Chook’s Rooks – Round 1

The introduction of the Gold Coast meant it was always going to be a big year for rookies, but round one was even better than expected – and the Suns boys haven’t even taken the field yet.

While we might be facing off against league opponents from the first week this year, price rises haven’t changed and won’t impact our players until they play their third game. No use talking about breakevens this week, then. Instead, we’ll go old-school Grandstand and head around the grounds.

Carlton v Richmond

Carlton midfielder Ed Curnow had DT coaches trying to bend the rules of the partial lock out and squeeze him into their teams on Friday morning after he busted out a big 107 against Richmond on Thursday night. The score was tasty but watch out for someone like Brock McLean or David Ellard to steal Ed’s spot if he slips up. Popular back pick Nick Duigan provided a bit of dash of half back and scored 51, which is about what we can expect from him this year, I reckon.

On the Tigers’ side, high draft pick Reece Conca compiled a 61 after a shaky start – a good effort considering the one-sidedness of the match early – while defender Jake Batchelor and midfielder Brad Helbig finished in the 30s. Batchelor actually looked reasonably comfortable on debut, and Helbig scored well in the second half after eating his oranges on -3.

Geelong v St Kilda

While Carlton-Richmond gave us five rookies to appraise, the Geelong-St Kilda game gave us just one – the first of about 43 rookies named Cam, Cats defender Cam Guthrie – who matched Batchelor’s 39. A concern on both the job security and points potential fronts, Guthrie won’t be attracting too many suitors.

Collingwood v Port Adelaide

Pre-lock out, I was terrified that the sub rule would wreck havoc on our rookies (and rookie-priced players), but Collingwood recruit Andrew Krakouer was one of only a few to be impacted by the new rule. After using a run through the midfield to build up to a monster score of 96, Krakouer was subbed off in the final quarter of the Pies’ big win over Port Adelaide. It wasn’t until this time that teammate Simon Buckley finally fired up, failing to replicate his pre-season form with a underwhelming 54.

Port Adelaide elevated rookie Jarrad Irons was more successful at carrying impressive NAB form into the season-proper, building on a shaky start to chalk up 71 points – a touch under one point per $10 grand for the $80k midfielder. Irons was joined on debut by Cam O’Shea and Jasper Pittard, who managed 63 and 52 respectively.

Adelaide v Hawthorn

The Crows had a trio of players under the rookie-price umbrella take the field on Saturday, with back-forward option Shaun McKernan the best performed of the three from a DT perspective, picking up 83 points against the Hawks. McKernan took a couple of huge grabs, hopefully staking a claim on a place in the Crows’ line-up once Kurt Tippett returns. Andy Otten avoided the green and red jacket to produce a 64-point, handball-happy performance that disappointed a lot of coaches but one that I feel is about what we’ll see Otten average this season. Brodie Smith picked both Otten and McKernan in his DT but not himself, so won’t be too concerned by his 50-point game. You could’ve ushered Buddy through for a few more goals, though, Brodie.

On the Hawks’ side, Shane Savage lived up to the billing given to him by coach Clarkson with a handsome 70, while Matt Suckling managed 55. There’ll be pressure on these two to keep their spots, mind you.

Brisbane v Fremantle

There was a lot to like about the rookies running around the Gabba on Saturday night, with popular Brisbane midfield pick Rohan Bewick grabbing a decent 68, but, just as importantly, impressing enough to be considered among the Lions’ better players, improving his job security that little bit more. Teammate Ryan Lester was fairly handy, too, grabbing a 65 and the injuries that Brisbane sustained on the night will only help his chances of stringing together some money-making games.

Where Bewick and Lester were good, however, teammate Claye Beams and opposite number Nick Lower were great. After being traded out of a bunch of teams when he initially missed selection in the Lions’ round one team, Beams got his chance as a late replacement for Luke Power and then proceeded to dominate the DT scoreboard. Beams was on track for a big century, until a hip problem slowed him down in the second quarter, eventually being subbed off in the third with 62 points to his name. Fremantle’s Lower started just as well and kicked on, too, finishing the game with 98 precious DTs for those coaches brave enough to start him on the ground. I’m betting there’ll be a lot more willing to back him in round two. Fellow Docker Jayden Pitt was the other rookie to feature in the match, scoring 47 points.

