To trade or not to trade?

Obviously in an ideal world, we would not even be considering a trade at this stage in the year but we are not all perfect like a certain PhD we know. Impulse trades need to be crossed off your list. For example, Greg Broughton has been disappointing for me over the first 2 weeks, but I selected him for a reason and a straight swap to someone performing better at this early stage is a waste. The only real reason you should be considering a trade is if you have:

1) Copped an injury
2) Missed a HUGE bargain
3) Miss calculated the number of selections from 1 team
4) Went unique with someone and now you know why they were unique
5) Didn’t pick Dane Swan

Here is a list of my top 3 cash cows that caught the eye with the help of the Assistant Coach:

1) Ed Curnow: AV: 99 BE: -126
2) Tom Liberatore: AV: 94 BE: -119
3) Luke Tapscott: AV: 80 BE: -87

There have been some absolute gun performances so far this year, with even our biggest stars punching above their weight. If you missed these 3, bite your pride and burn a trade…. or 2 in order to get them in.

1) Dane Swan: AV: 150 BE: 83
2) Dean Cox: AV: 130 BE: 3
3) Bryce Gibbs: AV: 145 BE: 8

So if you have duds like Mitch Morton, Nathan Foley or Andrejs Everitt, look at the possibility of trading up to these guns, or getting some value out of a well performed rookie. Although it is hard to discuss trades before team selections, this article gives us a platform to throw ideas out there leading up to Thursday and Friday. Enjoy the discussion and I hope you get some good ideas out of it.

Ps. The PhD I was talking about is Albert Lord.


  • Thinking of trading Morton out for either Tapscott and Shaun MnKernan, both have scored well but McKernan is a dual position player and everyone seems to be jumping on Tapscott.