Secret Squirrel: Round 1

I know you have all been waiting for this post, when the Secret Squirrel shows you how he designed his mid priced team. Firstly, due to the massive amounts of hatred for this style of team, it inspired me to go away from my beloved GnR team.  I will include a link so you can all follow the progress of this amazing team throughout the year.

Let’s have a quick look at this crazy concept of not starting a rookie on the field. Okay, so I may have had to alter the concept a little due to suspensions.  There are also some bye risks along the way, but RISK is my middle name.



Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio and Gram – Having DP links into the midfield has helped with these selections, as you can see they can all be swapped with Heppell in the midfield, this should help reduce the bye issues. Gram is the only potentially unique player, but he seemed underpriced and was worth the risk.

Mid priced

Laidler, Broadbent and Otten – Most people had Otten, but I liked the discounted price of Laidler and he was named on the wing. Broadbent was underpriced in my eyes and also is DP linked with a very late bye, so hopefully you can skip some of the bye chaos.


Duigan, Batchelor, Toy – Cheap options, nothing too crazy with these selections.


This is a section I potentially cheated a little with regards to a mid priced strategy, I considered Harris as a mature body who has played AFL before and hence is more than just a rookie.


Swan, Boyd, Stanton and Jack – Saved a little coin by selecting both Stanton and Jack, but I have a feeling these two players will potentially push into the 105+ category.

Mid priced

Foley – Okay, so the guy had the runs and produced a rather SHITE score to match.


Heppell, Harris, Prestia, Swallow – These were rather obvious picks and Prestia is basically in the team to provide the DP link into the forwards.



Cox and Ryder – Two gun rucks who can both drift forward, also both have proven to be durable over the course of many years.


Smith and Tippett – Smith should play for the Gold Coast at some points and Tippett was purely the link to Petrie



Riewoldt, Franklin, Higgins – Aimed for the underpriced premiums in my eyes. No massive complaints at the moment and with a range of potential bargains to be had in this section, I am looking forward to turning the likes of Knights, Fyfe, Darling and Matera into names like Harvey, SJ, Goodes and the many other failed premium forwards.

Mid priced

Fyfe, Knights, Petrie – Fyfe is dual listed and has massive upside, loving this pick at the moment. Knights was on many DT radars and Petrie provides the DP links to the rucks.


Darling, Richardson and Matera – No crazy names here, just pure points scorers.

Scoring 2110 is a nice start to the league, considering there is some solid depth on the bench and plenty of scope to alter this team quickly to maximise the cash generations of the rookies and increase the scoring power.


The current trading concepts that are floating around is the following.

Laidler/Broadbent -> Lower

This trade can simply wait until next week, Foley also gets another chance in the team to see how he can perform when he does not have the runs.

Hopefully you enjoy watching the progress of this team and I look forward to smashing all those GnR styled teams out there.


  • What was your score this week?

  • I will be playing Laidler – -Lower- duigan – Heppel all in the back line

  • I went your strategy too. My team is similar in structure. Team Tooler scored 2167 I think.

  • i don’t really think this is a mid-priced strategy, i’ve seen a lot of teams look like this.

    i don’t think Laidler and Otten are mid-priced but high priced rookies like D. Swallow

    I like Fyfe though, he looked really solid

    • Yeah, I agree. My team is more ‘mid-priced’ than this one.

      Unfortunately, my team also sucks.

    • yeah same. Only 6 maybe 7 genuine mid rangers in this team. He wont score 2110 again next week as well.

      • End of the day a mid priced team just attempts to not start any rookies on the field, I cannot help it if the salary cap allows names like Swan and Goddard to be included.

        • yeah, that’s what I would define as a mid priced strat. as well SS. I scored 2169 with a relatively similar strategy, except I start 2 rookies. Fortunately, because of dpp/mpp, those two rookies can be anyone I want :D In all seriousness, a gun is really anyone who averages between 90 and dane swan (depending on position). The magic number this year was about 4150 from memory, so subsequently (once again position dependent), certified guns are about 370 000+. A rookie is essentially someone priced under D Swallow (less than 160 000), so a mid pricer is really anyone between the 160 000 and 370 000 mark.

          I count 10 players in that price bracket (with quite a few just over on the borderline). 8 players if you remove ryder and cox (as they are ruck premiums), but 9 if you count K. Jack (who doesn’t really fit the ‘premium’ price for midfielders.).

          using roughly the same measuring system, I have 8 midpricers :)

          and you’d just be stupid to not go players such as swan and goddard in a mid priced strategy if your salary cap allows.

