AFL Teams: Round 2

Friday, 7:40pm AEDT, MCG

B: Baker, Dawson, Clarke
HB: Gilbert, Fisher, Goddard
C: Gram, Hayes, Montagna
HF: Armitage, Riewoldt, Peake
F: Dal Santo, Gamble, Milne
FOLL: McEvoy, Ray, Jones
I/C: Blake, Dempster, Gwilt, Archer
EMG: Geary, McQualter, Winmar
IN: Archer
OUT: McQualter
NEW: Daniel Archer (Clarence)

B: Newman, Astbury, McGuane
HB: Deledio, Connors, Conca
C: Cotchin, Martin, Edwards
HF: Morton, Vickery, Grigg
F: White, Riewoldt, Houli
FOLL: Graham, Jackson, Foley
I/C: Nahas, King, Batchelor, Helbig
EMG: Nason, Thursfield, Tuck
IN: King
OUT: Rance (susp.)

Saturday, 2:10pm AEDT, Etihad Stadium

B: Rawlings, Grima, Thompson
HB: Firrito, Tarrant, Richardson
C: Adams, Anthony, Harvey
HF: Wells, Hansen, McMahon
F: Wright, Petrie, Thomas
FOLL: Goldstein, Swallow, Garlett
I/C: Ziebell, Cunnington, Atley, Edwards
EMG: Warren, Speight, Pedersen
IN: Petrie, Goldstein, Grima
OUT: Warren, McKinley, Pedersen

B: Shaw, Tarrant, Toovey
HB: O’Brien, Reid, Wellingham
C: Krakouer, Ball, Thomas
HF: Beams, Dawes, Pendlebury
F: Sidebottom, Brown, Cloke
FOLL: Jolly, Swan, Didak
I/C: Buckley, Blair, Johnson, Macaffer
EMG: Keefe, Davis, Rounds
No Change

Saturday, 2:40pm CDT, AAMI Stadium

B: Logan, Carlile, Trengove
HB: Pittard, Chaplin, P.Stewart
C: Pearce, Cassisi, O’Shea
HF: D.Stewart, J.Westhoff, K.Cornes
F: Irons, C.Cornes, Gray
FOLL: Brogan, Boak, Thomas
I/C: Salopek, Rodan, Broadbent, Hitchcock
EMG: Ebert, Salter, Davenport
IN: Chad Cornes
OUT: Schulz (knee),

B: Schofield, Glass, Hurn
HB: Waters, Brown, S.Selwood
C: Rosa, Priddis, Embley
HF: Ebert, Kennedy, Shuey
F: Darling, Lynch, Nicoski
FOLL: Cox, A.Selwood, Kerr
I/C: McGinnity, Naitanui, Sheppard, Gaff
EMG: Swift, Wilson, Hams
IN: Kerr, Naitanui, McGinnity
OUT: LeCras (groin), Masten (knee), Hams

Saturday, 6:50pm AEST, The Gabba

B: Tape, Bock, Brown
HB: Krakouer, Hunt, Harbrow
C: McKenzie, Harris, Rischitelli
HF: Stanley, Dixon, Magin
F: Brennan, Smith, Matera,
FOLL: Fraser, Swallow, Ablett
I/C: Lock, Bennell, Prestia, Toy
EMG: Weller, Gorringe, Coad
NEW: Sebastian Tape (Glenelg), Karmichael Hunt (Anglican Church Grammar), Trent McKenzie (Western U18s), Charlie Dixon (Cairns), Alex Magin (Nambour), Zac Smith (Zillmere), Brandon Matera (South Fremantle), David Swallow (East Fremantle), Marc Lock (Southport), Harley Bennell (Peel Thunder), Dion Prestia (Calder U18s), Josh Toy (Calder U18s)

B: Watson, Thornton, Russell
HB: Laidler, White, Duigan
C: Simpson, Judd, Scotland
HF: Yarran, Waite, Garlett
F: Betts, Hampson, Walker
FOLL: Warnock, Murphy, Gibbs
I/C: Carrazzo, Armfield, Curnow, Robinson
EMG: Collins, Henderson, Ellard
IN: Watson
OUT: Lucas
NEW: Matthew Watson (Calder U18s)