Essendon v Western Bulldogs

Just two rookies made the grade in the Bombers-Bulldogs clash, but both made an impression, with Essendon’s popular def-mid option Dyson Heppell tripling his last NAB score with a 76 and Tom LIberatore snagging a 72 for Footscray. Both slotted into their respective sides well and I’m willing to bet Liberatore would have a lot more backers if the round four byes to the Bulldogs, Saints and Lions meant he wasn’t competing with the likes of Boyd, Montagna and Bewick for a place in our midfields.

Melbourne v Sydney

Another match with just a smattering of rookies, with Luke Tapscott making his long-awaited debut for the Dees and Byron Sumner slipping into Sydney’s round one side. While Sumner did little to suggest he’ll be a regular just yet, Tapscott looked completely at home at the top level, showing off his elite kicking skills and bruising some of the Swans with his AFL-ready frame. The news that Tom Scully will miss a month of football put Tapscott ahead of West Coast’s Jack Darling in the race for my final forward spot, but I came up $200 short when I tried to make the trade from Darling to Tapscott during the partial lock-out. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

West Coast v North Melbourne

Not that Darling looks to be a useless pick, though. The former under-age star applied the same defensive pressure in West Coast’s forward line that earned him a place in the Eagles’ round one side, landing four tackles in his score of 64 against North Melbourne. Teammate Andrew Gaff started as the dreaded sub but, luckily for his owners, an early injury to Chris Masten meant Gaff missed just the first quarter. He finished with 53 points.

North fielded more rookie-priced players than any other team, with the oldest of the four, Robbie Tarrant, being the most productive, clocking up 106 points in defence. Cam Pederson wasn’t far behind, registering 97 points in a role that saw him shoulder most of the ruck duties against DT superstar Dean Cox. Super-popular pick Cam Richardson chalked up a modest 61 while Shaun Atley managed 40 in a performance that was quiet from a DT point-of-view, but decent from a purely footy point-of-view, meaning he should get more chances to show what he can do.

Check back next week to see which rookies (bar GC and Adelaide players, of course) are on track for a big pay day on the eve of the first price rises.


  • great writeup as usual chook, keep it up late in the year when i need it :)

    • Cheers. Yeah, it gets a bit crazy towards the end. First two rounds of just waiting and watching after the initial frenzy of picking the right rooks is about the only period of calm in the whole freakin’ season!

      • is it worth going
        Atley to Curnow this week or wait to see next weeks results cos the prices wont change?

        • Definitely wait. Curnow could get a 30 or, worse still, hurt himself, while Atley might pump out a big score. Wait a week until price rises/drops begin to force your hand. Keep Atley’s third-round bye in mind, too.

          • Hey chook, out of Curnow, Conca, and I suppose Irons, though mainly the first two, who for the last midfield spot?

  • matera tapscott darling or richo on the field next week?

    • good write up chook, keep it up…

      • You’re just asking to brag about your solid stable of forward rookies, right? :)

        I’m putting Matera on the pitch due to the fact that he’s likely to get up the ground a little more.

        Plus, the Demons have been absolutley smashed by the Hawks in early rounds over the past few years, while North Melbourne has the reigning premiers.

        Darling has only got Port, but the Eagles have a day less rest, have to travel and apparently it was “stifling” in Perth on Sunday.

        So, yeah, Matera for me.

        • I can testify that it was ridiculously hot on sunday Chook. so the eagles may be a little overdone/underdone, depending on how you look at it.

          The way you put it sounds fair, I suppose Tapscott is probably a better scorer than Matera (we will see after a few rounds) but you do need to keep an eye on exactly who they’re playing in these early rounds.

          I’ll be happy with a 70 from either really.

          • Yeah, if you get it wrong I don’t expect it’ll cost you more than 10-20 points. Still, we like to squeeze every point out of our rookies around here.

    • Tapscott for me

    • Tough call.
      Tapscott or Richo for mine. Tapscott has the runs on the board, but the ball will be in Richardsons defensive zone for 3 quarters of the game against the pies. Surely 20+ possies and at least 80 points should follow.

      Darling did look good last week (I watched the game). He’s good for 50-80. Risky proposition.

      Matera (although a good young talent) will be lucky to get 5 touches. Two of those will probably be goals, so about 30 points for him i reckon. Avoid!

      • Port Adelaide defenders got terrible scores last week against Collingwood. Richo is likely to do the same.

        I’m leaning towards Tapscott

        • Great point Matty. I stand corrected. Didn’t really look at those scores.
          Further research obviously required before I select my starting defensive rooks then!