  • btw, Fyfe is a gun!!!

  • Don’t really undersand how this MID price strategy… Too many Guns… Lots of teams look like this!!!

    • True, 99% of teams have Broadbent.

    • Yeah, this is not a mid-priced team IMO.

      I think you talk the talk squirrel, but you haven’t walked the walk here.. A pure mid-price team shouldn’t have all of: Swan, Boyd, Gibbs,Cox, Ryder, Stanton, Goddard, Reiwoldt AND Franklin.

      Tisk, tisk…

      • That’s only 9 guns, the salary cap is such you cannot have many less than that. A true GnR strat would have 13 or 14 guns, he has 6 or 7 middies as well. Mid-price doesn’t mean picking your whole team from players in the 200-300 bracket, it means picking more than you would in GnR

    • Jeez you guys talk sh*t.

      This looks nothing like the standard teams everyone has.

      Further, if he pick 22 200-250K players and 11 rookies he’ll have $2M left over.

      Read his fucking article, he is going for no rookies playing (I thik he breaks it twice); that’s HIS definition of a mid-priced team. As it is his article it’s his rubrik. Fankly, your ill-formed opinin means fuck-all, and wastes valuable comment space.

      Also, no one has Broadbent who understands the game.

      Dumb fucks.

  • What a horrible team.
    Go back to GUNS N ROOKS and dont post any more updates please!

    • TKOL, you have Gram don’t you?

      Apart from Fyfe who I already have, I’m not excited by any of SS middies.

    • On paper it looks horrible, but 2110 is not a bad first round score. As Squirrel has stated there is good upwards trading potential. However it is a Gun/Mid/Rookie team similar to many others – just a few unique picks.

      • Yes I have Gram – keeper!
        I dont have 6 or 7 maybe’slike fyfe and laidler that will only do my head trying to upgrade, i need cash to upgrade 6 kids to premiums and im done, vwoila, or should i say “oh what a feeling Toyota”

        • Fyfe will go ok – so far so good.

          • Fyfe will comfortably outscore gram and cost $50K less – you van take that to the bank. Who cares what the cost of a player is as long as he scores like a premium!!

        • Yes, many (probably 25,000 people) know the correct winning strategy. And about the same amount of people will have 90% common teams. It may be the person who thinks outside the box who takes the car.

          I have gone against convention and left Goddard in the mids, and took J over N Woldt. Who knows? It could pay off.

        • dont like you much tkol but you are absolutely spot on here. Mid rangers are next to useless. Guns and rookies are the way to go as it allows you to get the best possible team with the least trades and worries. The way i see it i want every player in my team to rise by atleast 100k or to be a keeper.I myself have gone for a hard core guns and rookies team and have NO players between 160k (swallow) and 330k (jolly) and only have to upgrade 6 players between now and round 21. And before you all tell me that i need unique players i have gone with Rockliff in the mids for something different.

        • Go play on the freeway you arrogant prick!!!
          quit bagging out others teams and concentrate on your own!
          you have not won a car, so get of your fucking high horse!

          • Im with you leroy – i haven’t read so much crap since i had to read Mein Kampf at uni!!

      • Nah Petters, SS team is humdrum at best.

        Where’s Krak? Isn’t he a a midpricer?

        A lot of people have got J. Tippett simply to have a DPP link for Petrie and I think they”re both duds. I don’t see the point and I’m happy not to have ANY of Higgins; Petrie; Tippett; Foley; or even Prestia.

        Maybe K. Jack has some promise but it’s funny that the only player in my team who I’m not happy with is my mid pricer – Hurley.

        I appreciate that SS side is a lab experiment but if you haven’t started with ANY of Tapscott, Lower, Curnow, Krakouer, or Big Sandi you will be still walking to school next year.

        • Krak is in there (top of the forwards).

        • how on earth could krak be considered a mid ranger? Sure he has played before but he is under 140k! Imo anyone under 160k is to be considered a rookie (includiing swallow of course).

        • You wouldn’t pick Higgins, Petrie or Foley yet you picked Hurley? Someone who has never proven himself and you must have picked purely on the thought “he must be good someday”. Last year the person who won went midprice, GnR is good but there is always going to be someone that risks it and gets lucky. Midpricers turn into guns every year. I don’t think SS has picked those midpricers but your GnR team is likely to be about as original as a lime-green falcon and as likely to win you the car as me dancing in red undies chanting praise to the gods of DT.