Saturday, 5:40pm WST, Patersons Stadium

B: Johnson, Grover, Broughton
HB: Palmer, McPharlin, Duffield
C: Lower, Mundy, Fyfe
HF: Bradley, Pavlich, Hill
F: Ballantyne, Mayne, van Berlo
FOLL: Sandilands, McPhee, Suban
I/C: Crowley, de Boer, Roberton, Walters
EMG: Griffin, Pitt, Anthony
IN: de Boer
OUT: Pitt

B: Mackie, Lonergan, Hunt
HB: Enright, Taylor, Corey
C: Wojcinski, Ling, Selwood
HF: Chapman, Mooney, Varcoe
F: Johnson, Podsiadly, Stokes
FOLL: Ottens, Bartel, Kelly
I/C: Duncan, Hunt, Hawkins, Milburn
EMG: Christensen, Menzel, Guthrie
IN: Chapman, Ling, Podsiadly
OUT: Scarlett (susp.), Menzel, Guthrie

Sunday, 1:10pm AEST, Etihad Stadium

B: Stack, Markovic, Morris
HB: Murphy, Williams, Picken
C: Sherman, Boyd, Cross
HF: Higgins, Jones, Hill
F: Grant, Hall, Giansiracusa
FOLL: Hudson, Cooney, Griffen
I/C: Djerrkura, Liberatore, Roughead, Ward
EMG: Minson, Moles, Wallis
IN: Roughead
OUT: Wood (ankle)

B: Hanley, Merrett, Adcock
HB: McGrath, Maguire, Stiller
C: Redden, Black, Rockliff
HF: Bewick, Clarke, Banfield
F: Polkinghorne, Patfull, Lester
FOLL: Leuenberger, Rich, Raines
I/C: Power, Collier, Buchanan, O’Brien, Beams, McCauley, Polec
EMG: Collier, McCauley, Polec
IN: Power, Maguire
OUT: Brown (facial fractures), Staker (knee)

Sunday, 2:10pm AEST, ANZ Stadium

B: Bevan, Richards, Mattner
HB: Shaw, Grundy, Everitt
C: Jetta, Jack, Smith
HF: J.Bolton, Goodes, McGlynn
F: O’Keefe, Reid, Hannebery
FOLL: Mumford, Kennedy, McVeigh
I/C: Rohan, Meredith, Bird, White
EMG: Pyke, Parker, Sumner
IN: Meredith, Bird
OUT: Seaby, Sumner

B: Hardingham, Fletcher, Hooker
HB: McVeigh, Myers, Dempsey
C: Winderlich, Watson, Melksham
HF: Stanton, Hurley, Jetta
F: Crameri, Ryder, Zaharakis
FOLL: Hille, Hocking, Heppell
I/C: Howlett, Lovett-Murray, Lonergan, Bellchambers
EMG: Prismall, Davey, Riemers
IN: Bellchambers
OUT: Monfries (injured)

Sunday, 4:40pm AEST, MCG

B: Ladson, Gilham, Stratton
HB: Bruce, Gibson, Birchall
C: Bateman, Mitchell, Savage
HF: Young, Franklin, Burgoyne
F: Hale, Roughead, Rioli
FOLL: Renouf, Hodge, Sewell
I/C: Shiels, Suckling, Osborne, Lewis
EMG: Ellis, Guerra, Whitecross
IN: Hodge
OUT: Whitecross

B: Bartram, Frawley, Rivers
HB: Grimes, Garland, Tapscott
C: Bennell, Sylvia, Trengove
HF: Jurrah, Dunn, Bail
F: Davey, Green, Watts
FOLL: Jamar, Moloney, Jones
I/C: Jetta, Martin, Petterd, Maric
EMG: Warnock, Macdonald, Spencer
IN: Frawley
OUT: Macdonald



  • Presti captain anyone?