  • Great write up mate.
    You forgot to talk about Ryan Gamble who is at a rookie price.
    Hoping he can do better then last week..

    • True, I sometimes forget and gloss over the older blokes who are under the $160k tag. I don’t see Gamble as being a huge scorer for the season full-stop, but you’d hope he’ll have better days than the one against Geelong. Was a pretty putrid gameof footy, that one.

      • Yeah, I got him mainly for his job security (last second for Tapscott – kicking myself over it)…
        Still I hope he is able to score better then he did on Friday night. I’m sure he will…
        What are your thoughts on picking up a rookie you missed out on after round 2?
        Because I haven’t ruled out getting Tapscott for Gamble..
        Only if Tapscott does well again and Gamble has another shocker.. It would also make me a quick fire 60k..

  • Chook I was just wondering if i should stay Toy on the field in the backline this week or stick with heppell?
    Also, if Ive got 4 guns in the midfield is it good to have swallow and harris starting on the field?

    • I think the safer option is to stick with Heppell, but it’s hard one to predict. Obviously wait and see whether Toy is named before making any decision.

      I’d need to know who’s on your midfield bench before having a crack at that one, herb. And take any advice I dish out with a grand of salt too. No, that’s not a typo.

      • on the bench ive got irons, hibberd and matera, so swallow and harris would be the way to go i think. also one more question, how much will the rookies rise after the first three rounds, take curnow for example if he has 3 107’s in a row?

  • Good right except for the Ed Curnow assesment.
    It might take a few of you to realise how good this guy is. He was Sam mitchell/ Ed Barlow in the VFL last year and is the pick of the ball magnet rookies.
    Each week you’ll kick yourself for not having him!

  • dissapointed i didnt get to trade curnow in to my team dont want to waste a trade so early in the season

  • Prestia/Tapscott/Matera

    I need to play two… who do i chose?

    • prestia and tapscott :)

      • Agreed. I think Prestia will play a higher half-forward role than Matera and get involved in more general play.
        Matera may be starved of possession opportunities if the game is played mainly in Carlton’s half.

  • Great write up as usual Chook,

    Did everyone hear that Magin has been promoted to GC’s main list?

    Which is great news for me as I took a bit of a punt and gave him my 10th back spot last week hoping he wouldn’t be too far away, although I didn’t think it would be this fast!

  • G’day Chook

    Should I go with Prestia or Tapscott and what do you think of Matera?

  • Defence: Stanley, Coad or Duigan
    Midfield: Bewick, Swallow or Harris
    Forward: 2 from Tapscott, Matera, Darling or Richardson.
    What do ya reckon?

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m needing help with my 7th forward and defender.

    For forwards it’s either Darling, Richardson, Tapscott or Matera.

    For defence it’s either D Stanley or Duigan.

    What do you guys reckon?


  • have you got a dart board ;)

  • I dont know if i should put Harris or Heppell or Prestia on the field

    Heppell we all know can score But Harris had an amazing Pre-Season plus he is in a team that needs players to do well in the mids. Prestia also can score well

    And in Defence i have Heppell, Lower, Duigan and Stanley. I need two of these.

    Again Heppell i can do a switch so can play him here. Lower can score great, Duigan in a good side and Stanley with a good Pre-Season

    Upfront i am playing Tapscott and Matera, But i also have Prestia, Darling, Richardson and I.Smith if he plays.
    Should i stay with these two or switch it around.

    Who should i play guys


    • The first 3 are for midfield

    • harris in mids for sure

      lower and heppel in backs until we see how stanley goes

      tapscott yes, flip of the coin for matera or richardson

  • Hey, i dont know who to put on field :/

    2 rookies: Lower is lock so 1 out of – Heppell, Coad, Stanley, Duigan

    1 Rookie out of – Gaff, Swallow, Harris, Bewick
    And should i put 2 on and one replacing foley????? till i watch whether to keep him or trade him


  • Sorry to move in chooks rooks but i just had an idea…
    When i win DT This year i will retire for a full season and negotiate with Warnie and Co about my own blog on in each week where i answer all your questions.
    It can be called… “Talk to the King” or “TKOL Chat “

    • …or…TKOL TIME!!!


    • Maybe you could call it “The King Of Losers”?

      Anyone who thinks that the kings of leon are a good band is obviously a tard.