  • Richmond are like a mid-priced team…

    Bachar Houli (ex-Essendon, given a go), Shaun Grigg (ex-Carlton, given a go), Nathan Foley (used to be a good player, on their list at a discount), Tyrone Vickery (should be a resting ruckman, played at centre-half forward)…

    • Yeah you could auto-fill your side with Richmond players and still have heaps of cash left.

      • Haha,

        l made a Richmond side, Just to see how he boys go…
        You couldnt actually field a full side, as not enough forwards…all the backs played forward…anyway they scored 1237 With only 19 players…
        Funny part was the team ranking of 190k out of 250k…wtf are the other 60k doing.

        I’m hoping to trade Tuck and Moore in this week…..Really want to give Nahas a run in the mid’s…

  • A mid priced straegy????? Theres only 4 mid priced players in that side, I have more in my team and i managed 2161 this week………………

    • Exactly on the ball. This is a piece of crap article. Should be rubbish binned.

      • jimbarts, you’re a fuckhead. End of story. Your fetus is what should have been binned, you smart arse cunt. Oh well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I bet your dads had the snip since though, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be responsible for spawning another of the worlds cunts, or polluting the gene pool any further.

        If the article (which clearly SS worked pretty hard on) isn’t to your liking, how bout you get of your lazy arse and post something yourself. Either that or simply shut the fuck up.

        • So much like for this comment, I’m loving the fight back. There is so many cunts who just whinge and never add anything positive. Not too mention he has no idea wtf he is talking about

  • When i think of mid-priced team i thought it would of been full of players such as:
    Everitt, Sheppard, Suckling, Goldstein, R. Warnock, Morton, Varcoe, Zaharakis, Duncan, Monfries, Ward, Tambling, Kennedy, Sidebottom, SS team is a GnR team with a few unique picks

    • Spot on EMM, this aint no mid priced strategy…….

      • Hey doorknob, why not just drop the door from your name. It would be a little more fitting to your personality. Why constantly flame someone who puts in the effort to put together and post articles. There is absolutely nothing constructive in your posts. BTW 2100 ish is the bench mark, you’ve hardly excelled dickhead. Further, it’s round 1. Then again, you might aswell gloat, I bet it’s the highest score you get all year. Lets see you post an article. I mean the way half the faggots in this site carry on, there will be noone left who’s game enough to post anything (good or bad) because of cunts like you. Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.

        BTW, tell your momma I ain’t gonna fuck her again till you learn some manners, punk.

        • Grow up and let me know when ya get to high school ya tard, fark me for disagreeing with this article…….

          No doubt i’ll give your bunch of novices a smashing for the entire year, interested in a little side wager or are you gonna go hide behind my momma’s skirt, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah eactly right, just a cpl unique picks

  • Agreed EMM… Where’s Tambling for Swan and Zahara for Franklin etc… Then you could have used them to upgrade to Guns and shown us the value of a mid-pricer upgrade… Would have been good to see – if you could have picked the right mid pricers and kept cash in the bank.

    • At no time do i support a mid-priced team, why because i’ve played DT for 3 years and last year i tried and loaded up on mid-priced at it failed big time, i had Ziebell, Hall, Dangerfield, Kennelly, just to name a few, you can get a score of 2200 one week and 1800 the next.

      It also kills and in the long run, these guys don’t make you any money going forward, you may be lucky and bag a keeper but it’s not worth it, then you have to keep trading to get premuims in your team it hurts all round, there’s too many negatives.

      • well said mid rangers are as useful as tits on a bull in 95% of cases and are just not worth it.

    • WTF! Mid price doesn’t mean picking every mid priced player that you or other any dickhead can think of. It’s simply spreading the cash over a few more players instead of going pure GnR, you cannot pick all midpricers as there is rookies you have to pick and as a result spare cash to buy players like Swan and Goddard. As for keeping cash in the bank, wtf is point of that. It’s just money that’s not getting any you points.

      If you want to see your spastic strategy fail, you should start your own segment though I doubt you have the mental faculties to formulate any coherent ideas over a few hundred characters in length.

  • Doesnt look anything like a mid price team.. Wouldn’t the mid price mid be more like
    Swan, Thompson, Anthony, Palmer, Martin, fyfe?