    April Fools lol rofl

  • @Goaled Finger,
    I just subbed Wood on for Magin and then reversed the sub, his ankle’s shot!

    • Who’s ankle is shot?

      Was there an entry wound AND an exit wound?

      Is Dr Dream Team going to nurse him back to health?

      • You know, I have a feeling that Dr Dream Team, isn’t even a real doctor?! I booked in to him for my prostate exam, there was something amiss about the way he did it. Most doctors use their finger don’t they?

        • I apologise for the rogue comma in there! Clearly it is out of place and unnecessary, the K.Hunt of the paragraph!

        • ROTFLMFAO ! Was it strange when you felt one of his hands on your left shoulder, then his other hand on your right shoulder…. then the words, “see that doesn’t hurt!”

          • He just kept repeating something about making sure I don’t use the partial lockout! Have no idea what he meant.

        • Dr Zoidberg doesn’t.

          He uses other people’s fingers.

          • “Guess where I’ve just been? Yipee Ky A,”…….riding on one of Fry’s sperm.

  • could libba be subbed this week ? thoughts

  • I need 2 out of these 5 people to play who should i chose Libba,Savage,Bewick,Foley and harris

  • FMDT!!!! Sandilands out for minimum four weeks! Fuck!

    Report just in on says Sandi is having “shrapnel” removed.

    and I thought I’d made it through round 1 without trading. FMDT.

  • Don’t hate me for this but I need to make a trade this week to cover a doughnut.
    Which do you like for the long run and why?

    Atley to Irons?
    Selwood to Stanton?

  • I wish i had spuds such as Foley & Yarran so i could trade them and upgrade somewehre else this week!
    Damn :(

    • tkol what are you going to do with buckly this year ? once he goes

    • I’m feeling ya TKOL, when your team is so optimal there is so little trading to be done… Seeing that I have 24 trades, I’m getting trigger happy! Might just trade a gun for a gun for shits and giggles

      • I’m going with something different this year. Top players never miss games in the back half of the year, they don’t get injured and no clubs ever rest their stars.

        So I’m going to use 2 trades a week until the end of round 12, that way I can have my team set and working well together before the finals.

        It’s all about team work.

        • Shit, And I thought I’d covered all the strategies, and I’ve missed the most obvious & best one!
          Thanx Goaled!

          • It’s fool proof. Who has ever heard of big name players being rested a week or two out from finals? And I don’t recall any high profile players being suspended or injured in August or September. NEVER happens.

            I guess people just don’t do the quality research that I do.

        • um… u don’t remember 2 years ago when StKilda rested 1/3 of their team in Round 21… Voldt, Goddard, Monty, Hayes, Gilbert all had the week off so they’d be well rested and in good form for finals

      • Yeah I’m thinking of trading Boyd > Watson, so I can save a trade for rnd 24.

    • bwa ha haaa, I’ve got both sucker!
      hang on, was that sarcasm,

  • z smith or vickery?

    • Vickery has let me down so far after excellent NAB form but I’ve not even seen Smith. Vickery for mine, come on Vick lift your game!

  • selwood out is a bit of a bummer

  • Who to put on the bench


    I want to keep Duigan because he is playing GC and the forward line of GC is very young. But Adcock playing the Dogs who need to step up and Heppell playing Sydney in Sydney.

    These low scorers should not be this difficult to make a decision.


  • Atley to Irons? or Selwood to Stanton?

    • Do you really need to get rid of Selwood after Round 2. He will be back pumping out 120s next week.

      I don’t see the point?

    • uh, WHY?

      • Need to cover a doughnut and I think Stanton will rip out higher scores this year but leaning towards Irons as that’ll be better for the future

    • Do both you’ll feel much better afterwards ;)

      • I didn’t dissuade a fellow league competitor from trading out Selwood for Judd just before. He’s now got Judd against the GC as Captain!) and he’s playing my main league rival. Prob beat him now too…

        haha WIN!

