Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Rd 1

The Round 1 Fantasy Freako Rave is out now. If you aren’t subscribed to it on email, do so by signing up at and you will get it delivered every Wednesday.

In it you will find stats for every player who has played with their prices, time on ground, points per minute and average. There is also plenty of other advice scattered throughout.

This is a must read for any serious Dream Team coach.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Round_1




  • Great stuff freako

    Should I trade foley to curnow, then brown to chappy this week????
    Thoughts please, cheers

    • Cover Brownie with a benchy and wait till next week!
      What if Curnow stinks it up with a 30 odd, and Chappy does a hammy in Perth???
      Your benchy should score more than JB 30, & Foley could have an 80+, so do youself a favour, and hold back till next week, player breakevens next week too!

      • I thinking of doing the same kind of thing.. Brown to Tapscott and Foley to Chapman.. I know if I don’t wait Chapman will twang and Tapscott with spud.. but if I wait I’m sure Chapman will smash out a 140+ for his 200th..
        I know waiting is the right thing to do but it’s so hard…

        • cant understand why alot of people wanna knee jerk trade out foley? if you picked him in your squad it must have been for a reason. I didnt but i certainily wouldnt be burning a trade after one bad score when the guy was crook as a dog. very strange

          • Aerosmith are big DT fans too, just heard they re-worked one of their hits this week:

            Foley’s got the runs
            Foley’s got the runs
            My Dream Team’s come undone
            Was lookin’ for a mid-priced gun

            What did Hardwick do?
            Made you play when you needed a poo
            They say when Foley was substituted
            They found a rather nasty stain

            But my DT never saw it comin’, now that Foley got a run
            It ain’t never gonna be the same.

    • I have Brownie too but am holding off another week. Gunna check out ROK, Dawes and J Volt this week. Also my gold coast rookies.

  • Interesting stat from Freako.
    Besides the two payers who were subbed and Armfield ,
    Gibbs TOG of 77% was the lowest of all carlton players for his 147.
    Impressive, even if it was against Richmond.
    Even Swan played 87%.

    • Yeah super impressive for Gibbsy.. Ave $2724 per point..anything under 3k per point for a premo is bloody fantastic in my book.
      Just to note Curnow averaged $901 per point…that is some good bang for buck.

    • That is amazing re Gibbs!!!
      So there hope yet, for the true elite that get subbed at 3qtr time, to score 140s still! (:

    • Even more impressive if you look at $ per point * TOG…this brings his $PP down to $2097 per point…this is streets ahead of next premo midfielder (i am classifying this as over $350k) who was Jobe,,,with $2394 $PP when factoring TOG.

      Go Bryce…$64 for brownlow at the moment as a side note ;)

      • you could do worse than to chuck a 50 on him and Murphy. Any idea what his odds are?

      • Pity it wasn’t last year when I had my $50 on him at the same odds prior to round one !

  • cheers freako! lovely as per usual

  • I did my two trades…out Goodes in Zaharakis, out Anthony in Stanton.

    • Good man, get in early before the teams come out
      just to make it all that more exciting with the thrill of


    • Not sure if serious…

      • Goodes to get 120 this week and Stanton to get tagged :)

        As a side note…..I own Goodes and will continue to do so.

    • Hahah clearly (well hopefully) a joke

      • I sold Gibbs for Yarran & Sandilands for Petrie, it feels so good to have some cash freeing for next week so I can upgrade Swan to Tendulkar and Boyd to Troy Wilson.

        Oh the excitemento trading. It get’s me going.

        • Go Ul-Huq over Tendulkar, Tendulkar’s busy this week and probably won’t play.

    • No……. Surely not.

  • the more and more I read the freako, the more and more generic and uninformitive it reads.
    maybe its just me.

  • Is Petrie playing this week? It has a cross on his name for some reason

  • I think the red cross next to the names mean that that player was missing the in the last Round played. So will Palmer play this Round and should I play him or bring in Prestia.

  • Whats everyone’s thoughts on Shaun Atley from the Kangas? I’m going for league win so not trading until next week but just thought I might get some opinions about him getting 40 last week…

    • If you are worried about job security then that shouldnt be a problem. He has basically taken bastinac’s position this yr. Not sure how well he will go against collingwood but just wait and see. I already had too many roos players in my team (Swallow, Harvey, Richo and Petrie) so i didnt pick him up.

    • I don’t rate him compared to other mids, preseason stats were not good. There are far better mid rook options out there. Also the GC rooks have a year of VFL behind them so older better bodies. I took Harris and Bewick over Atley.

  • Will Palmer play, if so will he be Sub again

  • this sub rule is not good for dt, whoever wins will win by luck.
    I have started good, equal 32 overall but im usually unlucky with alot of things.
    So I bet im going to go backwards with my players starting as or being a sub.

    • Was that a whinge or just an excuse to brag?

      • neither, I was actually surprised I am that high, none of my forwards got over 100 points.
        but I guess it was a low scoring round.. depending who you have.

        • Regarding the forwards, only seven forwards in the league managed to crak the ton. And I don’t think there were many teams who had two or more of these players as they all fall in the ‘Unique Picks’ category. So in essence everyone’s forward lines were average, thus not being such a big deal ranking wise.

          The 7 tons went to: Stevens (ADE) 125, Dawes (COL) 119, O’Keefe (SYD) 119, Riewoldt (RIC) 106, Jetta (Ess) 105, Zaharakis (Ess) 103 & Riolo (Haw) 100.

    • Dream Team has always had an element or luck involved in it. That is what makes it so compelling. If someone get’s injured on your opponents team in a GF playoff, then that’s just bad luck for them, and good luck for you. If your player starts as a sub, that’s just the luck returned.
      At least the sub-rule can somewhat be manipulated by not picking players who are sub-candidates. Unfortunatley, based on round one it seems that this rules out anyone who plays under Hardwick.

  • News on Hibberd??]
    If he doesnt play this week im quiting dreamteam

    • Think you’ll be quitting brother. I heard 4-5 weeks last week….

      • I think you’re better off finding the best rookie in the poisition that’s most in need of a back-up option and trading him out next week.

      • Awesome, I went Heppel, for JS.

        • Might end up trading Hibberd for Buckley :S

          • Buckley would be the first out of the side next week when Maxwell comes in. Even if he has a HUGE game, someone else would have to go down in the backline for him to stay in contention. Complete waste if a trade. Ignore the DPP link and choose another target.

  • Name your Prediction for the top 3 GUN Forwards in 2011…..