  • I love it how the perception of a mid priced team is the fact you cannot have names like Swan, Goddard, Boyd, Gibbs…

    Assuming that nobody is injured and NOBODY is on a bye there is NOT one player that has never played AFL football before.

    Otten – He is below the top rookie price, but he has still played AFL football before.

    Harris – This select I decided to take a little creative licence with the structure. Still he played a heap of football for North Melbourne and is only cheap because he took a few years off to join GC.

    Krakouer – Played a heap of games for Richmond and is potentially taking liberties again.

    Lower end premiums
    Gram, Higgins and Jack – These names are not highly selected on many teams.

    Typical mid priced players
    Laidler, Broadbent, Knights, Petrie

    Previous AFL experience
    Otten, Harris, Krakouer

    There are still names like Duigan, Heppell, Swallow, Richardson, Darling…. That are starting on the field of many of the GnR teams.

    Consider the best 22 does not have ONE player that is on the field without AFL experience, this to me is a mid priced team. If it was GnR, Broadbent, Laidley, Knights and even Fyfe may have been either rookies or premiums.

    • I also forgot the name Fyfe as a mid priced player.

      • Good read Squirrel. In the end this is just a big game which relies on 50% skill and 50% luck. With 254,551 people playing I don’t think you, me, Warnie, Roy, Calvin, Chopper, Dr DT, Fantasy Freako or any of the paper experts on this forum are going to win the car. It’s all about the fun and the competition.

        • Agreed for the most part. Dunno about 50% luck, but a good portion is definitely needed. Anyone who says skill and skill alone will get you over the line is talking out of their a-hole. End//

      • Good article Squirrel, don’t agree with all of it but that’s ok. At least you’re contributing and some valid points…can’t say the same for some of the response. Cheers.

    • too true mate, some people just don’t get it

    • not a real mid range team, too many guns and rookies to be considered one. Only about 5 genuine midrangers out of 22 players, if it were a real mid range team it would have at least 8 or 9 midrangers.

      • I’m glad we have the absolute authority on all things DT in the form of the all mighty ‘tom’. Thanks so much for your wise words, please tell us the definitive definitions for all the terms we use as I honestly don’t know what I would do if I had to think for myself.

    • Hey SS i think your doing a top job using your valuable squirrell time to do this to help us out and show a different way to the norm of selecting a team that might be useful down the track whether its this year or next year…. and I mean its footy season which means winters coming up which means ur time is valuable and this is going to eat into ur winter food stash..

      but it is appriciated and I will be looking forward to what you say in the future

    • hope u win the car Squirrel. If u don’t the knobs here will think they are right even though they won’t come anywhere near the top either…

  • Ok it’s a guns n discount price team then..

    • Tell me which players break the rules of a mid priced team in your eyes, then tell me how I could have fixed it to suit your definition of a mid priced team.

      Remember we have such a HUGE salary, that allows us to create teams with a few guns.

      • I think what everyone is trying to say is if it was a midprice team then you would of downgraded a couple of top line premos eg Godd, Boyd Swan and upgraded a couple of the rookie type players in Harris, Krak and Otten who are all on your field.

        eg swan for Anthony, Boyd for Rocky, and Godd for Adcock fiving you approx 500k
        then go Swallow to Danger, Prestia to Zaha and Otten to Hurley, just examples but you get the point

        • Understandable, I do see your point and I guess I did take a little creative licence with the term midpriced. Just not sure I could justify having Otten and Krakouer on the bench was my main issue.

          I think the potential one place I cheated was starting Harris on the field. This was mainly due to attempting to have two DP links, back to my backs and forwards. This meant it was hard to obtain Swallow and Harris without one of them on the field.

          I personally view this as a mid priced team because if I went with my truly preferred option of GnR, it would have not contained so many names like Foley, Petrie, Laidler, Broadbent, Fyfe, Jack, Knights, Higgins and maybe even Gram.

          I guess it just really bugs me that people have this view that a mid priced team cannot contain a number of guns.

          To me a mid priced team has to miss out on some of the more expensive guns and looks for cheaper options.

          Gram v Broughton
          Stanton v Montagna
          Jack v Pendlebury
          Ryder v Sandilands
          Higgins v Didak
          Fyfe v Gooodes
          Broadbent v Grimes
          Laidler v Enright

          Those selections are the slight differences between the two structures. There is often a core group of players which are consistent over both strategies, but they are subtle differences.