  • Im proof reading everything else i say from now on for the rest of my wife…

    • I don’t know if your been a smart ass and spelling ‘life’ or u just mega failed.

    • stanley or lower?

      tapscott or matera?

      what should i have for dinner?

      what colour jocks should i wear tomorrow?

    • lol

      • Brappin your the biggest wanker on here, your mate tkol is close second. His “challenge” league is weak. It’s not 20th overall!! again Brappin and tkol are both shit and absolute knobs

        • totally disagree mate, brappin and tkol are top blokes ;)

        • +3…Crocop…. thanks for your enormous input to the site… at least brapp and TKol give opinions and provide comment.

          Buy a mirror mate… time for a long hard look.

          • +4, one of the reasons I log into DT Talk is in hopes of reading one of TKOL’s posts. His mail is always spot on and his team always backs it up. Did you score 2200+ your first week? Hater…

        • ease up mate brappin is pretty cool but i agree tkol (or simon as i hear is his real name) is a wanker and is never gonna win DT.

          • I KNOW what his EXACT team is (as I’m in the DT Ca$h league with him) and it is awesome.
            Not only has he got the premiums right, but more importantly he has the rookies picked perfectly. Not many others have done this from what I have seen….

            Sure he talks the talk, but believe me guys, I will be VERY surprised if he doesn’t walk the walk.
            I also believe what he says about having a great trading/upgrade strategy already planned,

            On a side note, my side is also awesome, and will be pretty stiff competition for the self proclaimed ‘KING’

            Bring it on.

        • You wouldn’t have previously gone by the name “The Novice,” by any chance???
          Talk about being king hit from behind!
          YOU IDIOT!

          • Haha I have no idea what you mean Eeeps.
            Was that post even for me?

            “Are you talkin ta me?…You talkin TO ME!?”

            …umm, if it was for me, then NO I am not the ‘Novice’.
            This is my first year on this super-fun-happy-awesome site!

            I am a reformed *GASP* Supercoacher who has seen the error in his ways and has moved from the darkness to the Dreamteam light!

          • …oh, and yes-sir-ee Bob, I am an idiot! :P

          • how many account names/personalities does this tkol guy have?

  • Pls help me pick any 2 of Foley, Bewick and Harris.

  • Duigan, Toy or Stanley?

  • Duigan or Suckling or Stanley ?

    Prestia or Darling or Richardson ?


    Hot Pies!!!!! League

    Your league’s average score per round is: 2,086

    league’s ranking is: 67

    we would be better but someone got a 1649 ….. ppppffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Who to start in defence:
    Stanley or Heppell??
    Who to start in the mids(chose 2):
    Harris, Swallow or Heppell??

  • I agree, what about in the fwd line (chose 2):
    Matera, Tapscott, Prestia, Richardson??

  • I would really like to get Duigan on the field this week given carlton play GC and I would expect all their players to do well (will probably leave C on Gibbs for same reason). To do that I need to bench either Lower, Heppell or even Hurley who was disappointing for me last week. Any thoughts ?

  • loving the lack of robbie tarrant talk before rnd 1…. and him repayin the faith for startin him on my field n leavin otten out…. now hopin his shoulders stay in ther socket n grima comin back doesn’t comin back doesnt affect his job security/output ???

  • not sure who to choose

    Def: duigan , buckley or stanley

    mid: liberatore or harris

    fwd (two out of) darling, matera, dixon, richardson

    any advice would be great

  • Any chance that tapscott could be the dees sub? Probably wont happen but last week it was petterd and i dont reckon he will be the sub again next week. Also the sub doesn’t have to be named on the bench to qualify to start as the sub do they?

    • Cant see him being a sub. he was taking kick in frequently with good result. Put his body on the line all day. If he does miss a game it will be round 3. Bailey had a frustrating habit of resting rookies just before price rises last year ( and i hated him for it )

  • Hey guys, having trouble deciding my 6th defender this week.

    Need to decide between one of the following to bench:

    D.Swallow, Harris, Curnow, Foley?

    Have foley atm because i have a feeling he will burn a few this week by being the sub

    • foley def gonna be sub????? if not def go foley tough as nails, surely hed b over his bug and be ready smash it up for you…. if not go harris reckons he’s got more chance of postin a big one then swallow and unsure if curnow can back up his big debut, although they are playin gc……????

    • Doubt he will be the sub this week. He has a presence in the team.

      He just had a cold, Not the flu like others had been saying.

