEddieBetts is the third face, = Attitude +, abusive, then critical that others are “too soft” when challenged.

        What a complex guy! Probably looks like that lard from the South Park World of Warcraft episode. So deep!!!

    • just be sure to brush your teeth big fella would hate for you to be handed some chewing gum half way through your interview…but im sure it wont be on tv with that radio head of yours…

    • I think you mean “you’re”. You’re obviously not the brightest chap, TKOL!

  • i am stuck with palmer and foley
    i am think trade for libba and curnow
    witha stack of cash left to up grade after the 3 byes

    • my advice would be stick with both, I assume you have other rookies that will make some money?

      • Off topic but how do you get a picture on your profile? I must be tired because I can’t figure it out!

        • google gravatar then login using your wordpress login and add a picture, just did it myself

    • Palmer won’t be sub this week I wouldn’t have thought. He’s been a jet when you look at his time on ground . If you’re after a league win id say keep him for sure

  • Should i trade bewick for libba or curnow?

  • I have a question! Hello!

    With a low score looming in the absence of Higgins, Boyd, Grimes & Sylvia for that round in the near future… Do I need to start thinking up a strategical move or just rely on the rookies to fill the cracks? I’m guessing many are facing a similar issue but if we’re really looking for a new car maybe an unheard of sideways trade is in order? I mean we’re given some more trades this season and if one hasn’t had to make any trades come round 4…

    Any theories floating around on this one..?

    Thanks for your time.

    (Remember…Don’t upset The Apple Cart)

    • I think banking your trades and relying on your rooks to get the points (hopefully you have the right rooks)

      While you may take the bikkies points wise for the round…think the long term… everyone is in the same boat.

      Just my opinion but i wont be sideways (read panic) trading

  • trade hibberd for curnow or keep him?

    • Trade, if its your first for the year and have sufficient multi round coverage and dont need DPP.

  • Hello all, I’m not a genius, but thought some inexperienced DTers may find this helpful while consider their trades.

    For those wondering what process to cross off before trading here’s my thoughts and team name so you can follow my thought process. I’m going ok 486th and clean sweep in my 5 leagues.

    [I should be 30 points better but stuffed up after partial lockout week 1 (after late change DT rearranged my fwds financially on the field Petrie in starting team not Darling, lol].

    I’m going one of two options with my first one or two or three (unlikely) trades for 2011: Team name is

    Team Tooler

    Option 1. Astbury trade to Hibberd, DPP switch with Heppel, trade Hibberd to Cunrow, not Libba, why? Multiround two already on the pitch in the mids and Bewick on bench. Having Harris, Cunrow (after trade, please keep getting picked I bet against it at the start of the year!), Bewick and Krak in mids gives me adequate coverage for byes I will face from Swan, Pendelles and Boyd, Montanga.

    You can see I will have no Back/Mid DPP switch anymore until I cash in a cow for Hibberd when he gets a game and I will get it back again and my mids are strong enough, plus Heppel is starting for my backs instead of just benching it, so the 80 average he brings in is worth the trade IMO.

    This is my likely option. 2 trades in total.

    If Toy turns out a belter this week maybe sideways trade with Stanley after this week before price rises for those two due to bye round. We will see how they travel this week and if Stanley is dropped as I heard heaps bagging him out but missed the game on tv, but coach says samee 22 for this week. For me to trade sideways Stanley to Toy, Toy would have to bash out minimum 80 this week and more likely over 100 before I consider it.

    To have a team of premiums I figure you need about 18 trades. 6 for long term injuries and sideways trades. If you sideways trade, you had better make sure it counts in a big way. Also I let two weeks of data come in before I pulled the trigger, anyone can have a great one off game eg. pre season Astbury!!!!

    Option 2. Astbury to Toy. 1 trade.

    Straight swap, gut feeling Toy will be a belter and curious if everyone has him, as to why no one is considering trading for him. This means Heppel will never actually score for me until i cash in a cow for Hibberd later. Not a likely scenario for me to go this option, but if you seriously value trades one could go this way.

    Remember don’t trade till after teams are named late in the week.

    Happy dreaming all.

    • TL: DR

      • why do you write the most pointless, negative crap? people come on here for advice not arrogance, so don’t say anything if you have nothing constructive to say.

    • so you are trading hibberd in and out immediately? just to get curnow?

      seems like a waste to me, you will appreciate hepple in the mids over the next few weeks or you can use to dpp with goddard or another prem with a bye if you have better coverage in the mids

      Astbury must go but I would say a straight swap would be a better bet but wait until next week for toy or maybe even wait for hibberd to get dpp

    • Brak

      bloody hell tooler, are you serious? maybe having a lend of some of us? If anyone is actually contemplating doing these trades please don’t. If you are like Tooler and have 15 rookie priced players all getting games you are going to make a shit load of money. To cash in that money you need trades, to spend that money you need trades, the more trades you use doing this the better your team becomes.