      • No one says you have to use the whole salary cap.

        A mid priced team would be exactly that, full of mid-pricers!

        Everyone knows how the premiums are going to go, no need to include them – boring.

        Would have been much more interesting to see how many mid-price risks pay off in the long run.

        • No guns, no rookies – only mid pricers.

          Balls on the line completely.\

          Maybe next year, champ.

  • I would also like to add, if I wanted a truly GnR team some of the following names would have been selected.

    Montagna, Bartel, Grimes, Duffield, Enright, Broughton, Pendlebury, Harvey, SJ, Goodes, O’Keefe…

    • You appear to be getting quite upset and offended secret squirell. It seems u feel the need to defend urself. Take a deep breath and come back when u have calmed down.

      • I just think there is confusion surrounding the term mid priced team, many people assume that you cannot have a gun players. To me it is more about selecting the cheaper premiums over some of the more expensive premiums, with a combination of some hopeful breakout players.

        Combine this with the fact of not really starting any true rookies on the field.

        To me that is a mid priced team, otherwise the team would have been.

        Without doing the maths

        Laidler -> Lower
        Broadbent -> Stanley
        Knights -> Tapscott
        Foley -> Bewick

        Fyfe -> Didak
        Jack -> Montagna
        Higgins -> Goodes
        Gram -> Enright

        • It sounds like it is along similar lines to birdy’s lay down your guns strategy. People who are complaining about this not being a real mid price team get over it. If u want to know how a team with only mid price players would go u should create the team yourself. Secret squirrel is allowed to pick whoever he wants in his side. Personally I have gone with a GnR strategy wit a couple of midpricers that I see a lot of upside in, Petrie and knights. I didn’t strictly go GnR but this is the basis of my team, wheras SS has used mid price options more than most coaches. I don’t believe this team would rank top 5000, but it is different and if his mid price and cheaper premiums work out he could be in a better position than most of us think. At the end of the day I think SS has done a good job trying to pick a competitive side whilst including rookies only on the bench. Interesting to see so many haters bagging out people who are putting time into this great website to serve our DT addiction

          • +1 the haters should all fuck off

          • + 1

            all SS is trying to do is highlight that there are other less popular strategies (other than GnR) that can and do work….. and i think he has done that. i am interested to see how the team goes over the year!

  • Nice read, thanks

    Anyone know if the freako is coming out today??

  • Would you suggest trading the injured Easton Wood for Robbie tarrant? Or someone else? or keep Wood till he returns?

  • Squirrel, sorry cobs, but having 6 genuine mid priced players out of your 33 does not make it a mid priced strategy. Nor does it make it a mid priced team. You are just taking a couple of risks with some mid priced players, no different to alot of other teams in the competition.

    • It is those 6 slight differences that to me is the difference in structures. It is having the likes of Swallow, Richardson, Stanley, Coad, Darling… on your bench when compared to sitting in your best 22.

      • I really admire your determination in trying to explain to everyone what mid-price strat means, but I think the only way these simple folk would understand is if everyone in your team was mid-priced. The subtle differences between this and a pure GnR are obviously potentially season changing, and it’s how the winner last year managed to separate himself from the pack if I am not mistaken.

        Subtlety often causes stupid people get angry because they do not understand the important differences. If I was you, I wouldn’t bother trying to explain to those to thick to understand how your strategy is actually exceptionally different to their own generic teams. Just keep updating us through the year how it is going, I am very to curious to see how successful it will.

        On the other hand if you want to make a team that every moron in here will be comfortable with, pick a team that only has players priced between 240 and 260. When they see guns like Swan and Gibbs in a midpriced team it merely confuses the few brain cells they have between them and they get angry.

        I think the majority of us understand a midprice strat purely involves picking 5 – 8 under priced players with the aim of upgrading them more easily to guns. With the main aim being to minimise the effect of chance on your teams scoring as rookies are notorious for knocking out scores anywhere from 20 to 100.

  • Also one of the main reasons a lot of people dont seem to consider it a mid price team is because it scored 2110. Normally a mid priced team would have scored 1800-1900. Although i too dont agree that it is a genuine mid priced team its certainly not a guns and rookies team either and i applaud your efforts and congrats on the score of 2110 beat me by 15 :p

  • Hey Guys
    Ballantyne or Fyfe?
    I made my team again and am unsure who the last piece in my forward line is.