      He had a cold so just got tired early.

      Expect him to play a full game if he is back to fitness.

  • This is my team as of this week.


    Gibbs(Mid),Grimes,Lower,Goddard(Mid),Broughton,Heppell(Mid),Deleidio Subs: Otten,Duigan,Stanley


    Swan,Bartel,Montagna(Def),Krak(Fwd),Boyd,Harris Subs:Bewick,Hibberb(Def),I.Smith(Fwd)


    Cox,Sandilands Subs: Z.Smith, Derickx


    Zaharakis(Mid),Tapscott, Riewoldt,Johnson,Duncan(Mid),Franklin,Prestia(Mid) Subs: Richardson, Darling, Metera

    Who should i play who should i not? Is my team good?

    I included who can play where for your help.

    Thanks :P

    • hey dude monty isn’t a dpp.. why did you pick issac smith ?

      • Lots had him. Plus he doesnt look bad.

        • but he will struggle to get a game rule 27 of dream team never pick someone round 1 that isn’t playing..

          • That aint a rule.

            If that was a rule no one would have picked. Petrie. or any Gold Coast Player

          • Not like i will need to play him anyways. Im just hoping to gain some $$$ with him. Just want 40-70 scores when he plays so i can trade him of with all the cash i have.

          • obviously there are exceptions to the rule because they are playing round two smith wasn’t even named as an emergancy..

          • Rockliff last year anyone?

    • There where mid season players that came in and scored great, I expect him to play when franklin/roughead get suspended which at the way they are going wont be to long.

      • More people have picked smith than Bewick so something has to have provoked them to.

        Anyone else have Smith?

        • yeah everyone that picked there side and didn’t have time to change it once the teams came out b4 lockout.. oh well lets hope he plays soon for ur sake mate.. than u can give me a big fat sucked in dickhead lol good luck rest of ur side looks good :-)

    • pretty good team mate. Quite simlar to mine especially the backline (but who’s isn’t haha). although zaha scored well this week i’m just not sure about him (but that could just be me), duncan is the only other player i’m not a big fan of mainly due to his awkward price. Rookies are all good and best of luck :)

      • I went Unique on Zaha and Duncan hopping to gain something on them then offload them for a premium.

        Hopefully i can offload one of them for Okeefe eventually

  • An interesting one is Jesse O’Brien (priced at just over $140k) from the Lions, who I have in my team. From memory, he played one game last year for 35 and in his second game of afl, in r1 this year, scored 58. With ltis to Brown and Staker, the Lions are now terribly short of tall forwards and will have to reinvent the wheel yet again. Although a Def in dt, he plays forward and whilst he wouldn’t and shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar, I’m pretty happy to have him accumulating points in my team.

    • yeah looked okay will play all year.. weather he scores well ??? if he does ur laughing cos his unique..

      • I’m just hopeful he gets to the magic sell price like I am with most of my rookies. He probably has a pretty low ceiling but now that Vossy will have to reconfigure his forward strategies, you never know who will get the pill in their hands more often.

        • who knows ? but if he does it’s a huge advantage to you because opposed to just say lower, everyone has him so everyone will make money..

          • I have O’brien as well, thought he could be a smokey, instead of Otten if he doesnt pay off i might just burn one trade on another rookie but that would be around rnd 4.

            As you said has plenty of upside now that there are a few injuries so heres hoping!!

    • Yep I went with Obrien, traded out Otten for him couple of days before lockout for someone different as about the same price, and scoring similar. Also a FWD/DEF bonus with him not that it will be that handy. I watched the match and he played pretty good and was cool in traffic, stuff that doesnt necessarily score Dt points. Still for a rookie if he pulls 60s milk him and piss him off.

      Hopefully he has good js with the Brisbane injuries, though we are talking about the coach who recruited Fev giving him a game so who knows

  • hey chook thoughts on starting either..

    1 of duigan,stanley,heppel,buckley

    2 of harris,d.swallow,libba,bewick,heppel obviously swallow but who else

    2 of richardson,dixon,matera,darling,

  • Can anybody tell me what happened (or actually, didn’t happen) with Trengove on the weekend? I was driving so missed the game. Did he just not fire, played like poo or was he hit by a meteorite? Please someone tell me why he only put down 29. He is on the chopping block if he doesn’t perform this week.
    Cheers in advance boys.

    • he scored 29 because he isn’t very good what did u expect him to score ?