        • Two Birds One Stone

          • There is a rumour going around that Shaun A(s)tley’s first name is actually Rick. He only found out about this recently, when he needed to supply his birth certificate as I.D to get his passport.

            He was overheard asking his parents what the deal was as he felt he may have been illegitimate and the beginnings of an identity crisis was taking hold, they replied:

            “Oh, forget about that son, we’re Never Gonna Give You Up”

            All I can say is if Rick is on the loose again, look out Justin Bieber, Your World is about to come crashing down.

  • Keep yarran or not? Fyfe looks good

    • Fyfe >>>>>>>>>>>>> Yarran.

      But do it next week.

      • Yep, spot on. Yarran could have a blinder against the GC

        • yer i think i will leave it i was only going to do it because it would be good to ave two trades up the sleee before prices changed next week

          • Thats a fair enough reason to trade this week if you already have 2 planned for next week.

  • hmmm Do i go Harris, or D.Swallow (i reckon this kid is the real deal, just might need some more experience first though)…. what to do, what to do.

  • Just a question towards Roy, will you be doing a segment like Roys Real Estate again? I quite enjoyed reading that on a Friday, really helped move the day along, compared to refreshing the same team sheat and seeing some different trade options.

  • Few Spots still Open in this League


    Be FAST!!!!!!!

  • Libba or Harris???

    Darling or Matera????

    • Toss of the Coin Really, BUT I am playing Harris and Metera…. your call!!

      • so have i at this stage, sticking with Harris as i feel Libba may be a sub chance,
        yet struggling with Matera over Darling?? May go with Darling and watch Matera for a week….

        • Yeah good choice mate, Darling has already made a start where as Matera hasn’t yet, but he did Score an 83 in his last NAB Cup game…. My Gut Says Matera, but there wont be much in Both of them as they are both named On Field and both Projected to get 65+ this week-end :)

          Good Luck mate, lets see how it turns out :)

          Bottom line, they are both gunna earn us some really nice CA$$$$$$H :D

  • Duigan or Stanley???

    Matera or Darling???

    Ive switched them as many times as TKOL jacks off to his own dreamteam…

  • my rival ( best mate) just asked me if he should trade selwood for either andrew swallow or judd and then trade knights for fyfe… i want to beat him, should i say yes or no

    • Swallow is out first week of DT finals
      Why would he trade knights?

      If you want to beat him say yes to both.

    • double reverse his reverse psychology……….say maybe

    • I failed that very same moral dilemma about 2 hours ago. It kinda felt good to be e-vil. you however may be a nicer mate than I am.

    • Tell him Selwood is playing and knights broke his leg lmao :)

      In all seriousness, I never had any Interest in Selwood and lucky I didn’t. I expect him to Bounce back, but he is not the only Option out there, so many brilliant Middis :)

      As for Knights, no reason to get rid of him, it’s only a bye this week, he will be back in round 3 and tearin it up :)

      After all he may be your best mate, but in this he is your Rival and he expects you to give him help, then you have no choice but to LIE hehehe

  • Boys, just logged on, Swan or Goddard as captain…?? Very similar team to my opponent and thinking BJ as a unique edge if it works?

    Yeah or nah??

  • HELP!! I’m stuck.. who do I play?

    Bruce / Adcock / Duigan / Stanley / Lower – pick ONLY 2

    Irons / Liba / Swallow / Harris / Bewick – pick ONLY 2

    Jolly / Jamar / Fraser / Smith

    Gamble / Richardson / Darling / Matera / Dixon – pick ONLY 3

    Greatly appreciated fellow dreamteamers! Good luck!

    • so you want us to pick pretty much your whole team for you?? well then

      Lower and bruce ( dont pick premiums if your not going to field them )
      Swallow and harris
      jolly jamar
      rich darling matera

    • duh…Bruce, Lower. Easy.
      Swallow and toss a coin…
      Jolly, Jamar
      Richardson, Darling, Matera

    • No guts no glory, have a crack mate ;)

  • Few, Libba made the final cut, now i just hope he’s not the sub.