  • When is Calvins captains coming out?

  • Great article Squirrel. Will follow you advice but where is Fantasy Freako with his mailout today?

  • Squirrel, kudos on having a crack and contributing to the site.

    Your side totally blows, because it isn,’t a very good version of ANY of these 3 main types of sides:

    1) GnR – Many Guns -NO mids- many kids and rookies
    2) Balanced -Some guns, some rookies and a few quality mid pricers) OR
    3) Mid-Priced – All 22 starters are mid priced, trying to avoid

    As many have eloquently and repeatedly pointed out, your side is more like a ‘Balanced’ side with a couple of uniques thrown in for flavour, rather than a true Mid-price setup….which might look like this:

    Gram, E.Wood, Everitt, C.Dempsey, R.Shaw, B.Thornton,J.Hunt (Otten, Laidler,

    • ooops…cont’d

      Squirrel, kudos on having a crack and contributing to the site.

      Your side totally blows, because it isn,’t a very good version of ANY of these 3 main types of sides:

      1) GnR – Many Guns -NO mids- many kids and rookies
      2) Balanced -Some guns, some rookies and a few quality mid pricers) OR
      3) Mid-Priced – All 22 starters are mid priced, trying to avoid low scores early on and using less double trades to aquire guns down the track

      As many have eloquently and repeatedly pointed out, your side is more like a ‘Balanced’ side with a couple of uniques thrown in for flavour, rather than a true Mid-price setup….which might look like this:

      Gram, E.Wood, Everitt, C.Dempsey, R.Shaw, B.Thornton, J.Hunt (Otten, Laidler, N. Krakouer)
      Higgins, Blair, Zaharakis, Palmer, D. Martin Shuey C. (C.Ward, A.Swallow, A. Krakouer,)
      P.Ryder, M.Clark (Petrie, Hale)
      Varcoe, J.Kennedy, Fyfe, Hurley, Yarran, Knights (Hardingham, Veszpremi, M.Walters)

      This is just a quick mock up side to illustrate the point of what a TRUE Mid priced side might look like. No real cash cow rookies, not superstar guns.

      • Just wanted to add that a side like this STILL SUCKS in my opinion.

        The fact that Squirrel had to tinker like a mad scientist and ‘Frankenstein’ a bad ‘balanced’ side to avoid scoring 1800 just goes to show how fucked the mid-priced ONLY strategy really is. It cannot be done..

        • I actually feel dirty after typing that side out…


          • 4 posts in a row ay, looks like everyone is listening to you phil ken sebben you royal fucking hack. go find another DT website to bore the shit out of.

          • +1 @ Wallcob.

          • Phil, no one in their right mind is going to select 22 mid-priced players. The difference between mid-price and G’n’R is that a pure G’n’R team might have a 15/7 split of guns and rookies, whereas a mid-price team might look more like 12/8/2, with an emphasis on finding value in the mid-priced players.

          • Virgil, at least one person understands the difference between a midpriced team and a GnR team. Thank fucking christ.

            PKS, its not a valid strategy if you could never do well with it. The abortion of a team you call a midprice there is about as subtle as a sledge hammer to the face. That is the most crude, rubbish, moronic, infantile, simplistic (you get my point) take on the midprice strategy I have ever seen.

    • Glad we have real experts on terminology. Can you explain why you think your definition is the correct one?

      While we are at it why don’t I give my own ideas:

      Good bloke: anyone who writes an article so we can all have something to read cos we can’t get enough
      Brain half full: Anyone who reads for the sake of reading
      Brain half empty: Anyone who reads but doesn’t understand but doesn’t care either way
      Majority of us: Someone who reads the article then is vain enough to think that everyone needs to know what they think
      Wankstain: Someone who really needs to get over themself – uses DTtalk to find a new group of people that aren’t already sick of their bullshit so they can tell them how much they know.

      It’s good everyone’s got an opinion but that’s really all we have. I have a wankstain buddy who starts every conversation by congratulating you on having an opinion then telling you why it’s wrong. After discussing whatever and finding out that he knows little he tells you why you were right in the first place and that’s what he said. Stick to helping each other and taking or ignoring advice. Have some fun with DT, it isn’t about exhausting the supply of people in the world who might care what you think.

      Now I’m off to find some more people to piss off.