      Even Astbury to Toy is marginal because how does it improve your team? Toy has only played half a game and does look good but do you need 16 cash cows instead of only 15?

  • Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilemma.

    Hibberd hasn’t had a shot so far, and I’m not sure he looks like he’ll be coming in any time soon.
    I wouldn’t mind getting Curnow into my team for Hibberd, but he’s in my midfield and is the only link to my 4 Def/Mid players in the backline…

    Do you think getting in Curnow is worth the loss of a DPP link?

  • worst decision ever for me in DT….Mitch Morton……..$315,300
    2nd worst decision ever in DT……..Andrejs Everitt…..$281,700

    now i have missed out on the opportunity to pick up Libba because i have to trade out 2 other duds on different lines but…..

    Libba rested in round 3 due to general soreness…..PRICELESS!!!!

    • Brak

      yeah I would need a rest after two games as well, and when you have a bye the next week its just like the Easter Holidays

    • made the same mistake with those two and am absolutely kicking myself. how did i convince myself that morton would be getting midfield time with their new recruits. im going to have to put morton in the midfield and lose my dpp so i can get curnow or libba.

      • i thought about that option but i decided i don’t wanna lose my DPP, so i’m going tapscott in for morton and enright in for everitt

    Make some extra cash or pick up dawes whose looking the goods this year??

  • Brak

    This entire post really highlights why mid price strategy is very difficult and should not really be attempted by anyone who does not REALLY know their stuff. Anyone with a Guns & rooks strategy is sitting back watching their rookies rip out good scores and are excited about them going up in price next week, while those with mid pricers consider who to trade out, or worse benching them to let a rookie start!

    When premiums occasionally get outscored by a bench rookie, why would you want a mid priced player.

    having said that he is still scoring ok, and after 5 or 6 trades he will have gotten rid of those nasty mid pricers and be back on track with a team of basically guns & rooks anyway.

    • Your right man, is awesome when it works, but VERY hard to get right. The benifits are huge though, get them all right and you could probably get extremely close to the car.

    • you make a valid point i have actually been thinking that lately, foley fml but last yr i had waters and malceski which were risks that paid off, for me its worth the risk on a couple, this yr i went petrie knights and foley but the thing is i dont have any of tapsccott libba or curnow so foley might become a victim or circumstances.

      • Victim OF circumstance.

      • Brak

        Yeah I had Waters etc last year and did shit. Why? because I took risks on way too many mid pricers like Hall, Dangerfield & Tippett taking spots which should have been for rockliff and pods. I had Ball and Wells taking spots which should have been Skully etc. My point is even when you pick fairly good mid pricers they are no more likely to become a premium than a rookie player, no more likely to score higher than a rookie player, and all you achieve is to sacrifice the huge price increases for slighly better job securiy

  • There have been some interesting readings since I last posted.

    Things I can talk about next week look interesting.

    1. Trading days before lockout
    2. Great footballers v Great Dream Teamers.
    3. tkol has managed to become semi famous on these threads and he is a great character that people love to hate, makes for great reading. I will have to track down his team and see how my team compares to his over the season.

    Look forward to next Tuesday when one of the most important moments of DT occurs, the starting of the price rises.

    • I’ll look forward to your comments about great dters v footballers ss. Should fire up a few numptys!

  • This is my team
    Deledio – Goddard – H Taylor – Heppell – Lower – K Bradley – Otten (Duigan – Batchelor – Stanley)

    Swan – Gibbs – Selwood – Curnow – Harvey – Harris (Irons – Bewick – Buckley)

    Sandilands – Cox (Bellchambers – Smith)

    Rioli – Pavlich – Tapscott – Sylvia – N Riewoldt – Krakeour – J Riewoldt (Richardson – Darling – Matera)

    Unsure of what my next move should be, none of my players have been too disappointing, excluding Goddard who will soon bounce back, and Bradley who had a poor first game.

    However I want to jump onto Libba, although I already have Curnow, and would be trading a rookie thats already going to make money. I’d also like Dawes, but already have Krak up forward.

    What do you think?

  • so… obviously no-one in the peanut gallery gives a shit about Secret Squirrel’s “mid price” team.
    can’t find a post on topic

    SS – I suggest there is still time to save face and phase out the updates… you’re efforts obviously are appreciated but the team is not much different to a lot of teams out there and so the point of the thread is lost.


  • Have 22 trades remaining thinking of getting in a performing well rookie. got pittard and atley on my bench who havent performed well should i trade one of them in for libba who is off to a the great start?

  • hey guys im still unsure on what to do with my mids…
    at the moment this is what i’ve got:

    boyd, pendlebury, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, hibberd, prestia)

    i’ve got two options with what ill do but am still really unsure (i currently have 2k in the bank)

    option 1) boak to ryan okeefe and then irons to libba

    option 2) d.swallow to libba and then boak to murphy

    option 3) boak to embley and then irons to libba

    i really want to get rid of boak bcs he’ll get tagged a lot and i also want libba