    • He had a defensive role on Dawes and didn’t get into the ruck. You might have to burn him unless Primus unleashes the Chad as their third tall defender…doesn’t look real good for you unfortunately.

      • news is chadwick as sam likes to call him will be taking shultz spot up forward

        • On Glass…haha…oh well, someone has to do it. I urge all of you Port supporters to get on up to Footy Park and support the mighty Chad…you’ve got to love him!

    • He was hit by a meteorite. :P

  • my rooks

    def: stanley, lower – playing heppel(emg), duigan, otten – bench

    mid: swallow, harris – playing bewick(emg), prestia, buckley – bench

    fwd: krak, richo – matera(emg), darling, knights – bench

    • What’s your thinking behind playing Stanley and not Heppell?

      • heppel played against dogs play free flowing high possesion footy and bombers flogged it.. he plays swans at the scg this week they play boring low possesion football dees had only grimes score well against them.. stanley has killed it pre season.. is a very good tackler so even if they don’t get the ball should still score well and is more likely to get a 100 + game where i reakon heppel will be consistant as scoring 60s and 70s every week..

        • its at ANZ stadium though, not SCG, so heaps better for ESS!

          • shit hey bombers will probs have more supporters there than swans lol it’s hirdymania atm

          • SURE IS jb, #5 IS ALIVE!!!

          • Players looked frustrated under knights, but extra enthusiastic under Hirdy!!!
            Then again you would be frustrated with all 4-6 selection changes week in week out!

          • i should introduce you to my brother he knows every bombers player how many games they have played goals theve kicked even what colour undies they wear he loves !!!! them

          • I’m a Pies man, but like Eade said, top 8 side, that could finish top 4- I agree, top 8 for sure.

          • yeah im crows but don’t mind them they play exciting footy just don’t wana let my bro know it lol yeah knights was just there untill they could turn hirdys arm..

  • Metera and Harris, Prestia and Harris or Prestia and Metera.

    And Stanley or Heppel

  • Great article chook!
    I have a few,” who to play.” onfield dilemmas, but until we know the teams, I’m not torturing myself!
    It’s early days but if my onfield rookie gets 51, and my emerg rookie gets 80, i’m still happy as I could have a potential juicy cashcow… the sub rule has already done my head in!!!

  • Major issues lads. Had Foley, Selwood & Michael Johnson as my unique pick and all told combined for 72 points!!!!

    At least the other guys had issues that can be forgiven but have I made a horrible mistake with MJ and burn a trade or persist?

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you had a punt. Got much cash spare? Wait a week or two to sus the rooks, then go a double. Downgrade your underperforming mid to a rook, then upgrade another to a prem. Im in a simliar dilema. Id hold onto foley though.

    • Selwood may be back this week, and he was on fire on the field before his face was on fire from Rays hip. Hold off trading him until he has played his second game.

  • wow should i trade down vickery down to zac smith so that will free up some cash and use the money to upgrade to pendles? this has been bugging me for ages :p

  • Hi Guys,

    2 spots in the midfield from Curnow, Harris, Swallow and Foley.

    Whats the best option do you think?

    Cheers in advance.

    • Rumour is that Harris will do a tag on Gibbs or Murphy. Id go Swallow and Foley. Surely he won’t sub for two weeks straight!

      • Morning Shane_0

        Bit of a dull start to our Earlybirds league – I got beaten by a lousy ten points or something.

        Yes, I’ll be starting Swallow and leaving Harris on the pine along with Bewick and Conca.

        I’m very, very, very tempted to swap Conca for Curnow and if i get drunk enough on Thursday night I probably will.

        No plans to start Matera – he might well play up the ground a bit but sticking with Tapscott who I chose over Prestia – 5 GC rookies is enough.

        Good write up from Chook – I’ll be buying my next car from Merv Gray Autos.

  • Just because curnow had one good game doesnt mean everyone should trade him in.

    It might have just been a fluke.

    The Blues have lots of players to come back into the side.

    So the Question everyone needs to be asking themselves is, Will he get sufficient game time?

    I say, No. Why? Because the Blues still have players that are much better than Curnow to play.

    Also i dont know why everyone is jumping on him this week. Why dont you wait this week to see how he scores? Keep in mind though, He is playing Gold Coast.

    I would laugh if he does not play this week. :P

  • Cheers, hahaha.

  • what happen to the bolded names chook? :<