Hello Gold Coast: Round Two Discussion


  • Higgins you lad!!!

    • Advice please: who has the best job security – D Prestia, T Libba, or E Curnow?


  • Tom LIBERATORE 116 You little ripper :D

    • Pretty sure him being on my opponents team has single handedley defeated my team…

  • love having libba on the field, boyd star and goodes is killing it looks like a good sunday

  • Subs: Melb- Maric and Hawks- Lewis

  • should i trade conca to curnow or libba?

    • Tough call there Digga, Flip a coin, there both gunna be Rookie Guns this Year ;) If you can fit them both in I would take it, those 2 little Cash Cows have Money growing out there ears :D

  • FMDT

    What is Duddy Franklin doing on 12 points?

    • here here to that bro, if it continues like this for Buddy for the rest of the game he is goneeeeeeee!!

  • Looking for advice here, who has the best job security out of curnow, prestia, and little libba?


    • not libba although his game today will help him, curnow and presti should be regular.

    • All three are shaky in my opinion. Do you have Harris already?

      • Curnow is on the fringe of a midfield which is top 3 in the comp. Playing well now, but not in Carlton’s best 21/22. Mclean, Kreuzer to come in, Jamison, Bower, Houlihan, Joseph will all put pressure on Curnow’s spot. Lucas isn’t terrible either.

  • just need 13 more from tapscott to win

  • Knights > Tapscott then Franklin > Chappy a good trade?

  • 11points up :Me Sylvia , Franklin – Him Rioli, Tapscott
    SCREWED thanks Buddy !

  • Why is little Libba’s JS unsure?
    (i’m a noob)

    • no idea mate, I thought he would be fine, esp with these 2 games under his belt

      • Liba looks like an inside player – 10 tackles. Should do well against the Suns next week. I would bring in a few more youngsters next week if I were Eade – maybe Wallis

  • 42.48% of DreamTeamers will be wanting Franklin’s head right now…glad I don’t have him!

    • did alright in the end! I have him… pure lazy, that’s why the hawks will bomb out (again) too inconsistent

  • Leading the DT Talk Dane Swan league with 2142 points :)

  • Alright you can stop racking up points now Tapscott….

  • Buddy finally on a roll, a 50pt final 1/4 would be nice!!

  • Did someone say Rioli got reported?
    A little advice would be handy, was considering doing the common Rioli in Franklin out trade this week…

  • just need a combined 73 point effort this quarter from buddy, grimes and tapscott so i can hit 2200

  • 2220 for me this week, going alright. To be honest if I stay in contact with TKOL I’m happy :-)

  • Off the4 topic. why are comments off for ‘Get the Assistant Coach NOW!’ I would like to know if it is any good for $25. Anyone have it?

    • yeah, thought I would try dream team pro, nothing really new in assistant coach (break evens etc) but its not too bad. I like how it gives you and your opponnents predicted score during live matches in lockout, kinda cool. signed up today and is still $19.95, even though it says will go to $24.95 like two weeks ago! If you want Dream Team Pro get it today!

    • I dare say its because theres some deal they have with them and they dont want negative posts :P

  • Advice: Hayes for who? can afford any midfielder, already got swan???