  • im feeling libba will be subbed for some reason but there is new wallis coming in and moles is back hmmm

    • Libba looks like a gun…just don’t know whether he can play four quarters of afl footy at the moment. Will do your head in all maturing season.

    • Fuck I will LMAO if Tkol starts one of Libba or Atley ahead of Harris and they are the sub.

      • He would never admit it mate ;)

        • Warne Dawgs plays him this week in our league, so I’m sure (hopefully!) Warnie spills the beans!
          It’ll be soooo sweet if he gets it wrong and Warnie tells us all!

  • I’ve just logged on to the Essendon website…Hibberd was not mentioned in the injury list. The club stated that injuries are updated after training on Monday by the medical staff. This being the case, with Hirdy giving Hibberd the green light for round 1 and his non-participation in that game and subsequent RUMOURS that the lad has muscular injuries in his leg, Does anyone really know what is going on? Any comments appreciated.

    • I thought he was impressive in the NAB Cup. I hung onto him after he wasn’t selected for Round 1 because:

      – He was Def/Mid
      – He was substantially cheaper than Heppell
      – Hirdy said he would play round 2

      Now I am left hoping the Dons lose (even though I tipped them) and/or suffer injuries. Sorry bomber fans!

      If he is not selected next week I will need to consider whether or not I hang onto him or trade for a rookie who is on the bubble and likely to get games. I am $900 short on Curnow in this regard…fmdt…so it may have to be Libba.

  • hes not injured just they dont want to play him yet they want him to have more of a run with bendigo- he was training at 100% week of dogs game and didnt get selected.

  • Please arrange in order of who will score more:




    • you dont know who is going to score more you have more luck flipping a coin. heppel could ton up or get 40, stanley could get 100 or 40 ? its just what happens on the day – go with what you think you cant predict the result

    • Sorry mate, my crystal ball just turned opaque!!!

    • Please arrange in order of who will score more:


      • Please arrange girls in order of hotness:

        Pendles Missus
        Michael Clarke’s new chick
        Laura Dundovic
        Chick from How I Met Your Mother

  • decisions decisions…
    who to play in mid; FOLEY or HARRIS

    who to play backs; DUIAGAN or STANLEY

  • Richardson, C or Matera, B

    what one?

    • I’m going with Matera, just a gut feeling on that one!
      Last week game in the stifling heat, the emotion surrounding the SUNS….
      Matera can play midfield, goal kicker, was impressed in NAB 1 minute he was in fwd goal square, a minute later marking in the backline!

  • Hi everyone,

    whoever has didak don’t be sad about his score of 67.

    I would feel sorry for people who had Logan in theirteam who had to tag him.


  • just made the trade to win me the car
    selwood for curnow
    richardsond for tapscott

    • i hope your joking, i wish subs were called thursday nights would save so much stress

      • im not ive got a awesome team setting up for price rise ive got 550000 sallery cap expecting 2200 this week

    • LMAO!!!! : )

      • u will be when i pull out big numbers

        • LMAO his point is, you’ve already used 2 of your trades in round ONE lol. At this rate you’ll be out of trades by Round 12 lmao and the ONLY FJ Cruiser you’ll be getting is a cut out from a Toyota Magazine lmao :D

          Some people just can’t help themselves ;)

  • Just on SEN…

    Clint Jones and Helbig are the subs

  • Just wondering is it only players named on the interchange that get named sub or could it be any player.
    I wanna start libba on the field again this week but seeing as his named on interchange im concerned he might get subbed.

    • Roumer has it, that LIB will be The SUB, but that won’t be official till 90mins before the game!!

      It makes it very hard to be 100% confident when Subs are not named when the team lists come out, which is something I think the AFL really need to change!!

  • I currently have M. Morton in the fwd line thinking of trading to either Zaha, O’Keefe or Sylvia what do people think?

  • wtf montagna got a kick?

  • What happened to j.voldt

  • HereIam86

    Andrew Krakouer the sub.