  • sorry squirell old mate, you ‘ll find that the likes of my midfield swallow, watson, thomas, jack, sylvia and swallow are the likes of mid price midfielders as the highest players are up around 450>. this is what i call a mid price midfield

    • You’re right, only the mediocre midfield you came up with could ever be consider midprice. Any other combination must be something else. I bet SS is kicking himself that he didn’t consult you.

  • Thanks for the article Squirrel.

    There is some serious trolling going on here, and also trolling of trolls. It makes for some funny reading.

  • Well done mate a healthy score for round 1 it’s a pretty good idea that will go very well this year, given the bye rounds. You are missing 2-3 guns but every player has a min of 2 games rest this season so by spending less money on guns you are making sure that your bench is worth less during multi bye and bye rounds. E.g when Collingwood and St Kilda have byes my bench will be worth over $1mil each time this may force me to make a trade depending on who I am playing in my league, when Collingwood have a bye your bench will only be worth $650,000 and st kilda is much closer to mine at 1.25 Mil.

    Looking at the above posts maybe you should refer to the team a mid priced gun approach.

    Another thing that looks good about this approach is job security, usually these mid pricers have cemented their spot in the team while rookies have to force their way into the team and will often play the first game and then get dropped to only play again 10 weeks later. Also surpised not to see zaha or Davis in the team as well, but as we all know there are limited spots availiable in our teams.

  • If there has EVER been a poster boy for “mid-priced” teams, it is a person called SkankDanker.

    Here is his team:

    You will notice that his 7th defender is Otten, his 7th forward is Krakouer and the main difference is he has Foley as his 6th midfielder. Now I did admit in the initial comments that I slightly cheated to place Harris as my 6th midfielder.

    Most people that design a GnR approach will attempt to have 14-16 “keepers”, this structure is a subtle change only having 12 keepers. It is still what can be defined as a Mid priced team.

    To everyone suggesting that a mid priced team ONLY has mid priced players with no guns and no rookies, you’re seriously missing the point and nobody playing this game seriously would consider this an appropriate strategy.

    I am pleased that many people feel that this team is terrible, it will make it just that much more enjoyable when I finish high in the rankings.

    • SS, i’m glad your on here because i wanted to say i think many people got my comments mixed up, i was only pointing out the reason why a full-on mid-priced team doesn’t work, then secondly that there was alot of mid-priced players that you didn’t pick that i would assume would normally be in a mid-priced team. After only reading your comments today, i agree with you mainly because of 2 changes to the comp this year, 1: larger salary cap and 2: larger squad so you can’t fill and be competitive with a team of only mid-priced. So i hope you didn’t take my comments as criticism.

      • lmfao Emm, read my post below!

        • must of wrote it at the same time, i was quite suprised after i logged off how people regarded my comments should of stuck around to read SS replies, at no stage did i say this team was bad but the fact it didn’t have the mid-priced i was thinking about

          • Yeah, I realized you weren’t bagging his team! lol.
            Blame it on the salary cap, not SS, is what i reckon! (:

    • have a look at baadsanta’s team pret6ty similar just different players

  • Just my opinion, but if Reiwoldt or Franklin were Zaharakis, the team would be a great deal closer to mid-price teams people are suggesting, so pretty Mid-price for me!
    Agree that the salary cap allowed this mid-price team to also include the must have Guns!
    I still stand by the G’n’R approach, you said you’d bet you’d end up ranking higher than me, (in your very first article,) so early days, I know, but i’m happy to be 75pts up on ya! (:
    Nice choice with Fyfe & Gram btw!!!
    Good luck SS!
    (And thanx for your contributions-SS & DT are alright with me!)

    • Infact, I went with E.Wood and McEvoy, after having McKernan & Ryder in my prelim team!

  • I went with a mid-price strategy also. Some of the names I have include:

    Deledio, Connors, Grimes & Otten
    Rockliff, Jack, Anthony & Foley
    Petrie & Hale
    Zaharakis, Fyfe, Petterd & Knights.

    Was screwed over by the sub-rule, but am happy with how they all went.

  • just a side note:

    The Team ranked No 1 in the world has Murphy, Mitchell, Priddis, ROK, Rioli

    The Team ranked 2nd in the world has Stanton, Anthony, Zaha, Fyfe, Knights,

    all of these would be regected by most coaches of a pure G & R team. (of these 10 I only have ROK)